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Wife Swap episodes


Cameras follow two women from different backgrounds as they trade homes and families for two weeks. The women spend the first week following each other's detailed instructions on how to parent, socialize and run the household. Things change on the second week, when they are allowed to impose their own rules and run things as they please. At the end of the two weeks, the women and their spouses meet for an often-heated discussion, assessing each other's life choices and the effect the experiences had on their families.


Starring :

Marlee Brown
Falcon Heene
David Mcintyre
Mike Melton
Caya Cooper
Emily Martin
Pete Berwick
Willow Smith Snider
Ryo Heene
Zane Brown
Tim Dusseau
John Lennon Harrison
Yelena Zusin
Amy Kukta
Eric Smith Snider

Director : Alex Weresow, Gio Lima, Irad Eyal

Genre : Documentary, Parenting, Reality