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Wicked Tuna episodes


Fishing for bluefin tuna is a way of life for many residents of Gloucester, Mass. "Wicked Tuna" takes viewers into the unrelenting North Atlantic waters infamously spotlighted by the novel-turned-feature film "The Perfect Storm," to follow captains who are relied upon by their families, their shipmates, and by Gloucester itself, to haul in boatloads of the large but elusive bluefin. The pressure to deliver is unforgiving -- the fishing season is short and tuna populations are dwindling -- but one "monstah" catch can reel in just as large of a payday.


Rated : TV-14

Starring :

Dave Carraro
Sandro Maniaci
Jay Muenzner
Bill Monte
George Sousa
Tim Ott Jr.
Dave Marciano
Joe Marciano
Greg Mayer
Angelica Marciano
Britton Shackelford
Bill "Hollywood" Muniz
Charlie "Griff" Griffin
Tim Ott Sr.
Mike Ott

Director : Zachary Boggs, Robert Palumbo

Writer : Matthew Lee, Sarah Madden

Genre : Adventure, Fishing, Nature, Outdoors, Reality