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The long-running, award-winning drama series follows the day-to-day activity at Waterloo Road school, where lessons learned, it seems, have a way of extending beyond the classroom. Initially set at a rundown comprehensive school in Rochdale, England, before moving to an independent school in Greenock, Scotland, the drama revolves around the never-dull lives of the school's teachers and students, and its story lines address many attention-grabbing social issues such as sex, abortion, divorce, child abuse and suicide.


Creator : Maureen Chadwick, Ann Mcmanus

Starring :

Philip Martin Brown
William Rush
Shannon Flynn
Reece Douglas
Jack Mcmullen
Chelsee Healey
Katie Mcglynn
Alec Newman
Jaye Jacobs
Daniela Denby Ashe
Mark Benton
Laurie Brett
Georgie Glen
Naveed Choudhry
Kaya Moore

Director : Tim Hopewell, Patrick Harkins, Barnaby Southcombe

Writer : Maureen Chadwick, Ann Mcmanus, Paul Farrell

Genre : Drama, Romance