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Hundreds of years in the future, things are different than what we are used to after humans have colonized the solar system and Mars has become an independent military power. Rising tensions between Earth and Mars have put them on the brink of war. Against this backdrop, a hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain come together to investigate the case of a missing young woman. The investigation leads them on a race across the solar system that could expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.
The first season of "The Expanse" was well-made, often smart, and with a good, slow burn on developing its main characters. What it wasn’t was particularly thrilling...most of Season One was about world(s)-building, introducing a conflict between Earth and Mars... Intellectually, it was fascinating, and there were moments throughout that suggested something deeper and richer. But for the most part, the show was content to stay on solid… um… space. Season Two is where all that careful work starts to pay off...There is bad news coming, and worse, it seems to be coming from every side at once. That’s no fun for the characters, but good times for us on the other side of the screen.--Zack Handlen, A.V. Club, February 8, 2017
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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The Expanse is a highly successful series. This was Ben Roberts’s 8th Tv Show. The Expanse was one of this most popular pieces. You can also watch other Tv Show from that genre such as The X-Files, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Colony.
13 Episodes