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The Curse of Oak Island

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Oak Island is a tree-covered island on the south shore of Nova Scotia that has intrigued treasure hunters for more than 200 years. It is believed that the island is hiding one of the greatest treasures of all time, but no one has been able to find it. Enter Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers from Michigan who have bought the rights to much of the island to try to solve the mystery. The two use modern technology and good old American know-how to look for the treasure. But it won't be easy as the search is expensive and dangerous -- several people have died trying to strike it rich on Oak Island, inspiring the titular curse. The Laginas hope to avoid the curse long enough to find the treasure before they run out of money... or worse.
The show may be able to hold viewer interest for the current season, but if Internet posts have any value, there are many viewers who are losing interest as the show drags on without discovering treasure. It would be much better for Marty and Rick to end the show before its popularity ends. Their devoted viewers will wish them well, plenty of new tourists will come to visit Oak Island and bring their money to spend in the region, and the two can happily dig for treasure knowing that they have contributed to the area’s economy and to furthering the world’s knowledge about the Curse of Oak Island.--Nat Berman, TV Over Mind, December 15, 2016
History, Reality
Age restriction
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The Curse Of Oak Island is a highly popular Tv Show. This was Prometheus Studios Inc.’s 2nd Tv Show. The Curse Of Oak Island was one of this most popular pieces. You can try similar series like Treasure Hunters, Lost Treasure Hunters, and Treasure Detectives.