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The Apprentice UK

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The Apprentice is a British business-styled reality game show, created by Mark Burnett, distributed by Fremantle and broadcast by the BBC. Based upon the American original of the same name and billed as the "job interview from hell", the programme focuses on a group of aspiring businesspeople competing against each other in a series of business related challenges, in order to win a prize offered by British business magnate Alan Sugar. Produced by a number of companies over the course of the show's history, including Talkback Thames and United Artists Media Group, each series consists of around twelve episodes, and were initially aired either around early/late Spring, before later series began their broadcasts around Autumn. The show initially was aired on BBC Two, before the programme's success led the BBC to move the show to BBC One from the start of the third series in 2007.
Bus./Financial, Business, Game Show, Reality
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The Apprentice Uk is a highly successful series. That Tv Show won British Academy of Film & Television Arts Features in 2005, British Academy of Film & Television Arts Features in 2006, and British Academy of Film & Television Arts Features in 2008. This was Andy Devonshire’s 1st Tv Shows in this genre. His most popular Tv Show was The Great British Baking Show.