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This anime series features a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which shares its name with the show's title (abbreviated SAO), that is released in 2022. The game allows people to control their in-game characters with their minds when using a Nerve Gear helmet. One day, upon logging into SAO, the players discover they cannot log out and learn from the game's creator that they must defeat the final boss. If a player's avatar dies in the game, though, their body also dies in the real world. One player, Kirito, sets out to beat the game on his own, progressing through the game over two years, during which time he befriends a female player, Asuna, with whom he falls in love. The duo eventually confronts the in-game avatar of SAO's creator, hoping to free themselves and other players from the game. Over time, Kirito realizes that the situation is a conspiracy that runs deeper than just SAO and has penetrated other games.
"Sword Art Online"'s blurred line between virtual and reality puts an intriguing twist on the "escape" of gaming by presenting a venue in which players can enter with virtual versions of their whole bodies, controlling them through their own thoughts. Here, though, doing so has consequences unlike anywhere else, and they sacrifice their very freedom just to play. Given such a scenario, how would you react? It's a question you can't avoid as you watch the characters toy with difficult decisions -- teaming up with unsavory folks for self-preservation, going it alone even if it means relegating others to die, and so on. It's a heady series with some dark themes, but for teens who can handle the content, this is a fascinating anime series.--Emily Ashby, Common Sense Media
Alex Von David, Manabu Ono
Action, Anime, Fantasy
Age restriction
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Sword Art Online is a highly successful series. This was Alex Von David’s 1st Tv Shows in this genre. His most popular Tv Show was Sword Art Online. If you liked this title, our editorial team also recommend you to watch these Tv Show: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon: Black & White, and Digimon Adventure.
25 Episodes