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Comedy, horror and mystery come together in this modern take on a classic whodunit.
The disparate parts of Season 2's premiere don't come together as well as they did back in Season 1, though there still is solid humor and smart execution of concepts. But there's still no equivalent of what Chad was last year; something that was so bizarre, so insane and so hilarious that it could only work on this show. Maybe "Scream Queens" will rediscover its previously spot-on use of camp throughout this season.--Terri Schwartz, IGN, September 21, 2016
Loni Peristere, Ian Brennan, Michael Uppendahl, Bradley Buecker, Brad Falchuk, Barbara Brown, John Madden, Maggie Kiley, Ryan Murphy, Michael Lehmann, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mary Wigmore
Emma Roberts
Jamie Lee Curtis
Lea Michele
Abigail Breslin
Billie Lourd
Keke Palmer
John Stamos
Taylor Lautner
Kirstie Alley
James Earl
Glen Powell
Oliver Hudson
Skyler Samuels
Diego Boneta
Nasim Pedrad
Lucien Laviscount
Cecily Strong
Lorenzo Bastien
Christina Leone
Beau Hart
Kara Royster
Michelle L. Clarke
Jessy Hughes
Kasey Mahaffy
Shane Partlow
Stephen Sutton
Christopher Paul Horne
Olivia May
David Sommer
Riley Schmidt
Dan Gilvary
Julia Boyd
Lb Brown
Carla Jeffery
Heaven Needham
Michael Meir Saltzman
Tadasay Young
Kyler Porche
Lo Graham
Kirk H. Andersen
Michael Hinson
Shelby Linn
Jordan Cruse
Amanda Boe
Megan Hernandez
Kimani Bradley
Kayla Carraway
Paula Gebhardt
Hope Leigh
Mary Alice Risener
Maryam Cné
Etienne Maurice
Alixandra Von Renner
David Aaron
Clayton Farris
Alexander Harris
Cathy Marks
Jared Wernick
Jessica Evans
Gio Zavala
Tarik Woodbine
La'charles Trask
Pablo Castelblanco
Sean Michael O'brien
Jayme Andrews
Carrie Gibson
Karmen Capella
Olivia Robinson
Steven Rodas
Kamille Mccuin
James Cusimano
Olivia Sui
Geri Courtney Austein
John T. Prather
Randall Bacon
Hannah Jacole Powell Yost
Vatican Lokey
Jency Griffin Hogan
Retta Aughtry
Whitney Meyer
Kevin Bigley
David Simpson
Moira O'neill
Jeremy Batiste
Brianne Howey
Judy Durning
Jerry O'connell
Colton Haynes
Grace Phipps
Deneen Tyler
Chelsea Ricketts
Laura Bell Bundy
Anna Margaret
Mckaley Miller
Jan Hoag
Dahlya Glick
Riley Mckenna Weinstein
Andy Erikson
Austin Rhodes
Ariana Grande
Anna Grace Barlow
Nick Jonas
Evan Paley
Aaron Rhodes
Trilby Glover
Jim Klock
Jeanna Han
Breezy Eslin
Niecy Nash
Judi Dench
Tom Wilkinson
Patrick Pearson
Hugh Dickson
August Emerson
Steven Culp
Gigi Erneta
Wallace Langham
Charisma Carpenter
Amy Okuda
Julia Duffy
Rachele Brooke Smith
Jean Louisa Kelly
Lauren Swinney
Philip Casnoff
Frank Birney
Mikki Val
Carol Sutton
Jay Whittaker
Jennifer Aspen
Brian Baumgartner
Chad Michael Murray
Tony Bentley
Faith Prince
Bill Oberst Jr.
Brooke Shields
Ajay Mehta
John Mcconnell
Cheri Oteri
Alec Mapa
Gary Grubbs
Lara Grice
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Roger Bart
Angela Oh
Alan Thicke
Martin Bats Bradford
Michael Siberry
Caleb Emery
Dacia Fernandez
Hawn Tran
Will Koberg
Aurora Antonio
Phi Vu
Helen Hong
Skylar Gasper
Dan Donohue
Dalton E. Gray
Elise Fyke
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
Roy Fegan
Joseph Alfieri
Patrick Schwarzenegger
Dan Hildebrand
Roy Huang
Rachel Wulff
Ben Matheny
Damien Moses
Chelsea Zhang
Harvey Shield
Hayley Huntley
Abbie Gayle
Allison Gobuzzi
Rodney Feaster
Nandini Bapat
Phil Abrams
Heighlen Boyd
Tory N. Thompson
Terence Rosemore
Shaan Sharma
Tavi Gevinson
Isaiah Laborde
Christopher Chen
Mariana Paola Vicente
Molly Durand
Marjorie Parker
Jocelyn Ayanna
Ivar Brogger
Jerry Leggio
Jill Johnson
Jamie Bernstein
Anwan Glover
Mary Birdsong
Comedy, Horror, Mystery
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Scream Queens is a highly successful series. That Tv Show won Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy in 2016. This was Ryan Murphy’s 10th Tv Show. Scream Queens was one of this most popular pieces. This was John Madden’s 1st Tv Shows in this genre. His most popular Tv Show was Scream Queens. If you liked this title, our editorial team also recommend you to watch these Tv Show: Scream, American Horror Story: 6, and Pretty Little Liars.
Season 2
10 Episodes