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In the sitcom "Schitt's Creek," a wealthy couple -- video store magnate Johnny and his soap opera star wife Moira -- suddenly find themselves completely broke. With only one remaining asset, a small town called Schitt's Creek, which the Roses bought years earlier as a joke, this once-wealthy couple must give up life as they know it. With their two spoiled children in tow and their pampered lives behind them, the Rose family is forced to face their newfound poverty head-on and come together as a family to survive.
Indeed, much of the charm of "Schitt's Creek" comes from seeing longtime collaborators Levy and O'Hara portraying such extreme, unsympathetic characters. Only these award-winning talents could pull off the levels of deadpan required to convince us that, say, the parents can't remember their own daughter's middle name. Around the fourth or fifth episode of Schitt's Creek, the family's behavior starts to become a smidge less predictable...These moments signal the small town comedy just might have room to grow...Unfortunately, viewers are fickle, and it's hard to predict whether they'll stick with the series as it evolves or simply decide they don't give a … well, you know.--Whitney Matheson, The Hollywood Reporter, February 11, 2015
Andrew Cividino, Dan Levy, Jerry Ciccoritti, Bruce Mcculloch, Sturla Gunnarsson, Laurie Lynd, T.W. Peacocke, Jordan Canning, Gerard Ciccoritti, Paul Fox
Eugene Levy
Catherine O'hara
Annie Murphy
Chris Elliott
Daniel Levy
Christina Orjalo
Elizabeth Mceachern
Alex Choat
Lucy Earle
André Dae Kim
Alexander Wong
Bonnie Siu
Keith Dinicol
Ashley Botting
Aveleigh Keller
Michael Ricupero
David J. Macneil
Leo Choy
Heather Sanderson
Shel Goldstein
James Kall
Joyce Rivera
Victoria Kucher
Spencer Robson
Tracy Rowland
Sydney Kuhne
Leeann Ball
Chris Gleason
Nicky Lawrence
Frank Mcanulty
Matthew Tissi
Terry V. Hart
Mishka Thébaud
Matt Wells
Eric Hicks
Mike Taylor
Gavin Williams
Robert Clarke
Franco Lo Presti
Arash Bagheri
Alex Spencer
Sean Patrick Dolan
Seth Mohan
Christina Whitfield
Scott Farley
Gina Kash Dineen
Ted Hambly
Jonathan Ho
Cherie D'elia
Aaron Jensen
Nicholas Anderson Tull
Allana Reoch
Rachel Dolan
Salvatore Antonio
Scott Anderson
Linda Thorson
Kent Staines
Marium Carvell
Damir Andrei
Allegra Fulton
Linda Goranson
Martin Doyle
Brittany Allen
Kayla Lorette
Tom Barnett
John Tench
Benjamin Ayres
Jennifer Irwin
Jennifer Dale
Rachel Wilson
Stephanie Belding
Maxwell Mccabe Lokos
Jeanie Calleja
Julia Roberts
Romaine Waite
Adam Christie
Albert Finney
Kristen Hager
Ted Whittall
Glenda Braganza
Joan Gregson
Aaron Poole
François Arnaud
Natalie Brown
Joanne Boland
Bruce Hunter
Martin Roach
Kim Roberts
Rob Stewart
Krista Bridges
David Richmond Peck
Michael Murphy
Catherine Mcnally
Mara Marini
Kristian Bruun
Jocelyne Zucco
David Reale
Deborah Tennant
Siobhan Murphy
J.C. Kenny
Trenna Keating
Ian D. Clark
Vanessa Matsui
Stacey Farber
Tim Progosh
Richard Waugh
Paul Shaffer
Meaghan Rath
Vieslav Krystyan
Hannah Cheesman
Vickie Papavs
Laura Soltis
Greta Onieogou
Scott Cavalheiro
Julia Chan
Tennille Read
James Cade
Shauna Bradley
Elena Juatco
Kevin Mcgarry
Trevor Pease
Corrine Koslo
Paloma Nuñez
Elizabeth Saunders
Stefani Kimber
Robert B. Kennedy
Laura Abramsen
Maria Vacratsis
Darryl Dinn
Robert Nasmith
Josh Holliday
Linnea Currie Roberts
Aldrin Bundoc
Terrence Bryant
Brendan Cox
Paul Beer
Brad Austin
A.C. Peterson
Tara Joshi
Christopher Huron
Meghan Allen
Taso Alexander
Christy Bruce
Varun Saranga
Lisa Codrington
Jasmin Geljo
Louise Nicol
Sarah Power
John Bourgeois
Stewart Arnott
Sherry Miller
Devon Hauth
Natalie Sebastian
Xavier Schoppel
Jade Whitney
Brandon Rollo
Ennis Esmer
Divine Brown
Steve Lund
Jacquelyn French
Ma Anne Dionisio
Christina Song
Robin Duke
Mary Kelly
Shakura S'aida
Jennifer Foster
Rizwan Manji
Lili Connor
Marilyn Bellfontaine
Noah Reid
Tim Rozon
John Hemphill
Sarah Levy
Karen Robinson
Dustin Milligan
Jennifer Robertson
Emily Hampshire
Carlos Albornoz
Dan Levy
Taylor David
Annie Chen
Paula Macneill
Adrian Walters
Brian Macquarrie
Angelica Alejandro
Nora Sheehan
Jennifer Gee
Kirsten Rasmussen
Comedy, Sitcom
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Schitt's Creek is a highly successful series. This was Pop’s 1st Tv Show. Schitt's Creek was one of this most popular pieces. This was Jerry Ciccoritti Paul Fox’s 1st Tv Shows in this genre. His most popular Tv Show was Schitt's Creek. If you liked that Tv Show, you should also try Working the Engels, Better Off Ted, and Modern Family.