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Enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus and her team -- forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman, tech genius Henry and Helen's daughter, Ashley -- study the eerie beings most humans dismiss as the imaginary stuff of nightmares, but who secretly are living and moving about in the modern world in this sci-fi series that is filmed with extensive use of green screens and "virtual sets."


Rated : TV-14

Creator : Damian Kindler

Starring :

Amanda Tapping
Robin Dunne
Ryan Robbins
Chris Heyerdahl
Emilie Ullerup
Agam Darshi
Christopher Heyerdahl
Jonathon Young
Jim Byrnes
Robert Lawrenson
Pascale Hutton
Ian Tracey
Lynda Boyd
Peter Wingfield
Christine Chatelain

Director : Martin Wood, Steven A. Adelson, Brenton Spencer

Writer : Damian Kindler, James Thorpe, Alan Mccullough

Genre : Science Fiction