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Children have always loved cars, so this animated series featuring plenty of the shiny, colorful, speedy vehicles is a natural to hold the attention of tiny tots. The show follows the adventures of the title character, an inexperienced young race car learning the ropes at the Silver Hatch circuit. His kindly competitors include main older rival Maxi; Tin Top, a powerful stock car; electric-powered stunt car Zizzy; and Dragga, a car that enjoys drifting through every curve. Along with Big Chris, Silver Hatch's main mechanic, these fast-moving friends have plenty of fun, both on and off the track.


Creator : Dave Jenkins

Starring :

Peter Kay
Stirling Moss
Maria Darling
Marc Silk
Tim Whitnall
Dominic Frisby
Sam Hornish Jr.
Kerry Shale

Director : Tim Harper

Writer : Wayne Jackman, Dave Ingham, Keith Chapman

Genre : Animation, Auto, Children, Entertainment, Fantasy