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Former CIA agent Reese (Jim Caviezel) -- now presumed dead -- and billionaire software genius Finch (Michael Emerson) join forces as a vigilante crime-fighting team. Using Finch's program, which employs pattern recognition to determine individuals who will soon be involved in violent crimes, they combine Reese's covert-operations training and Finch's money and cyberskills to stop crimes before they happen. Former Army Intelligence Support Activity operative Sameen Shaw joins the pair in their quest.


Rated : TV-NR

Creator : Jonathan Nolan

Starring :

James Caviezel
Michael Emerson
Kevin Chapman
Sarah Shahi
Amy Acker
Taraji P. Henson
Jim Caviezel
John Nolan
Enrico Colantoni
David Slack
Robert John Burke
Al Sapienza
Boris Mcgiver
Clarke Peters
Brett Cullen

Director : Chris Fisher, Richard J. Lewis, Fred Toye

Writer : Jonathan Nolan, Sean Hennen, Lucas O'connor

Genre : Crime, Crime Drama, Drama