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Beneath its seemingly placid small-town facade, the fictional town of Llanview, Pa., frequently simmers with tension, usually caused by the town's three main families: the upper-crust Lord family, the powerful Buchanan clan and the feisty Cramer family. While the long-running television serial was canceled by ABC in 2011, production company Prospect Park picked up the Agnes Nixon drama and turned it into an online program in the United States. Many fan favorites have returned to the show in its online incarnation, and their characters continue to keep the streets, boardrooms and bedrooms of Llanview hopping.


Starring :

Melissa Archer
Kassie Wesley Depaiva
Josh Kelly
Florencia Lozano
Kelley Missal
Erika Slezak
Andrew Trischitta
Jerry Ver Dorn
Robert S. Woods
Tuc Watkins
Robert Gorrie
Robin Strasser
Christine Ebersole
Brynn Thayer
Gerald Anthony

Genre : Soaps