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My Hero Academia episodes


In a world where those with powers are known as "Quirks," Izuku Midoriya has aspirations to one day become a hero but there's a catch -- he isn't a Quirk. After a tragic accident involving his friend Katuski Bakugo; Midoriya is the only one to have stepped forward to help protect Bakugo from a villain, because of his acts, he is given a gift by the world's greatest hero, All Might. Now, Midoriya attends U.A. School--a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.


Starring :

Kaito Ishikawa
Yuki Kaji
Clifford Chapin
David Matranga
Junichi Suwabe
Luci Christian
Toshiki Masuda
Justin Briner
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Marina Inoue
Aoi Yuki
J. Michael Tatum
Daiki Yamashita
Brina Palencia
Justin Cook

Director : Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Okubo, Setsumu Doukawa

Writer : Yōsuke Kuroda, Kôhei Horikoshi, Maddie Willow

Genre : Action, Anime