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A handsome man loving an obese woman doesn't have to be a fetish. Just like some men prefer blondes, others prefer their women obese! But love doesn't come so easily. Three hunks must defend the honor of their big loves and face various challenges due to their mixed-weight relationships. Joy and Chris have been going strong for 3 years and are ready to take their relationship to the next level. But will family and friends hinder their road to the altar? Kristin and Rusty want a child more than anything, but when they embark on the journey to health, much more comes to light than what they bargained for. Kristin faces the harsh truth that maybe her husband only loves her because of her fat. Despite being over 400 lbs., Adrianna has a newfound confidence thanks to the love her hunky boyfriend Ricardo. But with the endless attacks they face in public, plus a multitude of outside factors that find their way of creeping in, not only is Adrianna's body image shattered her relationship may be too.
Reality, Reality Tv
Season 1
3 Episodes
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1 Seasons