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Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda episodes


Lt. Joe Kenda spent 23 years in the Colorado Springs Police Department, where he amassed a lifetime of memories catching killers and helping solve close to 400 homicide investigations. The vivid memories are brought back to life in this hourlong series, as Kenda reopens his "Murder Books" for viewers -- folders in which every detail of his murder cases is held -- to revisit the most disturbing cases still haunting him today. As he details the process of how he solved the crimes, Kendra also embarks on a personal journey, coming to terms with long-suppressed nightmares. As he says, "I don't want to tell these stories. I need to."


Rated : TV-14

Starring :

Carl Marino
William C. Albert
Bobby Aronofsky
Sandy Baumann
Scott Brooks
Josh Casaubon
Brandon Bell
Joe Kenda
Chris Caulpetzer
Sandra Mann
Ann Ervin
Brian Ritz
Larry Martin
Matt Dearman
Skip Arms

Director : Jeffrey Woods, Gregory Kohn, Jason Sklaver

Writer : Curtis Paine, Todd Moss, Katie M. White

Genre : Crime, Documentary