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Hillbilly Handfishin'

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Who needs a tackle box, bait and rod to bag catfish when bare hands and feet reel 'em in just as well? It's called hand fishing, and with years of experience and unbridled enthusiasm for a sport that many Americans don't understand, Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson are experts at it. This series profiles the self-proclaimed hillbillies as they operate Big Fish Adventures, an Oklahoma business that introduces city slickers to the thrill of "noodling" catfish without rods and hooks. "It's a baptism of sorts when we dunk these adventurers," Bivins says. "They come back up with a renewed sense of excitement, a catfish that will blow their minds, and a look on their faces that never gets old for Jackson and me." That look may also be the result of noodlers encountering snakes, beavers, muskrats and snapping turtles that make homes out of abandoned catfish holes.
Animals, Fishing, Nature
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Hillbilly Handfishin' is a highly successful series. This was Sean Gallagher’s 6th Tv Show. Hillbilly Handfishin' was one of this most popular pieces. If you liked that Tv Show, you should also try River Monsters, Throwdown Fishing, and Swamp Wars.
Season 2
7 Episodes