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A depressed economy has radically changed the way many Americans live their lives. For Todd and Jack Hoffman, those changes mean risking it all -- including their health -- as gold miners in the wilds of Alaska. With his aviation business grounded, Todd leases a gold claim in southeast Alaska, Porcupine Creek, the same place his father, Jack, mined in the 1980s. They recruit a small group of greenhorn miners from their Sandy, Ore., hometown, and "Gold Rush: Alaska" follows their efforts to strike it rich. It's the biggest gamble these men have ever taken, a last chance in the heart of "The Last Frontier."


Rated : TV-PG

Starring :

Todd Hoffman
Rick Ness
Jack Hoffman
Parker Schnabel
Jimmy Dorsey
Tony Beets
James Harness
Kevin Beets
Greg Remsburg
Dave Turin
Karla Charlton
Jim Thurber
Freddy Dodge
Carl Rosk
Brian Zaremba

Director : Edward Gorsuch, Justin Kelly, Tim Dalby

Writer : Ginita Jimenez

Genre : Adventure, Reality