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Watch Friday the 13th: The Series

Friday the 13th: The Series

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In this syndicated series with no resemblance to the Friday the 13th movies, two cousins Ryan and Micki discover that their Uncle Lewis Vendredi sold cursed antiques for the Devil. When the uncle tries to break the pact, he was banished to Hell. Now the cousins attempt recover the antiques, each with a supernatural power that lets the user get their fondest desire... for a price. Helping them is Jack Marshak, an antique collector who worked with Lewis and was unaware of his deal with the Devil. In the third season, Ryan is written out and replaced by Johnny Ventura, a street punk whose father is killed by an antique.
Drama, Horror
Age restriction
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Friday The 13th: The Series considered as one of the greates Tv Shows of all times. This was Jon Anderson’s 1st Tv Show. Friday The 13th: The Series was one of this most popular pieces. This was Atom Egoyan’s 1st Tv Shows in this genre. His most popular Tv Show was Friday The 13th: The Series. If you liked this title, our editorial team also recommend you to watch these Tv Show: American Gothic, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Warehouse 13.
20 Episodes