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Captain Tsubasa

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You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat, and waiting to discover what happens next on Captain Tsubasa. This animated series was created in 1981 by Yoichi Takahasi. These series of cartoons have a theme of kids and sports. Flash Flicker, who happens to be Kyaputen Tsubasa is the main character and loves football and or soccer (whatever you may call the game.) The adventures that these kids have while playing the game, never run out of enthusiasm because the excitement never ends in the game of soccer. These motivated kids have experienced the thrill of victory. They have also felt the agony of defeat. They do not give up on their dreams. Each episode offers a new strategy for the team. The team must constantly make good decisions for themselves and the team. The goal may not always end up with a win, however the team just may find themselves in the National Championship. They never walk away without learning more about the game of football and they find out that dedication and hard work offer everyone a victory in the game of life too.
Anime, Children, Entertainment, Soccer, Sports
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Captain Tsubasa was one of the most popular Tv Shows that year.