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Class comes last at Blue Mountain State, where the weekdays are just a primer for Saturday's big game. The fictional football powerhouse depicted in this comedy series is coached by perennial winner Marty Daniels, and his charges include talented quarterbacks Alex and Radon, who prepare for action in decidedly different ways. Radon's huge ego compliments his outrageous behavior, while the slick-with-the-ladies Alex is satisfied with his second-string status and partying with his buddy Sammy, the Goats' beloved mascot. Team leader Thad, meanwhile, relishes the idea of hazing the incoming freshman.


Rated : TV-MA

Creator : Eric Falconer, Chris Romano

Starring :

Director : John Fortenberry, Clark Mathis, Jay Chandrasekhar

Writer : Eric Falconer, Chris Romano, Drew Hancock

Genre : Comedy, Sitcom