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Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, the New York Police Commissioner, and patriarch of the Reagan clan, a multigenerational family of cops. Frank's oldest son is Danny, a seasoned detective and Iraqi War veteran who occasionally uses dubious tactics to solve cases. Daughter Erin, the lone female, is an assistant district attorney. Fresh out of Harvard Law, Jamie is the youngest member and "golden boy" of the family. Jamie gave up a lucrative future in law to continue the family's tradition in police work, and is asked to participate in a secretive investigation that even his father does not know about.
In spirit, though, "Blue Bloods" is really an urban western, reviving a genre that defined television drama from its infancy through the early 1970s. It eschews the moral ambiguity that cable shows are steeped in, focusing instead on a catechism of good and evil. Perhaps just as important, the NYPD is among the very few institutions in society that appear truly color-blind, living up to the loftiest ideals of the American creed, and in which the content of one’s character far outweighs the color of one’s skin, at least in the world of "Blue Bloods". It is all too easy today to view the main characters as stereotypes, but that would misunderstand the message of the show. The Reagans are in fact archetypes, predictable ones perhaps, but ones whose classical virtues provide the lens for viewing the world in which they live.--Michael Austin, The National Review, February 6, 2016
Crime, Crime Drama, Drama
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Blue Bloods is a highly popular Tv Show. This was Cbs Television Distribution’s 15th Tv Show. Blue Bloods was one of this most popular pieces. If you liked that Tv Show, you should also try NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues, and Brotherhood.