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Street-wise Max (Kat Dennings) doesn't expect much from the new waitress at her night job, a rich girl who has reluctantly joined the food service industry after a string of bad luck. But to her surprise, Caroline (Beth Behrs) is a woman of substance and just may be her ticket to success. The two strike up an unlikely friendship after Caroline discovers that Max can bake a mean cupcake, and the women decide if they can just wrangle up the start-up cash, they may have found their big break. Their co-workers at the diner are boss Han Lee, cook Oleg and cashier Earl.
Sometimes it is surprising to see that "2 Broke Girls" has lasted up to six seasons. The show definitely has a niche audience. Unless one is an exceptional binge watcher, those who watched the premiere this Monday have probably been watching for years, and they have developed close attachments to the characters over time. The daring sexual humor and blatant celebrity call-outs push the envelope, but in the past five years, nobody has ever been so offended that the show has suffered...The show offers promise to long-time fans for the remainder of the season. After all, "2 Broke Girls" takes viewers out of their lives for half an hour each week, and into a world of two funny, very real girls who have the guts to speak what most people think, but are too afraid to say.--Devika Syal, Entertainment Monthly, October 16, 2016
Comedy, Sitcom
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2 Broke Girls was one of the most popular Tv Shows that year. This was Not Specified’s 28th Tv Show. 2 Broke Girls was one of this most popular pieces. You can also watch other Tv Show from that genre such as Friends, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, and New Girl.