Arabian Knight (1995)

Three gold orbs must shine from a minaret to keep ancient Baghdad safe from an evil warrior and his hordes.

Insectula! (2015)

Giant insects from outer space are drawn to Earth in search of blood. When Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creatures, he embarks on a personal vendetta to destroy them before Dr. Kempler can finish helping them destroy the planet.

The Perfect Cappuccino (2008)

A sampling of Italian coffee drinks inspires filmmaker Amy Ferraris to travel across the country to find the perfect American equivalent.

Night of the Naked Dead (2012)

A writer (Emma Gruttaduaria) and a traumatized war vet (Joshua Koopman) must survive the night after a terrible storm brings the dead to their door.

Lady Luck (1946)

A young woman (Barbara Hale) who hates gambling marries a crapshooter (Robert Young) and changes her mind.

The Pasta Detectives (2014)

Rico, a 10-year-old boy with mental limitations, uses his heightened observation skills to find out what happened to his mentally gifted friend.

Adventures in Dinosaur City (1992)

Two boys (Omri Katz, Shawn Hoffman) and a girl (Tiffanie Poston) are magically transported into their favorite TV show, an animated series about dinosaurs.

My First Forty Years (1987)

Forty years of Italian history unfold as a middle-aged member of high society recalls the memorable events in her life.

Rare Talk (1984)

Sports photographer Alok Prakash (Farooque Sheikh) is shooting a female hockey game when he's hit with a stray puck. Prakash is hospitalized but only suffers from minor injuries, though his enterprising brother-in-law, Prem Sagar (Sanjeev Kumar), sees an opportunity to make some easy money. Sagar, a lawyer, asks Prakash to exaggerate his injury so he can file a lawsuit and they can live off the settlement. Soon, the whole family is involved, and Prakash and Sagar find the ruse hard to keep up.

Tapia (2013)

Filmmaker Eddie Alcazar reveals the volatile drug addiction that plagued five-time world champion boxer Johnny Tapia after a kidnapper raped and murdered his mother.

Sarajevo (2014)

The assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The King's Surrender (2014)

A police SWAT team heads out on a revenge mission after two policeman are killed by violent youth gangs.

Deadland (2009)

Sean Kalos' (Gary Weeks) search for his missing wife dominoes into a revolution the beleaguered people have been hoping for in post WWIII America.

Night and Fog in Japan (1960)

Uninvited guests crash a former student radical's wedding and accuse him, his bride and other guests of ignoring their political commitments.

The Sun's Burial (1960)

Many youth in Osaka's slums live as criminals.

Dark Eyes (1987)

Although Romano (Marcello Mastroianni) has no personal wealth, his wife, Elisa (Silvana Mangano), has more than enough money to support him, and this situation allows him to indulge in the finer things of life. While enjoying a solo spa getaway, he meets Anna (Elena Safonova) and becomes so smitten with her that he decides to follow her home to Russia, where he swears his love and promises to return. Upon reuniting with Elisa, however, Romano suddenly finds himself torn between the two women.

The Jaws of Death (1976)

A Vietnam veteran with an eerie influence over sharks unleashes his fearsome allies against his enemies.

Behind the News (1940)

A has-been newsman (Lloyd Nolan) sobers up for a scoop with a cub reporter (Frank Albertson) from journalism school.

The Wizard of Gore (2007)

A killer copies the dismemberments that an illusionist (Crispin Glover) fakes.

Stage Mother (1933)

Kitty Lorraine (Alice Brady) has one purpose in life: turning her daughter Shirley (Maureen O'Sullivan) into a star. Kitty controls every aspect of the girl's nascent career -- even blackmailing a stage manager so that Shirley can take a more prestigious gig. But Kitty goes too far when she breaks up her daughter's budding relationship with sweet artist Warren Foster (Franchot Tone). Heartbroken, Shirley sets off on a series of disastrous but profitable relationships.

Kill Me Tomorrow (1957)

A reporter (Pat O'Brien) who needs cash for his son's operation is paid by a smuggler (George Coulouris) to take a murder rap.

My American Vacation (1999)

Three generations of a family (Tsai Chin, Kim Miyori, Deborah Nishimura) travel through the California countryside in a cramped RV.

Red Eyes (1982)

An attacked woman (Marie Tifo) helps a Canadian detective (Pierre Curzi) find an arsonist/strangler dubbed the Voyeur.

Play Girl (1932)

After meeting Wallace Dennis (Norman Foster) at a dance, Buster Green (Loretta Young) falls head over the heels for the charming, charismatic man. Soon Wallace and Buster are married and starting a new life together. However, not everything is as idyllic as it appears on the surface -- Wallace has a compulsive gambling habit that threatens to destroy the marriage. Buster demands that he give up his ways, but it's easier said than done as Wallace fights his addiction.

Danger Trails (1935)

A cowboy (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) saves a woman's (Marjorie Gordon) ranch.

Where the Red Fern Grows (2003)

After saving for two years, a 12-year-old boy (Joseph Ashton) buys two puppies and trains them to be hunting dogs.

Brides Are Like That (1936)

Irrepressible goof-off Bill McAllister (Ross Alexander) loves Hazel Robinson (Anita Louise), who's betrothed to the financially stable Dr. Randolph Jenkins (Richard Purcell). After he slyly convinces the couple to split, Bill elopes with Hazel, but the newlyweds' happiness is soon threatened. Bill's long-suffering uncle, Fred (Joseph Cawthorn), is tired of supporting his nephew financially, and Hazel's father (Gene Lockhart) demands his lazy son-in-law begin working for the family business.

Time Gentlemen, Please (1951)

An English village could boast full employment if not for an old Irishman (Eddie Byrne) who refuses to work.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964)

Director Vittorio De Sica created this trilogy of romantic comedies set in different parts of Italy, with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni starring in each story. In Naples, poor Adelina supports her husband by selling black market cigarettes. In Milan, wealthy Anna is having an affair with poor Renzo, whose infatuation is tested by a near-tragedy. In Rome, prostitute Mara seeks the help of her client Augusto to spurn the advances of her neighbor's infatuated grandson (Giovanni Ridolfi).

Appointment in Tokyo (1945)

The four years of conflict during World War II between the United States and Japan begins after the Japanese bombing of the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Adm. Chester Nimitz pull Army and Naval forces together, leading to battles at Midway Island, defeats at Corregidor and rebounding American victories in Guadalcanal, the Leyte Gulf and the Philippines. The conflict continues across the Pacific Islands, leading to the destruction in Japan by the atomic bomb.

Swoon (1992)

In a film based on actual events, teenagers Nathan Leopold Jr. (Craig Chester) and Richard Loeb (Daniel Schlachet) share a dangerous sexual bond and an amoral outlook on life. They spend afternoons breaking into storefronts and engaging in petty crimes, until the calculating Nathan ups the ante by kidnapping, and murdering, a young boy. When the body is found, all evidence leads to Nathan and Richard, whose strange relationship makes the case one of the most talked-about trials of the 1920s.

Angels Die Hard (1970)

Members of a motorcycle gang swear revenge after one of their number is killed in a backwater California town.

The Whole Truth (1958)

On the French Riviera, movie producer Max Poulton (Stewart Granger) is on location shooting a film starring his lover, Gina Bertini (Gianna Maria Canale). But when the rueful Max ends his fling with Gina to return to his loyal wife, Carol (Donna Reed), the jilted actress threatens to reveal details of their affair to Carol. Later, at a party at Max's villa, investigator Carliss (George Sanders) arrives with news that Gina has been killed and that Max is a murderer suspect.

Ben-Hur (1925)

In this silent classic, Judah ben-Hur (Ramon Novarro) discovers that he has been betrayed by his childhood friend Messala (Francis X. Bushman), leading to separation from his family. Punished for an accident, Ben-Hur is unjustly forced to serve on a Roman ship, where he becomes a friend to the vessel's admiral, Quintus Arrius (Frank Currier). Eventually, Ben-Hur has the chance to compete against Messala in a chariot race, providing him with a shot at vengeance.

White Mane (1952)

A boy tries to catch a white horse before ranchers can capture it.

Early to Bed (1928)

Ollie the heir torments his new butler, Stanley.

The Wild Man of the Navidad (2008)

A creature in nearby woods terrifies the residents of a Texas town.

It's a Boy! (1933)

A man blackmails a soon-to-be-married bridegroom by claiming to be his long-lost son.

Muay Thai Chaiya (2007)

Three lifelong friends test their bond when one becomes a famous fighter.

Million Dollar Manhunt (1957)

A secret agent (Richard Denning) falls for a cabaret singer (Carole Mathews), part of a gang out to steal bogus Nazi cash.

What It Was (2014)

Adina Spencer, a Hollywood actress, faces her past and confronts her identity when she moves back to New York.

Further Tales of the City (2001)

The continuing adventures of the residents of San Francisco's Barbary Lane. Based on the novel by Armistead Maupin.

Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II (1997)

Evidence in a priest's murder leads a Milwaukee police chief (Charles Bronson) and his sons to the Russian immigrant community.

The Icicle Thief (1989)

A cheeky satire of television and an ode to Italian neo-realist films, this playful movie features director Maurizio Nichetti playing himself. The filmmaker becomes distressed when one of his classic black-and-white movies airs on TV and is frequently interrupted by gaudy color commercials. As the film and the ads begin to overlap, and the movie's characters attempt to leave their tragic situations for consumer bliss, Nichetti enters the television world to try and sort things out.

Death for Hire (2014)

Chris grows weary of caring for his handicapped wife, and during a drunken night out, his friends arrange a contract killing.

Mom's Out'a Sight (1998)

Three scientists devise a plan to sell an invention that instantly transports matter.

The Interrogation (1982)

In Stalinist Poland, cabaret singer Tonia (Krystyna Janda) decides to spend the evening drinking with a group of friends. The next morning, she awakes to find that, for reasons unknown to her, she has been jailed as a political prisoner. As prison officials interrogate, torture and humiliate her, she fights for survival and to maintain her innocence by refusing to sign a false confession. As her years of imprisonment pass, her relationship with her captors grows more complicated.

The Man Whose Mind Exploded (2012)

An old man and a young man fall in love, as the older one nears the end of his life.

Palo Pinto Gold (2009)

The son of a murdered Texas Ranger hunts for the rogue Ranger who killed hi father.

Trent's Last Case (1952)

An English newsman (Michael Wilding) figures a tycoon's (Orson Welles) suicide was murder and that the widow's (Margaret Lockwood) lover did it.

Masked Avengers (1980)

The leader of a trio searching for a crime syndicate discovers that one of his men may be a syndicate spy.

Black Rain (1988)

Yasuko (Yoshiko Tanaka), a young Japanese woman, is in Hiroshima when the U.S. Air Force drops a nuclear explosive on the city. Despite the destruction all around her, Yasuko manages to escape unscathed, and, as other survivors fall ill with radiation poisoning, she is able to stay healthy. But later, when Yasuko goes to live with her uncle Shigematsu (Kazuo Kitamura), who tries to help her start a new life, she finds herself unable to escape the social stigma of radiation sickness.

Wirey Spindell (1999)

A young man (Eric Schaeffer) relates his sexual history and why he is no longer interested in the woman he is to marry in nine days.

The Taking (2014)

Bex and Dawn want to open a cafe, but they cannot get a loan until Jeremy offer to fund their vision. When his true motives are revealed after they cannot meet his outrageous payment demands, they have to turn the tables on their malicious aggressor.

Evolution of a Criminal (2014)

After 10 years, filmmaker Darius Monroe returns to his hometown to examine how his robbery of a bank affected his family, friends and other victims.

Eden (2008)

As their 10th anniversary nears, a couple (Aidan Kelly, Eileen Walsh) confront their disintegrating marriage.

Men of Boys Town (1941)

Father Edward Flanagan (Spencer Tracy), head of the Boys Town home for troubled boys, attends the trial of young Ted Martley (Larry Nunn), a paraplegic charged with murdering a guard at the Marysport reformatory. When Ted confides that Marysport is corrupt and brutal, the priest takes him to Boys Town, where he places him with his protégé, Whitey Marsh (Mickey Rooney). Later visiting Marysport, Whitey gets involved with a young delinquent and witnesses how bad the conditions are there.

Turnaround Jake (2014)

A businessman (Jarret LeMaster) obsessed with success loses everything but discovers a new family in the process.

...More Than 1,000 Words (2006)

The daily life of photographer Ziv Koren includes sneaking into war zones, interviewing terrorists, and getting pictures of suicide-bomb attacks.

Feel It Say It ... (2006)

A dedicated dermatologist (Eric Kot) and his workaholic assistant (Candy Lo) suspect their mates are cheating on them.

Till Death Us Do Part (1968)

An adaptation of the hit television series centered around the struggles of Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell), a conservative dockworker, and his wife, Else (Dandy Nichols). As they adjust to life during the London Blitz, they have daughter Rita (Una Stubbs), who grows up and gets married to Mike (Anthony Booth), a Labor Party supporter whose politics and lifestyle send Alf around the bend. Eventually Alf and his son-in-law make peace long enough to attend the 1966 World Cup together.

The Taming of the Shrew (2005)

An eccentric but penniless man (Rufus Sewell) woos a temperamental, lonely politician (Shirley Henderson).

Crime Without Passion (1934)

Caddish lawyer Lee Gentry (Claude Rains) is going out with Katy Costello (Whitney Bourne), but carrying on an affair with dancer Carmen Brown (Margo). When he wants to end the dalliance with Carmen, she is so distraught that she becomes suicidal. Seizing the gun from Carmen, he accidentally shoots her, and thinking she's dead, concocts a series of increasingly outlandish alibis to cover his tracks under the guidance of a ghostly apparition that is his alter ego.

Money, Women and Guns (1958)

After finding gold, an elderly miner is attacked by three thugs. He manages to kill two of the crooks before the third one murders him and flees. The local law enforcement is confounded by the case, so they enlist the sharpest sleuth in the West -- "Silver" Ward Hogan (Jock Mahoney) -- to find the surviving culprit and decipher the victim's cryptic will. With the help of fiery rancher Mary Kingman (Kim Hunter), Ward sets out to find the fugitive and the heirs to the old man's treasure.

Ena Vima Brosta (2012)

A charismatic winemaker and political outsider runs for mayor of a Greek city as the country sinks into economic crisis.

Man About Town (1939)

Broadway producer Bob Temple (Jack Benny) brings his show to the London stage. In the midst of business, the producer must also deal with his unrequited love for the show's star singer, Diana (Dorothy Lamour), who fails to take him seriously. In an attempt to catch Diana's eye, Bob woos Lady Arlington (Binnie Barnes), who warmly receives his advances in an attempt to make her neglectful husband (Edward Arnold) jealous. Bob's plan goes awry when he faces violent retaliation from the husband.

The Lover (1991)

A European (Valérie Kaprisky) becomes a wartime journalist, works for humanist causes and meets Franz Kafka.

The Tree and the Swing (2013)

Eleni is confronted with an unexpected kinship while making amends with her estranged father.

Guidance (2014)

A former TV child star (Pat Mills) helps a teenage outcast (Zahra Bentham) after embellishing his resume to become a high-school guidance counselor.

The Dragon Warrior (2011)

A soldier (Jason David Frank) finds himself thrust into the heart of an ancient war between humans and dragons.

Arlo & Julie (2014)

A neurotic couple's obsession with a puzzle unravels their world and disconnects them from reality.

Grass Roots (1992)

An ambitious lawyer enters the political arena at the same time he is ordered to participate in a controversial trial.

Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992)

Yale scholar Matt Carter (William McNamara) introduces his wealthy fiancée, Allison (Lori Loughlin), to his family, and initially everything goes smoothly. However, it isn't long before Allison learns that Matt has lied to her about his relatives to mask their failures and dysfunctions. His brother, Tim (James Carrey), flunked out of school and developed a drinking problem, and Matt struggles to keep his own troubling secret from his less than tolerant parents (James B. Sikking, Bibi Besch).

The Clockmakers (2013)

A world of whirring gearwheels and hypnotic gymnasts.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)

In early 19th-century Canada, orphaned sisters Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and Brigitte (Emily Perkins) find themselves lost in a forest while riding on horseback. They're rescued by The Hunter (Nathaniel Arcand), a mysterious Native American who takes them back to Fort Bailey. Something strange has happened there, however. The few settlers who remain are suspicious of outsiders and keep tight-lipped about the situation, but Ginger soon discovers their secret for herself.

The Elevator (2010)

Three men are trapped in an elevator during the three days of the Carnival of Santa Cruz, at which no one will return until after the holidays.

The Turning Point (1952)

Prosecutor John Conroy (Edmond O'Brien) is determined to bring down organized crime in his Midwestern town. He looks to his father, Matt (Tom Tully), a police officer, for help, but Matt refuses. John's childhood friend Jerry McKibbon (William Holden), an investigative reporter, senses something fishy and spies on Matt. Jerry learns that Matt is communicating with a gangster (Ed Begley), but hides his discovery from John. Instead, Jerry confides in John's girlfriend, Mandy (Alexis Smith).

Fraude: México 2006 (2007)

Cameras document the 2006 Mexican presidential election.

Gardens in Autumn (2006)

Feeling liberated after being removed from public office, Vincent revels in chasing women, drinking with friends, and getting loads of advice from his old mother.

The Shadows (2013)

Matthew, a 9-year-old boy, finds the key to a magical world in his grandmother's garden and encounters the mystical shadow people.

Berlin Telegram (2012)

A musician, heartbroken after a breakup, moves from Brussels to Berlin.

Sunstrokes (2014)

In the 1990s, several girls get together every day to sunbathe on a terrace.

Wherever She Goes (1951)

Born in Tasmania, Eileen Joyce develops a love of music early on. Encouraged by her parents, who struggled with poverty, she begins music lessons at the age of 10 in a convent, and later has a private teacher for piano, her chosen instrument. Despite continued financial challenges, Eileen's talents bring her to the attention of notable music experts, who intervene to raise funds for her to receive top instruction in Europe. By the 1930s, she has launched a successful professional career.

The Junior Spy Agency (2011)

Sam (Jacob Hays) and the Junior Spy Agency search for a priceless Russian treasure. They race to beat Cash (Kevin Sorbo) and his gang of bumbling thieves to recover the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.

The Widow Couderc (1971)

The relationship between a middle-aged French widow (Simone Signoret) and a young drifter (Alain Delon) takes a turn when her young niece pays a visit.

Quicksand: No Escape (1992)

An ex-policeman private eye (Donald Sutherland) blackmails a Los Angeles architect (Tim Matheson) after framing him for murder.

Cold Heaven (1992)

While on vacation in Mexico, unhappily married Marie Davenport (Theresa Russell) summons the courage to tell her unknowing husband, Alex (Mark Harmon), that she is leaving him for her lover, Daniel Corvin (James Russo). But before she gives him the bad news, Alex is involved in a boating accident -- and Marie is unsure whether he's dead or not. Faced with supernatural events, Marie turns back to Catholicism and seeks the help of Father Niles (Will Patton) and Sister Martha (Talia Shire).

A Time to Die (1983)

A CIA agent (Rod Taylor) aids a veteran's (Edward Albert Jr.) circa-1948 hunt for the Nazis who killed his wife.

Breaking the Ice (1938)

A boy (Bobby Breen) flees to Philadelphia and sings at an ice rink to raise money for his widowed mother.

Fortune and Men's Eyes (1971)

A marijuana offender (Wendell Burton) enters a Canadian prison where he can either be raped or submit to an inmate (Zooey Hall).

Mr. Pug (2014)

This dog enjoys pie, ice cream and origami.

Hanni and Nanni 2 (2012)

After returning from summer vacation, Hanni and Nanni must fight with their intolerable cousin and unmask a false princess.


Musicians, magicians, strippers and comics meet convicts during a one-night show in a Canadian prison.

Blood Relations (1988)

A guy (Kevin Hicks) brings his girlfriend (Lydie Dernier) to the family mansion to help him kill his brain-surgeon father (Jan Rubes).

Megillas Lester (2014)

Lester is knocked unconscious and enters another world, where he accidentally saves Queen Vashti, which results in a major change of history.

Grigris (2013)

Grigris dreams of being a dancer despite his paralyzed leg.

Fugitive Mind (1999)

A man (Michael Dudikoff) with severe memory loss learns that experimenters programmed him to commit brutal crimes.

My Friend Victoria (2014)

Victoria, a black 8-year-old orphan, is taken in by a white bourgeois family for a night. Years later, she has a brief affair with the youngest son of the host family and bears his child.

Final Impact (1991)

An ex-champion kickboxer (Lorenzo Lamas) seeks revenge through a newcomer (Mike Worth) he trains to fight the brutal champion.

Appointment in Berlin (1943)

An undercover RAF officer (George Sanders) sends coded messages from Berlin as a radio broadcaster of Nazi propaganda.