Murder She Baked: A Deadly Recipe (2016)

Bakery owner Hannah Swensen just can't keep her hands out of the batter when murder stirs things up in Lake Eden, Minn.

Once in a Lifetime (2014)

A teacher in an urban high school tries to motivate her students by challenging them to enter a national competition.

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996)

Jobe (Matt Frewer) exists as a malevolent consciousness in virtual reality and seeks to discover the technology to hack into all the world's computers. Jobe contacts Peter (Austin O'Brien), who had been a friend during his corporeal existence, to assist him, but the young man realizes Jobe's evil intent. Peter calls on Benjamin (Patrick Bergin), a brilliant computer engineer, to help thwart Jobe's scheme for world domination, and a battle rages throughout cyberspace and in the real world.

Miles From Anywhere (2011)

After Christina inherits a house in Corsica, she tries to understand why her grandmother left it to her.

Pair of Aces (1990)

With a con-man safecracker (Willie Nelson) in his custody a Texas Ranger (Kris Kristofferson) hunts a killer of teenage girls.

The Broken Melody (1934)

A composer (John Garrick) goes to Devil's Island for killing his wife's lover, then writes an opera about it.

The Hazing (1978)

An athlete (Jeff East) and his brother get even with a fraternity trying to hide a pledge's death.

The Coffin Footage (2016)

A young man slowly realizes he is the chosen target of an ominous supernatural presence. As he scrambles to stop it, he realizes there is more to this haunting than meets the eye.

Shooting Vegetarians (2005)

A vegetarian (Guillermo Daz) faces pressure from his father to join the family butchery business.

Circle of Deceit (1998)

Betrayed by her best friend and husband, a woman (Janine Turner) feigns death to seek revenge and retain custody of her son.

Akher Eldonia (2006)

A young woman responsible for a friend's death lives alone in Alexandria and works as a TV anchor. A young psychiatrist comes to live in her neighborhood; he also happens to be the brother of the girl she killed.

Thirty-Nine Steps (1935)

A man in London tries to help a secret agent and is accused of murdering him when he is assassinated. He goes on the run to save himself and stop a spy ring from stealing top secret information.

My Own Man (2014)

After David turns 40 and his wife becomes pregnant with a boy, he sets out on a quest to find his manhood.

The Finger (2014)

Three siblings attend the funeral of their father.

Absolutely Positive (1991)

Men and women of different races, ages and backgrounds talk about their lives as HIV-positive people. The 11 interviewees are at different stages of the disease and are coping with their illnesses in different ways, but all have in common a frankness about their condition and a determination to live their lives in a meaningful way. They discuss how they contracted the virus, their tumultuous emotions upon learning of their diagnosis and the impact of the disease on their close relationships.

Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga... (2013)

A man struggles to make ends meet and comes up with a plan to make money. When it backfires and places his freedom in jeopardy, his family rallies to help out.

Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders (2016)

Antiques expert Jennifer Shannon believes two items found at the scene of a murder are actually clues straight out of famous mystery stories.

Noon Blue Apples (2002)

A college student (Lauren Fox) becomes increasingly paranoid while studying conspiracy theories.

The Bold Caballero (1936)

Don Diego Vega (Robert Livingston) is a respected member of the community in Spanish California. But his alter ego, the swashbuckling, anti-authoritarian Zorro (also Livingston), fights for the underprivileged in a way Vega never openly could. Yet, when Zorro is arrested for the murder of Gov. Palma (Robert Warwick) and sentenced to death, he must fight harder than ever to escape, clear his name and bring to justice the real killer, Sebastian Golle (Sig Ruman).

One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich & the Lost American Film (2014)

Director Peter Bogdanovich's struggle to get his film "They All Laughed" released.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth Be Told (2015)

The Postables (Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe) embark on a mission to deliver a soldier's letter from Afghanistan to a bullied teen, while Oliver's estranged father surprises him with news that shakes him to the core.

The Woman They Almost Lynched (1952)

A newcomer (Joan Leslie) risks her life for a Confederate spy (John Lund) in a neutral Arkansas-Missouri border town.

Fire Over Africa (1954)

An undercover woman (Maureen O'Hara) fights Tangier smugglers with an undercover man (Macdonald Carey) who does not know who she is.

The Day the World Ended (1956)

In a world devastated by a wide-scale nuclear war, all that remains are teetering ruins and a handful of scrappy survivors. The group includes a weathered rancher (Paul Birch), his lovely daughter (Lori Nelson), a tough gangster (Touch Connors), his mouthy woman (Adele Jergens) and a shaken geologist (Richard Denning). This motley crew faces internal and external conflicts as they traverse the treacherous land. Along the way, they are forced to confront a mutated human monster (Paul Blaisdell).

Ring of Fire (1961)

Two hoodlums and a bad girl (Joyce Taylor) take a deputy sheriff (David Janssen) hostage, followed by a forest fire.

The Man From Nowhere (1976)

A mystery man gives an orphan girl a cryptic warning to leave her uncle's house.

Awakened (2013)

A young woman returns home after 14 years to unravel the mystery surrounding her mother's death.

Dark Side of the Chew (2014)

The impact of chewing gum on culture, health and economic stability.

Fagbug Nation (2014)

Erin Davies tours the United States and Canada with her vandalized car to highlight serious hate crimes.

The Secret Trial 5 (2014)

Filmmaker Amar Wala talks to five men who have been imprisoned without trials in Canada.

West Hollywood Motel (2013)

People's lives intersect in and around a hotel in West Hollywood.

Bullseye (2014)

In 1935, a private eye bankrupts organized crime and plans to retire until one of the mobsters calls him begging for money to save his kidnapped family.

Breaking Sword of Death (1979)

A martial artist (Ti Lung) and a cunning thief must stop an evil mastermind.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (2007)

A grouchy woodcarver (Tom Berenger) bonds with a boy (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) while constructing a Nativity scene for him.

There Were Times, Dear (1985)

The ravages of Alzheimer's disease begin taking their toll on once-passionate Bob Millard (Len Cariou). As his condition worsens, Bob's wife, Susanne (Shirley Jones), and daughter, Jenny (Cynthia Eilbacher), who have relied on Bob as their emotional and financial pillar, find their world turned upside down. Over the next few years, mother and daughter struggle to put together the broken pieces of their lives as Bob's diagnosis goes from bad to terminal.

Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)

An actress (Ruth Roman) staying at a Texas dude ranch loves a man (Richard Todd) suspected of killing his wife.

Sins of a Call Girl (2014)

Released from prison, a former call girl searches for her lost son.

Washington Wolves (1999)

While laundering money for a former employer (Jos Sancho), petty criminals (Javier Bardem, Eduard Fernndez) unknowingly betray each other.

Happy Slapping (2013)

Five teenagers launch violent attacks against random victims and use smartphones to record their crimes in the hope that they will become Internet celebrities.

King of the City (1985)

A motocross rider (Tom Parsekian) moves to Hollywood and works for a nightclub owner (Tony Curtis) in trouble with mobsters.

I Take This Oath (1940)

A rookie cop learns that his uncle is a wanted underworld figure and may have been responsible for his partner's death.

Retribution (2015)

A bank executive receives a warning that there is a bomb in his car; unless he cooperates, it will detonate.

Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train (1987)

A Melbourne teacher (Wendy Hughes) commutes to Sydney, changes her looks and seduces men for money on a return train.

Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994)

California college students from the TV series trek to Las Vegas for the nuptials of Kelly (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) and Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

Evil Bong: High 5 (2016)

With Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Velicity (Amy Paffrath) and a lobotomized Gingerdead Man trapped in The Bong World for good, EeBee the Evil Bong sets about her plan for world domination.

I.B.S. (2013)

Larry cannot get over his irritable bowel syndrome, but then he realizes that murder cures what ails him.

Donors (2014)

A young woman wakes up in a room with her hands and feet bound. She discovers that no one believes her desperate situation.

All the Way Boys (1973)

Boozing charter pilots (Terence Hill, Bud Spencer) in the Andes help out emerald hunters on the Amazon.

Welcome to Spring Break (1989)

A criminal returns on his motorcycle after his execution to seek revenge on the residents and tourists in a Florida town.

Kaleidoscope (1966)

A U.S. playboy (Warren Beatty) plans to break the banks of European casinos by marking all the decks in a card factory.

Harvie Krumpet (2003)

Despite a life filled with bad luck, the ever-optimistic Harvie lives his own way and enjoys the small things life has to offer.

Medal of Victory (2016)

Two AWOL soldiers are dragged into the politics of a small town after they're mistaken for heroes.

Flesh of the Living (2012)

When a solar storm bombards Earth with radiation, the recently deceased begin reanimating with a hunger for flesh. Several survivors band together to fight their way through increasing numbers of rotting killers to reach safety.

Fast Talking (1984)

An Australian teen (Rod Zuanic) from a broken home meets an ex-convict junkyard owner (Steve Bisley) who helps him build a motorbike.

Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears (1988)

Creatures from outer space choose Boo Boo and Yogi Bear to help them with their latest quest -- an invasion of Earth.

Strange World of Planet X (1958)

Formerly harmless insects grow to enormous proportions after a scientist's experiments wreak havoc with cosmic rays.

Pardon My Backfire (1953)

Moe, Larry and Shemp encounter a gang of crooks while working as mechanics in a garage.

Gordon Family Tree (2013)

Freemont, an architect in Los Angeles, quits his unfulfilling job and goes on a trip. On the road he meets amazing and generous people, and shows his thanks by building secret treehouses for the families to give their kids a fun place to play.

Friendly Fire (1979)

Based on true events, this drama chronicles the attempts of Gene (Ned Beatty) and Peg Mullen (Carol Burnett), an Iowa couple whose son Michael (Dennis Erdman) has been killed by American "friendly fire" in Vietnam, to hunt down the details of his death. When the U.S. government evades their direct questions, the Mullens spend years searching for the facts, and, as they gradually piece together events, they grow increasingly embittered toward the war that robbed them of their boy.

Summer Camp (2015)

American counselors working at a European summer camp fight to survive when a rage-inducing virus infects the children.

The Man From the Diner's Club (1963)

Meek credit card company clerk Ernest Klenk (Danny Kaye) is feeling the pressure of demanding coworkers, new computers and an upcoming wedding. This stress leads to a big mistake -- the accidental approval of a credit card for mobster Foots Pulardos (Telly Savalas), who is planning to flee to Mexico with his girlfriend, Sugar Pye (Cara Williams), in order to avoid criminal charges. When Klenk tries to fix his mix-up, he gets dangerously involved in Foots' scheme.

Two Smart People (1946)

A con woman (Lucille Ball) and a detective (Lloyd Nolan) follow a prison-bound swindler (John Hodiak) on his five-day gourmet binge.

Gorilla Ship (1932)

A couple have arguments about the wife getting closer to the husband's friend, as they sail off on their yacht. When they meet a crew and its captain on the voyage, marital problems become the least of their worries.

Midnight Episode (1950)

A mystery directed by Gordon Parry, featuring Natasha Parry.

The Dicks From Texas (2014)

The history of the punk band from Texas.

Hero Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)

A friend of the emperor travels into the future to find the ailing monarch a wife.

Another Dawn (1937)

While on leave, British officer Col. John Wister (Ian Hunter) meets Julia Ashton (Kay Francis), a newly widowed woman who steals his heart in spite of her overwhelming grief. Enamored, Wister begs her to be his bride, assuring her she will someday learn to love again. After she agrees and they've wed, she accompanies him on his next venture -- to a hostile desert region. As predicted, she does find love. However, it is not for her husband but for the handsome Capt. Denny Roark (Errol Flynn).

Killer Kid (1967)

A U.S. Army officer disguises himself as a famous gunfighter to stop revolutionaries south of the border. But when he falls in love with the daughter of a guerilla leader, he begins to understand their fight against cruelty and corruption.

También de Dolor Se Canta (1950)

A man and his friend go to the capital of Mexico to seek their fortune and to help the former's father.

The Gift (1979)

A sailor (Gary Frank) on Christmas leave visits his boozing, one-legged father (Glenn Ford) and dreamer mother (Julie Harris) in 1950s Brooklyn.

If You Don't, I Will (2014)

A couple goes on a hike in the woods, and the woman refuses to return.

Staying On (1980)

Tusker (Trevor Howard), a former colonel in the British Indian Army and a retired merchant, and his wife, Lucy (Celia Johnson), are the last British couple living in a small Himalayan town following India's independence. Although Tusker retains fond memories of the British Raj, Lucy wonders why her husband insists on staying in a swiftly modernizing country that increasingly has no use for reminders of its colonial past. Based on Paul Scott's 1977 novel, the film was shot on location in India.

Disorder in the Court (1936)

The stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. The stooges manage to disrupt the proceedings but save the day when they discover the real murderer's identity.

His Wife (2014)

Gracie experiences behavioral problems when she marries, and the memory of Catherine, her French friend who died mysteriously, seems to haunt her. Catherine's widowed husband decides to visit Gracie and make up for his mistakes.

An Ecology of Hope (2001)

Ecologist Pierre Dansereau travels from Baffin Island to New York City and from the Gaspé Peninsula to Brazil.

Drunken Arts & Crippled Fist (1979)

A wealthy man arranges for his son to learn kung fu from a drunken master. When he returns home and finds trouble with a local thug, he acquires some powerful enemies.

For Richer or Poorer (1997)

Brad Sexton (Tim Allen) and his wife, Caroline (Kirstie Alley), are wealthy New Yorkers with both marital and financial problems. The latter issue becomes a pressing matter when they discover that their accountant has embezzled millions and pinned the blame on them. Forced to go on the lam, Brad and Caroline end up in an Amish area of Pennsylvania and decide to pose as members of the religious group to evade the IRS. As the two adapt to the simple Amish lifestyle, they begin to reconnect.

Samurai Jack: The Trilogy (2001)

An ancient warrior (Phil La Marr) seeks a way home after an evil, shape-shifting wizard (Mako) thrusts him through a time portal.

Flowers (2015)

Six dead women awaken in the house of their killer, only to find clues about their past lives and who they once were. They must accept their fate and move on or remain in the rotting house forever.

Command and Control (2016)

Filmmaker Robert Kenner examines how human error caused an explosion at a nuclear site toward the end of the Cold War and links mutually assured destruction to self-annihilation.

Buddymoon (2016)

After he is dumped at the altar, a former child star's best friend takes him on a backpacking trek in the remote mountains of Oregon.

Devil's Saddle Legion (1937)

An outlaw leader leaves his work on a dam to track down the crooks cheating ranchers by diverting their water supplies.

Autumn Wanderer (2013)

A man (Nathan Sutton) meets the woman (Elisha Skorman) of his dreams while dealing with his father's schizophrenia.

The Fifth Day of Peace (1972)

Several disillusioned German soldiers aimlessly wander the war-ravaged Italian countryside following the armistice.

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (2014)

A retired woman hires a dance instructor to give her lessons at home. Their relationship is antagonistic at first, but soon develops into into a close friendship.

Naked Fists of Terror (1978)

A spiritual boxer who has thrown away his talents on foolishness finds new inspiration from the teachings of his master.

River Queen (2005)

In 19th-century New Zealand, a woman (Samantha Morton) spends years searching for her son, kidnapped by the boy's grandfather.

Lumberjack (1944)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) saves a timber widow (Ellen Hall) from land agents after her signature.

In Heaven There Is No Beer (1984)

The life, culture and food of the polka culture in America today.

Emanon (1986)

A wealthy, spoiled boy befriends a young Bowery bum (Stuart Paul) who seems to perform minor miracles.

The Last Wizard of Bilembambudin (2014)

A young girl embarks upon an extraordinary adventure with a wizard.

Traded (2016)

In 1880s Kansas, a gunman (Michael Paré) turned rancher travels to Wichita and Dodge City to find his runaway daughter (Brittany Williams).

Pop Meets the Void (2015)

A musician, prone to self-mythologizing, has been recording alone for the past 15 years. Now, he's finally ready to release his debut album, but it proves to be quite a struggle.

Thunder Pass (1954)

An Army captain (Dane Clark) and his men escort settlers through Indian country.

Angst (1983)

A killer is released from prison and breaks into a remote home to kill a woman, her handicapped son and her pretty daughter.

The Whole Wide World (1996)

In this fact-based film set in 1930s Texas, pulp fiction master Robert E. Howard (Vincent D'Onofrio) is introduced to Novalyne Price (Rene Zellweger), a teacher with aspirations of becoming an author herself, and they begin a unique relationship filled with conversation and imagination. Although the possibility exists for romance, Howard's obsession with his work and dedication to his sick mother (Ann Wedgeworth) leads Price to look elsewhere for love, leaving Howard feeling betrayed and alone.

La máscara de carne (1956)

A couple tries to get away from some traffickers after suffering an accident in which he is left disfigured and she blind.

Three Men and a Leg (1997)

Three store clerks (Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo) travel by car from Milan carrying their boss's dog and a valuable sculpture.

So's Your Aunt Emma (1942)

"Aunt" Emma Bates (ZaSu Pitts), a single middle-aged woman from the country, travels to the big city to watch her former lover's son, Mickey (Bud McTaggart), fight in a boxing match. At the fight, she meets Terry (Roger Pryor), a newspaper reporter investigating Mickey's corrupt manager, Gus Hammond (Douglas Fowley). But, when Hammond mistakes Emma for a notorious mob hit woman, he kidnaps Mickey. With Terry's help, Emma pretends to be a gangster in order to rescue Mickey.

-30- (1959)

A managing editor (Jack Webb), city editor (William Conrad), rewrite woman and copy boy (David Nelson) meet their Los Angeles daily's midnight deadline.