Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (2016)

Filmmaker Nanette Burstein tries to unravel the strange behavior of John McAfee, who left his life as a software mogul to become a recluse in the jungles of Belize.

A Friend to Die For (1994)

Tragedy results when a teenager's desire to become more popular in her high school fuels jealousy toward a classmate.

Hostage Hotel (1999)

A former detective (Burt Reynolds) tries to negotiate the release of his ex-partner (Charles Durning) and a congressman's family, held hostage in a hotel.

Hannari: Geisha Modern (2006)

Filmmaker Miyuki Sohara examines the world of the geisha. Granted unprecedented access to that community, she dispels many of the myths surrounding the lives and circumstances of the women, while showing them to be artists dedicated to the practice and preservation of Japanese culture.

Sinbad and the Battle of the Dark Knights (1998)

After returning from a crusade, the sailor (Richard Grieco) dons a disguise to save his princess from evil Gen. Nimbus (Dean Stockwell).

Re-Animated (2006)

A brain transplant allows a 12-year-old boy (Dominic Janes) to see cartoon characters in the real world.

Harvest Melody (1943)

A press agent's (Sheldon Leonard) wartime stunt puts an actress (Rosemary Lane) to work with a farmer (Johnny Downs).

Rumpelstiltskin (2007)

Marie must spin gold from straw to save her family from a villainous minister pretending to be the king.

The Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944)

In this musical western, Marjorie Brooks (Dale Evans) is the owner and operator of a rodeo that's an antiquated touring company on its last legs. Her business rival, Frank Madden (Richard Powers), offers to combine their operations if the lovely Marjorie will be his bride. Though she initially rebuffs his proposal, a canceled booking tips the scales and forces Marjorie to accept. But rodeo rider Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) suspects Frank is behind Marjorie's troubles and sets out to investigate.

The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006)

During the Communist era, two Romanian students break a bust of Dictator Ceausescu in their school.

Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk (2010)

A woman feels threatened after renting out her room.

Jack Paradise (2004)

A jazz pianist (Roy Dupuis) becomes a top performer in Montreal nightclubs.

The Shaolin Avengers (1976)

Heroism and romance combine in an action-packed martial arts story. When the Shaolin are betrayed by White-Browed Hermit, hotheaded warrior-hero Fong Sai Yuk vows revenge.

Cry Blood, Apache (1970)

An old man (Joel McCrea) recalls his days as a young man (Jody McCrea) fighting Indians in the Old West.

24 Hours in London (2000)

A ruthless mobster (Gary Olsen) dispatches assassins to permanently silence a police-protected murder witness (Anjela Lauren Smith).

Ranchero (2008)

A former ranch hand (Roger Gutierrez) confronts the realities of drug addiction and runs afoul of a local gangster after he moves to Los Angeles.

Struggle Through Death (1978)

Slaves revolt against their cruel masters in a fight for freedom.

Halik sa Hangin (2015)

A young woman moves to Baguio, and she as struggles to adapt to her new home, she is torn between two young men who bring passion into her life.

After... (2006)

A growing breed of thrill seekers thrives on breaking into the planet's most dangerous man-made structures, and members call themselves urban explorers.

Filmistaan (2012)

An aspiring actor and diehard fan of Bollywood movies is kidnapped and held in the home of a Pakistani who deals in pirated Hindi films.

Twice Two (1933)

Laurel and Hardy play dual roles in a tale about two sets of bickering spouses.

Black Angel (1980)

Sir Maddox, a medieval knight, returns from the Crusades and battles the Black Angel to free a beautiful maiden.

Gone to Earth (1950)

Folklore and desire stir an 1890s girl (Jennifer Jones) who lives with her father in English fox-hunting country.

Navajo Joe (1966)

Proud warrior Navajo Joe (Burt Reynolds) is the only man left alive when outlaw Marvin Duncan (Aldo Sambrell) and his brutal gang destroy his village. Riding into a nearby town of white settlers, Joe announces his plans for vengeance, but the townspeople fear Duncan's retribution too much to stand behind him. In the course of his one-man battle against Duncan's small army for control of the town, Joe falls for beautiful maid Estella (Nicoletta Machiavelli).

Ms. Goldman (2004)

Linda discovers her young daughter's new imaginary friend, Holly Goldman, is not friendly and may be real.

My Suicidal Sweetheart (2005)

After numerous attempts to kill himself, Max (David Krumholtz) winds up in a mental institution. There he meets Grace (Natasha Lyonne), a fellow patient with suicidal tendencies. The mixed-up pair marry, escape from the hospital, and set forth on a road trip to Wisconsin.

Girls in Prison (1956)

An inmate is persuaded to take part in a breakout by cellmates anxious to cash in on loot they believe she has hidden.

Let the Balloon Go (1976)

A sheltered boy (Robert Bettles) with leg braces strives for personal independence in 1917 Australia.

Collecting Sgt. Dan (2014)

Family, friends and comrades share memories of Sgt. Daniel J. Patron.

Fathom (1967)

While touring abroad in Europe, beautiful American skydiver Fathom Harvill (Raquel Welch) gets wrapped up in international intrigue when Scottish spy Douglas Campbell (Ronald Fraser) recruits her to help him on a secret mission. Before long, Fathom realizes that no one around her, including the mysterious Peter Merriweather (Tony Franciosa), can easily be trusted, leading to various adventures that involve bull fighting, beaches and, of course, romance.

A Friend of Mine (2011)

Mati, a 70-year-old bibliophile, cannot cope with his wife's death. As loneliness and indifference overrun his thoughts, he contemplates suicide until he meets a younger man who sparks his interest in life.

Private Violence (2014)

Filmmaker Cynthia Hill examines the case of Deanna Walters, a survivor of spousal abuse who embarks on a crusade for justice.

The Film Critic (2013)

Victor, a film critic, is weary of Hollywood's romantic comedies until he meets Sofia, an attractive woman. When random events bring them together, he suspects the movie genre he hates is taking revenge.

Don Juan, My Love (1990)

Modern Spaniards swoon over the ghost of Don Juan (Juan Luis Galiardo) who has taken over the identity of an actor.

A New Day in Old Sana'a (2005)

A young photographer named Tariq has to choose between his duty to his family -- marry the daughter of a judge -- or follow his heart and marry his lover, an orphan of a lower class.

Cuadecuc, Vampir (1970)

Creating a horror movie.

Blood Widow (2014)

A couple buy a house near an abandoned boarding school but have no idea that their presence disturbs the lone survivor of a massacre.

Flight Lieutenant (1942)

Sam Doyle (Pat O'Brien) is a military pilot whose drunken recklessness gets his co-pilot killed in a crash. Disgraced, Sam flees the country and takes a job working for a small airline in South America. Years later, Sam's now-adult son, Danny (Glenn Ford), becomes a test pilot for the Army Air Corps just before World War II. He's also fallen for Susie Thompson (Evelyn Keyes), the niece of the man his father killed. Sam returns to redeem himself in his son's eyes.

Cave of Outlaws (1951)

An ex-convict (Macdonald Carey) returns to Carlsbad Caverns to look for his loot, followed by a Wells Fargo detective (Edgar Buchanan).

Fashion (2008)

Meghna (Priyanka Chopra) has always dreamed of getting out of her small Indian town and making it in the world of high fashion, but her parents have different ideas for her future. When she wins a local pageant, though, she picks up and moves to Mumbai to try to turn her dreams into reality. Although she initially finds success with modeling, she slips up when she gets impregnated by her married boss. Scared and alone, she must then decide if it is time to leave the big city.

The Bulldog Breed (1960)

Plucky Norman Puckle (Norman Wisdom) joins the British navy on the same ship and under the same admiral (Ian Hunter) he refused to yield to in the harbor.

Chronicle of Poor Lovers (1954)

In 1925 a Florentine befriends anti-fascists and falls in love with another man's wife (Antonella Lualdi).

Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan (1999)

Raju moves to Mumbai with the hope of becoming a successful businessman, but after arriving in the big city, he finds himself robbed, jailed and unemployed.

Zombiez (2005)

A demolition team gets a big surprise when they start taking down an old building.

Gallant Bess (1946)

During World War II, a horse-loving soldier adopts a mare he found and nursed back to health on a Pacific island.

Dangerous Loves (2013)

Sofia, a savvy and beautiful teen, understands the power of sex, and uses it to meet a well-connected drug lord and his wife.

Move (1970)

Living in New York with his wife (Paula Prentiss) throws a porno writer/dog walker (Elliott Gould) into escapist fantasies.

A Town Called Hell (1971)

At the turn of the 20th century in Mexico, an outlaw (Robert Shaw) leads a massacre of a small town. Soldiers and townspeople alike are killed, and, when a priest and his followers take refuge in a church, they too are ruthlessly offed. A decade later, the town is run by Don Carlos (Telly Savalas), and the murderous outlaw has changed his name and is now a local priest. When Alvira (Stella Stevens) trots into the town, she offers a large reward to whoever kills the savage outlaw.

Beavers (1988)

Filmmaker Stephen Low spotlights the industrious rodents in the wild as they build a dam and face hungry bears.

Los Tres Huastecos (1948)

Fate reunites three long-separated brothers -- a priest, an outlaw and a soldier -- who were raised by different families after their mother's death.

The Happening (1967)

A group of bored hippies decide to play "war" with the neighborhood kids. When they chase one kid into his home, the boy's father (Anthony Quinn) takes their toy guns for real weapons and assumes he's being abducted. The group's leader, Taurus (George Maharis), runs with the idea, and decides to hold the old man for a $200,000 ransom. But when no one agrees to pay up, the old man decides to work with his abductors to get back at his friends and family who refused to help him.

Escape (2006)

A young German stowaway (Daniel Brhl) learns terrible secrets about a ship traveling to Europe.

Los 6 Mandamientos de la Risa (1997)

Being in serious financial trouble, several people betting their luck by using all kinds of games of chance.

Drifting Clouds (1996)

Sudden unemployment tests a couple's (Kati Outinen, Kari Vaananen) marriage, pride and resourcefulness.

Murderers' Row (1966)

On a quest for world domination, Julian Wall (Karl Malden) and his evil cohorts in the Brotherhood of International Government and Order kidnap Dr. Solaris (Richard Eastham). Solaris invented a heliobeam, a weapon capable of cataclysmic destruction. It's up to secret agent Matt Helm (Dean Martin) to rescue Solaris before he is brainwashed into using the heliobeam. Helm poses as a gangster, seducing Solaris' daughter, Suzie (Ann-Margret), along the way.

A Fever in the Blood (1961)

A senator, judge (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) and district attorney (Jack Kelly) want to be governor, but a murder trial comes first.

Go West, Young Man (1936)

Mavis Arden (Mae West) is a movie star known for her onscreen purity, even though she lives a riotous private life. When she gets involved with politician Francis X. Harrigan (Lyle Talbot) against her press agent's (Warren William) wishes, Mavis arranges to see her lover on her personal appearance tour. But she finds herself stranded in a small-town farmhouse after her limousine breaks down, and the situation is made more bearable by the appearance of the handsome Bud Norton (Randolph Scott).

Primary Suspect (2000)

A determined detective (William Baldwin) assists in a sting operation aimed at the criminal who killed his wife.

Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1974)

A young woman agrees to marry her boyfriend on the condition that he remain gainfully employed for seven days.

The Evil (1978)

A psychologist (Richard Crenna) and his wife (Joanna Pettet) turn a house of the devil into a drug-rehabilitation center.

Bristol Boys (2005)

A man (Thomas Guiry) becomes a drug dealer to provide for his family, but soon his lifestyle threatens their welfare.

Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

For some unknown reason, the men on Mars are dying. Worried that the Martian population will soon die out, the planet's leaders decide to send Nyah (Patricia Laffan) to Earth to bring back a fresh supply of healthy, virile men. After Nyah's ship crash-lands in Scotland, she seeks help at a village inn. She tries to convince the men, including a disbelieving scientist (Joseph Tomelty) and an ex-convict (Peter Reynolds), to come with her, but doesn't understand their wives' objections.

The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea (1991)

Aging grifters Lady M (Jeanne Moreau) and Pompilius (Michel Serrault) are fleecing the tourists in Guadeloupe when a young punk named Lambert (Luc Thullier) steals Lady M's ring. More impressed than angry, Lady M recruits the boy as her protege over and above the objections of the jealous Pompilius. Soon the old woman and the young man are enjoying a zesty love affair. But, when Lambert double-crosses her, she's forced to choose between the two men in her life.

Bringing Tibet Home (2013)

A Tibetan refugee dies from a terminal illness, and his son from New York fulfills his final wish.

Desert Patrol (1958)

A British soldier (Richard Attenborough) blows up a Nazi fuel dump with a patrol led by captains (John Gregson, Michael Craig) who are at odds with each other.

Twilight for the Gods (1958)

An alcoholic captain (Rock Hudson) sails a two-master through danger with a call girl (Cyd Charisse) and others on board.

Generation X (1996)

Mutant teens with superhuman powers fight a renegade physicist (Matt Frewer) and his evil mind-control scheme.

Reclusion (2016)

A young couple's attempt to socialize with their reclusive neighbor awakens a terrible force.

Private Road (1988)

A girl (Mitzi Kapture) in a sports car runs a guy (Greg Evigan) off a road, and he goes to work for her millionaire father (George Kennedy).

All You Need Is Love (2014)

Thousands of children living in and around the Thai-Burma border remain positive despite their difficult circumstances.

Eko Eko Azarak: The First Episode of Misa Kuroi (2011)

When a crisis occurs at Misonogaoka High School, students fall prey to black magic.

Hold Back the Dawn (1941)

Impressionable teacher Emmy (Olivia de Havilland) is swept off her feet when she meets Georges (Charles Boyer) in a Mexican border town. Unaware that Georges is a gigolo looking for a woman who will unwittingly help him get a green card, Emmy marries him after only a few days. While carrying out the charade, Georges begins to fall for Emmy, angering his girlfriend, Anita (Paulette Goddard). As his scheme is jeopardized, Georges learns keeping Emmy may be more important than his green card.

Humanoid Woman (1981)

Plans for a Russian space mission to a heavily polluted planet are threatened by the discovery of a female alien.

Casualties (1997)

A policeman's battered wife (Caroline Goodall) seeks help from a man (Mark Harmon) in her cooking class, who has hidden problems of his own.

Marilyn (1963)

Rock Hudson narrates clips from Marilyn Monroe movies including "Bus Stop" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

That Little Band of Gold (1915)

Domestic bliss goes down the drain when Mr. Right stays out all night with his friends.

The White Squaw (1956)

A Swedish settler (David Brian) starts a war when he tries to drive Dakotas off their Wyoming reservation.

The Sweetest Gift (1998)

Pet goats bring together two neighboring Florida families (Helen Shaver, Diahann Carroll, Tisha Campbell) divided by race and status.

There Goes My Heart (1938)

Eager to break free of her constrained life, heiress Joan Butterfield (Virginia Bruce) runs away from her grandfather's yacht just as reporter Bill Spencer (Fredric March) arrives to get a rare photo of her. Befriended by the kind Peggy (Patsy Kelly), Joan takes an assumed name and moves in with Peggy, then joins her working at Butterfield's department store. Bill, who has begun an article on Joan, visits the store and, recognizing her there, realizes that he has stumbled upon a hot story.

House of Danger (1934)

A man poses as his wounded friend in order to save a woman from a pair of killers.

Burqa (2015)

Alan's power is great and unchallenged until a mysterious black woman in a burka becomes a menace.

Jennifer (1953)

A woman (Ida Lupino) runs into a killer while taking care of an old estate.

Mademoiselle (2001)

A married woman (Sandrine Bonnaire) attending a convention and the leader (Jacques Gamblin) of an improvisational-comedy team enter into a brief, impulsive affair.

The Doll That Took the Town (1957)

Liliana Attenni (Virna Lisi) desperately wants to be a model but can't seem to attract any attention. She solves her problem by falsely claiming to have been assaulted and raped by three assailants. Liliana becomes an overnight media sensation and soon finds herself working as a high-end model. Though she's forgotten all about her false accusations, the police haven't. They arrest three men in connection with the crime. Soon, Liliana is forced to decide whether to speak up or stay silent.

Surviving Gilligan's Island: The Incredibly True Story of the Longest Three-Hour Tour in History (2001)

Cast members (Bob Denver, Dawn Wells, Russell Johnson) reveal little-known facts about a popular television show, including insights into their personalities.

Free the Nipple (2014)

Hoping to decriminalize female nudity, a group of women amass in New York City to challenge censorship and public nudity laws.

Hats Off (1936)

Rival press agents (Mae Clarke, John Payne) compete for talent for twin-city expositions.

Harry Benson: Shoot First (2016)

Renowned photographer Harry Benson rose to fame alongside The Beatles, having been assigned to cover their inaugural trip to the United States in 1964. With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, Benson captured some of the most vibrant and intimate portraits ever taken of the most popular band in history. His extensive portfolio includes iconic images of Winston Churchill, Bobby Fischer, Muhammad Ali, Greta Garbo, Michael Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The House of the Arrow (1953)

A French police inspector (Oscar Homolka) questions the heiress (Yvonne Furneaux) of a rich widow killed by a poison arrow.

Gun Moll (1949)

A pseudo-patriotic hate group sends a woman (Jean Wallace) to distract a special prosecutor (Franchot Tone) on its case.

Five Dolls for an August Moon (1970)

When an inventor takes a group of investors for an island vacation, an unseen murderer kills them one by one.

Death of a Schoolboy (1990)

In 1914 Sarajevo, a student radical touches off World War I by assassinating Austria's archduke.

Stand-Ins (1997)

Dysfunctional, disappointed actresses (Daphne Zuniga, Missy Crider) congregate in a Hollywood bar circa 1937.

Dark Waters (1944)

A Louisiana bayou doctor (Franchot Tone) protects an orphan heiress (Merle Oberon) from a schemer (Thomas Mitchell) trying to commit her to an asylum.

Red: The Dark Side (2007)

A billionaire who has a serious heart condition and is in need of a heart meets a woman and falls in love with her.

I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951)

During the "Red Scare" of the 1950s, FBI agent and Slovenian-American Matt Cvetic (Frank Lovejoy) poses as a Communist to infiltrate the U.S. Communist Party. Unable to tell his friends and family about the undercover mission, Matt is deemed a traitor to his country and condemned by everyone close to him. Although Matt often doubts his dangerous task, he remains undercover to bring the Communists to justice and protect a faltering member (Dorothy Hart) from her vindictive party.

Almost Heaven (2005)

A terminally ill woman (Heike Makatsch) becomes an unwilling tourist in Jamaica.

Out of Reach (2013)

A woman struggles to cut the ties between her family and her husband's powerful new friends before it is too late.

Los Hombres Siempre Mienten (1994)

Individuals searching for romantic bliss must lie to the ones they love.

Claudelle Inglish (1961)

A Georgia tenant farmer's (Arthur Kennedy) daughter (Diane McBain) sinks low after her boyfriend (Chad Everett) gets drafted.