Basketball (2011)

Basketball action.

Hagen hilft! (2008)

True Crime Scene (2005)

New forensic techniques.

The History of Rock 'n' Roll (1995)

A historical look at rock 'n' roll and the impact of foreign groups on legendary performers.

Deadline! (2005)

Unique reporting of current news and events.

Miss Charity's Diner (2003)

Teaching young children about the varied and wonderful characteristics of God.

Great Railway Adventures (2011)

Dan Cruickshank takes a look at the history of the railway.

Grillin' & Chillin' (1996)

Grilling, barbecuing, smoking experts.

Knit & Crochet Today (2007)

Knit and crochet techniques; hosts Kassie DePaiva and Candi Jensen.

Mummies: Tales From the Egyptian Crypts (1996)

A closer examination of some of the puzzles of life in ancient Egypt, including Howard Carter's uncovering of King Tut's tomb in 1922.

Naked Planet (2001)

Nature's greatest wonders are revealed.

Europe's Secret Armies (2004)

A look at the stories behind Europe's secret armies and their fight against Hitler.

Iron Man: Extremis (2010)

Iron Man is called in when a mysterious experimental serum is stolen.

Goalmouth (2011)

A must for footie fans, this football themed show is presented by Tim Woodward and Adam Gendle.

Retro News (2006)

Teen journalists report on news events from the past.

S Club 7 in Miami (1999)

Prime Time Wrestling

Featuring wrestling matches, interviews, and promos of WWE SuperStars.

World's Scariest Plane Landings (2012)

Startling footage of some of the world's most terrifying plane landings.

Wings Over Vietnam (1995)

U.S. air battles in the Vietnam War.

Hollywood Girls Night (2012)

Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry invite cameras into their weekly "Hollywood Girls Night".

The Human Zoo (2001)

Scientists create a human zoo displaying exotic & indigenous people from all over the world.

Year of Adventures (2012)

Ben Fogle takes on extreme challenges around the world.

Engineering Giants (2012)

Inner workings of the world's most enormous machines.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger (2011)

Creating new and improved versions of household gadgets.

My Evil Sister (2013)

There is something about sisters. The bond between them can create an everlasting friendship, a unique unity strong enough to overcome familial distractions like competitiveness and jealousy. Conversely, while sisters can look exactly alike, they can also be quite different and quite vindictive, to the point that those differences lead to divisive, destructive and ultimately deadly consequences. "My Evil Sister" presents real stories through re-enactments of sisterly bonds gone bad, and either one kills the other or they join forces to kill someone else.

Fitness Truth (2011)

Your Brush With Nature (2006)

Oil painting techniques of Plein-Air and painter Heiner Hertling.

Ossie and Ruby

The Vintage Vehicle Show (2003)

Car shows, events, museums and private collections; hosted by Lance Lambert.

1945: The Year That Changed the World (2007)

An account of what is regarded as the most fateful year in modern history.

Behind Closed Doors With Joan Lunden (2000)

Host Joan Lunden takes viewers behind-the-scenes of a myriad of organizations and events.

American Thunder (1995)

Motorcycle events, features and tips.

The Menu (2004)

Features breaking news on what's hot in music, movies, TV, sports, fashion and more, including just-announced tour dates, recent CDs, the latest movie releases, upcoming celebrity events, sports happenings, fashion trends and information on TV shows with the biggest buzz.

My Kind of Town (2005)

Small-town residents selected from the show's audience participate in comic games and skits for prizes suited to their lifestyles, interests and needs. One person from the group is chosen to play a grand prize game, where he or she either wins or loses a huge prize for the other audience members - their neighbors.

The Best Defense (2008)

Practical tips and techniques for self defense, including both armed and unarmed situations.

Master of Champions (2006)

Each week, six competitors with -- shall we say -- interesting talents face off. Celebrity judges whittle the contestants down to three, who then face a live studio audience for the final selection. Challenges include Human Fireworks, Interpretive Pizza Tossing and Amazing Drift Driving. The competitors range in ages from 10 up, and the winner's name is inscribed on the "Master of Champions Wall of Fame."

Animal Icons (2004)

Back on Campus (2006)

Drexel University students experience college life with their parents.

The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet (2007)

A daily diet of celebrity interviews, timely topics and audience participation from New York, hosted by Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy. This morning show is somewhat unusual in its two unmarried hosts, who don't discuss family life, but instead focus on pop culture.

The Year of Happiness and Love

A surprise promotion changes the fortune of a man and his entire family.

Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (1955)

A famous neurosurgeon has a mysterious gift for healing.

Crime Scene Wild (2007)

Steve Galster investigates.

Make Room for Multiples (2009)

A look into the lives of parents who are expecting multiples.

Operation Wild (2010)

Distressed boaters are happy to see the men and women of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but defiant alligators and nighttime poachers would rather they keep to themselves. In this reality series, cameras document the never-dull work done by the elite group of officers in the FWC, who man boats, helicopters and patrol vehicles to protect the people and animals in Florida's delicate and diverse natural ecosystems.

Instant Recall (2010)

Unsuspecting contestants are thrust into bizarre, contrived situations, which are, of course, filmed. The segment ends with the question "Do you like game shows?" Enter game show icon Wink Martindale and co-host Angela Daun, who launch into a game show, which requires the contestants to recollect details about the weird situation they've just been through. The more answers they get right, the more cash and prizes they can win.

The Martian Chronicles (1980)

Based on Ray Bradbury's novel about an astronaut's trip to Mars in search of the members of two previous expeditions.

Quigley's Village (1989)

Puppet friends bring stories, songs, humor and fun.

Hollywood's Best Film Directors (2007)

The best film directors in Hollywood.

LAPD (1995)

Upholding the law with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Rocky Mountain Gators (2010)

A Stand Up Mother (2011)

Tammy Pescatelli is a noted comic, perhaps best known for appearing as a contestant on the second season of "Last Comic Standing." She is also a busy mother -- and those two worlds collide in "A Stand Up Mother." The reality series chronicles Pescatelli's attempt to balance her growing comedy career with raising little Luca in a small Pennsylvania town, where many members of her large family reside.

The Channel Islands at War (2010)

John Nettles returns to the Channel Islands -- where he made his name as TV's Bergerac.

Survival: Tales From the Wild (2011)

Up-close footage of wildlife.

Danube: Europe's Amazon (2012)

The famous river has sculpted landscapes and influenced many diverse cities.

El Joe (2011)

Joe the Legend, his rise to musical fame, his loves, his triumphs and his lowest moments.

New York: A Documentary Film (1999)

A look at New York from the beginning up to the modern day.

The Chris Wylde Show (2001)

The Song That Changed My Life (2012)

How a hit song by Steven Curtis Chapman connected with a family and changed the course of their lives in a big way.

Weekly World News (1996)

The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck (2009)

Total world culinary domination is the goal of the executive chef at Central 214, the premier restaurant in a boutique hotel in Dallas. Blythe Beck's flamboyant staffers juggle their personal and professional lives as they turn out distinctive American cuisine while catering to the upscale clientele's every need.

Inside Washington

Round-table discussions feature nationally recognized journalists.

Friday Night Football

High-school football highlights.

Iyanla (2001)

Relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant advises guests.

World War II: GI Diary

Former servicemen recount their experiences in World War II.

The Coral Ridge Hour

Dr. D. James Kennedy presents the Gospel and offers biblical insight on contemporary issues.

Dolce Vita (2012)

Making Stuff (2010)

Teaching kids about the making of the things we use and consume in our everyday lives.

Violent Earth (1999)

HBO Comedy Showcase

Gunfighters of the West (1999)

Taboo Latin America (2010)

Strange practices of various Latin American cultures.

James and Sunda (2010)

Sunda Croonquist and James Harris' comedy show.

Kitchen Chemistry (2002)

Heston Blumenthal uses scientifice methods to create dishes.

Dining With Death (2010)

Fugu, toads, venomous snakes, deadly scorpions, spiders ... for centuries, people have eaten these poisonous creatures as a way to survive. Now, they've become foreign delicacies, and tourists seeking new adventures and thrills are turning to this extreme form of eating. "Dining With Death" uncovers the powers behind these poisons, and why man has continued to eat them despite the risk of sudden death. Locals in such countries as Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos share how they prepare these foods, and chefs, researchers and doctors describe their benefits and what could happen if something went terribly wrong.

Dealing With Dickinson (2006)

Contestants are given $50,000 to assemble a collection of antiques for auction.

The World's Greatest Musical Prodigies (2010)

A 16-year-old composer travels to China and the U.S. to recruit four young musicians.

Darwins neue Welt (2010)

The epic adventures of Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker, Thomas Huxley and Alfred Russel Wallace.

Million Dollar Challenge (2010)

An exclusive promotion gives viewers the chance to play poker on TV for up to $1,000,000 against Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu.

Mysterious Worlds (2003)

An investigative series that explores unexplainable mysteries from around the world.

Devil's Brigade (2007)

Canadian soldiers became part of a joint Canada-US formation.

The Stephen Tompkinson Australian Balloon Adventure (2010)

Stephen Tompkinson prepares for the Candowindra Balloon Challenge.

Get Thee Behind Me (2010)

Two of the nation's most feared crime lords compete for ownership of the same territory.

Wendy and Me (1964)

Retired vaudevillian George Burns buys an apartment building.

Making History (2010)

On a small-scale budget, three filmmakers re-create large-scale historical events using a green screen, everyday items and lots of imagination. They revisit the 1920s to witness an assassination attempt on Al Capone; land in the middle of 150,000 Nazis as a young Adolph Hitler narrowly escapes death during World War I; play out Nostradamus' most controversial predictions; and abandon modern-day clothes for rugged Stone Age attire, among other adventures.

The 10 (2011)

Highlights of some of the greatest moments and athletes in sports history.

Wild Case Files (2011)

Investigating wildlife mysteries.

Home Delivery (2004)

Search for everyday people with compelling stories.

Hollywood Off-Ramp (2000)

Satirical tales of Hollywood with macabre twists. Host: Brian Unger.

Cosmic Front (2011)

Examining planets, black holes, asteroids, nebulae and other cosmic discoveries using cutting-edge research with photographic images and computer graphics.

Armcomedy (2012)

Arts in Context (2011)

The creation process of visual arts, dance, music and culture.

Secret Service Secrets (2012)

Training, technology and ingenuity help protect the president of the United States.

Seduction in the City (2011)

Beautiful photography and fascinating diary extracts help tell the story of the department store.

David Suchet: In the Footsteps of St Paul (2012)

David Suchet retraces St. Paul's footsteps across the Mediterranean.

Mack & Myer for Hire (1963)

Two handymen try to make a living doing odd jobs.

Intrepid Journeys (2012)

Challenging travel.

Open Gym (2012)

The journey of the Toronto Raptors and other NBA stars through the season both on and off the court.

How Smart are Animals (2012)

Remarkable footage and findings by cutting edge researchers demonstrate how many animals are much smarter than we think and in ways we had never imagined.

Professor Weird (2012)

Dr. Franklin Ruehl and his assistant quest to obtain knowledge.

Insane or Inspired? (2012)

Shows featuring actors, comics and other pop culture figures providing commentary for short video clips have become a staple of the cable TV landscape. Syfy's entry in the genre is the hourlong "Insane or Inspired?" Done in a countdown format, each episode features 25 crazy and exciting Internet clips relating to a specific topic, including wild, homebrewed superheroes, Internet flops and crazy backyard inventions. Samm Levine, Janet Varney and Amber Benson are among the wisecracking personalities offering opinions on the proceedings.