Winners Take All (1987)

Motocross racer Billy Robinson (Robert Krantz) has become a top rider in the business. When Billy goes back to his hometown, he is met with adoration by most, though some are resentful of the successful youth. For a local competition, Billy is pitted against his best buddy, Rick Melon (Don Michael Paul), who is arguably just as skilled, but hasn't had his big break yet. Will the race take its toll on Billy and Rick's longtime friendship, or will the two work things out, despite their rivalry?

Odd Obsession (1959)

A mostly impotent man (Ganjir Nakamura) who is aroused by jealousy tempts his beautiful wife (Machiko Kyo) into an affair with a doctor.

Ugly, Dirty and Bad (1976)

Giacinto Mazzatella (Nino Manfredi) and four generations of his family live together in a ramshackle residence in the slums of Rome. They participate in robberies, prostitution, and whatever else they need to do to survive. Although the family may be morally bankrupt, Giacinto has just been awarded one million lire from the government for the loss of his eye. In turn, the rest of Giancito's family will do anything to get the money away from him, even if it means murder.

Nietzermann (2013)

Two actors investigate a disturbing viral video of a psychic's prophecy to revitalize their career.

The Joyriders (1999)

Three close-knit, homeless teenagers kidnap a man (Martin Landau) for his car and money, but the crime could tear them apart.

Good Times (1967)

Pop-star duo Sonny (Sonny Bono) and Cher (Cher) star in this parody of Hollywood B-movie clichs, helmed by director William Friedkin. Given the opportunity to headline their own feature film by studio executive Mr. Mordicus (George Sanders), Sonny and Cher have three days to come up with an idea for a hit movie or they'll have to use the studio's hackneyed script. Each of the duo's movie concepts, including a jungle thriller and an old-fashioned Western, features Sanders as the villain.

Art of Conflict (2012)

A look at Northern Ireland's street murals examines them as an expression of the region's violent history.

Blindman (1972)

A blind sharpshooter (Tony Anthony) with a guide horse clashes with bandits who want to steal his shipment of mail-order brides.

Un Mauvais Fils (1980)

After serving five years in an American prison for drug dealing, Bruno (Patrick Dewaere) returns to France clean and sober to begin a new life. His angry father, Rene (Yves Robert), blames his son's shame for his wife's death, and Bruno soon strikes out on his own. Switching from construction to bookstore work, Bruno begins a relationship with Catherine (Brigitte Fossey), another fragile recovering addict, and the pair struggle to maintain their sobriety.

Jazz Heaven (1929)

A Southern songwriter (Johnny Mack Brown) brings his piano to New York and meets a girl (Sally O'Neil) who works on Tin Pan Alley.

Pear Cider and Cigarettes (2016)

A hard-living daredevil's self-destructive spiral eventually leaves him lying in a Chinese hospital in desperate need of a liver transplant.

The Circle (2014)

In 1950s Zurich, a shy teacher (Matthias Hungerbühler) joins a gay organization and falls in love with a female impersonator (Sven Schelker).

Inspiration (1931)

A woman chooses to leave her lover rather than have his life ruined by the revelation of her tainted past.

The Target (2002)

A bodyguard (Christopher Lambert) discovers that the prominent businessman (Dennis Hopper) he has been assigned to protect murdered his parents many years earlier.

Quebec-Montreal (2002)

The young adult passengers of four unrelated cars are each traveling from Quebec City to Montreal discussing love, sex and relationships. In one car, Rob (Patrice Robitaille), J.P. (Jean-Phillipe Pearson) and Rivard (Stphane Breton) are heading towards a vacation flight to Cuba while they discuss their exes and whether reuniting is a good idea. Eventually, the different travelers cross paths in a way that changes their points of view and their entire purpose for starting the trip.

Zaza (1939)

A cabaret performer (Claudette Colbert) has an affair with a married man (Herbert Marshall) in France.

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1999)

"The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg" is a humorous and nostalgic documentary about an extraordinary baseball player who transcended religious prejudice to become an American icon. Detroit Tiger Hammerin Hank's accomplishments during the Golden Age of Baseball rivaled those of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Hook'd Up (1999)

A freelance writer (Malik Yoba) goes on 30 dates in one month to gather information for a magazine article.

Row Your Boat (1998)

After doing time for his brother's (William Forsythe) crime, a man (Jon Bon Jovi) tries to help a Chinese woman (Bai Ling) and her baby.

The Burning Hills (1957)

Cattle rancher Trace Jordan (Tab Hunter) discovers the dead body of his brother and seeks out Joe Sutton (Ray Teal), the cattle baron he knows killed him. Jordan kills Sutton in an act of self-defense during a shoot-out, but is also wounded and flees. He attempts to escape as Sutton's henchmen pursue him, and is soon joined by a half-Mexican woman named Maria (Natalie Wood), whose father had also been killed by Sutton. Eventually Sutton's men find them, and a confrontation occurs.

The Faithful City (1952)

Sam (Jamie Smith), a gifted American camp counselor accustomed to the relative comforts of scenic upstate New York, travels to Tel Aviv to work with refugees in the wake of World War II. Once in Palestine, Sam befriends wise Austrian relief worker Ezra (John Slater). The two find both challenges and inspiration in a feisty group of fellow new arrivals -- European children orphaned by the Holocaust. Meanwhile, preparations begin for the historic founding of Israel.

The Last Days of Patton (1986)

Based on a true story, this film finds Gen. George S. Patton (George C. Scott) working a desk job for the U.S. military after World War II. In the midst of dealing with the difficulty of adapting to his dramatic change of lifestyle, Patton is involved in an auto wreck that leaves him in critical condition. While his body fails him, Patton introspectively reminisces about his relationship with his spouse, Beatrice (Eva Marie Saint) ; his childhood; and his days on the battlefields of World War I.

A Severed Head (1971)

Antonia Lynch-Gibbon (Lee Remick), wife of upper-crust wine dealer Martin (Ian Holm), falls in love with her husband's best friend, noted psychiatrist Palmer Anderson (Richard Attenborough). While both Palmer and Antonia would like to remain in Martin's life, he has some secrets of his own -- namely, a mistress called Georgie (Jennie Linden), whom his womanizing brother (Clive Revill) also desires. All the while, Palmer's sister (Claire Bloom) seems to know everyone's business.

The Fat Spy (1966)

Twin brothers (Jack E. Leonard), a wacky woman (Phyllis Diller) and a lipstick tycoon (Brian Donlevy) seek the Fountain of Youth.

Spitfire (1994)

A gymnast dodges bullets and bad guys on a transcontinental quest to free her father from a nefarious crime cartel.

On the Edge (2003)

A black English teacher (James McDaniel) coaches a girl's basketball team at an American Indian high school.

Michael Landon, the Father I Knew (1999)

Michael Landon Jr. directed this account of the ups and downs in his relationship with his famous father.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

The bite of a radioactive spider turns a graduate student (Nicholas Hammond) into a wall-climbing superhero.

The Preacher's Sin (2015)

A popular radio preacher and author (JR Bourne) tries to keep his less-than-perfect home life under wraps, but his life begins to implode with the discovery of a son from a brief extramarital affair.

Paradise (1975)

A private investigator finds himself on the Gold Coast of Queensland trying to solve murder and kidnapping mysteries.

The January Man (1988)

Disgraced ex-policeman Nick Starkey (Kevin Kline) is brought back to the force by his brother Frank (Harvey Keitel) to help find a serial killer loose in New York City. Unconventional and misunderstood, Nick figures out the killer's patterns while wooing both his own sister-in-law, Christine (Susan Sarandon), and the mayor's daughter Bernadette (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). The police arrest a suspect, but Nick thinks they have the wrong man, so he attempts to find the murderer on his own.

The Babysitter (1980)

Needing help to care for her rambunctious daughter, Tara (Quinn Cummings), Liz Benedict (Patty Duke Astin) hires teen Joanna (Stephanie Zimbalist) as a housekeeper and baby sitter. Liz's husband, Jeff (William Shatner), a doctor, does not approve of the idea, but Joanna initially does a wonderful job keeping things in order. Slowly, however, she begins to pit the Benedicts against each other while she attempts to woo Jeff. Meanwhile, a neighbor (John Houseman) investigates Joanna's past.

Killer Force (1975)

Bradley (Peter Fonda), a security officer at a diamond mine, plans to steal from the company in order to infiltrate a team of criminals that is planning a major heist. Meanwhile, tough enforcer Webb (Telly Savalas), who isn't aware that mine officials orchestrated the stealthy task, pursues Bradley with ferocity. After Bradley finally earns the trust of the jewel thieves, they begin to plan their operation, but his duplicity may end up costing him his life.

Friend Request (2013)

A woman (Erin Krakow) begins an online relationship with a famous photographer (Ryan McPartlin), not realizing that she is actually communicating with the man's young son (Ian Andrew).

The Linguists (2007)

In this documentary, director Seth Kramer follows a pair of language scholars as they journey through rugged lands in order to find isolated civilizations and hear rare tongues. The linguists, who speak a combined two dozen languages themselves, go to Siberia to listen to a language that will most likely disappear in the next few decades. They trek to India to explore how English colonists altered the nation's culture, and they also visit the American Southwest to talk with Native Americans.

The Younger Brothers (1949)

The Younger brothers -- convicted bank robbers Cole (Wayne Morris), Jim (Bruce Bennett) and Bob (James Brown) -- are released from prison and sent to a small town in Minnesota under parole requirements to remain law-abiding citizens. The brothers are immediately harassed and goaded by detective Ryckman (Fred Clark), who blames them for his losing a position at a prestigious agency. In addition, outlaw Kate Shepherd (Janis Paige) plans to use the brothers as cover for her own robbery scheme.

The Mean Machine (1973)

An enraged man (Christopher Mitchum) kills the gangsters who are responsible for his father's murder.

The Color of Olives (2006)

Mexican filmmaker Carolina Rivas chronicles the daily life of a Palestinian family which makes its home in an area of the West Bank where armed soldiers, locked gates and electric fences are the norm. The film provides a glimpse of the Amer family's private world of struggle and joy.

Scattered Cloud (2011)

Diego helps Violet, his boss's niece, restore her apartment, but trouble starts when he realizes he is falling in love with her while he is preparing to marry his fiancee.

Memories of Matsuko (2006)

While combing through the belongings of his recently deceased aunt, nephew Sho (Eita) pieces together the crucial events that sank her life into a sea of bitterness. As a schoolteacher in her youth, Sho's aunt, Matsuko (Miki Nakatani), took the fall for her student's crime. Unable to shake the resulting stigma, she was forced to live on the street and entered into a series of abusive relationships. But a chance at happiness with an old flame gave her a sliver of hope.

What the Butler Saw (1950)

A British gentlemen returns from a trip to the South Seas accompanied by a young native girl.

Beauty for Sale (1933)

Beauty-shop workers gossip and dream of meeting eligible men.

Casino Murder Case (1935)

Detective Philo Vance (Paul Lukas) gets an anonymous letter threatening wealthy Lynn Llewellyn (Donald Cook) if he visits his Uncle Kinkaid's casino. Vance meets with the bickering family, including Lynn and his wife, as well as secretary Doris Reed (Rosalind Russell), who offers to assist him. The visit proceeds, and despite police protection, Lynn collapses at the gambling tables. Soon after, his wife is found poisoned, complicating Vance's attempt to unravel the Llewellyns' dark secrets.

Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940)

A Scotland Yard inspector clues the Chinese sleuth (Sidney Toler) to a world-cruise party featuring a strangler.

Femme (2013)

Interviews with 100 influential women from all over the world, including Gloria Steinem, Sharon Stone, Marianne Williamson and Angela Davis.

Dark Glasses (2015)

A blind woman living alone in the country tells tales to a criminal holding her captive to keep him clam.

The Bridge (1960)

In the waning days of World War II, as American forces overtake Germany, seven teenage boys are pulled from their small town's school as emergency conscripts to repel the advancing Americans. Given almost no training, they're assigned the task of defending a small bridge that's scheduled to be demolished. But when the boys' commander is mistaken for a deserter before he can give their orders, they're stranded in front of an advancing enemy with no idea what they're supposed to do.

Sharks (2013)

A filmmaker describes sharks not as mindless eating machines but as impressive survivalists that have endured since before the age of dinosaurs.

Crocodile (1981)

From the depths of the ocean, a savage fury emerges.

The Dream Team (2012)

A former soccer star enlists his old teammates to help him transform a group of fishermen into a winning soccer team.

Smart House (1999)

A boy tries to stop his father from dating by programming their computerized house to be a surrogate mother.

Silent Predators (1999)

Years after a truck accident released a single rattler, hybrid snakes terrorize a California town.

Exit (1996)

An exotic dancer and a former government agent must rescue hostage patrons at a strip club held by psychotic criminals.

The American (1999)

A U.S. millionaire (Matthew Modine) courts a European noblewoman (Aisling O'Sullivan) of diminished wealth, whose pride, heritage and disapproving mother (Diana Rigg) prevent her from marrying him.

Life According to Muriel (1997)

A woman (Soledad Villamil) leaves Buenos Aires with her daughter and ends up staying in a hotel with a mother (Ins Estvez) and children.

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979)

The beloved fantasy tale by C.S. Lewis is given the animated treatment in this adaptation. After four orphaned British siblings find a passageway at the back of a wardrobe to the magical world of Narnia, they embark on an exciting journey, encountering talking animals and mythical creatures. Ultimately, the children get caught up in an epic conflict between a heroic lion and a sinister witch. Amidst the battle between good and evil, the kids wonder if they'll ever return home.

Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove (2015)

The life and music of Texas musician Doug Sahm.

Made Men (1999)

Bill "The Mouth" Manucci (James Belushi), a mobster-turned-FBI informant, has entered the witness protection program and relocated to the country. He's sitting on $12 million stolen from the mob, but that doesn't mean he's left criminal life behind completely. Bill already owes money to the owner of a secluded crystal meth lab, and things get more complicated when thugs sent by the "Skipper," the man Bill betrayed, come to retrieve the $12 million -- and to ice Bill for being a snitch.

Advice From a Caterpillar (1999)

While having an affair with an executive (Jon Tenney), a woman (Cynthia Nixon) falls for the lover of her homosexual friend (Andy Dick).

Le Garagiste (2015)

A man's life is thrown into disarray when he hires a young mechanic to work in his garage.

The Heart and the Sea (2012)

Surfers share an intimacy with the sea. Filmed in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain.

Alive and Kicking (1996)

Torino (Jason Flemyng) is a young, self-centered dancer whose world is shattered when his lover Ramon (Anthony Higgins) passes away after a battle with AIDS. At Ramon's funeral, Torino meets Ramon's therapist, Jack (Antony Sher), a quiet, older man who sharply contrasts Torino's outspoken, flamboyant nature. The two very different men form an unlikely and intimate bond as Torino refuses to be treated for his HIV so that he can dance his best playing Ramon's part in an upcoming dance production.

Circle of Danger (1951)

An American (Ray Milland) goes to Britain to ask witnesses how his brother died on a World War II commando raid.

Au Clair de la Lune (1982)

A has-been bowler (Guy L'Ecuyer) and a pale drifter (Michel Côté) share an old Chevrolet and quirkiness in Quebec.

The Avenger (1962)

Aeneas (Steve Reeves) seeks military aid from the Etruscans to secure a Trojan stronghold along the Tiber River.

Lonesome Ghosts (1937)

Four bored ghosts in a haunted house play a series of mischievous pranks on Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

Girl Missing (2015)

Fifteen years after she was left for dead in a ditch, a young woman is contacted by a millionaire from New York City who claims to be her mother. When she arrives at the family estate, she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious plot.

Sexina: Popstar P.I. (2007)

A pop star (Lauren D'Avella) who fights crime on the side discovers that a scientist has created a boy-band composed of robots.

At the End of the Tunnel (2016)

A paraplegic computer engineer starts to hear noises and the voices of bank robbers in his basement.

Backtrack (1969)

Sent to Mexico to buy a bull, a Wyoming cowhand (Doug McClure) teams up with three Texas Rangers to solve a robbery/murder.

Keeping My Man (2013)

One woman will do anything to get her husband to notice her, while another avoids intimacy at all costs. Both take advice from their friend who appears to have a perfect marriage.

Clément (2001)

Benoit turns 13 and develops an intense crush on his godmother, Marion. As they lie on beaches in the summer, she humors him by talking about the mysteries of women.

Husband Shopping (2014)

A career woman with no plans to marry is forced to find a husband.

Sabotage (1996)

A bodyguard uses his Navy commando training to track the killers of an arms dealer he was hired to protect.

Bible of Blood (2013)

A medical student (Jasmin Lord) fights the forces of evil when an ancient manuscript threatens to unleash the Antichrist.

Mad About Music (1938)

In this musical, Gloria Harkinson (Deanna Durbin), the daughter of a widowed film star (Gail Patrick), is a boarding school girl with a big imagination. She spins daring adventures about her father, claiming he's not only alive but well worth the other girls' jealousy. When classmates begin to doubt Gloria's wild tales, she is forced to procure a fake father. At the local train station, she finds a dapper English composer (Herbert Marshall) who is charmed by her moxie.

Hoodlum & Son (2002)

A street-wise boy has adventures with his father (Ted King), a reluctant gangster in debt during the Great Depression.

The Protector (1996)

An assassin tries to avenge his wife's death but finds himself protecting and falling in love with another woman.

Foreclosed (2013)

After losing his home to foreclosure, a disgruntled man begins a campaign of terror against the new owners.

My Rebellious Son (1982)

A man keeps testing his father's patience until they unite to battle a corrupt local dignitary and his army of evil outsiders.

Mon père, ce héros (1991)

While on a tropical vacation with her father (Grard Depardieu), a French teen (Marie Gillain) passes him off as her lover, in order to impress a boy.

Summer Love (2016)

After going back to school, a widowed suburban mom struggles to adjust when an internship lands her in the fast-paced world of millionaire app designers.

Flight of the Lost Balloon (1960)

A top-hatted Englishman (Marshall Thompson) takes off with his fiancee (Mala Powers) to rescue a colleague from a Hindu (James Lanphier) on the Nile.

Anazapta (2001)

Paranoia sets in as the Black Death strikes European villagers in the 14th century.

Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music (1969)

Filmmaker Robert Elfstrom follows legendary musician Johnny Cash as he travels on the road.

The Champions (2015)

Fighting dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring change the lives of the people who risked everything to save them.

Kaptara (2013)

The city of Athens has to hand over its children to be sacrificed to a bloodthirsty god. Theseus, the son of the king, volunteers to be sacrificed and plans revenge on the people destroying his city.

Oh, Heavenly Dog! (1980)

A slain private eye (Chevy Chase) finds his killer after coming back to life as an Englishwoman's (Jane Seymour) lap dog (Benji).

The Willies (1991)

Boys on a camping trip tell whoppers about a chicken-fried rat, huge flies, a bathroom monster.

Pushing Tin (1999)

Two air traffic controllers (John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton) who thrive on living dangerously compete to outdo each other on several levels.

Robo-Dog (2015)

An inventor (Patrick Muldoon) creates a mechanical canine for his young son (Michael Campion).

Russian Roulette (1993)

A schoolteacher (Susan Blakely) on vacation in Russia becomes involved in a scheme of murder and theft.

Madame Brouette (2002)

A single mother (Rokhaya Niang) is impregnated by a corrupt policeman (Aboubacar Sadikh Ba) who endangers the lives of her family.

Swindled (2004)

A small-time crook (Ernesto Alterio) joins forces with a legendary con artist (Federico Luppi) and the man's scheming ex-lover (Victoria Abril) to pull off a lucrative scam.

Casanova's Return (1992)

The Italian libertine (Alain Delon) finds lodging with a friend, then tries to bed the man's savvy niece (Elsa).

Let's Kill Uncle (1966)

An orphan English heir (Pat Cardi) and his playmate (Mary Badham) plot to kill his uncle (Nigel Green), who is plotting to kill them.

Craig's Wife (1936)

A pushy pessimist with an eye for the finer things in life, Harriet (Rosalind Russell) has married Walter Craig (John Boles) because he is able to provide the kind of posh lifestyle she is certain she deserves. She feels not the slightest bit of guilt about her lack of affection for her husband, and aside from John himself, everyone around her seems to realize this. But when her husband gets a scare involving the police, Harriet's way of life is threatened.

Road to Yesterday (2015)

A struggling couple try to save their failing marriage by reconnecting on a road trip.

Ninaithen Vandhai (1998)

A musician dreams of a beautiful girl and sets out to find her. Soon after, he meets her at a wedding, but by that time his father has already fixed his marriage with someone else.

Sex and the Single Mom (2003)

Impregnated by a doctor (Grant Show), a divorced paralegal (Gail O'Grady) also deals with her daughter's (Danielle Panabaker) sexual awakening.