Transcend (2014)

Marathon champion Wesley Korir returns to Kenya to help his countrymen create better lives.

Stranded (2006)

Members of a group of female friends (Erica Durance, Brienne De Beau) start to mysteriously disappear on a remote Caribbean island.

Step Up (2012)

The everyday struggles of single mothers and reasons why fathers leave.

Little Women (1994)

In this 1994 adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic, the March sisters confront growing pains, financial shortages, family tragedies and romantic rivalries in mid-19th-century Massachusetts. Jo (Winona Ryder) struggles for independence and sometimes clashes with her beloved mother and her sisters Meg, Amy and Beth. She also contends with their cranky Aunt March, their impulsive neighbor Laurie (Christian Bale) and kindly linguistics professor Friedrich Bhaer (Gabriel Byrne).

An Art That Nature Makes (2015)

Photographer Rosamond Purcell gains international acclaim for finding unexpected beauty in discarded and decayed objects.

Blast! (2008)

A daring team of astrophysicists embark on a journey to discover the secrets of life as we know it. In the Arctic, then in Antarctica, they launch a state-of-the-art telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon. The scientists hope to peer deep into space and glimpse star-burst galaxies, which could provide clues about the evolution of the universe. But their challenging expedition isn't easy, and their efforts highlight the joys and sorrows of scientific investigation.

Naukar Biwi Ka (1983)

Amar Nath (Vinod Mehra), a good policeman who is of humble means since his estrangement from his father, arranges a marriage between his daughter, Jyoti, and a boy named Deepak Kumar. Then one day, a vicious gangster whom Amar had put away escapes from jail, hunts down the cop and his wife, and murders them. A loyal friend of the couple takes Jyoti to Amar's father, who happily adopts her. Years later, Jyoti (Anita Raj), now all grown up, encounters Deepak (Dharmendra) once again.

Don The Chase Begins Again (2006)

The fearless, cunning and ruthless Don pursues absolute power.

18 Years Later (2003)

Marie (Madeleine Besson), who was raised by her mother, Sylvia (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), and her three fathers (Andr Dussolier, Michel Boujenah, Roland Giraud), is spending the summer in the country. Sylvia has just come back to France with her new husband (Ken Samuels) and his two sons (Grgoire Lavollay-Porter, James Thirre), and joins Marie for a family vacation. As Marie falls in love for the first time, her fathers arrive just in time to make things even more complicated.

Porn Star Zombies (2009)

A low-budget porn shoot goes awry thanks to a sexually transmitted virus turning its victims into ghouls that eat human flesh.

Nightstalker (2002)

A rookie detective (Roselyn Snchez) plays cat-and-mouse games with Los Angeles serial killer Richard Ramirez (Bret Roberts).

We Won't Grow Old Together (1972)

A married man's (Jean Yanne) six-year affair with a much-younger mistress (Marlène Jobert) reaches its end.

A Stray (2016)

Trying to outrun his bad luck, a young Muslim refugee in Minneapolis seems like he just might make it, until he crosses paths with a stray dog.

The Sound & the Fury (2014)

The Compson family struggles to adjust to the changes in society during the early 20th century in the Deep South.

The Lesser Evil (1998)

In a small Missouri town in the 1970s, four teenage friends get into a fight with some high school bullies, with unexpectedly lethal results. Two decades later, when a lake is dredged and two unidentified bodies are found, the four face discovery. Lumberyard owner Derek (Colm Feore), lawyer George (David Paymer) and policeman Frank (Tony Goldwyn) want to keep their secret buried for good -- while Ivan (Arliss Howard), now a Roman Catholic priest, argues that they should finally come clean.

Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived (2008)

Conjecture surrounds President Kennedy's possible actions if he had not been assassinated in 1963.

Hangfire (1991)

After executing a daring prison break, a pack of vicious criminals drag their hostage, the wife (Kim Delaney) of Sheriff Ike Slayton (Brad Davis), across the United States border into Mexico. There, they hastily lay siege to a small town, drawing the attention of the National Guard. Determined to get his wife back safely, Sheriff Slayton mounts his own rescue plan because he distrusts the gruff Col. Johnson (Jan-Michael Vincent), who seems more concerned with retribution than with recovery.

Cowboy (1958)

A successful rancher, Tom Reece (Glenn Ford), forges a business venture with a Mexican landowner (Donald Randolph) but finds himself in a bind after squandering a lot of money at a hotel run by Frank Harris (Jack Lemmon). Frank has strong feelings for the Mexican's daughter (Anna Kashfi), and when he learns that Tom is in a tough spot, he exploits the situation to get closer to his potential paramour. Frank takes to horseback alongside Tom, and both are surprised by the results.

The Wrong Child (2016)

A sociopathic teenager (Robbie Davidson) terrorizes a family (Vivica A. Fox, Gary Daniels) after claiming to be the father's long-lost son.

The Moonlighter (1953)

Wes Anderson (Fred MacMurray) is caught cattle rustling and promptly jailed. The public is outraged, but, since Wes always worked at night, they don't know what he looks like. Still, they break into the prison and lynch a hobo they think is Wes, while the actual culprit sneaks off to see his old flame, Rela (Barbara Stanwyck), who has recently taken up with his straitlaced brother, Tom (William Ching). But Tom is envious of his outlaw brother, and he decides to join Wes in a life of crime.

Hangin' With the Homeboys (1991)

Aspiring actor Tom (Mario Joyner), supermarket clerk Johnny (John Leguizamo), wannabe Black Power militant Willie (Doug E. Doug) and unemployed ladies' man Fernando (Nestor Serrano), who has adopted the name "Vinny" in an attempt to hide his Puerto Rican heritage, travel from the Bronx to Manhattan in search of action. Their boys' night out starts off bad and gets worse as they fall into one dangerous or embarrassing mishap after another, straining their friendships along the way.

Dirty Dealing (2014)

Casino employees pose for a racy calendar to raise money for a boy's leukemia treatment.

Counterfeiters (1948)

A Scotland Yard inspector (John Sutton) poses as a crook to help T-men catch a global counterfeiter (Hugh Beaumont).

Northpole (2014)

When the power supply to Santa's city is threatened by a lack of holiday spirit, a youngster tries to help his busy mother rediscover the joys of the holiday season.

Dead Seven (2000)

A group of friends are killed one by one after discovering numerous dead bodies of drug dealers while out on a hike.

Down With Misery (1945)

An honest truck driver gets mixed up in black-market smuggling and winds up adopting a streetwise orphan.

Women in Limbo (1972)

The tragedy of the Vietnam war hits home for three women whose husbands are missing-in-action.

The Star Maker (1939)

A performer (Bing Crosby) turns producer and molds talented youngsters into a vaudeville act.

Rip-Off (1971)

Four high-school pals go from making a movie to forming a rock band to scoping out communal life.

Delirium (1987)

Grandi is running a successful men's magazine until an obsessed admirer starts slaughtering her models and sending her pictures of their disfigured bodies.

Anything for Alice (2014)

Max tires of his lavish lifestyle and cannot stop thinking about Alice, his college love. After he tracks her down, he discovers she is still bubbly and full of ideals.

The Steagle (1971)

The 1962 Cuban missile crisis sends a professor (Richard Benjamin) on a cross-country odyssey of nostalgic fantasies.

43 (2015)

Forty-three students go missing in Guerrero, Mexico.

Romeo and Juliet (1966)

In this ballet adaptation of Shakespeare's play, all the action and emotion is expressed through movement and dance. Except for short introductions at the beginning of each act, there are no words in this performance. Instead, the emphasis is Sergei Prokofiev's score. Romeo (Rudolf Nureyev) and Juliet (Margot Fonteyn) are young lovers from dueling families who attempt to persevere in spite of the wishes of their parents. Their ardent love faces more challenges than the couple ever imagined.

Munster, Go Home (1966)

Herman (Fred Gwynne), Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), Grandpa (Al Lewis) and their ghoulish TV family go to England to claim an estate.

Marked Men (1940)

A man (Warren Hull) accused of planning a prison break turns the tables on escaped cons by leading the group into the desert.

The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm (1957)

Ma and Pa Kettle (Marjorie Main, Parker Fennelly) show a rich girl (Gloria Talbott) how to catch a lumberjack.

Love Among the Ruins (1974)

An aging actress and socialite, Jessica Medlicott (Katharine Hepburn) has ended her engagement with a younger man and is now being sued by her former fianc. Esteemed barrister Sir Arthur Glanville-Jones (Laurence Olivier) is assigned to represent Jessica in the lawsuit, and he also happens to be an old suitor of hers from decades earlier. While Jessica claims not to remember him, and Arthur still smarts from her earlier rejection, the two form a close bond during the case.

Figures of Speech (2015)

Four teams of high school students spend a year preparing for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Las Vegas.

I Will Fight No More Forever (1975)

Based on a true story, this film focuses on the plight of Nez Perce Native American leader Chief Joseph (Ned Romero) and his decision to defy the U.S. government's demand to relocate his tribe from their territory to a smaller reservation in Idaho. The tribe tries to flee across several states with the U.S. Cavalry in pursuit, led by Gen. Oliver O. Howard (James Whitmore). Howard is impressed with Chief Joseph's war tactics, but is nevertheless determined to force surrender.

Divine Obsession (1990)

The case of a slain Korean televangelist leads a New York private eye (Brian Benben) to others in the same game.

A Job to Kill For (2006)

An executive at an advertising agency lands in trouble when a beautiful woman helps him save a major account.

Love Songs (1999)

Three short films: "A Love Song for Champ"; "A Love Song for Jean and Ellis"; "A Love Song for Dad."

The Haunting of Hamilton High (1987)

Decades after promiscuous teen Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) dies during a prank gone wrong, she returns as a spirit out for revenge and eager to punish the culprit, her one-time boyfriend, Billy Nordham (Michael Ironside), who is now high-school principal. Evil Mary Lou is perfectly content to kill other locals, and she eventually possesses the body of prom queen contender Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Lyon), which allows her to wreak even more havoc.

As Good as Dead (1995)

When Susan Warfield (Crystal Bernard) moves to Los Angeles, she becomes friends with party girl Nicole (Traci Lords). Nicole suffers from painful stomach ulcers but cannot be treated since she has no medical insurance. Susan decides to temporarily switch identities with Nicole so that her friend can use her insurance to have an operation. However, after Nicole suddenly dies following the procedure, Susan's legal identity also ends. Now Susan has to pose as Nicole and try to gain a life back.

Kiss Me Deadly (2008)

A one-time spy (Robert Gant) helps his former partner (Shannen Doherty) when she becomes the target of assassins.

Undrafted (2016)

After a college baseball star doesn't make the Major League Baseball draft, an intramural game with friends becomes hugely important to him as he tries to accept his broken dreams.

Hoodlum Empire (1951)

A mobster, his moll (Claire Trevor) and his underling (Forrest Tucker) appear before a U.S. senator's (Brian Donlevy) televised hearings on organized crime.

The Last of England (1988)

Derek Jarman's experimental film ruminates on the decline of England.

Embers (2016)

After a global neurological epidemic, those who remain search for meaning and connection in a world without memory. Five interwoven stories explore different facets of life without memory in a future that has no past.

Listen (2014)

A woman in a burqa brings her son to a police station in Copenhagen to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words.

Murder 101 (1991)

An author/professor's (Pierce Brosnan) educated wife (Dey Young) helps him solve a motel murder he was framed for.

Brown's Requiem (1998)

Fritz Brown (Michael Rooker) is a hard-boiled private detective whose previous career as a cop was cut short because of his drinking. His latest case comes from Freddie "Fat Dog" Baker (William Sasso), a golf caddy who's concerned about his teenage sister, Jane (Selma Blair), who has taken up with a much older tycoon. Over the course of his investigation, Brown runs afoul of underworld thugs, corrupt police and, ultimately, the Internal Affairs officer who got him kicked off the force.

Twisted: A Balloonamentary (2007)

Professional balloon twisters share a love for their vocation.

Beat (2000)

In New York City, just as the Beat literary movement is beginning to take form, writer William S. Burroughs (Kiefer Sutherland) courts the woman who would become his second wife, fellow author Joan Vollmer (Courtney Love). As Burroughs' and Vollmer's affiliation with poets Jack Kerouac (Daniel Martnez) and Allen Ginsberg (Ron Livingston) draws them into a world of sex, violence and unbridled creativity, the dark center of their tumultuous union threatens to come to a head.

Lydia (1941)

An older unmarried woman, Lydia MacMillan (Merle Oberon), gets reacquainted with a previous boyfriend, Michael (Joseph Cotten). When he invites Lydia to his house for tea, however, she has no idea that she's about to be confronted with her past. Two other men who courted Lydia years earlier, Bob (George Reeves) and Frank (Hans Jaray), are waiting for her and want to know why she never married. Her answer dredges up memories of Richard (Alan Marshall), the man she loved and is still waiting for.

The Presence (2014)

When three friends who are hoping to get proof of paranormal activity break into an abandoned castle that is a rumored hot spot, they find an evil presence of terror and madness.

Clarity (2014)

Desperate to save her adopted daughter (Dana Melanie), a woman must find the girl's biological mother and convince her to donate a kidney.

Petticoat Politics (1941)

Papa Higgins throws his family into turmoil when he decides to retire and become a full-time duck hunter.

Etiquette for Mistresses (2015)

Based on the novel by Julie Yap Daza.

Once Upon a Starry Night (1978)

Grizzly Adams braves a snowstorm to locate a man and his wife after an avalanche separates them from their children.

A Mother's Escape (2016)

Determined to save her son from her abusive husband, a mother hits the road and goes to Oklahoma. When she learns her husband has accused her of kidnapping, she realizes she has to end the abuse once and for all.

Trooper Hook (1957)

Wanted for killing a squadron of soldiers, Apache Chief Nanchez (Rudolfo Acosta) is finally captured by Sgt. Clovis Hook (Joel McCrea), who discovers among Nanchez's prisoners Cora Sutliff (Barbara Stanwyck), who had been missing for several years. Sutliff has not only fully integrated into the Apache way of life, she also has a son with Nanchez. Now Hook wants to transport her back to her old way of life, but Nanchez isn't willing to let his son be taken from him.

A Rather English Marriage (1998)

Two distinctly different British widowers (Albert Finney, Tom Courtenay) meet at a country hospital and move in together.

Domestic Life (2013)

Juliette is apprehensive about her new neighborhood and feels the noose of domestic obligation slowly tightening around her neck.

A Family Divided (1995)

A lawyer's (Stephen Collins) wife (Faye Dunaway) urges their collegiate son (Cameron Bancroft) to confess to his involvement in a gang rape.

Springtime in the Sierras (1947)

A singing cowboy (Roy Rogers) and his sidekick (Andy Devine) nab a gang of poachers for murder.

Tracks (1976)

A veteran escorting a dead comrade's coffin becomes acquainted with a group of civilians during a revelatory train ride.

Scenes From a Mall (1990)

A Los Angeles psychotherapist (Bette Midler) and sports lawyer (Woody Allen) bare their shallow marriage at a trendy mall.

Manny Lewis (2015)

World famous stand-up comedian Manny Lewis finds it hard to connect with a romantic partner.

Django, Kill (1967)

The infamous outlaw Django vows revenge after he is betrayed and left for dead during a gold robbery.

The Sun Sisters (1997)

To their patriarch's outrage, a proper Parisian (Marie-Anne Chazal) and her daughter appear in a risque music video.

Marge d'erreur (2014)

After getting her client (Julien Crampon) acquitted of murder, a lawyer (Anny Duperey) finds a severed finger in her purse.

Submarine Alert (1943)

An FBI agent (Richard Arlen) publicly denounces his employer to facilitate infiltration of a spy ring.

Centro Histórico (2012)

Four stories celebrating the city of Guimarães.

Welcome Stranger (1947)

California physician Jim Pearson (Bing Crosby) travels to Maine to work as a temporary replacement for Dr. Joseph McCrory (Barry Fitzgerald), who is taking a two-month vacation for the first time in years. McCrory dislikes Jim for his laid-back nature and arranges to replace him, then decides to vacation nearby so he can be available for his patients. Jim's easy manner and quiet professionalism win over the villagers, but only when McCrory suffers an emergency do the two doctors come to terms.

Weekend Getaway (2012)

Three groups of people descend upon the tropical paradise of Le Meridian Hotel: a man meeting his online love, a married couple hoping to rekindle their passion, and a wealthy cougar.

Streetdance Family (2016)

Members of the United Kingdom's most successful under-16 street dance crew battle to overcome the challenges that face them in their bid to become world champions.

Amok (2014)

Lorenz, a middle-aged accountant living a monotonous life, goes on a violent rampage after a promotion triggers buried memories.

Keep 'Em Flying (1941)

Two carnival stooges (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) join a stunt pilot in Army flight school and meet twin sisters (Martha Raye).

Bootleggers (1974)

An Ozark moonshiner (Paul Koslo) and his cousin (Dennis Fimple) tear up the town and get even for the shooting of their kin.

Family Fever (2014)

A bored couple have a love-struck daughter, who wants them to meet with her boyfriend's family.

The Investigation (2002)

A serial rapist-killer slips through crossed wires and red tape and Canadian police try to bring him to justice.

Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958)

Carrying a large wardrobe, two men emerge from the sea.

An Angel From Texas (1940)

When Lydia (Rosemary Lane) decides she wants to be a performer on Broadway, she leaves her sleepy home in Texas for the spotlight in New York City. She sends news back to her sweetheart, Pete (Eddie Albert), that she's already a big star, but when Pete decides to make a surprise visit, he finds Lydia broke and working as a secretary for a couple of low-rent producers (Wayne Morris, Ronald Reagan). Luckily, Pete has a plan to make Lydia's dreams come true.

Blackwell's Island (1939)

The combined efforts of a stubborn tugboat captain and investigating police officer bring about the arrest of infamous crime lord Bull Bransom (Stanley Fields), who is sentenced to Blackwell Island prison for assault. With the help of corrupt political boss Steve Cardigan (Morgan Conway), Bransom takes control of the prison until reporter Tim Haydon (John Garfield) gets himself sent to the prison in order to gather evidence of Bransom's connections to Cardigan as well as a string of murders.

Who's Next (2007)

Two rival gangsters vie for power after the death of a crime boss.

Operation Camel (1960)

Danish soldiers along the Gaza Strip struggle to free a French performer from her "cell" in a cabaret.

A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt (2014)

Otto Weidt, the owner of a brush and broom factory in Berlin, saves dozens of Jews from Nazi death camps. When Alice Licht, Weidt's secretary, is discovered and taken to Auschwitz, he gambles his life to find her and save her life.

New World Order (2011)

Two young Christian women (Erin Runbeck, Melissa Farley) must choose to join the Antichrist's legion or to die for their faith.

Charlie Chan's Secret (1936)

The Chinese detective (Warner Oland) settles a family estate by solving the murder of a would-be heir.

Jackie (2015)

A father decides to kidnap his daughter after his visits are restricted.

Heavyweight (2014)

A parking attendant becomes a vigilante.

Fire Down Below (1957)

Set in the Caribbean, U.S. expatriates Tony (Jack Lemmon) and Felix (Robert Mitchum) cruise around the ocean and eke out a meager subsistence using their small trawling boat to transport cargo. When they take on the job of smuggling illegal-immigrant beauty Irena (Rita Hayworth) to another island, the two friends find their friendship torn apart by their mutual romantic feelings toward her. Though jealousy has split them apart, fate intervenes to bring the two back together.

Trinidad (2008)

Transsexual surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers and two of her patients work to transform their small Colorado town into a haven for individuals seeking gender-reassignment surgery.

L'amour existe (1960)

Social commentary on post-war France's urban developments.

Paradise Road (2012)

Director Tomas Smulkis tries to meet Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson and work with him.

AmeriQua (2013)

Cut off by his rich parents, Charlie (Bobby Kennedy III) has to rely on his new friends in Italy to help him avoid two angry Mafia bosses.

HIV, a Whole Different Story (2013)

Filmmaker Nicole Zwiren interviews top AIDS scientists, doctors, journalists and patients on the lack of science behind HIV.

WR: Mysteries of the Organism (1971)

A young Yugoslavian woman has an affair with a Russian skater.