Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI (2018)

Enemies: The President, Justice, & The FBI providing an in-depth look into the long history of conflict between American presidents and the FBI. From Nixon and Hoover to Trump and Comey, each battle illuminates a different facet of our democracy and the rule of law


During ancient China's Song dynasty, a young, female genius strategist falls in love with the heir of a prominent military family while fighting for her country.


A blind lawyer uses his heightened senses and controversial methods to fight for justice for the disadvantaged.



Feeling artsy, anxious or just plain hungry? Join Jen Phanomrat in the kitchen as she makes tasty recipes for the body and the home, that are great for all the feels.


Patients at HOpe Psychiatric Centre share their stories about why they happen to be there.


The Arab-American comic shares his worldly experiences as he riffs on topics that include his firsthand experiences as a refugee and the time he went viral for sitting next to Eric Trump on a flight; filmed at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas.

The G (2018)

A well-regarded crime lord known as "Brotha Bill" returns to running his popular Midwest night club after serving time in prison, but his continuing illegal operations put him in the crosshairs of a determined detective.


Killer Unknown (2018)

What happens when the finest investigators in America come out of retirement to bring their collective experience and talents to bear on solving some of the world's most notorious cold murder cases? Killer Unknown follows an active investigation in real time, as a special task force cracks open the 31 cold cases of Tulsa County, starting with two of its most terrifying: the 1973 murder of 38 year old Veda Woodson, and the 1998 murder of 16 year old Dena Ann Dean. Woodson, a mother of four, never made it home from her night job, when her car came to a halt on an empty road meanwhile, Dean vanished from a grocery store parking lot and was found dead six days later, leaving investigators to wonder if a typical teenage prank gone wrong led to her murder. Both of these unsolved cases, forever seared in the minds of the Tulsa community, have tortured investigators for years. But the Task Force knows that the killers are still out there, living among us. All they have to do now is... Find them.

Shut Up and Dribble (2018)

Shut Up and Dribble offers a powerful inside look at the changing role of athletes in our fraught cultural and political environment, through the lens of the NBA.

The Gymkhana Files (2018)

The Gymkhana Files featuring famed motorsports star and entrepreneur Ken Block and the making of Gymkhana 10, the recently-announced tenth installment of his award-winning, record-breaking Gymkhana Film series. The eight-episode series will be an exclusive look behind the filming, the struggles and the personalities that go into making of one of the biggest viral campaigns of all time, along with the untold stories and never-before-seen footage from Block's previous nine films.

Stories and experiences that shaped some of greatest minds in alternative thinking.

Adventures of Woody and his pet dinosaur, Moga.