Tigerenten Club (1996)

Tigerenten Club is a German children's television programme. The programme involves a mix of games, quizzes, cartoons and outside reports from the presenters and children, with the aim to educate and entertain. It is produced by SWR in co-operation with other regional broadcasters, and is broadcast on ARD and KiKa.

The Communist's Daughter (2020)

The Hot Seat (2017)

Bab Al Bahar (2020)

Moon Fish (2021)

Victory Road (2014)

Will It Burn? (2017)

Vegan 101 (2009)

Weekend Getaways (2016)

Beat the Clock (1979)

Twenty-One (1956)

Twenty-One is an American game show originally hosted by Jack Barry which aired on NBC from 1956 to 1958. Produced by Jack Barry-Dan Enright Productions, two contestants competed against each other in separate isolation booths, answering general knowledge questions to earn 21 total points. The program became notorious for being a rigged quiz show which nearly caused the demise of the entire genre in the wake of United States Senate investigations. The 1994 movie Quiz Show is based on these events. A new version of the show aired in 2000 with Maury Povich hosting, lasting about four months, again on NBC.

The Polos (2018)

Landline (1991)

The Will Cain Show (2018)

N'oubliez pas les paroles! (2007)

N'oubliez pas les paroles! is a French televised series based on the international series Don't Forget the Lyrics!. It broadcasts on the television station France 2 as of 15 December 2007 and is produced by Air Productions. The show has already broadcast for more than 500 episodes. The 500th show was on 23 February 2011. On 5 September 2011, the contest was restructured under a new formula.

Questions pour un champion (1988)

Ever Night 2 (2020)

The Time Is Right (2020)

The Novels that Shaped Our World (2019)

Die Küchenschlacht (2008)

The Crazy Land (2017)

The Weekly Show (2014)

Unscrewed (2016)

Blacktop (2020)

The Crow (2020)

Inside Look: Feud - Bette and Joan (2017)

The Book of Revelation (2020)

Betty's Boneyard (2020)

Nightwash (2000)

NightWash is a German television comedy show in which young artists and new stand-up comedy talents have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience with their program, typically lasting for 7–10 minutes. The series was created by, and is produced and presented by Klaus-Jürgen Deuser. The series made its TV debut on 14 October 2001 on WDR TV; it had existed as a live show since 2000. From 2007 until October 2009, it was broadcast on Comedy Central, and since November 2009 it has been aired on digital channel Einsfestival. The original series was set in a coin-operated laundrette in the Belgian quarter of Cologne.

Robin Hood (2020)

Glory of the Special Forces (2021)

The Circle (2019)

My American Family (2020)

The Bull of Dalal Street (2020)

Lads (2020)

365: Repeat the Year (2020)

Better Half (2019)

These Honored Dead (2021)

Baywatch: San Diego (2021)

The Fold (2020)

Gamer's Paradise (2019)

Becoming Evil: Serial Killers (2019)

Victimas del misterio (2018)

Martin Morning (2003)

Martin, an ordinary nine-year-old boy, has one strange characteristic: every morning he awakes to find himself transformed into fantastic and legendary beings – a Merlin-like wizard, a pharaoh, a caveman, a vampire, a superhero and many more transformations. Despite the transformations, he goes to school with his friends, and adventures then ensue.