3 Türken & ein Baby (2015)

The lives of three Turkish brothers are turned upside down when one of them suddenly has to take care of his ex-girlfriend's baby.

Rashevski's Tango (2003)

After the death of the grandmother, the Rashevski are completely aimless.

Small Time (1996)

After a mafioso/police informant is killed, his son (John Covert) searches for the local author he was telling his secrets to.

Unkissed Bride (1966)

The Unkissed Bride is a 1966 comedy starring Tommy Kirk. The film is also known as Mother Goose-A-Go-Go.

Johnny's Gone (2011)

Sarah cares and nurtures for a 2-year-old boy she calls Johnny. She claims he is her cousin's son, but something is not quite right with the situation.

Who Is KK Downey? (2008)

Who Is KK Downey? is a 2008 comedy film produced in Montreal, Canada. The plot revolves around two hipster friends who pretend to be a writer with a troubled girl friend. The film was written and directed by members of the Montreal comedy troupe Kidnapper Films. Several members also act in the film.

Lautlos (2004)

Soundless (German: Lautlos) is a 2004 German crime film directed by Mennan Yapo.

My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place (2007)

My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place is a Direct-to-Video Animated film produced by SD Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment in association with Hasbro. The film is the fourth feature in the third incarnation of the My Little Pony series and the first to have three separate stories in one feature. It was released on February 6, 2007 and received favorable reviews from critics.

Candy Apple (2015)

A father and son become consumed by New York's vices and desperation.

Gun For A Coward (1957)

Gun for a Coward is a 1957 American CinemaScope Eastmancolor Western film directed by Abner Biberman starring Fred MacMurray, Jeffrey Hunter, Janice Rule, Chill Wills and Dean Stockwell

I Hate Tom Petty (2011)

An emerging guitar player and a sexy singer/songwriter become part of a cover band and deliberately work to be a success.

Sing Along (2013)

A boy survives life by imagining the world as a musical.

Little Mister Jim (1946)

Little Mister Jim is a 1946 film drama directed by Fred Zinnemann.

Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)

Mr. Moto's Gamble is the third film in the Mr. Moto series starring Peter Lorre as the title character. It is best remembered for originating as a movie in the Charlie Chan series and being changed to a Mr Moto entry at the last minute.

Last of the Comanches (1953)

Last of the Comanches Technicolor (released in the UK as The Sabre and the Arrow) is a 1953 American Western film directed by André de Toth and starring Broderick Crawford and Barbara Hale. The film is a remake of the 1943 World War II film Sahara starring Humprey Bogart. Actor Lloyd Bridges appeared in both films.

Invasion (1965)

An alien spaceship crashes near a rural hospital. When the alien is taken to the hospital, a mysterious force field suddenly appears around it.

Very Little Time (2009)

A padlocked box found behind his house intrigues Ryan, but he is unable to open it, and strange events begin to threaten his life.

A Medal for Benny (1945)

A Medal for Benny is a 1945 American film directed by Irving Pichel. The story was conceived by writer Jack Wagner, who enlisted his longtime friend John Steinbeck to help him put it into script form. The film was released by Paramount Pictures. The film is also known as Benny's Medal.

David Frost Interviews Richard Nixon (1977)

A comprehensive look at the Watergate scandal and the controversial career of the only United States president ever to resign from office.

Every Day's a Holiday (1937)

Every Day's a Holiday (1937) is a comedy film starring and co-written by Mae West, directed by A. Edward Sutherland, and released by Paramount Pictures. The film, released on December 18, 1937, also starred Edmund Lowe, Charles Winninger, and Charles Butterworth. This was West's last film under her Paramount contract, after which she went on to make My Little Chickadee (1940) for Universal Pictures and The Heat's On (1943) for Columbia Pictures.

Quality Street (1927)

Quality Street is a 1927 MGM silent film based on the 1901 play by James M. Barrie which starred Barrie favorite Maude Adams. The film starred Marion Davies and Conrad Nagel and was directed by Sidney Franklin. Prints of this film are preserved at the Library of Congress and in the Turner Archive.In 2002, the film saw a release onto DVD by the Milestone Films and Video company releasing through Image Entertainment.There was also a sound film version made in 1937, starring Katharine Hepburn.

Fighting for a Generation: 20 Years of the UFC (2013)

Fighting for a Generation: 20 Years of the UFC takes you behind the scenes like never before for one of the most revealing looks at the fastest growing sports organization in the world. For the hardship the UFC faced in its early years to its meteoric rise into a global combat sports powerhouse, this riveting documentary traces the UFC's history with compelling interviews, rare footage and captivating insight from those who shaped the organization. In addition to interviews with some of the sport's most recognizable names, Fighting for a Generation: 20 Years of the UFC features emotional commentary from former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, Senator John McCain, rock musician Anthony Kiedis, actor David Spade, pro skateboarder and TV star Rob Dyrdek and more. This is the ultimate documentary for any true UFC fan.

Haunted (2013)

EXTENDED CUT WITH MORE UNSEEN FOOTAGE Six contestants win a competition to appear on a LIVE reality TV show at a secret location in rural England. The next ten hours will be spent on a paranormal Investigation with a TV crew searching for the truth behind ghost stories that haunt an old railway station museum. Something Evil awaits them! They will all discover the truth, that we are not alone.

The Boxing Girls of Kabul (2012)

The Boxing Girls of Kabul is a 2012 Canadian documentary film directed by Ariel Nasr which follows young women boxers and their coach, Sabir Sharifi, at Afghanistan’s female boxing academy, as these athletes face harassment and threats in their efforts to represent their country in international competition and attempt to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law (2013)

"I have been beaten up from time to time and harassed but that's part of the terrain." It's shocking to hear this kind of coolness from Beatrice against the images of her covered in bruises and welts from a police beating. However, her bravery does not go unnoticed. She is one of only two Africans to have won the Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize, the other being Nelson Mandela. Having suffered great economic and social privations under Mugabe, Beatrice hopes for a better future for Zimbabwe. "All of us want a basic education for our children, we want basic health facilities for our children, we want basic amenities in our home for our children", she says. Her belief is that through trying to uphold the rule of law she can achieve these desires. So she takes on all cases where she feels the rule of law has been violated. From Jestina Mukoko, director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project who was detained for 89 days, for investigating human rights abuses, "I thought I had moved out of my body and I was watching this suffering woman from somewhere else. That's what the pain did to me". To Roy Bennett, an exiled political activist and White farmer. "If it wasn't for Beatrice, I'm sure they would have killed me in that prison." The Mugabe regime is aware of her fight and seeks to slander her at every turn. "I can tell you Beatrice Mtetwa is not a stickler for the law, she uses the law to push her political agenda." Jonathan Moyo from the Zanu PF party tells us. In fact the vitriol is so intense that after clearing Beatrice's client, foreign journalist Andrew Meldrum, the judge launched an extraordinary personal attack on her: "He read his verdict which was an hour long. It was 59 minutes of guilty... and half of the verdict was a character assassination of Beatrice." Here is an inspiring story that breeds hope for Zimbabwe and yet Beatrice remains inspiringly modest: "This has to be done. Somebody's got to do it, and why shouldn't it be you?"

Three on a Spree (1961)

Three on a Spree is a 1961 British comedy film directed by Sidney J. Furie, based on the 1902 novel Brewster's Millions, which had been previously filmed by Edward Small in 1945.

Crunch Time (2006)

In just 40 minutes, Master Instructor Tamela Hastie leads you through a fully balanced, total-body pilates-cardio-yoga-weights FUSION Weights and cardio alternate after a "Powerhouse Pilates" core warm-up. Multi-limb heavy weight work builds strength and functional fitness, taking a Non-DominantSM (weak side first) training approach while maintaining cardio effect. Diverse leg exercises sculpt hips and thighs. Astanga (power) Yoga lifts the spirit and the butt. Creative synchronization to a beautiful music mix in a luxurious, motivating setting.

The Man Who Stopped the Desert (2010)

As a child in Burkina Faso, Yacouba was sent away from home to study the Qur'an, where he and his classmates were almost starving. The young boys would trek across miles of wilderness, only to fall and beg at a straw hut for meagre rations. It is from this harsh background that the young farmer became determined to develop techniques that would bring exhausted soil back into production. His efforts have outdone the work of the world's leading scientists and technological advances costing millions of pounds. They may also yet prove crucial to the future of the world's rapidly growing population and global food demands. "Yacouba has single-handedly had more impact on conservation than all the national and international researchers put together", argues Dutch desertification expert, Chris Reij. "We must not be enemies of nature", warns Yacouba, as he works tirelessly on the sun-scorched land. But Yacouba's hardest battle was not to be with the forces of nature. His new techniques went against the accepted wisdom of the traditional land chiefs and prompted an angry response. On his way to meet the local governor to share the results of his work a violent response was waiting. A fire started by locals had destroyed his entire field of crops. It was a devastating setback, but one that only reinforced Yacouba's determined to overcome the stigma of his work. As one scientist points out, what makes Yacouba so inspiring is that "he never stops trying. Every year he is adding to his experience." Bursting grain stores, large cook-pots and plenteous fields reveal the great success of one man's relentless endeavours. But Yacouba's intentions stretch beyond feeding his own family. He speaks passionately of the good his methods have done for the region at large. Those who fled thirty years ago are beginning to return. "We need to eat well to work well", he insists. Thanks to one man's twenty-year devotion, this can finally be achieved in one of the poorest countries on earth.

Gang of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets (1989)

Through interviews with creative icons such as Allen Ginsberg, Maria Beatty creates a portrait of American beat poetry and takes a look at its roots as well as the influence it had on the next generation.

Letters from Jackie: The Private Thoughts of Jackie Robinson (2013)

Letters from Jackie: The Private Thoughts of Jackie Robinson explores Jackie's deepest motivations as he solidifies his role in the Civil Rights movement after his days as a trailblazing baseball player.

Felipe Esparza: They're Not Gonna Laugh At You (2012)

"What's up, Fool?" Just ask and Last Comic Standing Winner Felipe Esparza will tell you in no uncertain terms. Known for his raw, real life approach to comedy, Felipe is one of the fastest rising stars on the scene today. In his debut one-hour special They're Not Gonna Laugh At You, this wild-haired funnyman takes you on a hilarious comedic journey through topics like Latino stereotypes, ("We are not all hard workers") and illegal immigrants in Minnesota ("If you made it that far you can stay") that will have you in stitches from the moment he hits the stage.

Great Adventurers: Ernest Shackleton - To the End of the Earth (1999)

This is the incredible story of explorer Ernest Shackleton's heroic attempt to lead the first expedition across the last unknown continent of Antarctica in 1914-16. With historical photos and rare film footage, this astonishing story explores the limits of unparalleled human courage.

A Wink and a Smile (2008)

A homemaker, a doctor, a taxidermist and a college student are among the women who attend school in Seattle to learn the art of burlesque dancing.

Before the Flood II (2009)

Yan Yu follows his groundbreaking documentary BEFORE THE FLOOD with this profile of the residents of Gongtan, a 1700-year-old village soon to be demolished by a hydroelectric dam project. Gongtan, a historic village located on a tributary of the Yangtze, is about to be flooded by a dam project, forcing its residents to relocate. National imperatives displace local lives as authorities make decisions with little regard for village life. Ran Qingsong, a barber, and Ran Si, a cell-phone proprietor, rally the residents of Gongtan to stand against their impending displacement. But the will of the townspeople to save their land and homes soon wavers in the face of external pressure and internal suspicion. Three years after BEFORE THE FLOOD generated global criticism towards the Three Gorges Dam Project, Yan Yu achieves intimate access again, this time to the Gongtan villagers as they protest official meetings and face off with construction workers eager to tear down their homes for a day's pay. "Yan Yu's long-term commitment to the subject matter (he has spent the last six years working on these films) shines through in this latest effort to chronicle the human cost of a project that has forced 1.4 million people to relocate" (Ling Woo Liu, Time).

Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin' (1971)

Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin' is a 1971 American stand-up comedy concert film directed by Michael Blum, who also cinematographer and producer, starring Richard Pryor who also writer. It is the first stand-up comedy act of Richard Pryor to be filmed out of the four that were released in total. This film was filmed in New York City in early January 1971. This was the first stand-up act that Richard Pryor did before he hit the mainstream audience. With only 48 minutes of footage, it is the shortest of Pryor's stand-up routines.

Where The Dogs Divide Her (2011)

An unidentified man sits in a house with blood on his hands.

Asking Alexandria: Live from Brixton and Beyond (2014)

Live filming of Asking Alexandria from their sold out show at the O2 Academy, Brixton in London. Filmed on Saturday, January 19th, 2013.

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping (2002)

Filmmakers Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios have accompanied the Reverend and his troupe over the period of an entire year. The film follows the Reverend's "shopping interventions/actions" into cultural dead zones within the island of Manhattan such as Starbucks, Disney and the New York University construction site at the Edgar Allan Poe House. Reverend Billy, a.k.a. Bill Talen, is an actor/performance artist and a leading figure in the anti-globalization movement. His work combines the forces of social and political change with the means of theater arts to counteract our media culture. His artistic and political work is influenced by various concepts of "street theater." His disruptions or "shopping interventions" in public spaces are in the tradition of the Living Theater, Jos Bov, Lenny Bruce, The Yippies. New York Times theater critic Jonathan Kalb calls his work "the most hilarious and pointed political theater in New York, something that has to be done in the risky environment of the street." The actions/performances inside and outside of Starbucks coffee shops and Disney stores often end with the Reverend being arrested. He calls it stepping into somebody's imagined box. The police call it illegal trespassing. The Reverend claims that social change always begins with civil disobedience and includes as his heroes the civil rights, peace and labor movements. Americans, according to Reverend Billy, lead fake lives: we gobble up the mono-culture peddled by transnational conglomerates; we buy whatever stores sell us; and, consequently, we live consumerist fictions. We become, in his words, tourists in our own lives. Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacioss REVEREND BILLY AND THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING focuses on Reverend Billy (NYC performance artist Bill Talen) and his devout group of disciples as they crusade against the synthetic and corruptive aspects of todays hyper-consumerist culture. Talen tirelessly labors to organize actionsranging from choir-singing protests to rooftop speechesthat urge people to stop shopping and to realize the threat lurking beneath the veneer of commodification. Working to create real change through his activism, Talen leads his followers to the streets to recite The Raven in protest of NYUs planned demolition of the Edgar Allan Poe House. Concerned with how transnational corporations colonize our mental-scapes and destroy local neighborhoods, the charismatic preacher thrives on staging infiltrations of the Disney Store or boycotts of Starbucks, even if it means frequent run-ins with the NYPD. In the style of Direct Cinema, filmmakers Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios expertly observewithout interruptionReverend Billy in action and confrontation. As a result, the most rewarding aspect of REVEREND BILLY AND THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING is its proficiency in accessing Talens truly human sidehis humor, self-deprecation, and intelligencewhich in turn reveals what is genuinely empowering and inspiring about the man and his mission.

Dixie Days (1930)

Dixie Days is a 1930 animated short film which was produced by The Van Beuren Corporation and released by Pathe.

When the Smoke Clears (2008)

Shawn and Ray fall deeper into the dark world of drug addiction until an old friend helps them see there is more to life.

Frank Sinatra: The Man and His Music (1981)

Lenny Dee is a legend in the music industry. He still holds the title of being the "most recorded popular organist in the world." Lenny recorded 56 organ albums and numerous CDs. Lenny Dee was simply the best!This video features twelve magnificent performances you will cherish forever. Including: Crazy Crazy, Rhapsody in Blue, Amazing Grace, and many more!

Crossing Bridges (2007)

Crossing Bridges is a multi-award winning film by British writer-director Mark Norfolk starring Jason Rose, Kelli Kerslake, Jeffery Kissoon and Elisabeth Dahl. A highlight of the movie is an amazing rock soundtrack by Kerry Hope Kavanagh and The Fellows with sound design by Vanesa Lorena Tate. The movie's narrative centres around senior citizen, Julius Beauregard who is accused of a crime which causes him to lose his job, his wife and his only child. With nowhere left to turn he decides to end it all but then out of the blue he meets an Angel whom he takes on a fascinating journey through the entrails of his fractured mind along the bridges of London. The film premiered in Paris in 2007 as an Official Selection of the European Independent Film Festival. It later won Best Editing at the Cyprus International Film Festival in Nicosis, Cyprus and was a selection at London UK Film Focus before winning an Independent Spirit Award at the Screen Nation Film & Television Awards, sometimes labelled the UK's black Oscars. In 2008 Crossing Bridges won the Audience Award at the Corinthian International Film Festival in Korinthos, Greece and in 2010 picked up a Special Mention at the Black International Cinema Festival in Berlin, Germany.

America's Parking Lot (2012)

Two die-hard fans of the Dallas Cowboys face a difficult and costly choice when their team moves to an expensive new stadium.

Left for Dead (2002)

The biographical documentary of a fearless military leader: Pain, destruction and suffering cannot conquer the infallible war hero Oscar Jackson in "Left for Dead." He lives through injuries that would overcome most men. A natural leader, Jackson aba

Mother (1926)

Mother is a 1926 Soviet drama film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin depicting one woman's struggle against Tsarist rule during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The film is based on the 1906 novel The Mother by Maxim Gorky. It is the first film in Pudovkin's "revolutionary trilogy", alongside The End of St. Petersburg (1927) and Storm Over Asia (1928).

Dead Men Walk (1943)

Dead Men Walk is a 64-minute, 1943, United States, black-and-white horror film produced by Sigmund Neufeld for Producers Releasing Corporation (aka PRC). It is an original story and screenplay by Fred Myton, starring George Zucco, Mary Carlisle, Nedrick Young and Dwight Frye, directed by Sam Newfield. It was originally distributed by PRC and reissued in the USA in 1948 by Madison Pictures Inc..

7 Days In September (2002)

Composed of material from 27 filmmakers -- ranging from professional directors and cinematographers to amateurs on the street -- this documentary examines the immediate impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. This powerful footage documents the atmosphere surrounding the city in the hours and days after the attacks, including the rescue workers scrambling to save lives and the average citizens struggling to make sense of the day's horrific events.

No Highway in the Sky (1951)

Screen legends James Stewart (Broken Arrow) and Marlene Dietrich (Witness for the Prosecution) go behind the scenes of commercial aviation in this gripping, suspense- filled classic about one man’s fight to prevent disaster in the air.

M.I., a Different Kind of Girl (2012)

A documentary film by Leslie Cunningham Co-Produced by Alana Jones Laine Brown, a spirited and passionate male impersonator born on North Carolina's rural coast, transforms by taping down her breasts, shaving her head, and studying the masculine performances of today's most famous male entertainers- to become the incomparable NATION TYRE, show-stopper and ground-breaker for women in drag. In the new feature documentary film, M.I., A Different Kind of Girl, filmmakers, Leslie Cunningham and Alana Jones enter the world of new millennium drag and pick up the torch ignited by films like Paris is Burning to investigate attitudes in their own LGBT and African-American communities about women in drag. In the process, they uncover powerful ideas about female gender identity and sexuality in not only the mainstream popular culture but also within the marginalized LGBT and African American communities where Nation has made a name for herself. As she pushes the bounds of female gender identity, is there room for Nation, a lone performer, to challenge the constraints at work in the African-American and LGBT community in pursuit of fame and visibility on the world stage? Introducing Laine Brown as Nation Tyre; The House of Tyre of Atlanta, NC's top drag queens, Breyannah Allure and Paris Brooks; and many more. Featuring music and special commentary by Hip Hop's hottest female duo, KIN4LIFE. MALEILLUSIONISTTHEFILM.COM

Familias por Igual (2013)

A documentary film about five same-sex families that tell us their experiences and struggle pre and post Marriage Equality law in Argentina. Five stories full of love against a society changing every day.

The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm (2011)

Authorities recover more than 5,000 human bone fragments on a quiet estate north of Indianapolis.

TuTuMuch (2010)

Tutu Much, stylised as TuTuMUCH, is a 2010 Canadian documentary film that focuses on the 9- to 12-year-old entering class of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Summer School Program. It is produced by Ballet Girls Inc, a co-production between Merit Motion Pictures and Vonnie VON HELMOLT Films. It is directed by Elise Swerhone.

Your Life in 65 (2006)

Francisco, Ignacio, and Dani are three best friends who have been together for the better part of all their lives. They rarely engage in any social activities unless the others are present. They spend their weekends going to the beach and trying to meet as many attractive females as they can get their hands on. After meeting for a Sunday swim and meal, the three friends read in an obituary that their friend from school has passed away. While attending the funeral they notice that it is not their friend, and it is someone else who has passed. While there, they meet three young ladies who have some plans for the three men.

Grrrl: Beauty Is The Beast (2018)

Ten women overcome mental and physical traumas brought on by female body standards.

Magellan: At the Gates of Death, Part I: The Red Gate I, 0 (1976)

A clairvoyant killer searches for his next victim.

The House on Peach Avenue (2016)

When two paranormal investigators head to the country to explore a ghostly legend, they get more than they bargained for.

Divertimento (2002)

An insecure actor (Federico Luppi) seeks mentoring advice from a legendary performer (Francisco Rabal) who is unwilling to part with it.

Sunshine Becomes You (2015)

Sunshine Becomes You is a 2015 Indonesian romance film directed by Rocky Soraya and based on novel with same name by Ilana Tan. The film was about love story of Alex Hirano and Mia Clark. Shooting location was on New York, United States from 27 July 2015 until 30 September 2015.

Chasing Pavement (2015)

A young porn actor prepares to leave the industry and begin a new life as a chef.

The Swedish Theory of Love (2015)

The Swedish Theory of Love is a 2016 Swedish documentary film directed by Erik Gandini. The documentary offers a critical look into the ideas and practice of "state individualism". Most benefits of the welfare state are in Sweden connected with the individual and seeks to promote their individual autonomy, whereas in other countries the institutions of the welfare state are more focused on households. In Swedish this ideology is called statist individualism. The film examines at how this has affected Swedish society since the 1960s. The movie has been reviewed as "with great rhythm and without losing the audience along the way, Gandini shows us the other, darker side of progress, riches and independence." Another reviewer said that "It doesn’t really add up to much of an argument, jollied along as it is by stylised editing and jaunty ironic music."

Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare (2006)

Sent over the edge by the death of the woman he loved, a brilliant man uses a reanimated corpse to murder young women and harvest their body parts.

A River's Last Chance (2017)

The recovery of the Eel River in Northern California.

Stories of Love That Cannot Belong to This World (2017)

After their long and passionate relationship ends, Claudia and Flavio have different ways of coming to terms with the loss.

How to Succeed in Love (1962)

A serious man falls in love with a wild woman.

Romance of the Underworld (1928)

Romance of the Underworld is a 1928 American silent film drama produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation. Directed by Irving Cummings and starring Mary Astor. It is taken from a stage play called A Romance of the Underworld by Paul Armstrong. A previous version of the story was filmed as A Romance of the Underworld in 1918 by director James Kirkwood with Catherine Calvert in Astor's part. The 1928 film is extant at the Museum of Modern Art.

Her Torpedoed Love (1917)

A conniving butler plots to steal a servant's inheritance.

Coming Home (2014)

Coming Home is a 2014 Chinese historical drama film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Chen Daoming and Gong Li. It was released in the US September 11, 2015 and first shown to the public on the 20th May 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Largo Baracche (2014)

Seven boys show the beating heart of the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

Dji. Death Sails (2014)

A very unlucky Grim Reaper takes on the seemingly easy job of collecting the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Her Secret (1933)

Her Secret is a 1933 American comedy drama film directed by Warren Millais and starring Sari Maritza, William Collier Jr. and Alan Mowbray. It was released in the United Kingdom under the alternative title of The Girl from Georgia, and was based on a play by Maude Fulton.

Broken (2014)

Broken is a 2014 South Korean action thriller film about a father who becomes a fugitive as he hunts down the two men responsible for his daughter's rape and murder.

World Safari II: The Final Adventure (1984)

Alby Mangels records Australian cattle musters.

Khel (1992)

Khel is a 1992 Hindi film. This romantic comedy was directed by actor and film-maker Rakesh Roshan. Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Sonu Walia, Anupam Kher and Mala Sinha form its main cast. Khel is one of the almost dozen films that Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit have done together. The script was heavily inspired from 1988 Hollywood comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Khel was filmed in the beautiful locales of Nairobi, in Kenya.

Tango 2001 (1974)

An impotent man secretly films his friend having sex with girls from a club. When his friend kills the lesbian that he catches with his girlfriend, it's all caught on film.

Nightrunners (2015)

A woman volunteers at an orphanage on a Kenyan island plagued by malaria and discovers that the locals fear strange nocturnal monsters known as nightrunners.

Phantom Soldiers (1987)

A Texas Ranger travels to Vietnam to find his Green Beret brother after he goes missing.

Inside America (2010)

Inside America is a 2010 Austrian drama film written and directed by Barbara Eder. The film is Eder's debut and it won the Special Jury Prize at the Max Ophüls Film Festival.

Christmas Story (2007)

Joulutarina (English title: Christmas Story) is a 2007 Finnish christmas drama film directed by Juha Wuolijoki. It is the story of how an orphan called Nikolas became Santa Claus. The Finnish premiere was on 16 November 2007. It was largely shot on location in Utsjoki.

The Exhibitionist Files (2002)

A researcher becomes dangerously involved with one of her subjects.

Negative (2017)

After taking s a picture of a woman on the street, amateur photographer Hollis is shocked when she knocks on his apartment door and threatens his life. Demanding that he and the photograph must leave town with her or she will have to kill him, Hollis reluctantly obliges. While on the run, she reveals she’s an ex-MI5 agent that double-crossed a Colombian Cartel. Just as she was about to escape for good, Hollis’ photograph of her surfaced and now the Cartel knows her whereabouts, and his.

Brother Outlaw (1971)

A man is framed for bank robbery, prompting his brother to spring him from jail. Their search for the real culprits ends in a violent confrontation with a famed gunfighter.

Bad Dog and Superhero (2014)

Bad Dog and Superhero are best buddies who are out to do good in the world. When they are not playing their three-chord songs at local venues, they are out doing what they can to help, and it works out well most of the time.

I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel (2014)

Academy Award nominee James Franco (127 Hours), New York Times bestselling author David Shields (Reality Hunger), and failed artist Caleb Powell collaborate to create an unusually raw, risky, brave, provocative film, I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel. The buddy movie to end all buddy movies. My Dinner with André, with more urgency.The Trip, without the four-star meals. Sideways, minus the profound antipathy toward Merlot. On the first day of shooting, Shields and Powell throw out the script when a real-life, real-time argument erupts, with Powell threatening to storm off the set and shut down the movie over what can and can’t be used. Franco is unwillingly dragged into the scene to mediate the quarrel and, ultimately, help to save the film. Very loosely adapted from the widely acclaimed book of the same name (“Outrageously entertaining”—Boston Globe), I Think You’re Totally Wrong is a thrilling and hilarious debate about what matters more, life or art. Or beer.

Last of the Elephant Men (2015)

Last of the Elephant Men is a Canadian documentary film, which was released in 2015. Directed by Arnaud Bouquet and Daniel Ferguson, the film profiles the Pnong people of Cambodia, focusing in particular on their unique bond with the local population of elephants. The film garnered three Canadian Screen Awards at the 4th Canadian Screen Awards in 2016, in the categories of Best Feature Length Documentary, Best Editing in a Documentary (Elric Robichon) and Best Cinematography in a Documentary (Arnaud Bouquet).

27 Down (2009)

A detective becomes embroiled in a tense hit-and-run investigation.

Owl River Runners (2015)

An aimless teen (Molly Thomason) finds a sense of direction when a dangerous man (Ryan Barton) from her departed grandfather's past arrives in town.

Creature Lake (2015)

Five friends travel onto sacred tribal land while searching for a good place to party. Their lack of respect for the land and locals awakens an ancient, violent guardian who won't let them leave unpunished.

Se battre (2014)

Filmmakers follow working-class French people who struggle to make ends meet.

Comment Yukong déplaça les montagnes (1976)

How Yukong Moved the Mountains (French: Comment Yukong déplaça les montagnes) is a 1976 French documentary film directed by Joris Ivens. This film, whose title references the old Chinese story of an old man who moved the mountains (Yugong Yishan), deals with the last days of the Cultural Revolution. At 763 min it is one of the longest films by running time.

Istanbul (1985)

A student quits his vacation job to go to Istanbul with a sinister and fascinating man.

Replicant (2001)

Replicant is a 2001 American science fiction action film directed by Ringo Lam, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Michael Rooker. It is the second collaboration between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hong Kong film director Ringo Lam, and the fifth time that Van Damme has starred in a dual role. The film had a limited theatrical release in many European countries, and was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on September 18, 2001.

Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness (2009)

A musician has an epiphany during electroshock therapy and decides to rid the world of electronic gadgets. He takes a converted bus around the country to spread his message.

Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown (2003)

Peter Bell II: The Hunt For The Czar Crown is a 2003 Dutch family film, directed by Maria Peters, based on the Pietje Bell books of Chris van Abkoude.

Barnabo of the Mountains (1994)

Barnabo of the Mountains (Italian: Barnabo delle montagne) is a 1994 Italian drama film directed by Mario Brenta. It is based on Dino Buzzati's novel Bàrnabo delle montagne. It was entered into the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

The Seventh Company Has Been Found (1975)

French soldiers outwit their German captors.

Champ of the Camp (2013)

A portrait of life in Dubai's labor camps, told by the laborers as they participate in a huge Bollywood singing competition.

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (1974)

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (Russian: Невероятные приключения итальянцев в России, translit. Neveroyatnye Priklyucheniya Italyantsev v Rossii, Italian: Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Russia) is a 1974 joint Soviet-Italian film directed by Franco Prosperi and Eldar Ryazanov. The film tells a story about a group of Italian treasure hunters who set on a journey to find long-forgotten treasure in Leningrad, Russia.

If We Shout Loud Enough (2013)

An inside look at the American punk culture and the Baltimore underground music scene through one of its most pivotal bands, Double Danger.

The Punk Voyage (2017)

Finnish Punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) face the glory and the struggles that come with fame.

Mensch (2009)

A safecracker must choose between one final robbery and becoming a good father.