SHReD: The Story of Asher Bradshaw (2013)

Six-year-old Asher Bradshaw becomes a skateboarding sensation on YouTube, while his father supports his son's dream of becoming a professional.

Death in Small Doses (1995)

A prosecutor (Tess Harper) accuses a Dallas man (Richard Thomas) of killing his wife (Glynnis O'Connor) with poisoned vitamins.

Youth Without God (1996)

In 1938, it is revealed that Pabst, an introspective schoolteacher, has a class full of adolescent Aryan boys inculcated with Nazi beliefs.

Recaptured Love (1930)

Recaptured Love is a 1930 early talkie pre-Code musical drama film based on the play Misdeal by Basil Woon about a man who experiences a mid life crisis that results in his divorce. It stars Belle Bennett and John Halliday.

I Am the People (2014)

Egyptians living in the country's Southern areas watch the tense political changes on television as President Mubarak is removed from power.

Merrily We Go to Hell (1932)

Merrily We Go to Hell is a 1932 pre-Code film starring Academy Award winning actor Fredric March and Sylvia Sidney. The film was directed by Dorothy Arzner. The film's title is an example of the sensationalistic titles that were common in the pre-Code era. Many newspapers refused to publicize the film because of its racy title. The title is a line March's character says while making a toast. March plays a man undone by alcoholism and adultery. Sylvia Sidney plays his wife who, when she discovers his adultery, begins an affair with another man (played by Cary Grant in one of his earliest roles). The film received a mixed review from The New York Times upon its release.

Crosscut (1996)

A mobster (Costas Mandylor) on the lam hides out in a small California town, where he changes his name, becomes a logger and meets a young widow (Megan Gallagher).

City Slickers Can't Stay With Me: The Coach Bob Larsen Story (2015)

City Slickers Can't Stay With Me: The Coach Bob Larsen Story, or simply City Slickers Can't Stay With Me, is a 2015 documentary directed by Robert Lusitana that recounts the 50 + year career of USATF National Track and Field Hall of Fame Coach Bob Larsen from his beginnings as a high school coach through his years as UCLA Bruin Track and Field coach culminating with his work with Mammoth Track Club and Meb Keflezighi

Love Is the Perfect Crime (2013)

Love Is the Perfect Crime (French: L'Amour est un crime parfait) is a 2013 French-Swiss drama thriller film directed by Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

I Am a Girl (2013)

I Am A Girl is a 2013 documentary that follows six girls aged between 17 and 19 from the United States, Australia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Papua New Guinea, highlighting issues of gender inequality, domestic abuse, mental health and family planning. The story is told through interviews with the girls and cinematic observational footage as they experience important events and rites of passage in their life. The film's producer and director, Rebecca Barry, is a filmmaker from Australia. The film is distributed by Women Make Movies in North America, Titan View in Australia, and TVF International in the rest of the world.

Sold (2011)

Two young women (Fernanda Romero, Maria-Elena Laas) are trapped in the trunk of a car.

The Last Will Be the Last (2015)

The Last Will Be the Last (Italian: Gli ultimi saranno ultimi Italian pronunciation: [ʎ ˈultimi saˈranno ˈultimi]) is a 2015 drama film written and directed by Massimiliano Bruno and starring Paola Cortellesi and Alessandro Gassmann.

Those Who Dance (1930)

Those Who Dance is a 1930 American Pre-Code crime film produced and distributed by Warner Bros. and directed by William Beaudine. It stars Monte Blue, Lila Lee, William "Stage" Boyd and Betty Compson and is a remake of a 1924 silent film that starred Bessie Love and Blanche Sweet. The story, written by George Kibbe Turner, was based on events which actually took place among gangsters in Chicago.

The Red Raiders (1927)

The Red Raiders is an extant 1927 silent film western directed by Al Rogell and starring Ken Maynard. It was distributed by First National Pictures.

Revolver Rani (2014)

Revolver Rani is a 2014 Indian crime drama film written and directed by Sai Kabir. Presented by Wave Cinemas, the film stars Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das, with Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Pankaj Saraswat in supporting roles. It is a satirical love story set against the backdrop of politics. Revolver Rani was released on 25 April 2014.

Flower Square (2013)

To keep his son out of jail, a puppeteer helps the police in a sting. He impersonates a priest to hear a hospitalized crime boss's confession, but divine intervention is his only chance for survival when his identity is exposed.

Black Cobra Woman (1976)

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Home Sweet Home (1951)

British students rally round a teacher (John Mills) fired by the new headmaster (Cecil Parker) for buying musical instruments.

Lighthouse (1999)

Lighthouse (released as Dead of Night in the United States) is a 1999 British horror film directed by (Simon Hunter). The film follows survivors of a shipwreck being preyed on by an escaped psychotic convict who beheads his victims. It was shot in Cornwall for the main locations (lighthouse, beaches rockshores), and Hastings in East Sussex.

Mapa (2013)

A young Spanish director is fired from his job and travels to India to search for inspiration. He learns his search is not in India and returns home to figure out what he is trying to escape from.

Naya Din Nai Raat (1974)

Naya Din Nai Raat is a 1974 Bollywood drama film directed by A. Bhimsingh. The film is famous as Sanjeev Kumar reprised the nine-role epic performance by Sivaji Ganesan in Navarathri (1964), which was also previously reprised by Akkineni Nageswara Rao in Navarathri. This film had enhanced his status and reputation as an actor in Hindi cinema. The nine roles played by Sanjeev Kumar correspond to nine Rasa.

Kiss My Grits (1982)

A Southerner (Bruce Davison) heads for Mexico in a stolen Rolls-Royce with his son and a mobster's (Tony Franciosa) girlfriend (Susan George).

The Windmill Movie (2009)

A profile reveals Dick Rogers' quest to leave a legacy.

The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958)

The Toughest Gun in Tombstone is a 1958 Western film. Although Robert E. Kent produced, Edward Small supervised.

Thunder in God's Country (1951)

Thunder in God's Country is a 1951 American Western film directed by George Blair and written by Arthur E. Orloff. The film stars Rex Allen, Mary Ellen Kay, Buddy Ebsen, Ian MacDonald, Paul Harvey and Harry Lauter. The film was April 8, 1951, by Republic Pictures.

Kumpanía: Flamenco Los Angeles (2011)

Kumpanía: Flamenco Los Angeles is a 2011 independent documentary film by director Katina Dunn. The film explores flamenco, including its origins in the oppressed Gypsy community in 17th-century southern Spain and also the flamenco culture of contemporary Spain. The documentary focuses specifically on a group of flamenco dancers, singers, and guitarists in Los Angeles, who are dedicated to preserving the art in its original form. "Kumpanía" is a Romani word meaning "people who travel the same territory".

Chicago Joe And The Showgirl (1990)

Chicago Joe and the Showgirl is a 1990 British crime drama film directed by Bernard Rose and written by David Yallop, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Emily Lloyd. The film was inspired by the real-life Hulten/Jones murder case of 1944, otherwise known as the Cleft Chin Murder.

The Maiden and the Wolves (2008)

At the end of World War I, 20 year-old Angle is determined to become the first woman veterinarian.

Never Trust a Gambler (1951)

Never Trust a Gambler is a 1951 American film starring Dane Clark and Cathy O'Donnell.

The Texas Rangers (1951)

The Texas Rangers is a 1951 Western film.

The Last Hit (2013)

Simon, an elite killer for a crime lord, saves a girl he is sent to kill. He defends the girl from an assortment of killers and mercenaries hired to track them down.

Me You and Five Bucks (2015)

When Charlie places an ad for a roommate, his ex-wife Pam, the love of his life, shows up. He lets her move in, tries to find out why she ran out on him three years ago, and helps her get back on her feet as old feelings are rekindled.

La demoiselle et le violoncelliste (1965)

A cellist tries to rescue a woman being swept out to sea and must battle marine creatures.

Beauty For The Asking (1939)

Beauty for the Asking is a 1939 film drama produced by RKO Pictures, and starring Lucille Ball and Patric Knowles. It tells the story of Jean Russell (Ball), who becomes romantically involved with a wealthy married man (Knowles) who later spurns her. She later invents a new facial cream, and with the financial backing of her former lover's wife (Frieda Inescort), starts a business that makes her a millionaire.

Damage Done (2008)

A man is thrown into a world of drugs and deceit when he becomes involved with a hitchhiker he picks up on the open road.

Wobble: The Weight of the Truth (2008)

Grant joins the race for the Oval Office to save the planet before the Earth's rotation is ruined.

Finding Happiness (2014)

A magazine journalist interviews real people living dynamic and harmonious lives in communities around the world.

Gordon Getty: There Will Be Music (2015)

Gordon Getty becomes a renowned classical composer, businessman and philanthropist.

Eldorado (1995)

Eldorado is a Canadian drama film, released in 1995. Directed by Charles Binamé and written by Binamé and Lorraine Richard in conjunction with its main stars, the film focuses on six young residents of Montreal trying to make sense of their directionless lives. The film's main cast includes Pascale Bussières as Rita, Robert Brouillette as Marc, James Hyndman as Lloyd, Macha Limonchik as Loulou, Pascale Montpetit as Henriette and Isabel Richer as Roxan. The film garnered eight Genie Award nominations at the 16th Genie Awards, including Best Actress nods for Bussières, Montpetit and Richer, Best Supporting Actor for Brouillette, Best Director for Binamé, Best Art Direction or Production Design, Best Costume Design and Best Editing.

The Garden of Stones (1976)

A shepherd hangs rocks from a tree.

A Complicated Story (2014)

A Complicated Story is a Hong Kong drama film directed by Kiwi Chow based on the novel of the same title by Yi Shu. The film is headlined by actors Jacky Cheung, Jacqueline Zhu, Stephanie Che and Zi Yi. The film had its world premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival on 26 March 2013, and was theatrically released in Hong Kong on 16 January 2014.

Swifty (1935)

Swifty is a 1935 American western film directed by Alan James, starring Hoot Gibson, June Gale, and George Hayes.

The Whole Shebang (2014)

A woman returns to a hippie community after 60 years.

Cafe Setareh (2006)

Vignettes detail the lives of three Iranian women in a poor Tehran community.

That Guy... Who Was in That Thing (2012)

That Guy... Who Was in That Thing is a 2012 documentary film by Ian Roumain and Michael Schwartz that features sixteen male character actors discussing their careers as working actors below the film star level but who are often recognized as being "that guy" who was in "that thing". Two talent agents also comment on the challenges faced by such actors. The film was produced by Roumain, Schwartz and Brian Volk-Weiss for New Wave Entertainment. Doug Shanaberger described it as a "wonderful new documentary", saying: "If you're wondering who they are, that's half the point. But you'll recognize them, and that's the other half." A sequel, That Gal...Who Was In That Thing: That Guy 2, focused on similarly lesser-known but familiar character actresses, including Catherine Hicks, Alicia Coppola and Roxanne Hart, was released on Showtime in March 2015.

Carry On (2014)

A Chinese father does whatever he can to save his family as Japanese forces retreat at the end of World War II.

Dating a Vampire (2006)

A medical student (Alex Fong) becomes the target of sisterly vampires who live in his flat.

Like Mother, Like Daughter (2007)

A businesswoman has no idea she has asked her daughter's kidnapper for help after she goes missing at college.

Big Brown Eyes (1936)

Big Brown Eyes is a 1936 crime comedy film. In the film, police officer Danny Barr (Cary Grant) is chasing jewel robbers. His girlfriend Eve Fallon (Joan Bennett) is initially working as a manicurist, but quickly takes a job as a reporter assisting in the effort against the jewel thieves. Fallon and Barr become disgusted when one jewel gang member is acquitted after killing a baby in Central Park, and both leave their jobs. Soon thereafter, Fallon gets a lucky break while giving a manicure and the case is solved.

Criminal Affairs (1998)

Criminal Affairs is a 1997 American thriller film. It was shot in Ireland. The film premiered at the Galway Film Festival. The screening was controversial as some press claimed the film was semi pornographic.

May Allah Bless France! (2014)

The true story of a French teenager rising out of the underprivileged suburbs through love, education and rap music. Regis is a culturally gifted boy who dreams of success for his rap band, but he must accept drug money for the sake of his project. Discovering Islam and love, he bears with the harsh loss and paybacks of delinquency, until he finds the strength to express himself through music and slam-poetry and ultimately becomes a major artist of the French music scene.

Ants! (1977)

It Happened at Lakewood Manor is a 1977 American made-for-television horror film starring Lynda Day George, Suzanne Somers, Myrna Loy, Brian Dennehy and Bernie Casey. It was directed by Robert Scheerer and premiered December 2, 1977 on ABC.

Destino Cholo (2002)

Looking to go straight, a drug smuggler works with police to find the men who killed his family.

Caselli 66: Ride the Dream (2014)

On November 15th, 2013 the world lost Kurt Caselli to the Baja 1000. Kurt's performance on his motorcycle was matched only by the dedication, passion, and love that inspired an era of racers, riders, family, and friends.

What Remains of Us (2004)

What Remains of Us is a 2004 Canadian documentary film exploring the survival of the nonviolent resistance movement in Tibet. The documentary was shot over eight years without the knowledge of the Chinese authorities.

Legends of the Knight (2013)

The power of storytelling to create positive change.

Táu (2012)

A man confronts his deepest pain in the Wirikuta desert.

Man in the Moon (1960)

Man in the Moon is a 1960 comedy film directed by Basil Dearden. The film stars Kenneth More and Shirley Anne Field.

The Mask You Live In (2015)

The Mask You Live In is a 2015 documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The film explores what Newsom perceives to be harmful notions about masculinity in American culture.

Killervision (2014)

A man with a brain injury is tormented by visions of his friends being murdered. He becomes increasingly disturbed when he realizes it is only a matter of time before the killer comes for him.

Still Orangutans (2007)

Sixteen people live through the hottest day of the year.

Ming jian (1980)

The Sword is a 1980 Hong Kong wuxia film co-written and directed by Patrick Tam and starring Adam Cheng.

Danger on the Air (1938)

Danger on the Air is a 1938 American film directed by Otis Garrett.

Vannin' (2013)

A subculture of van enthusiasts keep the 70s dream alive.

The Last Song (2006)

A Korean woman working at a karaoke bar bonds with a mysterious stranger who refuses to leave at closing time.

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus (2013)

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus is a 2013 Malayalam action comedy film directed by debutante director Marthandan and scripted by Benny P Nayarambalam. Set against the backdrop of theatre, Mammootty plays the title role of Cleetus, a theatre artiste. Honey Rose, Aju Varghese, Rejith Menon and Sanam Shetty play prominent roles in the film. The film was shot in Thodupuzha, Kerala and nearby locations. It was released on 12 September 2013.

Hong Kong Affair (1958)

An American (Jack Kelly) in Hong Kong finds that opium is why his tea plantation has not shown a profit.

Lawless Empire (1945)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) helps a fighting preacher (Tex Harding) build his church.

Pawn Shop (2012)

Life is never dull at the hippest pawn shop in the city, but when jewelry is stolen, the all-star pawn crew engages in outrageous bust-a-gut fun to save the store and the hood.

Curtain Up (1952)

Curtain Up is a 1952 British film directed by Ralph Smart, written by Jack Davies and Michael Pertwee. It is based on the play On Monday Next by Philip King.

You Make Me Feel So Young (2013)

Justine sits by and quietly watches her relationship deteriorate.

The Purple Gang (1959)

The Purple Gang is a 1960 American period crime film directed by Frank McDonald and starring Barry Sullivan, Robert Blake and Jody Lawrance. It portrays the activities of The Purple Gang bootlegging organization in 1920s Detroit.

Body and Soul (1925)

Body and Soul is a 1925 race film produced, written, directed, and distributed by Oscar Micheaux and starring Paul Robeson in his motion picture debut.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1970)

Based on the Mark Twain book.

The Conjugal Bed (1963)

The Conjugal Bed (Italian: L'ape regina) is a 1963 Italian comedy film directed by Marco Ferreri. It was entered into the 1963 Cannes Film Festival where Marina Vlady won the award for Best Actress.

Death as Life (2012)

Filmmaker Sofia Wellman examines the fear of death.

I Wanna Be a Republican (2006)

Dressed in drag, four singers and comics mock the Republican Party.

The Axe in the Attic (2007)

After Hurricane Katrina, filmmakers Ed Pincus and Lucia Small get in a car and decide to investigate. Their trek takes them to New Orleans, where they find that the failure of a particular levee has had a devastating impact on many African-American families. As they become characters in their own documentary, Pincus and Small head to Texas, where thousands of the displaced have relocated, and they chronicle the difficulty many Katrina survivors have in securing governmental aid.

Blast-Off Girls (1967)

Blast-Off Girls is a 1967 American exploitation film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Magpie (2013)

An estranged father makes an unwelcome appearance at his 9-year-old son's funeral and steals the coffin.

The Hoax (1972)

The Hoax is a 1972 American comedy film directed by Robert Anderson, and starring Bill Ewing, Frank Bonner, Jacques Aubuchon, Sharon DeBord, Don Dubbins, Harriet Gibson and Tom Benko. The film was released by All-Scope International on April 19, 1972.

Double Exposure (1977)

A photojournalist (Craig Stevens) becomes an undercover agent in a communist country.

Mr. Celebrity (1941)

Mr. Celebrity is a 1941 American comedy film directed by William Beaudine.

The Hour of the Lynx (2013)

A clergywoman learns that a psychiatrist who asked for her help may not have been entirely honest about her work with a suicidal murderer.

Law of the West (1949)

A federal marshal (Johnny Mack Brown) and his ventriloquist sidekick (Max Terhune) are surrounded by land-grabbers.

Garde à vue (1981)

Garde à Vue is a 1981 French film directed by Claude Miller and starring Romy Schneider, Michel Serrault, Lino Ventura and Guy Marchand. It is based on the British novel Brainwash, by John Wainwright. It won the César Award for Best Writing, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. The film had 2,098,038 admissions in France and was the 17th-most-attended film of the year.

Matlock: The Fortune (1993)

A lawyer (Andy Griffith) seeks a multimillionaire's sole beneficiary and tries to clear the dead man's nephew of his murder.

My Dog the Space Traveler (2013)

A boy's dog is lost in a portal to another universe in his backyard. He relies on his friends and family to help him get the dog back and close the portal before both universes are destroyed.

Grandpa's Psycho (2015)

A man from a small town decides to purge the world of sin by eliminating one sinner at a time.

Colorado Ranger (1950)

Colorado Ranger is a 1950 American Western film starring James Ellison and directed by Thomas Carr.

The One That Got Away (1996)

The One That Got Away is a 1996 ITV television film directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Paul McGann. It is based on the book of the same name by Chris Ryan telling the true story of a Special Air Service patrol during the Gulf War in 1991.

Joe Smith, American (1942)

Joe Smith, American is a 1942 American spy film directed by Richard Thorpe and stars Robert Young and Marsha Hunt. The film, loosely based on the story of Herman W. Lang, and the theft of plans of a top-secret bombsight, is the account of a worker at an aviation factory who is kidnapped by enemy spies. The opening credits contained the following written prologue: "This story is about a man who defended his country. His name is Joe Smith. He is an American. This picture is a tribute to all Joe Smiths." Joe Smith, American was the first in a series of B films made at MGM under the supervision of Dore Schary who also wrote the initial treatment, based on "his own yarn". His story was later adapted to a postwar setting and new characters to become The Big Operator (1959).

A Woman's Life (1963)

Three women discuss three genocides they lived through.

Secundaria (2014)

Filmmaker Mary Jane Doherty follows two students for three years in Cuba's National Ballet School.

Devil Ship (1947)

The captain (Richard Lane) of a tuna boat ferries prisoners to Alcatraz in rough water.

Season (1989)

Season is a 1989 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed Padmarajan, starring Mohanlal and Gavin Packard in lead roles. The story is set in Kovalam beach in Kerala and Poojappura Central Prison, Trivandrum.

Legend Of The Spirit Dog (1997)

A preternatural canine helps a boy in the Alaskan wilds save humanity from an ancient evil. Martin Landau narrates.

Menachem & Fred (2009)

Two German Jewish brothers who went in different directions at the end of WWII find each other.

Love Strikes! (2011)

Moteki (モテキ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mitsurō Kubo. It was serialized in Evening magazine from 2008 to 2010, with its chapters collected into four tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. It was adapted into a Japanese television drama in 2010 and a live-action film in 2011.

Johnny One-Eye (1950)

Johnny One-Eye is a 1950 film noir crime film directed by Robert Florey starring Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris, Dolores Moran and Gayle Reed.