Pan to sûpu to neko biyori (2013)

The Man and the Challenge (1959)

The Man and the Challenge is a 36-segment half-hour television adventure/science fiction series which ran new episodes on NBC from September 12, 1959, to June 11, 1960. It starred George Nader as Dr. Glenn Barton, a research scientist for the Institute of Human Factors, an agency that conducted experiments designed to measure human endurance for the United States government. The series was produced by Ivan Tors.

The Enigma Files (1980)

The Enigma Files is a British television detective drama that ran for one series of fifteen episodes in 1980.

The Baker Street Boys (1983)

The Baker Street Boys is about a group of street urchins that help Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve cases by going places the adults are unable to go due to lack of time or chance of being recognized. They also carried messages for the detective and searched for clues. The characters were based on children in the original novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Gokuaku Gambo (2014)

Strawberry Night (2012)

T. Sventon praktiserande privatdetektiv (1989)

Unter anderen Umständen (2006)

The Cuckoo Waltz (1975)

The Cuckoo Waltz was a British television sitcom made by Granada Television for the ITV network between 1975 and 1977 and in 1980, written by Geoffrey Lancashire, produced and directed by Bill Gilmour.

Trolltider (1979)

The Animated Book of Mormon (1987)

Bellicher (2010)

Four-part thriller series to the books of Charles den Tex around the person with Michael Belli Cher (Daan). He is employed by one of the largest communications consultancies in the world. It's his job to "present facts as favorably as possible. He has some ministers as a customer. All that he dreams seem within reach. Wrongly suspected until he witnesses a murder, and must prove his innocence. Michael turns to stand in an international scandal and his opponents seem to do to explain his silence Michael will have to fight not only with beautiful words but also in deeds.

The Romanians Are Coming (2015)

The series attempts to take a look at the much-debated issue of immigration from the immigrant's point of view. The cameras follow the subjects in the UK, and also visit Romanian villages to document the journeys of migrants coming to Britain.

Fenómenos (2012)

Perry and Croft: Made in Britain (2014)

Windy City Live (2011)

The All New Alexei Sayle Show (1994)

The All New Alexei Sayle Show was a comedy sketch show broadcast on BBC2 television for a total of twelve episodes, over two series in 1994 and 1995. The title sequence featured Alexei Sayle as an innocent, newly arrived man in London singing cheerful lyrics and dancing around Trafalgar Square.

Those Whiting Girls (1955)