Hiraasat (1987)

A police officer has two sons - one who follows in his footsteps, the other who leads a life of crime.

The Day of the Cat (2010)

A statesman must overcome plots and intrigue during his last two days in office.

Kuchhe Dhaage (1973)

After a man is sentenced to be hanged, his wife swears she will raise their child to hunt down and kill the man who betrayed him.

Saajon Ki Bahon Mein (1995)

A popular singer is in love with a girl, but her father wants her to marry someone of his choice. Years after going separate ways; meeting each other again opens their eyes and changes their lives.

The Five of Me (1981)

Based on a real case history, this movie centers on Henry Hawksworth (David Birney), a man who suffers from multiple-personality disorder. As a child he is brutally tormented by his deranged father. As a young man he faces the horrors of the Korean War. To deal with these traumas, Henry develops alternate personas that include a cringing child, a humbled soldier and a wrathful bruiser. However, as Henry starts a family of his own, the conflicting selves vie for control, with violent results.

Weekend with My Mother (2009)

A woman (Medeea Marinescu) tries to reconnect with her daughter (Adela Popescu) after moving away years earlier.

Cyclone (1978)

When a plane crashes in the ocean, the survivors take refuge on a small tour boat. The food and water runs out, and they start eating each other to survive.

Heart Breaks Open (2011)

The world of an activist and advocate implodes after he tests positive for HIV.

Candyman: The David Klein Story (2011)

The story of David Klein, who invented the Jelly Belly brand of jelly beans.

A perfect match (2007)

A retired widower (Jan Decleir) uses the Internet to search for a new wife.

The Clouded Yellow (1950)

An ex-spy (Trevor Howard) helps a girl (Jean Simmons) framed for murder flee across the Lake District, followed by Scotland Yard.

The Burning Season (2008)

An entrepreneur travels the globe to protect millions of hectares of pristine rainforest to save the orangutan from extinction.

A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen (1942)

The famous detective gets involved with murder and embezzlers when he sets out to locate a missing man.

Tarzan And The Slave Girl (1950)

A band of lion worshippers captures Tarzan in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the malady plaguing their village.

Me Traes de un Ala (1953)

A starlet says that man of her dreams must be a classical dancer and a pretender of her begins to study dance.

Zanzabuku (1956)

In this adventure documentary, filmmaker Lewis Cotlow takes a crew of cameramen to Africa where they experience the thrills and dangers of safari. Cotlow spends time with hunter Carl Hartley, who catches exotic animals for zoos around the world. Hartley shows the skill and patience required to capture wild species such as zebras, leopards, pythons and lions. Additionally, Cotlow and his crew frequently work closely with African tribesmen and other native peoples to film the elusive animals.

Tensión sexual no resuelta (2010)

After his girlfriend (Salom Jimnez) dumps him without explanation, a college professor (Fele Martnez) asks a student to help him win her back.

Breaking News (2010)

In an attempt to revive his failing career, a newscaster commits crimes to report on them.

Taking the Face: The Portuguese Bullfight (2013)

The phenomenon of the Portuguese bullfight in all its forms.

Dangerous Intruder (1945)

A man creates a diabolical plan to murder all the females in his family to become heir to a fortune.

Alias Mary Dow (1935)

A young taxi dancer pretends she is the long-lost daughter of a wealthy couple.

La Banda degli Onesti (1956)

Friends try to print counterfeit money and give up.

Thru the Mirror (1936)

Mickey Mouse has a strange dream after he falls asleep while reading "Alice in Wonderland."

Vizontele (2001)

The residents of a Turkish village have never seen TV. That changes when a transmitter is installed and the mayor, Nazmi (Altan Erkekli), gets a set. Everyone is curious, but because the transmission is bad they lose interest. A theater owner, Latif (Cezmi Baskin), spreads rumors about the dangers of TV, hoping to keep people interested in seeing his overplayed movies. Nazmi and the town eccentric, Deli Emin (Yilmaz Erdogan), search for a better signal to win everyone over to their side.

The Groom (1960)

A newly married man must prove his worth to his in-laws.

Hidden Diary (2009)

Audrey's parents reveal long hidden family secrets when she visits over a holiday.

Coolie No. 1 (2020)

A matchmaker (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) asks his friend (Govinda) to pose as a wealthy bachelor as part of a plan to take an arrogant father down a notch.

Regenerated Man (1994)

Dr. Clark has to drink his own experimental potion and turns into a monstrous killer.

An Animal Called Man (1972)

Two petty criminals become involved with big-time outlaws.

The End Of Time (2012)

An exploration of people's perception of time.

Africa, Blood & Beauty (2012)

A snapshot of traditional lifestyles before they disappear.

Harley's Hill (2011)

Harley, a thoroughbred with champion bloodlines, runs away from his farm and is found by a rancher and his daughter. She nurses him back to health and is about to enter a jumping competition when Harley is claimed by his former owner.

Miss Cast Away (2004)

Beauty contestants crash-land on a remote island inhabited by the biblical Noah, intelligent apes and a prehistoric pig.

Transfixed (2001)

A cross-dresser (Robinson Stvenin) gets mixed up in a police investigation of a serial killer who targets transvestites and prostitutes.

Buffalo Stampede (1934)

Buffalo hide trader Tom Doan (Randolph Scott) comes to the aid of Jude Pilchuk (Raymond Hatton), a fellow hunter whose wagon was run off of the trail by white thieves disguised as raiding American Indians. Doan and Pilchuk investigate and discover that Randall Jett (Noah Beery) -- the abusive father of Doan's love interest Milly Fayre (Judith Allen) -- is to blame. When Jett then kidnaps Milly and disappears into the wild, Doan must track down and outsmart Jett's gang to save the woman he loves.

Love and Rage (2009)

Daniel, a talented piano student, loves Sofie but he convinced that she is seeing someone else.

Assassin for Hire (1951)

A considerate husband and devoted brother is actually an assassin for hire to the highest bidder.

Yuma (2012)

Zyga becomes an unwilling gangster when he tries to take charge of his life after the fall of communism.

Flower Island (2001)

Three South Korean strangers -- a teen rape victim (Hye-na Kim) who abandoned her newborn baby, a middle-aged prostitute (Ju-hie Seo) and a mute (Yu-jin Lim) who is afflicted with cancer and used to be an opera singer -- meet via happenstance and begin a journey to a strange island where they will be cleansed of their psychological and physical traumas. Their road trip brings them to unexpected places and people, but the women bond in unforeseen ways as they near their mysterious destination.

The Other Side of Sleep (2011)

A troubled woman from a remote town in the Midlands loses her grip on reality after sleepwalking one evening and waking up in woods next to a murdered young woman.

Ek Nazar (1972)

Akash (Amitabh Bachchan), who dreams of becoming a poet, is constantly disappointing his lawyer father (Tarun Bose). When Akash falls for a prostitute, Shabnam (Jaya Bhaduri), the relationship between father and son worsens. After Shabnam has a showdown with her madam that results in the woman's death, she finds herself in the crosshairs of the law. Since Akash's father is eager to quash his son's relationship, Shabnam realizes she may be treated even more harshly by the system.

Achilles and the Tortoise (2008)

A man's obsession over art leaves him penniless and homeless until his estranged wife saves him.

Women In Revolt (1971)

Three women join a militant feminist group called P.I.G. and fail to find happiness.

One Too Many (1916)

A bachelor prepares for an uncle's visit.

Young Tiger (1973)

A gang chases a cab driver and his sister to recover evidence of a crime.

The Germans Strike Again (1948)

Theodoros has a dream where Hitler is alive and the Nazis strike back with powerful weapons.

Roughest Africa (1923)

Explorers have wild encounters on the Dark Continent.

In Praise of Mother Santoshi (1975)

Birajram (Ashish Kumar) intercedes when Satyavati (Kanan Kaushal) is set upon by a criminal. They soon marry, but their relationship is marked by various hardships, including an extended period of separation. Inspired by a Hindu folk story, the film depicts the earthly fallout of a duel between deities. Satyavati is a follower of the goddess Devi Maa Santoshi (Anita Guha), and it seems that other goddesses, angry that she's so powerful, are trying to prevent Satyavati from finding peace.

Bruce Lee - Martial Arts Master (1994)

Interviews with fellow actors and Lee's son profile the life of the martial artist from his birth in 1940 until his death in 1973.

The Dangerous Days Of Kiowa jones (1966)

Bounty hunters follow a drifter (Robert Horton) deputized by a dying marshal to take two killers to jail.

Flashback (2000)

Violence follows a young woman after she is released from a mental institution.

Godzilla and Other Movie Monsters (1998)

The origins of movie monster Godzilla.

Thrilla in Manila (2008)

The intense rivalry between American heavyweight boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier is examined in this documentary. Smarting from his earlier defeat by Frazier, Ali fueled a bitter feud in the media, leading up to 1975's "Thrilla in Manila," the much-hyped Philippines-set rematch of the two titans. The film depicts the landmark fight, which lasted 14 rounds, and also reveals what was happening outside of the ring as Ali and Frazier relentlessly pummeled each other.

Whispering Pages (1994)

A young man haunts the streets of 19th century Saint Petersburg while he's looking for meaning.

To Play or to Die (1990)

A schoolboy who is teased mercilessly explores his sexual interest in boys with a classmate.

The Very Very Big Company (2008)

Four friends take on a chemical company that is polluting the environment in their region.

Athena: Goddess of War (2011)

When the terrorist group Athena threatens South Korea, the president's daughter is kidnapped. Special agent Lee Jung Woo is assigned to find the girl before it's too late.

The Adventures of a Rookie (1943)

Three young men (Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Richard Martin) from various backgrounds suddenly find themselves in boot camp.

Black box affair: Il mondo tremo (1966)

An American agent is assigned to recover a black box containing an electronic device before it falls into enemy hands.

The Alley Cats (1966)

A woman gets revenge on her cheating fiance by having affairs with women.

La Llorona (1933)

Betrayed by her lover, a woman kills his son out of spite, commits suicide, then becomes a legend.

The Avenger of Venice (1964)

The greedy lords of 16th-century Venice hatch a plot to overthrow their ruler and his son.

Bye Bye Blondie (2012)

Two former lovers try to rekindle their romance after having spent their youth as punk rockers worshipping the Sex Pistols.

A Night to Dismember (1983)

After a woman from a cursed family is released from a mental home, dismembered corpses pile up.

Psycho Shark (2010)

Busty Japanese women (Nonami Takizawa, Airi Nakajima) find terror at the beach.

Camion (2012)

Germain and his sons try to turn their family dynamic upside down so they will have hope for the future.

Rich Man (1992)

A man helps another become wealthy.

Davy (1958)

The star (Harry Secombe) of a British vaudeville family act gets a chance to sing opera at Covent Garden.

Black Limelight (1939)

A man (Raymond Massey) falsely accused of murder becomes a fugitive, while his wife (Joan Marion) hunts the killer.

The Scarlet Worm (2011)

A cattle baron hires an experienced assassin to train his ranch hand in the art of killing so he can murder a deranged brothel owner.

Drawing Blood (2005)

A vampire's brother falls for her next victim and has to choose between killing his sister or saving the young hooker.

Porkchop (2010)

When campers head into the woods for a weekend of sex, booze and silliness at an abandoned summer camp, a deranged killer in a pig mask picks them off one by one.

Zombie Allegiance (2010)

Survivors of Word War III struggle to live while scrounging for food and avoiding zombies.

Universal Ninjas (2012)

Bravo City is under attack from Mind Brain and his shadow walkers. The city's only hope is a kid named Skater, the first member of the Universal Ninja Team.

Man Hunt (1936)

A cub reporter (William Gargan), a schoolteacher (Marguerite Churchill) and G-men hunt a bank robber (Ricardo Cortez).

The Gold of Valhalla (2007)

Three siblings (Laura Ostergaard Buhl, Lukas Schwarz Thorsteinsson, Clara Maria Bahamondes) must prevent a legendary artifact from destroying the human race.

Jack Squad (2009)

A murder leads lifelong friends (Dawnisha Halfkenny, Onira Tares, Patshreba Villegas) to fight back against a vicious crime lord.

This Is Not a Film (2003)

A man (Michael Leydon Campbell) tries to win back his ex-girlfriend by making a movie about their relationship.

The War Boy (1985)

The 12-year-old son (Jason Hopely) of a freedom fighter grows up fast in World War II Yugoslavia.

The Voice (2008)

Abused by his father, a 7-year-old (Julian Duque) takes violin lessons from a grieving musician (Coke Bolipata).

Black Roots (1970)

In this documentary, a group of black activists, including the Rev. Frederick D. Kirkpatrick, the Rev. Gary Davis and attorney Florynce Kennedy, gather in a cafe to relate stories from their respective pasts. Backed by a soundtrack of blues, jazz and rock-'n'-roll tunes featuring black musicians, these men and women recall the adversity that they often met while growing up. Topics include racism, poverty and other hardships encountered in the time before the Civil Rights movement.

Happiness Never Comes Alone (2012)

Only interested in one-night stands and younger women, Sacha (Gad Elmaleh) fears having children until he meets Charlotte (Sophie Marceau), a mother of three and the former wife of one of his firm's powerful clients.

Karakara (2012)

People at a crossroads in life run away to discover themselves.

Farewell (2010)

A sailor with a fatal disease moves away from his family and friends.

Indian Summer (2001)

A lawyer cannot understand why his condemned client will say nothing in her own defense.

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (2004)

Secret agent Harry Knuckles (Phil Caracas) must steal a special necklace from Bigfoot.

Revolver (1973)

A prison official enlists the aid of a former convict in an attempt to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Decoy (1946)

A dying female gangster tells how she revived an executed killer from a gas chamber to find out where he hid a stolen fortune.

Damadamm! (2011)

While on a break from his possessive girlfriend, a man falls in love with the sister of his employer.

Bolshoi Ballet '67 (1966)

The dreams of a little Russian girl come true when she becomes a prima ballerina.

100 Days Before The Command (1991)

Life in the Soviet army.

The Devil (1981)

An ugly witch casts spells on people and turns their insides into snakes and worms.

Body Without Soul (1996)

A profile of doomed male prostitutes in Prague ranging in age from 15 to 18.

The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2011)

Luisa, an expert on old buildings, goes to an old Victorian mansion to conduct an inventory and disappears. Maximilian, the president of Luisa's company, hires a private detective to find her, and they quickly discover the mansion's dark history.

The Married Virgin (1918)

A man's daughter agrees to marry the gigolo who is framing her father for a crime and does not realize her new stepmother is in cahoots with the crook to steal her father's fortune.

Go (2007)

An unexpected adventure unfolds when a young woman (Nisha Kothari) tries to avoid an arranged marriage by eloping with the man (Gautam) she really loves.

Scorpio Men On Prozac (2010)

Young men have different experiences with mood enhancers.

Manhattan Love Song (1934)

Suddenly left penniless, two sisters (Dixie Lee, Helen Flint) must now work for their former chauffeur (Robert Armstrong) and maid (Nydia Westman).

Hide-Out (1934)

New York City con man Lucky Wilson (Robert Montgomery) infuriates Detective Mac MacCarthy (Edward Arnold), who gets a warrant for his arrest. Shot during a police chase, Wilson finds shelter at a Connecticut farm owned by Henry "Pa" Miller (Whitford Kane). As he struggles to recover, Wilson falls under the spell of Miller's beautiful daughter, Pauline (Maureen O'Sullivan), and begins experiencing major personality changes as the authorities' tri-state manhunt closes in.

Amar Prem (1972)

Nandu returns to the village where he grew up, looking for his childhood love Pushpa. However, Pushpa's reputation has been forever tarnished.