Frank Sinatra: Portrait of an Album (1985)

My Daughter's Boyfriend (2015)

The Second Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2014)

A Star-Spangled Story: Battle for America (2014)

Pronouns (2016)

Violent Night: The Movie (2012)

George Jones: Golden Hits (1994)

The Thing About Us (2016)

The Original Richard McMahan (2016)

Prelude 2 (1996)

Vampire Holocaust (1997)

Meet the Stars #5: Hollywood Meets the Navy (1941)

Mandala (1953)

Mattresside (2015)

Ext. Life (2010)

American Misfits (2003)

Egyptian Series (1984)

Lyckliga skitar (1970)

Blushing Charlie (Swedish: Lyckliga skitar) is a 1970 Swedish drama film directed by Vilgot Sjöman. It was entered into the 21st Berlin International Film Festival.

Mimi (2013)

Un dramma borghese (internationally released as Mimi) is a 1979 Italian drama film directed by Florestano Vancini. It is based on the novel with the same title by Guido Morselli and it has as main theme an incestuous love between a father and a daughter.

The First (2011)

Chalvet, LA Conquete De LA Dignite (2014)

The Wandering Company (1984)

The Oven (2014)

The Fall of the House of Usher (1979)

Barbed Wire and Mandolins (1997)

Calendar Pin-Up Girls (1966)

The Best Movie Ever (2008)

Hot Vampire Nights (2000)

Alien Babes (2009)

Caterwaul (2014)

Pet Therapy (2015)

Jaguar (1963)

Lion Jagapathy Rao (1991)

Humbug (2016)

I Want to beat up Clark Peters (2015)

Woman of the Year (1973)

Little Mother is a 1973 drama film directed by Radley Metzger and starring Christiane Krüger, Siegfried Rauch and Ivan Desny. The story was loosely modelled on that of Evita Peron in Argentina. It was a co-production between West Germany, Yugoslavia and the United States.

Lovers Beyond Time (1990)

Sylvia and Angelos have an intense relationship. Too intense for Sylvia, who breaks it off. Three years later, with Angelos dead, Sylvia lives with a doctor and works for a record company. Her new life is suddenly invaded by a succession of bizarre events: strange deaths occur around her and she experiences a series of involuntary orgasms, as though a man she can feel but not see is making love to her - in the street, at work, in her car. All of this seems connected in some way with a mysterious musician she is trying to track down, a man who constantly evades her; until one night her phone rings....

Desk Job (2015)

Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience (1975)

Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience is a 1975 American film. It features Leslie Nielsen as the narrator. This movie is about the true-life adventures of the six men, members of the United States Navy aerobatic team Blue Angels, who show almost super-human qualities in maneuvering aircraft in the air. The Blue Angels are world-famous for flying the F-4 Phantom, and while doing so performing breathtaking maneuvers. The film is about what these men go through every day - the real drama, hardship, and effort these people must endure.

Weekend of Fear (1966)

Speechless: The Polar Realm (2015)

Charlie Brown Clears the Air (1979)

A Bear, a Boy and a Dog (1921)

The Queen of the Night (1994)

The Queen of the Night (Spanish: La reina de la noche) is a 1994 Mexican drama film directed by Arturo Ripstein. It was entered into the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Into Iceland's Volcano (2011)

The Way of All Men (1930)

The Way of All Men is a 1930 American Pre-Code drama film produced and released by First National Pictures, a subsidiary of Warner Bros., and directed by Frank Lloyd. The movie stars Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dorothy Revier and Noah Beery. The film was based on the story entitled "The Sin Flood", by Henning Berger. In 1931 the studio remade the film in German as The Mask Falls.

Cenerentola - Una favola in diretta (2013)

Austerity Measures (2012)

Greetings from Africa (1996)

Eggnapper (1961)

Secret Service in Darkest Africa (1943)

Secret Service in Darkest Africa is a 1943 Republic movie serial. It was Republic's thirtieth serial, of the sixty-six produced by the studio. It was a sequel to G-Men vs the Black Dragon released earlier in 1943, again starring Rod Cameron as American secret agent Rex Bennett. This time Bennet faces the Nazis rather than the Japanese. As with the earlier installment, Bennet is supported by characters from some of the allied nations in World War II. The serial is also known by the titles Manhunt in the African Jungles, changed when it was re-released in 1954, and The Baron's African War, when it was edited into a 100-minute film for television in 1966.

Return to Oz: The Joy That Got Away (2007)

Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime (1987)

The Kibitzer (1930)

The Kibitzer is a 1930 American comedy film directed by Edward Sloman and written by Marion Dix, Sam Mintz, Edward G. Robinson, Viola Brothers Shore and Jo Swerling. The film stars Harry Green, Mary Brian, Neil Hamilton, Albert Gran, David Newell, Guy Oliver and Tenen Holtz. The film was released on January 11, 1930, by Paramount Pictures.

Chopping Onions (2015)

Women Prison: The Lynching (1978)

Benjamin Latrobe: America's First Architect (2009)

Goof On The Roof (1953)

Goof on the Roof is the 152nd short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1953 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Beat the Air (2006)

Brutal Ardor (1986)

Lambada Genclik Firtinasi (1989)

The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature (1964)

Muppet Video: The Kermit and Piggy Story (1985)

C-Bar (2015)

El Tonto (2012)

Orgasm Torture in Satan's Rape Clinic (2004)

Incontro d'amore (1970)

Bali is a 1970 Italian romance film directed by Ugo Liberatore and Paolo Heusch.

Jessica's Room (2012)

Tied & Tickled (1985)

Britney Spears: 'Star Baby' Scrapbook (1999)

Pumpkinhead Unearthed (2008)

Little 'Tinker (1948)

Little 'Tinker is a 1948 MGM cartoon directed by Tex Avery. It was produced by Fred Quimby and composed by Scott Bradley.

Industrial Soundscape (2008)

Introducing Parker Dowd (2015)

The Fun Park (2007)

Placido Domingo with Mstislav Rostropovich (2004)

Burg Theatre (1936)

Burgtheater is a 1936 Austrian drama film directed by Willi Forst. Most of the film was shot in the Burgtheater in Vienna.

Arabic Numeral Series 16 (1982)

Molon Labe (2013)

Resurrectus Est (2002)

Lazybones (1941)

Coffee Please (2013)

Kristin Chenoweth: Coming Home (2014)

Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie (2008)

Desecration/Resurrection (2010)

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut (2012)

Gems On The Run (2013)

As children in the late ’90s, three friends Rith, Sovan and Dara promised one another that they’d grow old together, working at a restaurant on the beach. But circumstances have separated them, and 15 years later, Dara’s death brings Rith (played by Cheky Athiporn), now a police officer, and Sovan (Vandy Piseth), a gangster, together again. They are travelling through southern Cambodia, and Sovan is carrying $3 million worth of diamonds – without Rith’s knowledge.

Piratas en el Callao (2005)

Pirates in Callao (Spanish: Piratas en el Callao) is a 2005 Peruvian CGI science fantasy animated film directed by Eduardo Schuldt based on the children's book of the same name written by Hernán Garrido Lecca. It tells the story of Alberto, a Peruvian kid who gets lost during a school trip to the Real Felipe Fortress in the seaport of Callao. The nine-year-old Alberto falls through a hole and travels back in time to the 17th century when the port is about to be attacked by a group of Dutch pirates led by Jacques L'Hermite. There he meets children who have also travel back in time and together they fight and defeat L'Hermite. The film is notable for being one of the first computer-animated film made in Latin America.

Star Wars: The Force and the Fury (2017)

Halo: Landfall (2007)

Let's Visit the World of the Future (1973)

The Mad Magazine TV Special (1974)

Tom Thumb in King Arthur's Court (1963)

The Vampire Attack (2010)

Rotating Cubic Grid (1975)

My Best Friend's Wedding/My Best Friend's Sweating (2011)

Extra: In the Background of a Dream (2001)

Jean-Paul Luc Sébastien René (2010)

Lone Survivor: Will of the Warrior (2013)

The Ventriloquist (2012)