Arena concerto: la musica per il cinema (2003)

Make Like a Tree (2012)

Sa gosse (1919)

Intimate Diary of Artists' Models (1963)

Michel Strogoff (1926)

Michel Strogoff is a 1926 French silent historical adventure film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Ivan Mozzhukhin, Nathalie Kovanko and Acho Chakatouny. It is an adaptation of Jules Verne's 1876 novel Michael Strogoff.

Pelvis (1977)

Tango Trois (2006)

The Roosevelt Story (1947)

The Roosevelt Story is a 1947 American documentary film written and directed by Lawrence M. Klee. The film is a documentary about the private and public life of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The film was narrated by Ed Begley, Gene Blakely, Kelly Flint, Canada Lee and Kenneth Lynch. The film was released on August 30, 1947, by United Artists.

Les Misérables, Part 2: Fantine (1913)

Making of 'Devil Woman Doctor' (1986)

La faraona (1956)

The Fickle (2011)

So This Is London (1939)

So This Is London is a 1939 British comedy film directed by Thornton Freeland and starring Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton and George Sanders. It is adapted from the 1922 play So This Is London by Arthur Goodrich which had previously been adapted into a 1930 film. An American clashes with an Englishman over the merits of their respective countries, only to find that their children have fallen in love. It was made at Pinewood Studios by 20th Century Fox's British subsidiary.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live: Light My Fire (2009)

The Golden Triangle (1975)

Opium smugglers battle the law and each other in Southeast Asia.

The Pawnshop (2009)

Akiket a pacsirta elkísér (1959)

Le petit chaperon rouge (2008)

Rihanna 777 (2013)

SaroyanLand (2013)

Mini en Maxie in concert (1986)

The Jolly Jilter (1927)

Somewhere in the Darkness (1999)

A másik ember (1988)

A Christmas Panic! (2013)

Blue Monday (2012)

Rodent to Stardom (1967)

Rodent to Stardom is a 1967 Looney Tunes animated short starring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales. It is the first cartoon to credit Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, but still uses the "Abstract WB" titles.

The Music Mice-Tro (1967)

Vicious Viking (1967)

Lonely Child (2005)

In Love, Every Pleasure Has Its Pain (1971)

In Love, Every Pleasure Has Its Pain (Italian: La Betìa ovvero in amore, per ogni gaudenza, ci vuole sofferenza) is a 1971 commedia all'italiana film directed by Gianfranco De Bosio. It is based on the comedy play La Betia by Angelo Beolco.

Campamento Flipy (2010)

Palace of the Damned (2013)

Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (2004)

Shepherd II (1999)

What's Your Job Daddy? (2014)

Twisted Sister: We're Not Gonna Take It (1984)

A Dog of the Regiment (1927)

A Dog of the Regiment is a 1927 American silent drama film directed by D. Ross Lederman. This film is presumed lost.

Henhouse Henery (1949)

Henhouse Henery is a 1949 Foghorn Leghorn cartoon made by Warner Bros. and directed by Robert McKimson featuring Henery Hawk and the Barnyard Dawg. It is the first Foghorn Leghorn cartoon featuring Steven Foster's Camptown Races, a song that would be featured in every Foghorn Leghorn cartoon following this with the exceptions of A Fractured Leghorn, Of Rice and Hen and Banty Raids.

Sliphorn King of Polaroo (1945)

Dark Hearts (2014)

Oasis: Time Flies... 1994-2009 (2010)

Yusuf Islam: A Few Good Songs (2007)

Rat-Man - Il segreto del supereroe (2007)

Noah (2014)

The Greatest is the Least (1997)

Kai xin le yuan (1985)

Stooge for a Mouse (1950)

Chilly Willy (1953)

Chilly Willy is a 1953 Chilly Willy cartoon, and the first in the Chilly Willy series. Chilly Willy would have a major redesign in his next cartoon, I'm Cold, by cartoon director Tex Avery.

Woman-Taxi-Woman (1991)

Beyonce at the BBC (2006)

El Efecto Clemente (2013)

The Caribbean Heist (2013)

Españolear (1969)

The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969)

The Nine Ages of Nakedness is a 1969 British sex film, directed by Harrison Marks, and also starring Marks as himself and several of his (fictional) ancestors. Originally entitled The Seven Ages of Nakedness, a title inspired by John Gielgud’s one man show The Seven Ages of Man, in order to increase the film’s running time two more stories/ages had to be added. The film's publicity materials claimed the film featured "150 topless international lovelies;" however, as several female cast members make repeat performances in several of the film's stories, that number might be an exaggeration. Not long after he completed the film, Marks declared bankruptcy and sold all rights to it. The film is not owned by Marks’s estate, and the current rights owner is unknown. A DVD of the film was released in America in 2006; however, this release was unauthorized.

I-Be Area (2007)

Too Hop to Handle (1956)

The Slap-Hoppy Mouse (1956)

Mixed Master (1956)

With Villa's Veterans (1939)

Portret van Anton Adriaan Mussert (1968)

When Sally Met Rascal... (2011)

A Mutt in a Rut (1949)

A Mutt in a Rut is a 1959 Looney Tunes animated short starring Elmer Fudd. The story revolves around Elmer's dog, "Wover", who after watching a television show about dogs, is determined to protest how he is treated, but after going hunting, every intention to hurt or kill Elmer backfires on a good way.

What's My Lion? (1961)

What's My Lion? is a 1961 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon starring Elmer Fudd. This cartoon short is directed by Robert McKimson and written by David Detiege. That is Elmer Fudd's final speaking appearance in the original theatrical Looney Tunes shorts; he appeared in 1962's Crow's Feat but did not have any dialogue. The premise for What's My Lion? is very similar to an earlier Disney cartoon called Rugged Bear, also written by David Detiege.

Woody's Kook-Out (1961)

Woody's Kook-Out is the 112th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on March 28, 1961, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International.

Rock-a-Bye Gator (1962)

Phoney Express (1932)

Little Woody Riding Hood (1962)

Crowin' Pains (1962)

Room and Bored (1943)

Salmon Loafer (1963)

Lighthouse-keeping Blues (1964)

Woody's Clip Joint (1964)

Chili Corn Corny (1965)

Woodpecker Wanted (1965)

Snow Excuse (1966)

Snow Excuse is a Merrie Melodies 1966 animated short featuring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales.

A Taste of Catnip (1966)

A Taste of Catnip is a Merrie Melodies cartoon from 1966. It was first released to theaters on December 3, 1966.

Woody and the Beanstalk (1966)

Mucho Locos (1966)

Mucho Locos is a 1966 Merrie Melodies animated short featuring Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck. In the short, Speedy highlights some of his and Daffy's previous exploits. It was the only cartoon in the series where Daffy gets the upper hand at the end. It was also the final appearance of Porky Pig in the Golden Age of Animation. Porky appears in the Robin Hood Daffy segment. It is the only cartoon to have Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales paired together, although unseen together.

Officer 666 (1920)

The Wedding Tape (2011)

Danchizuma: Kanki no yoru (1973)

Transplante a la mexicana (1990)

In the Grip of Alcohol (1911)

Terrorism: A World in Shadows (1997)

Hulihin Si... Nardong Toothpick (1990)

Romeo and Juliet (1976)

Peter schießt den Vogel ab (1959)

Peter schießt den Vogel ab is a 1959 West German film directed by Géza von Cziffra.

Usted puede ser un asesino (1961)

...und sowas muß um 8 ins Bett (1965)

...und sowas muß um acht ins Bett is a 1965 Austrian-West German musical comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Peter Alexander, Gitte Hænning and Ingeborg Schöner.

Dollar of Fire (1966)

Dollar of Fire /Epitaph for a Fast Gun (Italian:Un dollaro di fuoco, Spanish:Un dólar de fuego) is a 1966 Italian-Spanish western film directed by Nick Nostro and starring Miguel de la Riva, Dada Gallotti and Alberto Farnese.

El pobre García (1961)

Mariandls Heimkehr (1962)

Mariandl's Homecoming (German: Mariandls Heimkehr) is a 1962 Austrian musical drama film directed by Wener Jacobs and starring Cornelia Froboess, Rudolf Prack and Waltraut Haas. It is a sequel to the 1961 film Mariandl.

Trampa para Catalina (1961)

The Red Horses (1950)

The Red Horses, (Danish: De Røde Heste), is a 1950 Danish romantic drama directed by Alice O'Fredericks and Jon Iversen, based on the popular novel by Morten Korch. The film stars Poul Reichhardt and Tove Maës as young newlyweds who try to save an old family farm by winning a horse race. The Red Horses is the most watched Danish film of all time.

Hvis lille pige er du? (1963)

Hvis lille pige er du? is a 1963 Danish comedy film directed by Erik Balling and starring Ghita Nørby.

Chronicle of a Boy Alone (1965)

Chronicle of a Boy Alone (Spanish: Crónica de un niño solo), also known as Chronicle of a Lonely Child, is a 1965 Argentine film directed by Leonardo Favio. It won the Silver Condor Award for Best Film.

Girls at Arms 2 (1976)

Girls at Arms 2 (Danish: Piger i trøjen 2) is a 1976 Danish comedy film directed by Finn Henriksen and starring Berrit Kvorning.

Rumrunners, Moonshiners, & Bootleggers (2002)

The Angels Are My Witnesses (1961)