Sweaty Beards (2010)

Pettson & Findus - Kattonauten (2000)

Pettson och Findus – Kattonauten is a Swedish children's film from 2000, based on the books by Sven Nordqvist.

The Burrow (2015)

Pünktchen und Anton (1953)

Annaluise & Anton (German: Pünktchen und Anton) is a 1999 German family film based on the eponymous children's book by Erich Kästner.

I want to run - Das härteste Rennen der Welt (2012)

Janosch: Komm, wir finden einen Schatz (2012)

The Olsen Gang's Escape over the Fence (1981)

Single By Contract (2010)

Single by Contract (German: Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück) is a 2010 German comedy film directed by Marc Rothemund.

Pettson and Findus (1999)

Der kleine Prinz (1972)

Pigeons on the Roof (2011)

Samba in Mettmann (2004)

Go Trabi Go 2 - Das war der wilde Osten (1992)

Rabid Dogs (1974)

A brutal tale of abduction and psychological torment, KIDNAPPED involves a gang of criminals who, when their robbery goes wrong, take a woman, man, and sick child hostage and embark on a tesnion-fueled getaway. In a departure from his more audacious visual style, Bava keeps the action claustrophobic and the tension wound tight, building to an unexpected (and unforgettable) finale. Shot in the mid 1970s, KIDNAPPED was, for decades, a lost film, having been shut down near the end of production after the death of its principal investor. Years later, producer Alfredo Leone and Mario's son, filmmaker Lamberto Bava, obtained the footage and brought the long-abandoned project to fruition.

Trail of the Falcon (1968)

Spur des Falken is an East German film. It was released in 1968. The film was followed by a sequel, Weiße Wölfe (1969).

Abenteuer mit Blasius (1975)

Die Freunde meiner Frau (1949)

My Wife's Friends is a 1949 West German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Sonja Ziemann, Grethe Weiser and Gerda Maurus.

Schtonk! (1992)

Schtonk! is a 1992 satirical German film, retelling the hoax of the Hitler Diaries. Subtitled Der Film zum Buch vom Führer ("The film accompanying the Führer's book"), the film is a farce about the events when, in 1983, German Stern magazine began to publish, with great fanfare, the 60 volumes of the alleged diaries of Adolf Hitler – which two weeks later turned out to be entirely fake. The film is co-written and directed by Helmut Dietl. Dietl researched the scandal for two years and has been quoted as having to leave out several real events from the film because they were too outrageous. The title is a bow to Charlie Chaplin's classic The Great Dictator, in which the Führer repeatedly uses "Schtonk!" as an expression of disgust – the word has no meaning in German but resembles the Bavarian Gschtonk! (Gestank, meaning stench), and Stunk (pronounced as shtoonk), a colloquial expression for a scuffle or altercation.

Never Mind the Wall (2001)

Die Geschichte von der Gänseprinzessin und ihrem treuen Pferd Falada (1989)

The Cat (1988)

The Cat (German: Die Katze) is a 1988 German crime film directed by Dominik Graf.

Moritz in der Litfaßsäule (1983)

Osceola (1971)

Ulzana (1974)

Angels of the Street (1969)

Angels of the Street or The Angel of St. Pauli (German:Die Engel von St. Pauli) is a 1969 West German crime film directed by Jürgen Roland and starring Horst Frank, Herbert Fux and Werner Pochath. It is set in the St. Pauli red light district of the port of Hamburg. The film's sets were designed by the art director Dieter Bartels.

Kein Bund für's Leben (2007)

Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns (1985)

Treasure on the Bottom of the Lake (1969)

Käuzchenkuhle is an East German film. It was released in 1968.

Schön muß man sein (1951)

You Have to Be Beautiful is a 1951 German musical comedy film directed by Ákos Ráthonyi and starring Sonja Ziemann, Willy Fritsch and Anny Ondra. The film's sets were designed by art director Mathias Matthiess. It was Ondra's final film apart from a brief cameo role in The Affairs of Julie.

Der Schatten des Herrn Monitor (1950)

Estamos Juntos (2011)

The Olsen Gang in Jutland (1971)

The Olsen Gang in Jutland (Danish: Olsen-banden i Jylland) is a 1971 Danish comedy film directed by Erik Balling and starring Ove Sprogøe. The film was the third instalment in the Olsen Gang-series.

Kommen Sie am Ersten (1951)

The Spider's Web (1960)

The Spider's Web is a 1960 British mystery film directed by Godfrey Grayson and starring Glynis Johns, John Justin, Cicely Courtneidge and Jack Hulbert. It was an adaptation of the play Spider's Web by Agatha Christie, and a rare Technicolor 'A' feature from the Danzigers. It was remade as a television special starring Penelope Keith and broadcast on 26 December 1982. The poster tagline read, "DON'T TELL YOUR FRIENDS THE ENDING ... THEY WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!"

Las sufragistas (2012)

The Mystery of the Green Spider (1960)

El karateca azteca (1976)

El gran simulador (2013)

Les Veinards (1963)

Les Veinards English: The Lucky, is a French comedy film from 1963, directed by Philippe de Broca and Jean Girault, written by Jacques Vilfrid and Jean Girault, starring France Anglade and Louis de Funès (uncredited). The film is known under the titles: "People in Luck" or "The Lucky" (English titles), "Die Glückspilze" or "Fünf Glückspilze" (West Germany), "I fortunati" (Italy).

Howard Hawks: American Artist (1997)

Rita Cadillac: The Lady of the People (2007)

Superpai (2015)

Re loca (2018)

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II (2015)

Death in the Soul (2018)

Ladies Night (2005)

Whatever Love Means (2005)

Whatever Love Means is a TV movie about Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. Directed by David Blair and starring Olivia Poulet and Laurence Fox, it premiered in December 2005 on ITV1. The story centres on Charles and Camilla's relationship in the early 1970s until 1981.

Swearnet Live (2014)

Blue Spring (2001)

Blue Spring (青い春, Aoi haru) is a 2002 Japanese youth drama film, written and directed by Toshiaki Toyoda and based on Taiyō Matsumoto's manga of same title. It tells a tale of apathetic school students at a run-down Tokyo high school for boys. It was released on June 29, 2002. The film title can be understood as "inexperienced years" or teenage years, but it also can be understood as "fresh start". According to manga artist Taiyō Matsumoto, the title is intended as a play on irony.

Cryptic (2014)

Serengeti Symphony (1998)

The Deposit (2019)

Bryan Kellen: Ballet Komedico (2014)

Tell (2012)

Tell is a 2012 short psychological horror film written, directed, and edited by Ryan Connolly. It is loosely based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story "The Tell-Tale Heart".

Dance! (2018)

You and Me (2017)

The Mountain II (2016)

Dağ II, is a Turkish drama and action film directed by Alper Çağlar in 2016.

A Young Patriot (2015)

Circle of Crime (2012)

For Whom the Larks Sing (1959)

Witches Blood (2014)

Luncheon at Twelve (1933)

Ernesto (1979)

Ernesto is a 1979 film directed by Salvatore Samperi and starring Martin Halm and Virna Lisi.

Mini & Maxi: In Concert (1986)

The Secret of Wendel Samson (1966)

64,000,000 Years Ago (1981)

Samson & Goliath (1990)

Bondying: The Little Big Boy (1989)

Hungarian Requiem (1990)

His Majesty's Dates (1964)

Ward No. 9 (1955)

The Other Person (1988)

Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013)

A Commissioner's Accusations (1974)

A Police Superintendent Accuses (Romanian: Un comisar acuză) is a 1973 Romanian crime drama film by Sergiu Nicolaescu. The film is based on a true event, the Jilava Massacre which took place during World War II.

Rodent to Stardom (1967)

Rodent to Stardom is a 1967 Looney Tunes animated short starring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales. It is the first cartoon to credit Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, but still uses the "Abstract WB" titles.

Hot Time on Ice (1967)

Fiesta Fiasco (1967)

Daffy Duck builds a rainmaking machine in order to rain out Speedy Gonzales's fiesta, but it spits out a small black cloud that does nothing but harass Daffy himself.

The Music Mice-Tro (1967)

Have Gun Can't Travel (1967)

Campamento Flipy (2010)

Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (2004)

Medan porten var stängd (1946)

While the Door Was Locked (Swedish:Medan porten var stängd) is a 1946 Swedish drama film directed by Hasse Ekman.

Cybermaster -Shepherd 2- (1999)

Pure in Heart: The Life and Legacy of Lon Chaney, Jr. (2010)

Ma Femme Chamada Bicho (1978)

Pearl of the Army (1916)

Pearl of the Army is a 1916 American silent film serial directed by Edward José. The Pathé-Astra film was made when many early film studio and film producers in America's first motion picture industry were based in New Jersey's Hudson River towns, particularly Fort Lee. The film was thought lost until it was rediscovered, along with 500 other lost films, in Dawson City, in 1978.

Please Talk with Me (2012)

Snowbody Loves Me (1964)

Snowbody Loves Me is a 1964 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. The cartoon contains much music arranged from familiar Chopin pieces; notably, the Revolutionary Étude; the Grande Valse Brillante in E-flat major; and the Fantaisie-Impromptu. The name is a reference to the phrase "Nobody loves me."

Where's Grandpa Mê? (2014)

#Y (2014)

The Gypsy Girl (1953)

The Gypsy Girl (Serbo-Croat: Ciganka) is a 1953 Yugoslav drama film directed by Vojislav Nanovic and starring Radomir 'Rasa' Plaovic, Elma Karlowa and Milivoje Zivanovic.

Lessons Learned (2014)

Lessons Learned is a 2014 fantasy short film written and directed by Toby Froud. The film's visuals were achieved widely through the use puppetry and animatronics.

Star Trek: A Captain's Log (1994)

Le film du poilu (1928)

Mannigan's Force (1988)

The Million Dollar Mystery (1914)

The Million Dollar Mystery is a 23-chapter film serial released in 1914, directed by Howell Hansel, and starring Florence La Badie and James Cruze. It is presumed lost.

Parade of the West (1930)

Parade of the West is a 1930 American Western film directed by Harry Joe Brown and written by Bennett Cohen and Leslie Mason. The film stars Ken Maynard, Gladys McConnell, Otis Harlan, Jack Hanlon, Frank Rice and Fred Burns. The film was released on January 19, 1930, by Universal Pictures.

Joe D'Amato: Totally Uncut (1999)

Initiation of the Two-Sword Style (1943)

Lucille Love: The Girl of Mystery (1914)

Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery is a 1914 American action film serial directed by Francis Ford. It was the first serial by Universal. It was originally intended to be a short subject. The serial is now considered to be lost with only four episodes surviving.