Halfway Home (2011)

War veterans, military experts and mental-health workers discuss the difficulties that soldiers often face when they return home from war.

Pédale douce (1996)

Pédale douce is a 1996 French comedy film directed by Gabriel Aghion. Fanny Ardant won the 1997 César Award for Best Actress for her performance as Eva.

Evaporating Borders (2014)

A series of vignettes tell the stories of asylum seekers in Cyprus.

Within The Rock (1996)

Within the Rock is a 1996 American made-for-TV science fiction horror film directed by Gary J. Tunnicliffe. It starred Xander Berkeley, Brian Krause, and Duane Whitaker. It featured a cameo from former U.S. Marine Corps captain and technical advisor Dale Dye.

Roommates (1961)

Raising the Wind is a 1961 British comedy film written by Bruce Montgomery and directed by Gerald Thomas. It starred James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips, Kenneth Williams, Liz Fraser, Eric Barker and Sid James. It is set in an elite music school. Raising the Wind uses a cast of actors drawn from the Carry On and Doctor films that were popular at the time, although it is not an official member of either series.

Sex And Breakfast (2007)

Sex and Breakfast is a 2007 independent dark comedy film starring Macaulay Culkin, Eliza Dushku, Alexis Dziena and Kuno Becker. Shooting took place in September 2006. The film opened in Los Angeles November 30, 2007, and was released on DVD on January 22, 2008 by First Look Pictures. The film was directed by first-time director Miles Brandman.

David Harum (1915)

David Harum is a 1915 American silent comedy-drama romance film written and directed by Allan Dwan, produced by Famous Players Film Company and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on the 1899 novel of the same name by Edward Noyes Westcott and the 1900 Broadway play based on the novel, starring William H. Crane (Crane also starred in two subsequent Broadway revivals). Crane agreed to star in the film (which was his debut) only if the film was written exactly as the play. David Harum is the only film of Dwan's for Famous Players that still survives. A print is preserved at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York and the Cinémathèque Française in Paris. The novel was again adapted for the screen in 1934 starring Will Rogers in the title role.

Finding Hillywood (2013)

An award-winning documentary, FINDING HILLYWOOD chronicles one man's road to forgiveness, his effort to heal his country, and the realization that we all must one day face our past. A real life example of the power of film to heal a man and a nation.

Wild Ocean (2008)

Wild Ocean is a 2008 documentary 3D IMAX film about the annual migration of billions of sardines, the sardine run, up South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal coast and its human and animal impact.

Should Men Walk Home? (1927)

Should Men Walk Home? is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Mabel Normand and featuring Oliver Hardy and Eugene Pallette.

Last Hero in China (1993)

Jet Li stars in this comic spectacle as a Chinese "Robin Hood" who stumbles upon a kidnapping scheme after unwittingly opening a martial arts school next to a brothel!

I Sell Love (2014)

An undergraduate dabbles in "compensated dating" to support herself.

Banklady (2013)

After falling in love with a thief, factory worker Gisela Werler (Nadeshda Brennicke) becomes West Germany's first female bank-robber.

A Dog Named Gucci (2015)

A Dog Named Gucci is a 2015 documentary film by Gorman Bechard that chronicles the story of an Alabama puppy set on fire, and the man who came to his rescue. The film made its American festival debut in February 2015 at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Semper Fidel (2014)

After his father dies, U.S. Marine Jim Acosta travels to Havana to learn about his heritage. He discovers his grandfather is still alive, and a bond is formed that will change Jim's life forever.

Critical Assignment (2004)

Critical Assignment is a 2004 pan-African action film directed by Jason Xenopoulos. It involves a journalist, Michael Power, who is going against a politician who is acquiring weapons and diverting water from the people.

Since I Don't Have You (2014)

A vocalist's son confronts his estranged father looking for the truth about his mother's suicide.

Max Havelaar (1976)

Max Havelaar (Dutch: Max Havelaar of de koffieveilingen der Nederlandsche handelsmaatschappij) is a 1976 Dutch drama film directed by Fons Rademakers, based on the 1860 novel Max Havelaar by Multatuli. It was the country's submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 49th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Grasslands (2012)

Ciro, a Bronx hood with a sense of honor, becomes a strain to his friends and loved ones when he tries to find out who murdered his father twenty years earlier.

Crossing the Dust (2006)

Crossing the Dust is a 2006 film directed by the Kurdish director Shawkat Amin Korki.


Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller chronicle their efforts to construct a mobile home that measures only 120 square feet but contains the comforts of larger houses.

Pecado Fatal (2013)

A young man and woman fall in love on the night they meet, but he takes advantage of her when she gets drunk. Although she doesn't remember anything from that night, something nags at the back of her mind.

Skeletons (2014)

Tom (Gareth Morrison), Rachel (Rachael Keiller) and Vincent (Michael Daviot) live as social recluses until their paths cross with cataclysmic results.

Europa 2005 - 27 octobre (2006)

A pan of the dead end location where two Tunisian teens were electrocuted.

Man on the Train (2002)

Milan (Johnny Hallyday) is a beleaguered old thief who rolls into a small French town with the aim of robbing its bank. However, a chance meeting with a local professor, Monsieur Manesquier (Jean Rochefort), delays his scheme and leads to an unexpected friendship. Milan has grown tired of his adventurous life on the run and wishes to retire in peace; Manesquier craves the danger he's never known in his bookish existence. Their shared admiration and envy inspires each to follow his dream.

Dangerous Waters (1999)

Escaped convicts menace a single mother (Connie Sellecca), her boyfriend and her children (Anthony De Filippo, Alana Austin) on a rafting trip.

Dognapped (2014)

Eight kids train their talents to superhero levels to stop a villain from stealing dogs.

The Last Crooked Mile (1946)

The Last Crooked Mile is a 1946 American crime film directed by Philip Ford and written by Jerry Sackheim and Jerome Gruskin. The film stars Don "Red" Barry, Ann Savage, Adele Mara, Tom Powers, Sheldon Leonard and Nestor Paiva. The film was released on August 9, 1946, by Republic Pictures.

The Invisible Children (2001)

The Invisible Children (Spanish: Los niños invisibles) is a 2001 Colombian drama film directed by Lisandro Duque Naranjo. It was selected as the Colombian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 75th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

The Violent Ones (1967)

The Violent Ones is a 1967 film directed by and starring Fernando Lamas. The story was written and created by Charles Davis, Fred Freiberger, Herman Miller, and Doug Wilson.

Southern Justice (2006)

Thugs endanger the life of a former sniper (M.D. Selig) who works in a small town.

The White Horse Is Dead (2006)

A teenage girl's bizarre attempt to ease the pain of her lonely existence leads to a battle of wills between herself and her sexually charged mother.

Girls of Today (1955)

Girls of Today (Italian: Ragazze d'oggi) is a 1955 Italian comedy film directed by Luigi Zampa and starring Marisa Allasio.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm (2008)

The Early Bird Catches the Worm (Italian: Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca) is a 2008 Italian drama film directed by Francesco Patierno. It is based on the autobiographical book Il giocatore (ogni scomessa e un debito) by Marco Baldini.

Judgment Day (2013)

In 72 hours a meteor will collide with Earth and annihilate mankind. Singapore's government tells its citizens to let loose for once and do absolutely anything they please.

Talk About a Stranger (1952)

Talk About a Stranger is a 1952 American film noir released in and directed by David Bradley. The drama features George Murphy, Nancy Davis and Billy Gray. The motion picture was shot by noted cinematographer John Alton, A.S.C.

The Glass Mountain (1949)

The Glass Mountain is a black and white British romantic film drama released in 1949. It starred Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray and Valentina Cortese. The film was a popular success of its day, and was re-released in the UK in 1950 and 1953. It features acclaimed classical vocalist Tito Gobbi as himself, with the orchestra and chorus of the Venice Opera House. The theme music by Nino Rota is memorable, and was also a contemporary hit. It was mainly filmed on location in the Dolomites and at Venice's La Fenice Opera House.The Guardian wrote, "most reference books now deride the film, but at a time when Britain was emerging from the war into a period of grey austerity, The Glass Mountain and movies like it were a popular tonic. Set in the beautiful Dolomite mountains, with graceful performers and a nostalgically slow pace, it was one of the most successful British films to that date. The part of the composer was taken by Denison, with whom (Dulcie) Gray starred on stage and screen so many times that the Denisons became one of the "royal families" of the British entertainment scene." A tale from peasant folklore concerns a mountain made of glass and a man's attempts to climb it, to win the love of a princess. For each step he takes, he slides back two steps; so, cleverly, he turns about and climbs it backwards, gaining double elevation with each downward step.

Mind Games (2003)

After a brutal attack, a mystery writer (Kari Keegan) awakens with amnesia and meets a man who claims to be her husband.

Brushfire (1962)

Brushfire! is a 1962 low budget black-and-white jungle warfare adventure exploitation film produced, directed and co-written by Jack Warner, Jr the only son of Jack L. Warner of Warner Bros.. Warner planned on making two more films under his Obelisk Productions company but they were never produced. It was filmed at the time of the beginning of American involvement in Viet Nam and Laos brushfire conflicts.

Summer In February (2013)

Summer in February is a 2013 British romantic drama film directed by Christopher Menaul. Novelist Jonathan Smith adapted the screenplay from his 1995 eponymous novel. The film stars Dominic Cooper, Emily Browning, Dan Stevens, Hattie Morahan and Nicholas Farrell and focuses on the early 20th century love triangle between British artist Alfred Munnings, his friend Gilbert Evans and Florence Carter-Wood. It was released in the United Kingdom on 14 June 2013.

Iron Maiden And The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (2008)

An in-depth retrospective look at the subculture of New Wave British Metal and Iron Maiden.

The Price of Peace (2015)

A Tuhoe activist and three others are accused of plotting terrorist activities.

The Day of the Beast (1995)

The Day of the Beast (Spanish: El día de la Bestia) is a 1995 Spanish black comedy horror action film co-written and directed by Álex de la Iglesia and starring Álex Angulo, Armando De Razza and Santiago Segura. Both Maria Grazia Cucinotta and El Gran Wyoming have small roles in the film as well.

Bare Essentials (1991)

Bare Essentials is a 1991 American made-for-television comedy film starring Gregory Harrison, Mark Linn-Baker and Lisa Hartman. It was directed by Martha Coolidge and written by Allen Estrin and Mark Estrin.

Frontier Fury (1943)

Frontier Fury is a 1943 American Western directed by William Berke. The Columbia Pictures film is a Charles Starrett Western about corrupt Indian agents in the American West.

Belle Starr's Daughter (1948)

Belle Starr's Daughter is a 1948 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by W. R. Burnett. The film stars George Montgomery, Rod Cameron, Ruth Roman, Wallace Ford, Charles Kemper and William Edward Phipps. The film was released on November 15, 1948, by 20th Century Fox.

Diamonds for Breakfast (1968)

BRAND NEW 2K MASTER! Four thieves try to steal the Imperial Jewels of Russia! Swinging playboy Grand Duke Nicholas Wladimirovitch Goduno (Marcello Mastroianni, Marriage Italian Style), a direct descendent of the Romanov family who were overthrown in the Russian Revolution of 1917, learns that his family's crown jewels will be exhibited at a London museum and plots to steal them. He gathers a crew of beautiful but dangerous women, led by Bridget Rafferty (Rita Tushingham, The Knack… and How to Get It), to assist in his plot against Popov (Warren Mitchell, The Crawling Eye), the Soviet functionary in charge of the exhibit. Wonderfully directed by Christopher Morahan (Clockwise) and beautifully shot by Gerry Turpin (Seance on a Wet Afternoon, The Whisperers).

Home Made Home (1951)

Goofy runs into trouble when he tries to build his own house.

Starlight Hotel (1987)

A 13-year-old runaway (Greer Robson) hits the road with a wanted man (Peter Phelps) to find her father in 1930 New Zealand.

The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga (2014)

Filmmaker Jessica Oreck explores Eastern Europe's haunted woodlands.

The Island of Lucifer (2012)

A small film crew travels to the remote island of Anholt to uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious satanic cult.

Naughty Wives (1973)

Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman is a 1973 sex comedy film directed by Wolf Rilla. Also known as Naughty Wives, the film is about a young man who gets a job as a vacuum salesman and finds that he has to fight off advances from female customers.

Lost Penny (2015)

Lost Penny is an Independent Film drama by CubeCity Entertainment, in association with Curium Films. Mann Munoz directed the film and Roberto Munoz produced. The movie features Rachael McOwen, Victoria Guthrie, Andrew Roth, Christopher Elliott, Stephen Velichko, and Victoria Murdoch. It is partly inspired by Alice in Wonderland as Penny travels to a mysterious underworld club where she meets an assortment of quirky characters. Filming took place in the Niagara Region in August 2014. The filmmakers worked with Broadway Lights Dance Studio of St. Catharines, Ontario. They reconnected with the studio after having worked with them in the musical Job and the Snake. The film was screened at the Manhattan Film Festival (as a festival award winner) and the Niagara Integrated Film Festival where it sold out its screening.

Subconscious Password (2014)

Subconscious Password is a 2013 3-D animated film by Chris Landreth offering an imaginary, comedic look at the inner workings of Landreth's mind, as he tries to remember someone's name at a party.

Tricks (2007)

Tricks, (Polish: Sztuczki) is a 2007 Polish film written, directed and produced by Andrzej Jakimowski starring Damian Ul, Ewelina Walendziak and Tomasz Sapryk. Tricks is Andrzej Jakimowski's follow up to Squint Your Eyes (Zmruz oczy), his 2002 debut.

Into The Woods (2012)

Six friends wander into the woods of a madman who uses the remote area as a playground to hunt and kill other people.

No Control (2007)

Sem Controle (English: No Control) also known as The Last Madness, is a 2007 Brazilian drama thriller film directed by Cris D'amato and starring Eduardo Moscovis, Milena Toscano, Vanessa Gerbelli and Renata Batista. The film was screened at the Première Brasil of the 2007 Festival do Rio.

Blondie Has Servant Trouble (1940)

Blondie Has Servant Trouble is a 1940 American film, the sixth of the series of 28 Blondie movies.

Apache Warrior (1957)

Apache Warrior is a 1957 American Western film directed by Elmo Williams and written by Carroll Young, Kurt Neumann and Eric Norden. The film stars Keith Larsen, Jim Davis, Rodolfo Acosta, John Miljan, Damian O'Flynn and George Keymas. The film was released on July 1, 1957, by 20th Century Fox.

City of Rott (2006)

City of Rott is a 2006 animated zombie film by Frank Sudol, who performed all filmmaking duties himself. The film uses 2D limited animation in a style similar to South Park. A sequel, City of Rott 2, was released in October 2014 through Amazon.com.

Afula Express (1997)

Pick a Card, also known as Afula Express, is a 1997 Israeli romantic comedy drama film directed by Julie Shles. It stars Zvika Hadar, Esti Zakheim, and Aryeh Moskona. Critically acclaimed, it won the Ophir Award for Best Film. The film was selected as the Israeli entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 70th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Cowboy Del Amor (2005)

Cowboy del Amor is a 2005 documentary film directed by Michèle Ohayon.

Code 60 (2012)

A young police officer from an anti-theft unit gets her chance to prove she can handle homicide investigations when she's asked to join the hunt for a serial killer.

Running For Jim (2014)

Cross country coach Jim Tracy battles Lou Gehrig's disease, and his coaching accomplishments reach a global stage in 2010 when, during the championship race, his team captain collapses and crawls across the finish line to win the title.

Hold Back the Night (1956)

Hold Back the Night is a 1956 American war film about the Korean War based on the 1951 novel by Pat Frank, who had been a war correspondent in Korea. The film was directed by Allan Dwan; his third film with John Payne and his third film about the United States Marine Corps. The earlier films about the Marine Corps were Abroad with Two Yanks (1944) and The Sands of Iwo Jima (1949).

Pink Lemonade (2006)

Restaurant employees encounter troublesome customers and bumbling thieves.

Sensoria (2016)

A woman looking to start over moves into a new apartment, only to find that she is not as alone as she had believed.

Finders, Keepers... (1996)

The key to a woman's heart is sometimes...timing.

Freddy Hotel (2014)

In search of meaning, Freddy leaves his family to travel Europe, engaging in several strange trysts along the way.

From the Earth to the Moon (2013)

A post-Civil War America launches an expedition to the moon via cannon.

Frozen (2010)

Frozen is a 2010 American thriller film written and directed by Adam Green and starring Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Zegers.

Girls Night Out (1988)

A trilogy of movies - Girls Night Out, The Creep, and Blood Moon Rising. Settle in and brace yourself for an evening of chills.Just because the girls go out doesn't mean they are coming back.

Goldfish (2013)

Two third graders embark on a mission.

Great Bible Stories: Volume 1 (2012)

Witness a touching depiction of sacred events from the Bible and Jesus' teachings with this engaging collection of six short films. Gracefully and skillfully presented, this series is an excellent resource for every family.

Hidden Agenda (2015)

Detective Matthews leaves the confines of his precinct to track down a sadistic serial killer.

History of Christian Worship: Part 1 - The Word (2010)

Part 1, The Word explores how the written and spoken word consisting of scriptures, sermons and creeds have remembered and celebrated God's story throughout centuries of Christianity.

Romans Road (2012)

Romans Road is a zany heartfelt comedy about five women living on a secluded military base. Together they learn to enjoy the journey and seize each day. There goes the neighborhood!

Son of Alladin (2003)

Son of Aladdin is a 2003 English and Hindi animation Indian film based on the life of the Aladdin written and directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. Produced by Pentamedia Graphics, the film had 1100 shots and 125 characters. The film won Special Mention in the Competition section at the 2003 International Children’s Film Festival Hyderabad, and was subsequently premiered at the 37th International Film Festival of India. In 2016, the film was released as Mustafa & the Magician in Los Angeles and was submitted for consideration for the animated feature film Oscar.

Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After (2009)

Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry, Angel Cake, Rainbow Sherbet and the other Strawberryland kids learn lessons about believing in oneself, friendship and listening in "berry" clever twists of two classic fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. In the first adventure, Strawberry Rose falls under a spell, and her friends search for a way to awaken the sleeping princess. In the next tale, spunky Princess Rap gets a chance to prove herself.

This Is Not A Ball (2014)

This Is Not a Ball is a feature documentary film premiered in June 2014 produced by Emilio Azcarraga Jean and Bernardo Gomez and El Mall and Videocine as producing companies. The documentary is directed by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and Juan Rendón. The documentary narrates the story of how a small round object such as a soccer ball can transform the lives of individuals and communities around the world. It explores the passion for soccer in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Sierra Leone, China and Pakistan. Throughout the documentary, there are interviews with children from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, with American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and other personalities.

Weaving The Past: Journey Of Discovery (2014)

Filmmaker Walter Dominguez embarks on a quest to find his long-lost family and fulfill his grandfather's dying wish.

When China Met Africa (2010)

When China Met Africa is a 2010 documentary film by Nick Francis and Marc Francis. Set on the front line of Chinaʼs foray into Africa, it follows the lives of a Chinese farmer, a road builder, and the Zambian trade minister.

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer (1981)

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer is a documentary film that was released in 1989. The film takes a look at the work of Alfred Eisenstaedt who was one of the most prominent photographers for Life Magazine. The film follows his move to American from Germany, and his eventual work as a photographer. During his career Alfred Eisenstaedt took pictures of some of the most iconic figures in history, and his pictures are still used when discussing those people.

Amazonia: A Perilous Journey (2011)

Bruce Barron and Marshall Pickard lead an expedition to the Amazon Jungle to retrace British explorer Percy H. Fawcett's footsteps.

Axed (2012)

A strict father takes his family on a trip to the countryside. The day of fun takes a dark turn when his family realizes he plans to make it their last outing ever.

Bordering On Bad Behavior (2014)

Bordering On Bad Behavior is a 2014 comedy film, written by Ziggy Darwish. and directed by Jac Mulder, starring Tom Sizemore, Bernard Curry and Oz Zehavi. The film was produced by Chris Roland, Leigh Ferreira and Richard Lackey, and was executive produced by Yola Raydan and Ziggy Darwish.

Britney Spears: Princess of Pop (2012)

A pop phenomenon in every sense of the word, her catchy singles and sexy videos, plus a very public private life have made her a worldwide household name selling over 85 million records worldwide!

The Eyes of the Mummy (1918)

Die Augen der Mumie Ma is a 1918 German silent film directed by Ernst Lubitsch. The film stars Pola Negri as Ma, Emil Jannings as Radu, and Harry Liedtke as Wendland. It is the first collaboration between Lubitsch and Negri, a pairing that would go on to make worldwide successes such as Carmen (1918), Madame DuBarry (1919), and Sumurun (1920).

The Factory (2013)

A killer roams the streets, abducting women on cold, quiet nights. Detective Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) is the one cop on the force bent on bringing him to justice, but it's taking a toll on his family life. His marriage is soon to be on the rocks, and he's out of touch with his son Jed and young teenage daughter Abby. One night, Abby runs away from home and our abductor grabs her, blindfolds her, and locks her in his basement with the others. He's not a serial killer – instead, he's been abducting women to start a family. When Mike learns of Abby's abduction, he puts the facts together and realizes he doesn't have much time. He goes all out to catch the killer and rescue her before it's too late.

A Mother's Devotion; or, The Firing of the Patchwork Quilt (1912)

When the trestle her son's train is about to cross is struck by lightning, a mother must find some way to warn him of the danger ahead. This silent film features an original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.

The Kirlian Witness (1979)

The Kirlian Witness is a 1979 American thriller film written and directed by Jonathan Sarno. The film stars Nancy Snyder, Nancy Boykin, Joel Colodner, Ted Le Plat, Lawrence Tierney and Maia Danziger. The film was released on June 6, 1979, by Paramount Pictures.

The Noble Horse (1999)

Discover the power and mystery of one of nature's most magnificent creatures.

The Rapture: The Beginning of the End (2015)

A world-wide event of Biblical proportions. With the help of a dozen experts the documentary The Rapture: The Beginning of the End will explore just what this controversial prophecy contains and what it will mean to mankind.

The Red Room (2008)

In the middle of an uncharacteristically chilly Los Angeles night, 2 men meet for the first time on a rooftop, somewhere downtown. One of the men, Hadley Prince, is calm and in control.

The Rise of the Robots (2015)

Two students, a hillbilly and a professor are humanity's last chance in a world conquered by robots.

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band (1988)

A rousing, hand-clapping concert featuring Raffi at his warm-hearted best.

Reflections of Evil (2002)

Julie, who died of a PCP overdose as a teen in the early '70s, searches from beyond the ethers for her little brother, Bob, an obese watch seller, who is dying of sucrose intolerance, in the early 90s. Damon Packard's epic cult classic horror film is a masterpiece of modern cinema.

Reverse Runner (2013)

Reverse Runner (sometimes stylized as Яeverse Яunner) is an Australian comedy film written and directed by Lachlan Ryan and Jarrod Theodore, executive produced by Stephen Herek. It stars Dan Cannon, Dave Callan, Steve Moneghetti, Rosco Brauer and a special appearance from Olympic commentator Bruce McAvaney. It tells the story of teenager Kid Campbell, who dreams of becoming a reverse runner despite being mocked, ridiculed and kicked out of home for refusing to get an ordinary job. In the end he is left to question his childhood dream. It had a limited theatrical release on 11 October 2012 playing in cinemas until April 2013. It was released on DVD, Blu-ray & VOD in Australia on 18 September 2013 and 30 October 2013 in New Zealand.

Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII - Live at Hampton Court Palace 2009 (2009)

This spectacular 94-minute concert was recorded live with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra in 1975, at the Sydney Myer Concert Bowl in Melbourne Australia to a 30,000 audience

Boogeyman cometh (2013)

A woman begins to unravel after witnessing a murder committed by a masked monster.