Muchachas en vacaciones (1958)

Before the Mountain Was Moved (1970)

Before the Mountain Was Moved is a 1970 American documentary film produced by Robert K. Sharpe. The film portrays the struggle by the inhabitants of Raleigh County, West Virginia, to preserve their land from the ravages of strip mining, and their efforts to pass state legislation to this end. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Street of Sin (1928)

The Street of Sin (1928) is an American silent film directed by Mauritz Stiller, Ludwig Berger and Lothar Mendes. It starred Emil Jannings, Fay Wray and Olga Baclanova. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Slimtime (2010)

The Real World Reunion (1996)

Doing Impossikible Stunts (1940)

Abdul the Bulbul Ameer (1941)

Wild Honey, or, How to Get Along Without a Ration Book (1942)

Now We Live on Clifton (1974)

The Questioning (2013)

'Pinto' Colvig: The Man Behind the Goof (2002)

Rio Belongs to Us (2013)

Rio Belongs to Us (Portuguese: O Rio nos Pertence!) is a 2013 Brazilian drama-thriller film written and directed by Ricardo Pretti, starring Leandra Leal, Mariana Ximenes and Jiddu Pinheiro. It premiered at the 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film is part of the "Operation Sonia Silk", a series of three feature-length films produced cooperatively, with the same cast and crew, co-produced by Canal Brasil and Teleimage.

Melissa Mom and Me (2010)

The Projectionist (2012)

The Aztec Box (2013)

Hitokiri kannon-uta (1970)

Cerro Negro (2012)

Baldevins bryllup (1926)

Baldevins bryllup (English: Baldevin's wedding) is a 1926 Norwegian comedy film directed by George Schnéevoigt, starring Einar Sissener and Victor Bernau. The film is based on a play by Vilhelm Krag, and tells the story of how Simen Sørensen (Bernau) manages to get his friend Baldevin Jonassen (Sissener) married to the lady next door. The film was renovated in 2006, for the 100-years anniversary of Kristiansand Cinema.

The Hairdresser (1905)

Unrated II: Scary as Hell (2011)

Scent-imental Over You (1947)

Scent-imental Over You is a 1947 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.

The Big Flame Up (1949)

Eternal Gaze (2003)

Maleficia (1998)

Kanzenna yûgi (1958)

The hands (2006)

The Hands (Spanish: ''Las manos'') is a movie in 2006 Argentinean-Italian film directed by Alejandro Doria. The plot was inspired by the life and work of Catholic priest Mario Pantaleo. Doria and Juan Bautista Stagnaro wrote the screenplay. The film won one Goya Award.

El Crack (1981)

El Crack (English: The Crack) is a 1981 Spanish film drama co-written and directed by José Luis Garci, starring Alfredo Landa. José Luis Garci won the Oscar to Best Foreign picture the next year with his next film "Volver a Empezar" ("Begin The Beguine"), the first Oscar won by Spanish cinema. The plot was inspired by the novels written by Dashiell Hammett, to whom the film is dedicated. It is a detective film and basically a Spanish film noir.

Doug Anthony All Stars Ultimate Collection (2009)

Tre franchi di pietà (1966)

Záskok (1994)

Motór (2005)

Ssunday Seoul (2006)

The Pencil Murders (1982)

Billie Turf kontra Kwel (1983)

Dancer on the Wounds (1974)

Malenkie lyudi (2003)

Joy Ride: An Auto Theft (1976)

Harry Hill: Live (1995)

12+1, una comedia metafísica (2012)

Ensaio (2012)

Scrappy Birthday (1949)

A Bee in August (2007)

Symbiosis (2012)

Arm in Arm Down the Street (1966)

Arm in Arm Down the Street (Spanish: Del brazo y por la calle) is a 1966 Argentine and Spanish comedy-drama film directed by Enrique Carreras and starring Rodolfo Bebán, Evangelina Salazar and Susana Campos. It won the Silver Condor Award for Best Film, given by the Argentine Film Critics Association in 1967 for the best picture of the previous year.

Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (1977)

Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (Czech: Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem) is a 1977 Czechoslovak comical science fiction film directed by Jindřich Polák. It is a screen adaptation of Josef Nesvadba's short story with the same title.

Bride of Resistor (1997)

Traja chrobáci (1976)

Damon Wayans: The Last Stand? (1990)

Dead and Buried (2006)

Central Bazaar (1976)

Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven (1969)

Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven (Italian: Kidnapping! Paga o uccidiamo tuo figlio, also known as 20.000 dollari sporchi di sangue) is an Italian Spaghetti Western film starring Brett Halsey. It was released in 1969.

Dan Oniroku ikenie shimai (1987)

Kaii Utsunomiya tsuritenjô (1956)

Pagan Moon (1932)

Pagan Moon is an American animated short film. It is a Merrie Melody cartoon, possibly released on January 31, 1932, although one source gives January 23 as the date of release and another only lists it under the years 1931-1932. Like most Merrie Melodies of the time, it was directed by Rudolf Ising and is named after a song prominently featured in the short. Frank Marsales was its musical director.

Carmen di Trastevere (1962)

Carmen di Trastevere is a 1962 Italian comedy film directed by Carmine Gallone and starring Giovanna Ralli. It is a loosely based on the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée and on the relevant opera by Georges Bizet.

Alice and I (2004)

Journey to the Outer Limits (1973)

Journey to the Outer Limits is a 1973 American documentary film directed by Alexander Grasshoff. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The War of the Worlds: Next Century (1981)

The War of the Worlds: Next Century (Polish: Wojna światów – następne stulecie) is a 1981 Polish film by Piotr Szulkin which is inspired by the classical novel of H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds. It was immediately banned by the Polish government upon its release because it depicted political parallels with the political context of the country at that time. It only received its premiere on 20 February 1983.

In Search of Bony (2007)

Krai... Nai Hong (2010)

Untuk Tiga Hari (2012)

Stewart Lee: Carpet Remnant World (2012)

Deja Vroom (1999)

Déjà Vrooom is a live DVD by the band King Crimson, released in 1999 as a double-sided disc and reissued in 2007 as a double-layer disc. It was recorded at Nakano Sun Plaza, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan, 5–6 October 1995. Video recordings from these performances were first released as the Japanese LaserDisc Live in Japan, in 1996, and the audio soundtrack was released on CD as The Collectible King Crimson Volume 5.

Scenes of City Life (1935)

Dear Phone (1976)

Transient (2005)

El tango en Broadway (1934)

The Tango on Broadway (Spanish:El tango en Broadway) is a 1934 American musical film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Carlos Gardel, Trini Ramos and Blanca Vischer. The film was a Spanish-language production made in the United States, for release to Spanish-speaking audiences at home and abroad. It was made by Paramount Pictures at the company's New York Studios. Gardel was a popular Argentinian singer of tango music who made a number of films for Paramount before his death in 1935. Like Gardel's other American films, it is not a version of an existing English-language film, but a completely original story. By contrast, most of Hollywood's Spanish language films were remakes of English productions.

Experience Unlimited: Livin' Large (1989)

Light Up the Blues (2014)

Callanetics (1986)

Twisted Families (2014)

Hjärter knekt (1950)

Hjärter Knekt (English: Jack of Hearts) is a 1950 Swedish drama film directed by Hasse Ekman.

The Deserter (2006)

44 (2007)

Catskill Honeymoon (1950)

Under the Paris Sky (1951)

Under the Sky of Paris (French: Sous le ciel de Paris) is a 1951 French drama film directed by Julien Duvivier. It was shot at the Billancourt Studios in Paris and on location around the city. The film's sets were designed by the art director René Moulaert. The song of the same name, later recorded by Édith Piaf and others, was written for this film by Hubert Giraud (music) and Jean Dréjac (lyrics). In the film it was sung by Jean Bretonnière.

Paranormal Farm 2 Closer to the Truth (2018)

Eleven Years and One Day (1963)

Eleven Years and One Day (German: Elf Jahre und ein Tag) is a 1963 West German drama film directed by Gottfried Reinhardt and starring Ruth Leuwerik, Bernhard Wicki and Paul Hubschmid.It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich and on location in Salzburg.

Behind the Scenes with Interviews of Ninja's Creed (2010)

Dracula Bites the Big Apple (1979)

Passport to Rio (1948)

Passport to Rio (Spanish:Pasaporte a Río) is a 1948 Argentine crime film, directed by Daniel Tinayre and written by César Tiempo and Luis Saslavsky. It premiered on September 29, 1948.

The Strange Case of the Man and the Beast (1951)

El Extraño caso del hombre y la bestia is a 1951 Argentine film.

Alerte au sud (1953)

Alarm in Morocco (French: Alerte au sud, Italian: Allarme a sud) is a 1953 French-Italian adventure film directed by Jean-Devaivre and starring Jean-Claude Pascal, Gianna Maria Canale and Erich von Stroheim. Partly shot on location in Morocco, it was made using the Gevacolor process.

Firebrand Jordan (1930)

Komm mit zur blauen Adria (1966)

Come to the Blue Adriatic (German: Komm mit zur blauen Adria) is a 1966 Spanish-West German comedy film directed by Lothar Gündisch and starring Dietmar Schönherr, Hannelore Auer and Gustavo Rojo. In Spain it was known as The Red Bikini (Spanish: El bikini rojo).Although set on the Adriatic Sea, it was actually shot on the Costa del Sol around Malaga.

Totò cerca pace (1954)

Toto Seeks Peace (Italian: Totò cerca pace) is a 1954 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Mattoli and starring Totò.

Moving On (2012)

Video Psycho (1997)

The Foundling (1916)

The Foundling is a 1916 silent film directed by John B. O'Brien. The film is a remake of the lost film The Foundling and serves as its replacement, as the 1915 Allan Dwan directed version was destroyed in the nitrate fire at Famous Players September 11, 1915.

Liar's Dice (2017)

The Fenouillard Family (1961)

The Fenouillard Family (French: La famille Fenouillard) is a 1960 French historical comedy film directed by Yves Robert and starring Sophie Desmarets, Jean Richard and Annie Sinigalia. It is based on a pioneering nineteenth century text comic, La Famille Fenouillard, by Georges Colomb.

That Royle Girl (1925)

That Royle Girl is a 1925 American silent comedy film directed by D. W. Griffith and released by Paramount Pictures. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Edwin Balmer, and starred Carol Dempster, W. C. Fields and Harrison Ford. It is now considered lost.

Obey the Law (1926)

Obey The Law is a 1926 silent film adventure-drama made by the Cohn brothers, Jack and Harry Cohn, and Al Raboch. The picture stars Bert Lytell and was released through the Cohns' fledgling company Columbia Pictures. The Library of Congress holds a print of this film.

The White Black Sheep (1926)

The White Black Sheep is a 1926 American silent film produced by Inspiration Pictures and distributed by First National. it was directed by Sidney Olcott with Richard Barthelmess and Patsy Ruth Miller in the leading roles.

La conquête (1973)

La leyenda de Balthasar el Castrado (1996)

Nacha Regules (1950)

Nacha Regules is a 1950 Argentine film.

Bad Times (2008)

The World's Most Dangerous Magic (1998)

BMT: Beijing, Mumbai, Tampines (2017)