The Badger's Promise (2013)

Epilogue (1950)

The Orplid Mystery or Epilogue (German: Epilog: Das Geheimnis der Orplid) is a 1950 West German thriller film directed by Helmut Käutner and starring Horst Caspar, Bettina Moissi and O.E. Hasse. The film did not perform well at the box office on its release. It was made at the Berlin studios of CCC Films. The film's sets were designed by the art director Emil Hasler.

The Metro (2011)

7 sati kasnije (2013)

Próbaút (1961)

American Blogger - The First Journey (2014)

Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (2009)

Feest! (1963)

Knygnesys (2011)

Gentleman Jim Reeves: The Story of a Legend (2003)

Ruweda (2012)

A ridosso dei ruderi, i Trionfi (1997)

Hard Stop (2012)

Downfall (1923)

Downfall (German:Der Absturz) is a 1923 German silent film directed by Ludwig Wolff and starring Asta Nielsen.

Kunoichi ninpô-chô II: Sei-shôjo no hihô (1992)

Daughters of China (1949)

Ninja Bombs (2005)

Octocat Adventures (2008)

Black TV (1968)

James Brown: Live at Montreux (1981)

Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai (2013)

Amor chicano es para siempre (1977)

The Strangling (1979)

Sting: Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live at Irving Plaza (2011)

6/64: Mama und Papa (Materialaktion Otto Mühl) (1964)

Blue Demon: Destructor of Spies (1968)

Esta É a Minha Casa (1997)

Viagem à Expo (1999)

Mountain Vigil (1964)

Meet Mr. Malcolm (1954)

Meet Mr. Malcolm is a 1954 British crime film directed by Daniel Birt and starring Adrianne Allen, Sarah Lawson and Richard Gale. It was made at Kensington Studios. Crime writer Colin Knowles (Richard Gale) is called in by his estranged wife Louie (Sarah Lawson) to solve a real-life murder when her employer's body is found at the bottom a cliff.

Return of a Stranger (1961)

Return of a Stranger is a 1961 British thriller film directed by Max Varnel and starring John Ireland, Susan Stephen, Cyril Shaps and Timothy Beaton.

Candyland (1935)

Tom Thumb in the Land of the Giants (1999)

The Guns (1964)

The Guns (Portuguese: Os Fuzis) is a 1964 Brazilian-Argentine drama film directed by Ruy Guerra.

Récompence (2010)

Un macho en el salón de belleza (1987)

At the Winter Sea Ice Camp: Part 1 (1967)

Lu, Gua Bro! (2014)

Yello - Essential (2001)

A Retrospection of Leningrad (1957-1990) (1990)

Une chasse à courre (1951)

Age 13 (1955)

Age 13 is an educational film by Sid Davis released in 1955. It is property of the public domain. The film centers on Andrew, a thirteen-year-old boy stricken with grief over the recent death of his mother. On the day of her death her radio stops working, and Andrew believes that if he can repair it his mother will return. He is left with a cold, emotionally distant stepfather. He is also teased relentlessly in school, which leads him to bring a gun with him. During an altercation with another student in a physical education class, he fires the gun, injuring no one. Following the incident he receives counseling, is administered a Rorschach inkblot test and is encouraged to open up emotionally. However, his stepfather becomes increasingly brutal. Andrew commits a virtual murder by destroying a photograph of his stepfather, whom he blames for his mother's death; afraid his feelings will lead him to actual homicide, he runs away. By film's end he has recovered, and is adopted by his aunt and her husband. Musician Kevin Moore selected this film as inspiration for the Chroma Key album Graveyard Mountain Home. The film is included on DVD in a special edition of the album, playing at half speed and featuring the album's music soundtrack as opposed to the original.

Proshchanie (2013)

20/68: Schatzi (1968)

A Trip to Salt Lake City (1905)

E-clip-se (1999)

La Blue Girl Volume 4 (1993)

The Frivolous (2013)

Martha of the North (2009)

Game of Pleasure (1998)

Patrice Chéreau, Pascal Greggory, une autre solitude (1996)

Husn Bewafa (2006)

Operation 8 (2011)

American Nomads (2011)

The Hen That Laid the Golden Eggs (1905)

Chiquidracula (1985)

Out of sight (2013)

Danemon Ban: The Monster Exterminator (1935)

Sing nou (1992)

Bengelchen liebt kreuz und quer (1968)

Ileksen (1978)

Sylvia Kristel - Paris (2003)

The Shiinomi School (1955)

Smashing Pumpkins: 666 (1995)

Dve klubícka (1962)

My Senator and Me (2005)

The Flame (1923)

The Flame (German: Die Flamme) is a 1923 German silent drama film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Pola Negri, Hermann Thimig and Alfred Abel. The film is based on a play by Hans Müller. In the United States it was released under the alternative title Montmartre. It was the last film Lubitsch made in Germany before emigrating to Hollywood where he directed his first American film Rosita for United Artists the same year.

La piste des géants (1931)

The Big Trail (French:La Piste des géants) is a 1931 American western film directed by Pierre Couderc and starring Gaston Glass, Jeanne Helbling and Margot Rousseroy. It is the French-language version of Fox's The Big Trail (1930). In the early years of sound it was common to make multiple-language versions of films, until the practice of dubbing became more widespread.

Happy Birthday, Garfield (1988)

Happy Birthday, Garfield is an hour-long television special dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Garfield comic strip, hosted by its creator Jim Davis. The special was first broadcast May 17, 1988 on CBS. It has only been released on VHS home video.

Enid's Idyll (2004)

My Dream of Dental Irritation (2009)

Gone Batty (1954)

Gone Batty is a Looney Tunes animated cartoon short released by Warner Brothers on September 4, 1954. The film was re-released in October 1963 as a Merrie Melodies Blue Ribbon cartoon.

Miss Queencake (1991)

Duma o Kovpake: Karpaty, Karpaty... (1977)

Las soledades (1992)

George Eliot: A Scandalous Life (2002)

Bilanggo sa dilim (1986)

Ultima zi in decembrie (2008)

Aile Pansiyonu (1987)

Hapuslah Air Matamu (1976)

Taş Mektep (2012)

Tontolini ipnotizzato (1910)

Morgengrauen (1985)

Kochikame - The Movie: Save the Kachidiki Bridge! (2011)

De lifters (1962)

The Minions (2014)

Un conseil d'ami (1916)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Other Abridged Movie (2008)

Twelve Tales Told (2014)

Spectrum Reverse Spectrum (2014)

Boobs a Lot (1968)

Soul (2003)

The Trip (1973)

Porky's Bear Facts (1941)

Porky's Bear Facts is a Looney Tunes cartoon animated short starring Porky Pig. Released March 29, 1941, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc. This short is an adaptation of the Aesop fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper."

Snow Time for Comedy (1941)

Who's Who in the Zoo (1942)

Who's Who in the Zoo is a 1942 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series. It was directed by Norman McCabe, story by Melvin Millar, musical direction by Carl Stalling.

Hiss and Make Up (1943)

Ration Fer the Duration (1943)

Nanacha (2005)

National Geographic: 9/11 Conspiracies (2013)