Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year with Andre Williams (2008)

A year in the life of R&B musician Andre Williams.

The Rise and Fall of El Chapo (2016)

How Joaquin Guzman went from being a poor orange seller with a third-grade education to the head of an international drug cartel worth billions of dollars.

Scooter Kidz (2001)

After a social worker takes away a youth's younger brother, the older boy (Lance LaMacchia) enters a scooter contest to win money to get him back.

Konets Saturna (1967)

In the second part of a trilogy, the Soviet Intelligence is able to outwit a clever enemy by using information gathered from German spies.

An Art That Nature Makes (2015)

Finding unexpected beauty in the discarded and decayed, photographer Rosamond Purcell has developed a body of work that has garnered international acclaim, graced the pages of National Geographic and over 20 published books, and has attracted admirers such as Jonathan Safran Foer, Errol Morris and Stephen Jay Gould.

Blast! (2008)

BLAST! is a feature-length documentary by Paul Devlin. The film follows a team of astrophysicists who launch a telescope, upon a high-altitude balloon from northern Sweden and again from Antarctica. The film follows the crew of scientists as they travel on a search to answer humankind's most basic question, how did we get here? An approach rarely seen in science programming, BLAST! de-emphasizes talking-head interviews and dispenses with anonymous narration in favor of capturing the action as it happens. Through dynamic storytelling, BLAST! reveals the human side of scientific pursuit, the personal sacrifices of scientists and the philosophical perspectives of discovering the origins of the universe.

The Lie of the Land (2007)

Filmmaker Molly Dineen uncovers some unpleasant truths about the state of British farming.

All About My Parents (2014)

A man shares his parents' erotic fascinations.

Vücut (2012)

An attorney sends his anorexic daughter (Justyna Suwala) to see a psychiatrist after her mother dies.

Prayer Life (2008)

An attorney fights to clear his client of fraud charges.

Adieu Bonaparte (1985)

Adieu Bonaparte (Arabic: وداعا بونابرت, translit. Weda'an Bonapart) is a 1985 French-Egyptian historical drama film directed by Youssef Chahine. It was entered into the 1985 Cannes Film Festival.

Runaway Nightmare (1982)

Runaway Nightmare is a 1982 dark comedy/mystery/thriller film about two desert worm ranchers caught between a female death cult and the mafia over precious stolen plutonium. The movie developed a cult following and had a national theatrical re-release in 2014. "Runaway Nightmare", Diabolique Magazine said "…is an enigma; a sexploitation without the nudity; a rare hybrid quasi-exploitative-horror-comedy-western-noir that has been salvaged from the past…let yourself go and have some fun."

Shado'man (2014)

Filmmaker Boris Gerrets spends a night with the Freetown Streetboys, a group of street kids with disabilities.

Origin: A Call to Minds (2015)

Desmerelle battles the powerful Shard Sensitive Lorem to free her twin sister.

Hollywood Man (1976)

Hollywood Man is a 1976 American film directed by Jack Starrett and featured in the 1997 Quentin Tarantino Film Festival. (2000)

Two savvy entrepreneurs set up a website for people with voyeuristic tendencies.

Early to Bed (1928)

Early to Bed is a 1928 short comedy silent film starring Laurel and Hardy.

City Cop (1995)

An eager young rookie is paired with a veteran police officer to investigate a major jewel heist.

Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta's Gay Mecca (2013)

Five women come together to establish a community for black Muslim lesbians in Atlanta.

The French Detective (1975)

The French Detective (French: Adieu poulet) is a 1975 French film directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre, and scripted by Francis Veber from a novel by Raf Vallet. It received two César nominations for best supporting actor, and another for editing.

The Hand (1965)

The Hand is a 1965 Czechoslovak stop motion puppet animation film directed by Jiří Trnka. It was to be Trnka's final film. Critics and viewers praised The Hand as one of the best animated shorts of all time.

Alias the Bad Man (1931)

Alias – the Bad Man, also known as Alias Bad Man, is a 1931 Pre-Code American western film, directed by Phil Rosen. It stars Ken Maynard, Virginia Brown Faire, and Frank Mayo, and was released on July 15, 1931.

Blinkers (2007)

With his professional reputation in jeopardy, a soccer referee (Guillermo Toledo) prepares for a big game.

Background(ed) (2007)

Wacky world of Evan Higginbotham: professional movie extra.

Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story (1992)

Based on Robert Sam Anson's book about the 1985 death of a black honor student at the hands of police.

Like a Crashed Plane (2005)

A young man (Ignacio Rogers) becomes obsessed with a gardening student (Manuela Martelli) who is about to leave for Switzerland.

Survival Island (1996)

Penguins and sea lions migrate to South Georgia Island in spring and summer.

The Human Duplicators (1965)

The Human Duplicators is an American science fiction film released in 1965 by independent company Woolner Brothers Pictures Inc. This film was also Hugh Beaumont's final film role before his retirement from acting.

King Lear (1916)

King Lear is a 1916 silent film based on the 1606 play, directed by Ernest C. Warde and starring his father, the noted stage actor Frederick Warde. The film is one of a spate of Shakespearean films produced at the time to coincide with the 300th anniversary celebrations of William Shakespeare's death.

Fred Lyon: Living Through the Lens (2013)

Photographer Fred Lyon lives and works in San Francisco.

When God Left the Building (2014)

The decline of two American institutions.

Add the Words (2014)

Filmmaker Michael D. Gough observes the social change in one of the nation's most conservative states.

Fugitive Among Us (1992)

An outraged police detective (Peter Strauss) becomes obsessed with capturing an escaped drifter (Eric Roberts) convicted of rape.

O Pioneers! (1992)

O Pioneers! is a Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie based on the novel of the same title by Willa Cather. It originally aired in 1992 on CBS and stars Jessica Lange.

Tokyo! (2008)

Tokyo! is a 2008 French/Japanese/South Korean/German anthology film containing three segments written by three non-Japanese directors, all of which were filmed in Tokyo, Japan. Michel Gondry directed "Interior Design", Leos Carax directed "Merde", and Bong Joon-ho directed "Shaking Tokyo".

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I - Blue-Eyed Casval (2015)

Zeon Zum Deikun dies in the middle of an independence movement speech. In the fallout, Degwin Sodo Zabi continues to maneuver to seize control of Side 3 as Deikun's orphaned children face troubling destinies.

Wherever She Goes (1951)

Wherever She Goes is a 1951 Australian feature film that tells the early part of the life story of pianist Eileen Joyce.

Love, Pain and Vice Versa (2008)

Violanchelo is a 2008 drama film starring Bárbara Mori, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Tony Dalton. The film is based on a romantic story.

Revolution of the Present (2015)

The strange effects of accelerated capitalism.

Lake Placid Serenade (1944)

Lake Placid Serenade is a 1944 American musical romance film directed by Steve Sekely and starring Vera Ralston, Eugene Pallette and Barbara Jo Allen. Following the German invasion of Czechoslovakia a Czech ice-skating champion goes to stay with her Uncle in the United States. It was made by Republic Pictures as a slightly higher-budget production than most of the studios' B Movies. The film's sets were designed by the art director Russell Kimball.

Soft Fiction (1979)

Filmmaker Chick Strand records women's discussions of their life experiences.

The Jeweller's Shop (1989)

La bottega dell'orefice is a 1988 Italian-Austrian-Canadian-German drama film based on The Jeweler's Shop, a play written by Karol Józef Wojtyła (Pope John Paul II) and scripted by Jeff Andrus, starring Burt Lancaster and Olivia Hussey, directed by Michael Anderson.

How it All Began, Origins of Master Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao System (2013)

The life of Grandmaster Mantak Chia, the first master to share Taoist wisdom in America.

Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)

Mothra vs. Godzilla is a 1964 Japanese science fiction film directed by Ishirō Honda and stars Akira Takarada, Kenji Sahara and Hiroshi Koizumi. It is the fourth film in the Godzilla franchise.

Buy & Cell (1988)

Buy & Cell is a 1987 comedy film directed by Robert Boris. The original music score was composed by Mark Shreeve.

Motivational Growth (2013)

Ian, a depressed recluse in his 30s, takes advice from a growth in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt.

Blood of the Beasts (1949)

Blood of the Beasts is a 1949 short French documentary film written and directed by Georges Franju. It is Franju's first film and is narrated by Georges Hubert and Nicole Ladmiral.

Addicted to Acting (2004)

Four acting students spend four years learning their craft at the Ernst Busch Academy.

The Purple Gang (1959)

The Purple Gang is a 1960 American period crime film directed by Frank McDonald and starring Barry Sullivan, Robert Blake and Jody Lawrance. It portrays the activities of The Purple Gang bootlegging organization in 1920s Detroit.

The Camden 28 (2007)

The Camden 28 is a 2007 documentary film about twenty-eight members of the "Catholic Left" who were arrested in 1971 for attempting to break into and vandalize a draft board in Camden, New Jersey. Because the Camden 28 were not militant and did not plant bombs like the Weathermen, they provided a much greater threat to the U.S. government: the growing religious opposition to the Vietnam war could not be written off as extremist, so they had to be brought down. The Camden 28 was written, directed, and produced by Anthony Giacchino. In 2007, it was aired as part of PBS's Point of View series. The film was met with high critical praise and received an 88% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a WGA Award nomination for Best Documentary Screenplay.

Dam California (2012)

When Michael returns to his hometown after two tours in Iraq, he finds the place on the brink of destruction. He teams with a beautiful biologist to stop a corporation from building three dams.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1970)

Based on the Mark Twain book.

Refrigerator Mothers (2003)

Refrigerator Mothers is a 2003 television documentary film by Kartemquin Films for PBS's P.O.V. series. The film paints an intimate portrait of an entire generation of American mothers whose children were diagnosed with autism. Labeled 'refrigerator mothers' in the 1950s and 1960s by the medical establishment for their supposedly frigid and detached mothering, these women "have emerged with strong, resilient voices to share the details of their personal journeys."

The Girl in the Taxi (1938)

A man about town (Henri Garat) catches his girlfriend's stern father (Lawrence Grossmith) at the Moulin Rouge.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Him (2005)

2 or 3 Things I Know About Him (German: 2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß) is a documentary film in which German director Malte Ludin examines the impact of Nazism in his family. Malte's father, Hanns Ludin, was the Third Reich's ambassador to Slovakia. As such, he signed deportation orders that sent thousands of Jews to Auschwitz. Hanns Ludin was executed for war crimes in 1947.

Lying Lips (1939)

Lying Lips is a 1939, melodrama, race film by Oscar Micheaux, starring Edna Mae Harris, and Robert Earl Jones (the father of James Earl Jones). Lying Lips was the thirty-seventh film of Micheaux.

Senso (1954)

Against the backdrop of the Italian-Austrian war of unification, troubled Countess Livia Serpieri (Alida Valli) betrays her country for the love of an Austrian rogue, Franz Mahler (Farley Granger). As her resources dwindle, Livia comes to realize that their love might not be as pure as she thought.

One 11 and 103 (1992)

A fascinating film of light and sound.

Little Stabs at Happiness (1963)

Avant-garde short film.

Nostalgia for Countryland (1995)

In rural Vietnam, teenager Nham (Ngoc Bao Ta) works in the fields for his family alongside his sister-in-law, Ngu (Thuy Huong). Working so closely, Nham and Ngu develop an attraction to each other, and a romance develops. Enter Quyen (Le Van), a beautiful girl from the big city, who has returned to Nham's village where she was raised. Enticed by the novelty of the new girl, Nham begins an affair with Quyen -- to the obvious chagrin of Ngu, who grows jealous and depressed.

Jan Saudek: Trapped by His Passions, No Hope for Rescue (2007)

The truthful, yet harsh, life story of a hero and dropout.

Stubborn (2015)

Barbara tires of her brief fling with Vincent and leaves him behind in Paris, but he refuses to let her go and follows her to America to win back her affections.

The Decomposition of the Soul (2007)

Two former prisoners of the East German Secret Police recount the horrific techniques used on them and others when they were prisoners.

Lucifer Rising (1972)

Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. Although virtually completed in 1972, the film was only widely distributed in 1980, after Bobby Beausoleil delivered the finished soundtrack master.

My True Story (1951)

My True Story is a 1951 American film about a female jewel thief. It was directed by Mickey Rooney.

Forever (2006)

Pre-Lachaise cemetery in Paris holds the remains of many notable people, such as Chopin, dith Piaf, Yves Montand, Simone Signoret and Jim Morrison. The many people who visit the site to visit graves of loved ones and those who stop there as tourists find that it has mysterious and consoling beauty.

Apollonian Story (2013)

A man spends 40 years carving a home for himself in the side of a limestone cliff near Tel Aviv.

This Way Out (2013)

A woman tries to prevent her euthanasia center from closing.

Summer Night Fever (1978)

Two young men and a teenage tag-along pack up their convertible and take off for a summer of fun and adventure.

The Sixth Part of the World (1987)

A Sixth Part of the World (Russian: Шестая часть мира, Shestaya Chast Mira), sometimes referred to as The Sixth Part of the World, is a 1926 silent film directed by Dziga Vertov and produced by Kultkino (part of Sovkino). Through the travelogue format, it depicted the multitude of Soviet peoples in remote areas of USSR and detailed the entirety of the wealth of the Soviet land. Focusing on cultural and economic diversity, the film is in fact a call for unification in order to build a "complete socialist society". A mix between newsreel and found footage, Vertov edited sequences filmed by eight teams of kinoks (kinoki) during their trips. According to Vertov, the film anticipates the coming of sound films by using a constant "word-radio-theme" in the intertitles. Thanks to A Sixth Part of the World and his following feature The Eleventh Year (1928), Vertov matures his style in which he will excel in his most famous film Man with a Movie Camera (1929).

The Eleventh Year (1928)

An interesting commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the revolution.

Boys (1977)

Boys (Danish: Drenge) is a 1977 Danish drama film directed by Nils Malmros. The film was selected as the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 50th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Winning Ticket (1935)

The Winning Ticket is a 1935 American comedy film directed by Charles Reisner. Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the film stars Leo Carrillo, Louise Fazenda, and Ted Healy.

Il sud è niente (2013)

A family attempts to cope with a son's loss and the impact his death has had on his sister.

Gates of the Night (1946)

Gates of the Night (French: Les Portes de la nuit) is a 1946 French film that was directed by Marcel Carné. It starred Serge Reggiani and Yves Montand. The script was written by Carné's long-time collaborator Jacques Prévert. The film made its debut in the United States four years after its official release in France. It introduced the much-recorded popular song "Autumn Leaves" (French: Les feuilles mortes).

The Sublet (2015)

Joanna, a new mother, questions her sanity and starts to think her apartment building may be haunted.

Jekyll Island (1998)

A jewel thief's plans are thwarted during a heist on a remote island off the coast of Georgia.

Jiggs and Maggie Out West (1950)

Jiggs and Maggie Out West is a 1950 American comedy film directed by William Beaudine and starring Joe Yule, Renie Riano and George McManus. It was the final film in the Jiggs and Maggie film series, featuring the adventures of a bickering Irish-American couple.

Never Too Late (1996)

Seniors become sleuths after learning a deceased friend's estate was donated to their retirement home.

Up With Me (2008)

Francisco struggles to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend and his friend while at school.

Ruy Blas (1948)

Ruy Blas is a 1948 French film written by Jean Cocteau based on a play by Victor Hugo. It stars Jean Marais.

Next Time I Marry (1938)

Next Time I Marry is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Garson Kanin and written by John Twist and Helen Meinardi. The film stars Lucille Ball, James Ellison, Lee Bowman, Granville Bates and Mantan Moreland. The film was released on December 9, 1938, by RKO Pictures.

The Story Lady (1991)

An adwoman (Stephanie Zimbalist) and her boss (Ed Begley Jr.) get their hands on a retired widow's (Jessica Tandy) quality TV story hour for children.

Bridgend (2015)

Bridgend is a 2015 English-language Danish drama film directed by Jeppe Rønde and written by Rønde alongside Torben Bech and Peter Asmussen. The film is based on true events that happened in the Welsh town Bridgend, and it concentrated on the mystery Bridgend suicides of South Wales. The film had its World Premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, at both of which it was highly acclaimed; in the latter, it received three awards, including Best Actress for Hannah Murray. The general reviews have been mixed to positive, with Metacritic giving an average score of 53 out of 100 points, counting nine reviews. The film was viewed in Wales however as sensationalist, lacking truth and exploitative against the dead teenagers.

Glory Alley (1952)

Glory Alley is a 1952 film directed by Raoul Walsh. It stars Ralph Meeker and Leslie Caron.

My Ex-Ex (2015)

A psychic casts a spell on Mary to help her reconnect with an ex-boyfriend, and she forgets to name one of them. Mary reconnects with her college ex, but when her most-recent boyfriend wants her back, she faces a difficult choice.

Heart of a Child (1958)

Karl is a young Austrian boy growing up in the Tyrol. His authoritarian father (Donald Pleasence) is too busy to pay him much attention, and his mother is preoccupied with caring for her other children. Karl seeks the companionship of Rudi, his dog, but when a trader from the black market offers to buy Rudi, Karl’s father agrees. Hearing the news, Karl is horrified and decides to hide the dog. A compelling study of the warmth of youth and the deep-rooted need for love in many adults.

Chile Puede (2008)

Chile puede (Spanish for: Chile can do it) is a 2008 Chilean comedy film about an illegal private Chilean space venture orchestrated by a mad tycoon that comes under the suspicions of the United States government, as an Arab and Al-Qaeda motivated anthrax-filled-satellite attack on the United States.

Satan's Whip (2008)

Claude wants to join a secret, religious brotherhood that is dedicated to battling the forces of evil; to prove his worth, he must find a missing priest by using his faith.

It's That Man Again (1943)

It's That Man Again is a 1943 British comedy film directed by Walter Forde and starring Tommy Handley, Greta Gynt and Jack Train. It was based on the successful radio show It's That Man Again. In the film, the mayor of a small town lends his assistance to some drama students.

Ich will nicht nur, daß ihr mich liebt - Der Filmemacher Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1992)

Actress Hanna Schygulla, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and others discuss the life and career of German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

My Voice My Voice (2003)

Nha Fala, English title: My Voice is a 2002 internationally co-produced sports film directed by Bissau Guinean director Flora Gomes. The movie stars Fatou N'Diaye, Ángelo Torres, Jean-Christophe Dollé and Bia Gomes.

Yellow (2013)

Arianna moves to the city and begins a volatile relationship with a sex line operator. When people in her life turn up dead and her health deteriorates, she wonders if she can survive.

My Little Friend (2011)

An artist cannot tell her best friend that she is a lesbian. They go out for a night of drinks and confront sexual tension, leading the two friends to a blurred line in their relationship.

Wings Over Everest (1934)

Using material from three separate flights over the famous Mount Everest, this film documents the achievements of a crew of RAF pilots involved in filming footage of the surrounding landscape. The views over glaciers, gorges, cliffs and surrounding mountains make this an interesting and highly cinematic experience.

Urban Fruit (2015)

Four residents of Los Angeles start growing their own food.

Danger on the Air (1938)

Danger on the Air is a 1938 American film directed by Otis Garrett.

Cop au Vin (1985)

Chicken with Vinegar (French: Poulet au vinaigre) is a 1985 French crime film directed by Claude Chabrol. It was entered into the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. It is distributed in the USA with the title Cop Au Vin. Chabrol made a sequel in 1986 entitled Inspecteur Lavardin.

Captain Fury (1939)

Captain Fury is a 1939 American adventure film set in colonial Australia directed by Hal Roach. It was one of Hollywood's few attempts to depict Australian history.

The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013)

Frieda Cloiselle (Inge Jaklyn) helps an alien hide from the government after he crash-lands in her backyard.