Tod eines Weltstars (1992)

Mighty Man (1978)

The Cicerones (2002)

Rape on the Moor (1952)

Roses Bloom on the Moorland (German: Rosen blühen auf dem Heidegrab) is a 1952 West German drama film directed by Hans H. König and starring Ruth Niehaus, Hermann Schomberg and Armin Dahlen. It is also known in English by the alternative titles Rape on the Moor and Roses Bloom on the Grave in the Heather. The film's sets were designed by Max Mellin. The film was shot on moorlands in the vicinity of Bremen. It is notable amongst post-war heimatfilm for its gloomy, gothic atmosphere.

Mourning Rock (2000)

Fatal Passion (1995)

Poor Little Me (1935)

Buddy's Theatre (1935)

Buddy's Theatre is an American animated short film, released April 1, 1935. It is a Looney Tunes cartoon, featuring Buddy, the second star of the series. It was supervised by Ben Hardaway; musical direction was by Norman Spencer.

The Sign (2007)

Stone Is the Earth (2010)

Fury in Red (1991)

Madonna: Live from Roseland Ballroom (2008)

Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon (2005)

Terça Insana (2004)

Una notte, un sogno (1988)

Una notte, un sogno (English: One night, a dream) is a 1988 Italian comedy film directed by Massimo Manuelli and starring Sergio Rubini.

American Lockdown: Camp FEMA Part 1 (2009)

Beverly Hills Girls (1986)

Torture Me But Kill Me with Kisses (1968)

Straziami ma di baci saziami (internationally released as Torture Me But Kill Me with Kisses) is a 1968 Italian comedy film directed by Dino Risi. The film parodies Italian photonovels and the popular subculture. It had a great commercial success. All the DVD releases (in Italy, too) have the credits in English.

Michael Bublé: Home For The Holidays (2012)

Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning (1932)

Poem 8 (1932)

The Stranger Left No Card (1952)

The Stranger Left No Card (1952) is a British short film directed by Wendy Toye. The film won the Best Fiction award at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival, where it was described as "a masterpiece" by Jean Cocteau. It marked the film debut of actor Alan Badel.

Now You're Talking (1927)

Bewitched Matches (1913)

Macross Frontier Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan (2009)

I Love You Renato (2012)

The Two Faces of Love (1972)

I Thought I Was Seeing Convicts (2004)

Flatmates (2007)

El Viaje del Acordeón (2013)

Seven Signs of the Apocalypse (2009)

As Safadas (1982)

Can You Take It (1934)

Da grande (1987)

Da grande is a 1987 Italian romantic comedy film directed by Franco Amurri, starring Renato Pozzetto, Ottavia Piccolo and Alessandro Haber. Da grande is one of the coming-of-age comedies that were released in the late 1980s, and was the inspiration to Big, the 1988 international blockbuster directed by Penny Marshall and starring Tom Hanks.

Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre (1901)

Star Theatre (also known as Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre) is a 1901 short documentary film in which time-lapse photography is used to show the dismantling and demolition of New York City's Star Theatre over a period of about a month. Produced by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, it was filmed by F.S. Armitage. It made the National Film Registry in 2002.

Santo in the Border of Terror (1981)

Andrei Tarkovsky: A Poet in the Cinema (1984)

Firefly 10th Anniversary: Browncoats Unite (2012)

Betty Boop's Penthouse (1933)

At Bimbo's Experimental Laboratory, Bimbo and Koko concoct a variety of compounds and elixirs. Their scientific experiments are interrupted when they see a bathing-suit-clad Betty taking a shower on the roof of her penthouse. Distracted by Betty as she sings "Penthouse Serenade," the two fail to realise the chemicals they've mixed are still on the boil, one of which turns into a Frankenstein-style monster. The creature sees Betty, and crosses over the phone wire to menace her. Betty sprays the monster with flower spray, which turns him into a harmless dancing flower. Betty giggles and says, "You nutsy dopesy!"

The Talisman (1987)

The Melancholy Dame (1929)

Don't Look Now (1936)

Don't Look Now is a 1936 Merrie Melodies animated short film directed by Tex Avery.

The Big Boss (1959)

Zayiat (2013)

Ripples (2009)

The Empty Playground (2010)

The Cat's Tale (1951)

Hitlers Museum (2006)

Cops Is Always Right (1938)

Pursuit of Happiness (1940)

Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself (1989)

Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself (Slovak: Sedím na konári a je mi dobre) is a 1989 Czechoslovak-German comedy-drama film directed by Juraj Jakubisko. It was entered into the main competition at the 46th Venice International Film Festival.

The Close Encounters of Vampire (1986)

The World at War: A Special Presentation - Secretary to Hitler (1974)

Cruel High School Girl Sex Lynch (1975)

Akasen Honmoku chabuya no onna (1975)

Onna kyôshi: Shônen-gari (1975)

Wir machen Musik (1942)

We Make Music (German:Wir machen Musik) is a 1942 German musical comedy film directed by Helmut Käutner, starring Ilse Werner, Viktor de Kowa and Edith Oß.

Cover Girl Culture: Awakening the Media Generation (2008)

Las de Caín (1959)

Where I Am Is Here (1964)

Os Amores da Pantera (1977)

O Dono da Bola (1961)

The Up-Standing Sitter (1948)

The Up-Standing Sitter is a 1948 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Robert McKimson, starring Daffy Duck. All voices are by Mel Blanc. The title is a play on the expression "up-standing citizen" and on standing being opposite of sitting (a fact which figures into the film's closing gag.) The cartoon was made in Cinecolor when a 1948 strike briefly halted production at Technicolor.

Just Try Me (2012)

Little Beau Porky (1936)

Little Beau Porky is a Looney Tunes cartoon short produced by Leon Schlesinger and released in 1936. Porky is in the French Foreign Legion as a camel scrubber, but after fighting off the enemy, ends up as Commandant.

Aladdin's Lamp (1931)

Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre (1927)

Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre (also known as With Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre) is a 1927 American Western film directed by Robert N. Bradbury, and starring Bryant Washburn as Donald, Chief Yowlachie as Sitting Bull, and Anne Schaefer as Mame Mulcain.

Trial by Trigger (1944)

Monsieur de Funès (2013)

Beware of Dog (1992)

The Pups' Christmas (1936)

Blind Date (1953)

Grande Hotel (2010)

Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohanan (2011)