Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story (2010)

Players, managers, sports writers and fans discuss the contributions of Jewish ballplayers and their impact on American Jews.

Sensation (2010)

A call girl meets an Irish farmer online and plans to use his money to start her own brothel.

Speedy (1928)

Chronically unemployed Yankees fan Harold "Speedy" Swift (Harold Lloyd) dates Jane Dillon (Ann Christy), a girl whose beloved grandfather, Pop (Bert Woodruff), runs a failing horse-drawn trolley business, in a rapidly changing city where the railway is becoming king. When a crooked railroad official steals Pop's last car, hoping to force him into a shutdown, Speedy must race against the clock to find the culprits, return the car in time, and keep the service running on schedule.

Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)

A rural teen (Bill Adler) cruises the Southern California strip and falls in love with a drag-racer (Cynthia Wood).

Virgin High (1990)

Wise guys sneak into a religious girls school where a man (Burt Ward) has banished his daughter (Tracy Dali).

Visiting Hours (1982)

A slasher (Michael Ironside) finds the hospital where a TV newswoman (Lee Grant) is recovering from his attack.

Vigilante Force (1976)

In a small town in California, the quiet citizens have had their lives disrupted by boisterous, lawless oil-field workers who have infested their community. One resident, Ben Arnold (Jan-Michael Vincent), enlists his brother Aaron (Kris Kristofferson), a Vietnam veteran, to assemble a group of men to restore law and order to the town. Though Aaron's crew succeeds, the newfound power goes to some of their heads, and Aaron and Ben must again reclaim the town for the citizens.

Heaven Before I Die (1997)

A duckfooted Palestinian (Andy Velasquez) moves to Canada, where he finds a job, a lover (Joanna Pacula), friends and acceptance.

Born to Be Wild (1938)

Truckers (Ralph Byrd, Ward Bond) haul dynamite to a town where ranchers plan to use it to blow up a dam.

The Process (2000)

A Filipino arrives in Canada for a martial arts tournament but finds himself embroiled in gang warfare.

Zombie Massacre (2013)

A biological weapon developed by the United States turns the residents of a small town in Eastern Europe into zombies. A mercenary company is hired to infiltrate the town and plant an atomic weapon in the town's nuclear plant to wipe out the menace.

The Blizzard of Aahhh's (1988)

Filmmaker Greg Stump presents footage of cliff-jumper Scot Schmidt, extreme skier Glen Plake and precision skier Mike Hattrup.

Murder of Innocence (1993)

No one believes a businessman (Stephen Caffrey) who fears for his life because of the possible insanity of his wife (Valerie Bertinelli).

Love on a Leash (2011)

A woman (Jana Camp) craving love finds a homeless golden retriever who turns into a man at night.

P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape (1994)

Deep powder skiing action from Canada, France and California.

Something to Cheer About (2002)

Director Betsy Blankenbaker traces the incredible story of the 1955 Crispus Attucks High School basketball team. Led by Coach Ray Crowe, the inner-city Indianapolis team would become the first-ever all-black squad to win a high school state championship. Several of the team's players, including N.B.A. Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson and Purdue standout Willie Merriweather, reflect on that 1955 season, including the hatred and racism they encountered along the way.

Unspeakable (2000)

James butchers hookers and drug dealers after his daughter is killed in a car accident and his wife is horribly disfigured.

Cottage to Let (1941)

In 1941, 15-year-old Londoner Ronald Mittsby (George Cole) evacuates to a small Scottish village and is placed in the home of inventor John Barrington (Leslie Banks) and his eccentric wife. The nosy Ronald discovers that John is working on a secret weapon. With the arrival of wounded but ominous RAF pilot George Perry (John Mills), quirky boarder Charles Dimble (Alastair Sim) and John's distracted assistant, Ronald is certain that he has uncovered a dastardly spy plot.

E-Pigs (2009)

A farmer and his wife discover that their favorite pig has given birth to cyborg piglets.

Clash of Empires: The Battle for Asia (2011)

In A.D. 120, a legendary warrior (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) must save a kidnapped princess.

El Ojo de Vidrio (1969)

A revolutionary hero loses an eye because of the abuse of a foreman.

The Cellar Door (2007)

The girl next door isn't there anymore.

Mulberry Stains (2014)

A woman's (Tricia Jo Hoffman) life soon spins out of control after she is forced to return to the Texas town she hoped to never see again.

Crosswinds (1951)

Smugglers frame a schooner captain (John Payne) in New Guinea so they can use his ship to rob gold.


When an author loses her spark, her friend suggests observing random people in public places and creating short, humorous stories about them.

Into Dangerous Territory (2015)

Members of a drug ring and a bloodthirsty bear pursue a man (K.C. Clyde) and a woman (Victoria Pratt) through the Alaskan wilderness.

The Happy House (2013)

A feuding couple encounter one disaster after another at a remote bed-and-breakfast inn. Things go from bizarre to terrifying as they contend with the establishment's crazy owner, her imposing son, and more.

Ghostkeepers (2013)

The cast of a horror movie reunites and has to survive a horrifying night of ghosts, demonic possessions, murder and revenge.

December (1991)

Four prep-school students wrestle with the disconcerting prospect of going to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Night Watcher (2008)

Two members of a therapy group become targets of a serial killer who records his victims, making their murders look like suicides.

Jefftowne (1998)

Filmmaker Daniel Kraus profiles Jeff Towne, a 40ish beer and pornography aficionado with Down syndrome.

Killer Party (1986)

Sorority sisters harass a pledge (Alicia Fleer) and her friends in a haunted house on April Fools' Day.

A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood (1965)

A coyote must adjust to urban life after he stows away in a truck and ends up in the Hollywood hills.

Whiffs (1975)

A chemical-warfare guinea pig (Elliott Gould) turns bank robber with sidekicks and a secret weapon.

Dinosaur Island (2014)

Disaster strikes during a 13-year-old boy's holiday, stranding him on a strange island populated by dinosaurs, littered with ghost ships and a occupied by a beautiful young girl who claims to have come from the 1950s.

Divorce Texas Style (2015)

Four widows enjoy sharing lies and wine while two detectives try to track them down.

Do Not Disturb (2013)

Hollywood screenwriter Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) holes up in a seedy hotel and scripts a diabolical plan for revenge using his own hands.

Dylan's Room (2012)

A mother connects with her lost son by rummaging through his old bedroom.

Eternal Salvation (2016)

A man embarks on a spiritual journey after a near-death experience.

Fighting Renegade (1939)

Falsely accused of murder, a man (Tim McCoy) disguises himself as a bandit to find the killer and clear his name.

Hidden Agenda (2015)

Detective Matthews leaves the confines of his precinct to track down a sadistic serial killer.

Hollow (2012)

Near a ruined British monastery, two young couples encounter an ancient evil that drives people to suicide.

King of the Zombies (1941)

During World War II, James "Mac" McCarthy (Dick Purcell) is piloting a plane over the Caribbean when he's forced to crash-land on an island. Along with passenger Bill Summers (John Archer) and his servant, Mac happens upon Dr. Sangre's (Henry Victor) mansion, where the group is offered lodging. The visitors soon uncover Sangre's terrifying secret when they see him performing voodoo on a group of zombies in the cellar. The men must escape with Sangre's niece (Joan Woodbury) in tow.

Nerd Prom: Inside Washington's Wildest Week (2015)

A reporter quits his job covering the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner to find out what really goes on during the week.

Nostalgia.exe (2014)

A history lecturer seeks out an enigmatic dream splicer, forging a bond which may be his salvation or damnation.

One Big Affair (1952)

An American girl (Evelyn Keyes) misses her bus to Acapulco but finds romance with a lawyer (Dennis O'Keefe).


After an apocalyptic event, a group has to make a perilous journey to safety.

Return to the Hiding Place (2011)

In Holland during WWII, Corrie ten Boom's army of untrained teenagers navigates a deadly labyrinth of challenges to rescue the Jewish people in their panicked exodus from death, while embarking on an action-packed hunt with the underground.

Rosemont (2015)

Lisa, a 23-year-old pregnant woman, and Brad, a snowboarder, seek shelter with Josephine and Abe in a closed lodge, beginning a life-changing transformation for all four.

Snow (2013)

A talented songwriter falls in love with a rock singer.

Soul Survivors: Angels in Training (2014)

Jack and Tanya become angels and help couples solve their relationship issues.

Spoiler (1998)

An innocent man (Gary Daniels) seeks escape from a prison where tortures include cryogenics to suspend inmates' aging while their families grow old.

Stained Glass Rainbows (2015)

A heterosexual man travels across America meeting gays, ex-gays, saints, and sinners who are all trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Sundown in Santa Fe (1948)

Undercover Army agents (Allan "Rocky" Lane, Eddy Waller) nab the mastermind of the Lincoln assassination.