Jornal da Clube - 1a. Edição (2015)

Repostería con Virginia Sar (2015)

Stingray Le Top Détente (2015)

A bilingual mix of today's best music for adults and a strong showing of yesterday's favorites will have you smiling as this flow of music washes over you.

Palm Beach: Money, Power and Privilege (2000)

The real Palm Beach, Fla., the small Atlantic coast city that is home to some of the richest people in the world, as revealed in interviews of city leaders and residents.

Second Star to the Left (2001)

A hamster, a rabbit and a guinea pig spend Christmas Eve returning a special parcel to a little girl.

Tina Turner: Live From Barcelona

Turner sings "Proud Mary," "Let's Stay Together," "Steamy Windows," "Private Dancer," "Addicted to Love" in October 1990.

Bernardo de Gálvez (2015)

6 Nations Rugby (2007)

Secret Agent (1965)

8: Ivy League Football and America (2008)

The colleges played a unique role in the development of American football.

Living Smart (2005)

Solutions to life's challenges.

Living Well (1998)

Panda Nursery (2003)

Twin cubs, born of giant pandas at China's Wolong Natural Reservation Park, go about their first six months of life.

Tips Nail Care (1997)

A Brighter Future (2009)

The confidence and discipline gained by singing in a choir correlate with success in life.

A CARography (2002)

A ride through the history of the world's classic automobiles.

`Tamerlano' de Haendel à La Monnaie à Bruxelles (2014)

Live from the Theatre de La Monnaie in Brussels.

Section TV (2006)

Entertainment news.

Los caminos de Jesús (2005)

The childhood of Jesus with images of the sites in the Holy Land and dramatizations of key scenes from his life.

Accessing the Mystic (1998)

Theologian Matthew Fox and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake.


Los Trabajos y los Días

Adama (2005)

A 16-year-old Muslim girl in Harlem, N.Y., is detained by the FBI, accused of being a potential suicide bomber.

Icarus ... Tribute to Serge Lifar. Opéra National De Bordeaux Ballet (2015)

Music from the Opra National De Bordeaux Ballet.

Adelante, Chicago (2000)

This bi-weekly series covers a wide range of topics affecting the Hispanic community, including education, family and politics. Also featured are musical guests, chefs and actors.

Espresso Doble (2015)

Top 10 Natural Disasters (2004)

Leilão Cabanha Reservada (2015)

Leilo em Guaba, Rio Grande do Sul.

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World (1998)

Computer animation rebuilds several of the ancient world's greatest cities.

Africa From the Ground Up (2000)

Africa as seen from the viewpoint of small ground-dwelling animals.

Africa Journal (2005)

News and information from across the African continent.

Lost Twin Cities II (1995)

Life in the Twin Cities from 1945 to 1965.

Lost in Space Forever (1998)

Clips from the classic television series highlight a documentary about the making of the movie, "Lost in Space.".

Top 50 (2002)

A music montage overdose.

Louis Armstrong: 100th Anniversary (2002)

Performance, movie and television clips of the great jazz musician; Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Sydney Poitier, Paul Newman talk about Satchmo's impact.

Top Secret (1998)

Louis Theroux's Weird Christmas (2001)

Louis reunites with former interviewees for Christmas at the top of the Empire State Building.

Louisiana: A History (2003)

The Bayou State, from prehistoric to present.

Alebrijes Águila o Sol (2005)

Top Twenty Tearjerker Videos (2006)


Love Me, Love Me Not (1995)

Two contestants of the same sex compete against each other.

Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia, Part 1 (2008)

The sound that put Philadelphia's music on the map; performers include the O'Jays, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, Russell Thompkins Jr. and the New Stylistics.

Password (1961)

Two contestants, each teamed with a celebrity partner, compete in a word-association game. One player tries to guess a word based on clues offered by his or her partner. The game is timed, and if the clue-giver inadvertently says part of the word, a buzzer sounds and that round is lost. When the time is up, the team with the most points wins, and the non-celebrity contestants wins cash.

Tosca (1994)

Placido Domingo, Hildegard Behrens and the Metropolitan Opera company perform Puccini's work set in Rome in 1800.

Tosca (2001)

Love in the Ancient World (1997)

Sexual practices in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome; host Kathleen Turner.

Love's Pure Light (2006)

On Christmas Eve a widower's life changes through an unopened gift his wife gave him five years earlier; Joseph Campanella, Patty Cabrera, Ruta Lee and Deniece Williams.

All Over the World (2007)

Young people on the mission field and the adventures they encounter.

Pat Summitt Show (1997)

Tennessee women's basketball.

Loyola, the Soldier Saint (1998)

The Life of Ignatius, from the Spanish court of his youth to his military career and his founding of the Jesuit order.

Lucha Libre (2008)

Tour Down Under Road Cycling (2003)

The Tour Down Under 2011, covering 470 miles across six stages, starting and ending in Adelaide.

Tour de France Highlights (2001)

Highlights from cycling's premier event.

Lucky: No Time for Love (2005)

Lucy's Classic Cajun Culture & Cooking (1996)

Down-home dishes with a slice of Louisiana history on the side.

Alpenglühen (2003)

Altered by Elvis (2007)

Documentary exploring the lives of people deeply and permanently affected by Elvis Presley, and witnessing how this great celebrity is always on their minds.

Today's Families: The Wonder of Toddlers (2006)

Families discuss issues during the first few years of a child's life, including tantrums and a toddler's emotional development.

Today's Home Remodelers (2000)

Information on professional remodeling and home building for homeowners.

Secrets of Mary Magdalene (2007)

Religious scholars and authors explore theories about who Mary Magdalene was.

Rumbo a Milán Lo Mejor de la UEFA Champions League (2015)

Parent Tales From Dragon Tales (2001)

Recent parents test the practicality of the lessons taught in the television program "Dragon Tales" on their children.

Secrets of War (2000)

An investigation into the hidden secrets of war, from World War I to the Gulf War.

Tom Izzo

Michigan State basketball.

Parents and Teens Behind the Wheel (2008)

The influence of parental behavior on the conduct of newly licensed teens.

Secrets of the Colosseum (2001)

Exploring the ruins of the famous amphitheater, where gladiatorial games and mock sea battles took place.

AMA Motocross (2000)

Motocross races and drivers.

Tomb 33: An Egyptian Mystery (2008)

Archaeologists investigate a maze of hidden corridors and chambers in Egypt.

Looking Toward Home (2004)

Increasingly, American Indians leave reservations to live in cities but strive to adapt and to preserve their cultural identities.

Tommy Makem's Ireland (1994)

Irish folk-singer Tommy Makem recites poetry, stories and legends as he explores the country.

Tommy Tang's Let's Get Cooking (2004)

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Tommy Tang explores cuisine all around the world.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm (1997)

Discovering the incredible secrets of the world beneath the water.

Abbott and Costello: The Christmas Show

Abbott and Costello sing, dance and perform skits with their guests.

Fox Olímpico (2015)

Sports program that discusses issues concerning the Olympic Games.

Ser Mujer (2007)

Pato (2005)

Luther: His Life, His Path, His Legacy (2007)

Commentary by scholars of the theologian accompanies a presentation of people and issues in Martin Luther's life and ministry.

Conexión Global y Conexión Digital (2015)

Serious Skin Care Celebration (2003)

Susie (1953)

A secretary tries to help her boss with his personal problems.

Tragically Hip (2001)

The Canadian pop band plays their greatest hits; from June 2000.

Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail (1997)

Hal Holbrook narrates a history of the Mormon pioneers who traveled 1,300 miles to find religious freedom in Utah.

American Bird Hunter (1999)

Hosted by veteran bird hunters Randy Lack and Brad Harris.

Sesame Street: Fiesta! (2006)

Special guests Linda Ronstadt and Celia Cruz sing and celebrate with Elmo and friends.


Miriam Perrone refuses to institutionalize her son Paul and struggles to give the boy, afflicted with Down's syndrome, a chance at a full life.

Training Camp: The Bulls Are Back

Seth Eastman: Painting the Dakota (2001)

Peter Coyote narrates an exploration of the life and work of the artist and military officer.

TransWorld Sport (1999)

Action and features from around the globe.

Swan Lake

Natalia Makarova performs in the London Festival Ballet's production of Tchaikovsky's classic. With Evelyn Hart, Peter Schaufuss.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Egypt (2004)

Seven Wonders of the World (1994)

The seven wonders of the world share a wider context and modern meaning.

Sew Much Fun (1999)

Linda MacPhee leads the way through various sewing projects.

Sewing With Nancy Very Easy Vintage Quilts (2005)

Creating vintage quilts with timesaving cutting and stitching techniques.

Sewing With Nancy: Nancy's 25 Favorite Sewing Techniques (2007)

Nancy shares 25 techniques she has developed over the past 25 years.

American Voices: A Conversation With Dan Rather and Willie Nelson (2007)

Willie Nelson discusses his career and his passion for Farm Aid.

Paul Simon - Graceland (2001)

The innovative blend of African rhythms and American pop that ensured the album cemented the reputation of Simon and Garfunkel.

Swimwear (2003)

Gorgeous girls, exotic beaches and trendy swimwear.

Mac Hammond (1994)

Paula White Today (2005)

Christian and motivational teaching with Paula White.