A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story (2008)

Filmmaker Lane Wyrick documents the story of Bill Sackter, who, after being institutionalized for 44 years, became a hero to people with disabilities.

Project Grey (2007)

A man claims aliens forced him to murder four of his close friends.

8 ½ Women (1999)

8½ Women is a 1999 comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Greenaway, and starring John Standing, Matthew Delamere, and Vivian Wu. The international co-production (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany) was entered into the 1999 Cannes Film Festival.

Smell and Smile (1985)

Reserve troops are sent in to clear out a dangerous minefield.

Drying Up the Streets (1978)

Drying Up the Streets is a 1978 Canadian feature from Robin Spry produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Habi, la extranjera (2013)

A young Argentine woman (Martina Juncadella) assumes a Muslim identity while working at a Lebanese grocery store.

Amudhey (2005)

A software engineer and her middle-class neighbor fall in love, but their meddling parents decide to force them into arranged marriages with others.

Out of Print (2014)

Filmmaker Julia Marchese explores the importance of revival cinema and 35mm exhibitions at places like the New Beverly Cinema.

Angry Joe Bass (1976)

A man resorts to terrorist tactics to protect the lucrative sports-fishing industry in a small Michigan community.

My Brilliant Life (2014)

My Brilliant Life is a 2014 South Korean drama film starring Song Hye-kyo and Gang Dong-won. It was co-written and directed by E J-yong based on the 2011 novel My Palpitating Life by Kim Aeran.

Me You and Five Bucks (2015)

When Charlie places an ad for a roommate, his ex-wife Pam, the love of his life, shows up. He lets her move in, tries to find out why she ran out on him three years ago, and helps her get back on her feet as old feelings are rekindled.

A Step Into the Dark (2014)

A Step into the Dark is a 2014 Slovak drama film directed by Miloslav Luther. It was selected as the Slovak entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

After the Tone (2014)

Onno's co-workers, friends and family leave him a series of voice mail messages after he disappears.

As Simple as That (2008)

As Simple as That is a 2008 Iranian drama film directed by Reza Mirkarimi. It won the Golden George at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival. As Simple as That marks a milestone in current Iranian cinema as a rare realist depiction of a woman from the middle class.

Clubbed (2008)

Danny - a lonely factory worker, intimidated by life - is battered and humiliated in front of his kids in a random act of violence. His already bleak existence sinks further into the abyss. On the verge of total breakdown he decides to fight back. He meets a group of night-club doormen who take him in and give him the confidence to stand his ground. As he is drawn deeper into their world he becomes embroiled with the local gangland boss, setting in motion a chain of events with shockingly brutal consequences.

Bleak Street (2015)

Bleak Street is a 2015 Mexican crime film directed by Arturo Ripstein. It was shown in the Masters section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Zebra Force (1976)

Zebra Force (Codename: Zebra, USA title) is a 1976 American film directed by Joe Tornatore. The film is about a group of Vietnam War veterans who declare war on Los Angeles drug dealers and the Mafia. The film is also known as Code Name: Zebra (USA) and Commando Zebra (Italy). A sequel by Joe Tornatore with Mike Lane, also named Code Name: Zebra followed in 1987.

Blood Soaked (2013)

A night of intimacy in the New Mexico desert becomes a living nightmare when two coeds cross paths with a pair of orphaned sisters with a taste for kidnapping, torture and the creation of flesh-eating zombies in their underground bunker! As the two lovers fight for their lives, they’ll uncover the sister’s terrifying plan for a Fourth Reich army of the dead. Now, only the couple’s wits and survival skills will save them from an undead Nazi nightmare.

A Father's Journey (2015)

An accident sends a father on a journey to find faith and healing.

Don't Go to Sleep (1982)

Don't Go To Sleep is a 1982 American made-for-television horror film that was produced and directed by Richard Lang. The movie features Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Ruth Gordon, Robert Webber, and youngsters Kristin Cumming, Robin Ignico and Oliver Robins.

Crazy for Love (1952)

Crazy for Love (French: Le Trou normand) is a 1952 French comedy film starring Bourvil and, in one of her first appearances, Brigitte Bardot.

Sister Welsh's Nights (2010)

A lonely, insecure teenager (Louise Blachère) makes up a fantasy world in which her mother (Anne Brochet) plays a variety of roles, including a nun.

Red Nights (1988)

A young boy growing up in New England always dreamed of coming to Hollywood and being part of the glamorous life. With stars in his eyes, he finally gets it together and decides to make the move to Los Angeles. His adventure really began once he got there...it wasn't what he expected and things didn't go as planned.

Child of Manhattan (1933)

Child of Manhattan is a 1933 Pre-Code Columbia Pictures melodrama film based on the play Child of Manhattan by Preston Sturges, which was presented on Broadway in 1932. The film was directed by Edward Buzzell and written for the screen by Gertrude Purcell, and stars Nancy Carroll, star of musical comedies at Paramount, John Boles, and cowboy star Charles "Buck" Jones. This was the second of Sturges' plays to be adapted into a film, after Strictly Dishonorable. "Most of the wittier and more pungent lines were lost in translation."

Escape in Time (2006)

A recluse (Gary Sommers) experiences violent dreams about a prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz.

Surveillance 24/7 (2007)

Adam is drawn into a web of intrigue as rumors of a gay royal affair surface.

João Bénard da Costa: Outros Amarão as Coisas que eu Amei (2014)

The life and career of the director.

De Leeuw van Vlaanderen (1985)

In the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302, the Flemish rank and file win a major victory over the glorious French knights.

Sakura Killers (1987)

A U.S. colonel (Chuck Conners) sends two men (Mike Kelly, George Nichols) to Taiwan to retrieve a videotaped gene-splicing formula stolen by ninjas for resale to the Soviets.

Demoness from Thousand Years (1990)

A Taoist priest sends his two fairy disciples to steal the Bead of Hell, which has the power to destroy the Demoness when she threatens to break into the real world.

Die Hard Dracula (1998)

An American teams up with Dr. Van Helsing to destroy Dracula before he harms the innkeeper's daughter.

Sea Devils (1937)

Sea Devils is a 1937 American film directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Among the American "preparedness films" of the mid-1930s devoted to enhancing the image of the Army (Flirtation Walk), the Navy (Here Comes the Navy) and the Marines (The Singing Marine, Devil Dogs of the Air), this entry focuses equivalent approving attention on the work of the U.S. Coast Guard.

When I Came Home (2006)

When I Came Home is a 2006 documentary directed by Dan Lohaus about homeless veterans in the United States - from those who served in Vietnam to those returning from the Iraq War. The film won the "New York Loves Film Best Documentary" Award at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

Double Exposures (1937)

A industrialist has a row with his son, who leaves home. Meanwhile, both his assistant and solicitor conspire to embezzle a fortune in bonds. A plucky young newspaper reporter pursues the rich man's daughter.

The Bandit Of Zhobe (1959)

The Bandit of Zhobe is a 1959 British CinemaScope adventure film directed by John Gilling and starring Victor Mature, Anne Aubrey and Anthony Newley. In British India a bandit goes on a rampage in the mistaken belief that the British have killed his family, which later proves to not be the case. It was produced by Albert Broccoli for Warwick Films and features extensive use of footage from Gilling's previous Zarak.

Woman Hater (1948)

Stewart Granger stars as an English aristocrat who believes that all women are fortune hunters out to ensnare men. When a beautiful Continental actress visits England and proclaims that men are boring, he dismisses it as a publicity stunt. To prove that he is right, he invites her to dinner, but she discovers his plan and decides to outwit him. The two, equally dedicated to disproving the other, engage in a battle of wits, but to their horror, Cupid may well win in the end.

Simple Agi Ondh Love Story (2013)

Simple Agi Ondh Love Story is a 2013 Indian Kannada romance comedy film written and directed by Suni, and stars Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Srivatsav in the lead roles. The film was remade in Telugu in 2018 as Idi Naa Love Story starring Tarun & Oviya.

Daughters of the Niger Delta (2012)

Three woman manage to make ends meet despite overwhelming odds against them.

Khamsa (2008)

Khamsa is a 2008 film.

Things Done Changed (2008)

Childhood friends Stanley and Rodrigo live very different lives as adults. When Stanley realizes he wants Rodrigo's wife and tries to take her, it sends Rodrigo over the edge.

MOTH (Man of the House) (2014)

A 9-year-old boy tries to take care of his sick mother in a chaotic world.

Death Game (2002)

A young basketball player faces violence and corruption as he prepares to turn professional.

Paratiisin avaimet (2014)

In 1984 in Iran, homeless brothers struggle to survive in a country at war.

The Last Buck Hunt (2013)

An unassuming cameraman is forced to take charge and hold his TV crew together when they begin pursuing a legendary buck that has been terrorizing locals for years.

The Year Long Road (1958)

The Road a Year Long (Italian: La strada lunga un anno, Serbo-Croatian: Cesta duga godinu dana) is a 1958 film directed by Giuseppe De Santis. A Yugoslavian-Italian co-production, it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film. For his performance Massimo Girotti was awarded best actor at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Swing (2002)

Swing is a French film by Tony Gatlif, released in 2002.

Phoenix (2006)

Phoenix is a 2006 film by American director Michael Akers, his third feature film after Gone, But Not Forgotten (2003) and Matrimonium (2005). The film was produced by Sandon Berg with Israel Ehrisman as co-producer and starred Chad Edward Bartley as Dylan, Gaetano Jones as Kenneth Sparks and Jeff Castle as Demetrius Stone. The film was distributed by United Gay Network. This film was inspired by Michaelangelo Antonioni's film L'Avventura and obviously adds a gay twist.

Lust (2011)

Lust is a 2011 Egyptian drama film directed by Khaled El Hagar. The film was selected as the Egyptian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

La Cucaracha (1934)

La Cucaracha is a 1934 American short musical film directed by Lloyd Corrigan. The film was designed by Robert Edmond Jones, who was hired by Pioneer Pictures to design the film in a way to show the new full-color Technicolor Process No. 4 at its best. Process No. 4 had been used since 1932, mainly in Walt Disney cartoons. Jock Whitney and his cousin C. V. Whitney, the owners of Pioneer, were also major investors in Technicolor. La Cucaracha was made like a short feature and cost about $65,000. The usual short film at that time cost little more than $15,000 to film.

The Closet (1966)

A man and a woman live in a clothes closet.

Bill Maher: I'm Swiss (2005)

Comic Bill Maher discusses politics and American social issues in an offhand, humorous manner.

Penitentiary Angel (1996)

Penitentiary Angel (also known as Behind the Wall of Shame, is a 1994 Chinese drama film starring Zhao Wei and directed by Jin Xie. The film was adapted from the same name novel. Official selection of 1995 UN's Women Conference.

The Purloined Pup (1946)

Policedog Pluto must save a captive pooch from Butch the dognapper.

Kyoto, My Mother's Place (1991)

An enigmatic director explores the history of Kyoto. Its ancient structures, culture and societal quirks come alive through paintings, photographs, archival film and architecture.

Blackbelt (1992)

A champion kickboxer (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) protects a singer who has a serial killer on her trail.

Backwater (2013)

Cass (Liana Werner-Gray) and Mark (Justin Tully) travel to a secluded area for a long weekend and suspect someone is stalking them.

It's Hard Being Loved by Jerks (2008)

Islamic groups sue French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after it publishes Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972)

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie is a 1972 Australian film starring Barry Crocker, telling the story of an Australian 'yobbo' on his travels to the United Kingdom. Barry McKenzie was originally a character created by Barry Humphries for a cartoon strip in Private Eye. It was the first Australian film to surpass one million dollars in Australian box office receipts. A sequel, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, was produced in 1974. Barry Humphries appears in several roles, including: a hippie, Barry McKenzie's psychiatrist Doctor de Lamphrey, and as Aunt Edna Everage (later Dame Edna Everage). Humphries would later achieve fame with the character of Dame Edna in the UK and USA. The film was produced by Phillip Adams, who became a prominent op-ed journalist and broadcaster, and directed by Bruce Beresford.

How We Played the Revolution (2012)

In 1984, architects organize a one-night performance as a joke in Lithuania. The joke was so successful their intellectual circus grew into meetings for independence.

El resultado del amor (2007)

The Effect of Love (Spanish: El resultado del amor) is a 2007 Argentinian drama film, written and directed by Eliseo Subiela, an Argentinian film director. The film was shot in Buenos Aires and San Luis in Argentina.

The Rehearsal (1974)

The Rehearsal (Gr. I Dokimi) is a 1974 film produced by Jules Dassin that is a cinematographic indictment of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974.

See You at Mao (1970)

British Sounds is an hour-long film shot in February 1969 for television, written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Henri Roger, and produced by Irving Teitelbaum and Kenith Trodd. London Weekend Television refused to screen it owing to its controversial content, but it was subsequently shown with success in cinemas. Godard credited the film as being made by 'Comrades of the Dziga-Vertov group'.

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988)

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis is a tokusatsu historical dark fantasy/science fiction epic film directed by Akio Jissoji, produced by "Exe" studios and distributed by Toho Studios. It is the first cinematic adaptation of the award-winning historical fantasy novel Teito Monogatari by Hiroshi Aramata. The film stars Kyūsaku Shimada, Shintaro Katsu, Kōji Takahashi, Jo Shishido, Junichi Ishida, Mieko Harada, Kō Nishimura, and Shirō Sano among others. With a budget of around 1 billion yen, the movie was one of the most expensive live action Japanese special effects films to have been produced during that decade.

Subway Sadie (1926)

Subway Sadie is a 1926 American silent comedy-drama film directed by Alfred Santell. Adapted from Mildred Cram's 1925 short story "Sadie of the Desert", the film focuses on a relationship between New York salesgirl Sadie Hermann (Dorothy Mackaill) and subway guard Herb McCarthy (Jack Mulhall), who meet on the subway and become engaged. However, after Sadie receives a promotion, she must choose between her new job and marrying Herb. The cast also includes Charles Murray, Peggy Shaw, Gaston Glass, and Bernard Randall. The film began production in May 1926. Arthur Edeson served as cinematographer, shooting around Central Park in areas like casinos and nightclubs. Distributed by First National Pictures, the film premiered in New York on September 12, 1926. Many publications wrote positively of the film, praising its acting and Santell's direction. Today, it remains unknown if a print of Subway Sadie has survived.

Attack of the Beast Creatures (1985)

Shipwreck survivors wash up on an island and run into vicious creatures.

Lucky Stiff (1988)

Lucky Stiff is a 1988 American comedy horror film written by comedy writer Pat Proft and directed by Anthony Perkins. It is his only directing credit apart from Psycho III.

Boulevard's End (2014)

Two immigrants on the Venice Pier share their journey through history.

Gangster's Den (1945)

Gangster's Den is a 1945 American Producers Releasing Corporation Western film of the "Billy the Kid" series directed by Sam Newfield.

The Rangers Take Over (1942)

A Texas Ranger's son (Dave "Tex" O'Brien) leads his father's unit to cattle rustlers.

The Fox and the Chickadee (2013)

A fox (Paul Aspland) and a chickadee must work together to steal food.

I'm Still Alive (1940)

I'm Still Alive is a 1940 American drama film directed by Irving Reis and written by Edmund H. North. The film stars Kent Taylor, Linda Hayes, Howard Da Silva, Ralph Morgan and Don Dillaway. The film was released on September 20, 1940, by RKO Pictures.

Desire in the Dust (1960)

Desire in the Dust is a 1960 film made by 20th Century Fox, directed by William F. Claxton, and produced by Robert L. Lippert. The film stars Raymond Burr, Martha Hyer and Joan Bennett. The screenplay was written by Charles Lang, based on a novel by Harry Whittington.

Evilution (2008)

A scientist (Eric Peter-Kaiser) and a small band of survivors battle microscopic aliens that turn humans into zombies.

Upstream (2009)

A mother-and-son relationship goes downhill after the son moves into an apartment and the mother moves in with a new boyfriend.

Crazy Race (2003)

A desperate man (Kai Lentrodt) must win an illegal cross-country car race to pay a ruthless gangster.

The Shelter (2014)

Filmmaker Fernand Melgar charts a cold winter spent at an emergency shelter for homeless migrants in the wealthy city of Lausanne.

The Ultimate Weapon (1998)

A mercenary (Terry "Hulk" Hogan), just about to go into retirement, takes a stand against the terrorist who hired him.

Standard Gauge (1984)

A single continuous close-up succession of pieces of 35 mm film.

Toponimia (2015)

Filmmaker Jonathan Perel uses still images to reveal the politics behind Operation Independence.

Carnaby, M.D. (1966)

Doctor in Clover is a British comedy film released in 1966, starring Leslie Phillips. The film is based on the novel by Richard Gordon. It is the sixth of the seven films in the Doctor series. The film was released in the US as Carnaby, MD.

Grown-Ups Lie Down on the Ground (2008)

After fighting with her mother, Gena runs away to find her completely unknown father.

The Prisoner of St. Petersburg (1989)

The Prisoner of St. Petersburg is a 1989 Australian drama film directed by Ian Pringle. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.The film was the first Australian-West German co-production. It was shot over 22 days in Germany. David Stratton wrote that the film "appeared to be commercially doomed from the beginning".

Blind Adventure (1933)

Blind Adventure is a 1933 American Pre-Code film directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack released by RKO Radio Pictures.

Gossip (2000)

Gossip is a 2000 Swedish comedy/drama film. It was directed and written by Colin Nutley.

Penas (2012)

Interesting things happen when a couple from the city and a couple from the country have dinner together.

How Is It Going? (1976)

Two newspaper workers try to make a film.

Mysterious Intruder (1946)

Mysterious Intruder is a 1946 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama The Whistler. Directed by William Castle, the production features Richard Dix, Barton MacLane and Nina Vale. It is the fifth of Columbia Pictures' eight "Whistler" films produced in the 1940s, the first seven starring Dix.

Le Vent d'Est (1970)

Wind from the East (French: Le Vent d'est) is a 1970 film by the Dziga Vertov Group, a radical filmmaking cooperative that, at its core, included Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin. As with most films from this period in Godard's career, directing credit was given to the collective and not himself or other individual filmmakers. Of the Dziga Vertov Group films, Wind from the East became particularly notable due to Peter Wollen's influential essay about it: "Godard and Counter Cinema: Vent d'est." Wollen contends that Wind from the East exemplifies how Brechtian principles of "epic theatre" can be applied to film as "counter cinema."

Open Your Mouth and Say... Mr. Chi Pig (2009)

Mr. Chi Pig, the front man of punk band SNFU, discusses his struggle with drugs, mental illness and depression.

A Guerra da Beatriz (2013)

Beatriz's War is a 2013 drama film directed by Luigi Acquisto and Bety Reis. It is the first full-length feature film to be produced by East Timor. Its premiere was on 17 September 2013 in Dili. The film was shown in the first month to 30,000 East Timorese at outdoor screenings. It was screened at the 2013 Adelaide Film Festival.

My Little Pony: Dancing in the Clouds (2004)

Twinkle Twirl is uninspired when she has to choreograph a dance for the Friendship Ball. She goes to Sky Wishes for a special wish to help her come up with a great idea.

Death Duel of Kung Fu (1979)

Death Duel of Kung Fu is 1979 martial art movie, directed by William Cheung Ki and starring John Liu, Don Wong Tao and Eagle Han-ying. It is also known as Showdown of the Master Warriors and Return of the Secret Rivals as an alternate title. With in say, the movie has no relationship with the Secret Rivals trilogy but most of the filming locations took places in South Korea although the story is set in China, which makes the result that it makes a similar storyline as Secret Rivals. It is also Eagle Han-ying`s first Hong Kong movie debut.

Nerdcore For Life (2008)

Nerdcore for Life is a 2008 documentary film about the world of Nerdcore hip-hop directed Dan Lamoureux and produced by Crapbot Productions.

Once Upon a Dream (1949)

Once Upon a Dream is a 1949 British comedy romance film directed by Ralph Thomas in his debut and starring Googie Withers, Griffith Jones, Guy Middleton, and Maurice Denham.

Back in Business (1997)

Back in Business is a 1997 action thriller film starring Brian Bosworth and Joe Torry. The film revolves around two policemen, Joe Elkhart (Bosworth) and Tony Dunbar (Torry) and their pursuit of drug runners and dirty cops.

Back in Business (2007)

Back in Business is a 2007 comedy film, starring Martin Kemp, Chris Barrie and Dennis Waterman.

Dimanche à Pekin (1956)

A glimpse into Mao's China in Beijing.

Politics (1931)

Politics is a 1931 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Charles Reisner and written by Wells Root and Robert E. Hopkins. The film stars Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, Roscoe Ates, Karen Morley and William Bakewell. The film was released on July 25, 1931, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Six Sex Scenes and a Murder (2008)

Flashbacks reveal the sordid final hours of a gangster's (Richard Anthony Crenna Jr.) life.

Bewitched Love (1967)

Bewitched Love is a 1967 Spanish drama film directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta and based on the eponymous ballet by Manuel de Falla. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was also entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.