Student Affairs (1987)

Actors (Jim Abele, Deborah Blaisdell) and the crew struggle on and off the set of a teen comedy in a 1950s high school.

Play Nice (1992)

An abrasive detective and his mysterious new lover trail a serial killer who first seduces her victims.

Uptight (1968)

Uptight (also known as Up Tight!) is a 1968 American drama film directed by Jules Dassin. It was intended as an updated version of John Ford's 1935 film, The Informer, but the setting was transposed from Dublin, Ireland to Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The soundtrack was performed by Booker T. & the MG's. The film opens with documentary footage of the funeral procession of Martin Luther King, Jr., which is used as a backdrop for the film's fictional narrative. The film was released on DVD by Olive Films on October 16, 2012.

One Man Army (1994)

The murder of his grandfather brings a Los Angeles kickboxer (Jerry Trimble) home to fight corruption.

Beauty Investigator (1992)

Two Hong Kong policewomen find plenty of action when they go under cover as taxi dancers.

Monsieur Beaucaire (1946)

Monsieur Beaucaire is a 1946 comedy film starring Bob Hope as the title character, the barber of King Louis XV of France. It is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Booth Tarkington. It is a remake of the 1924 Rudolph Valentino silent film of the same name Monsieur Beaucaire.

Le cri du coeur (1994)

The Heart's Cry is a 1994 Burkinabé/French drama film directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo.

Sensation (1994)

An art student (Kari Wuhrer) with ESP helps a professor (Eric Roberts) with an experiment that's not what it seems.

The Animal Kingdom (1932)

The Animal Kingdom (also known as The Woman in His House in the UK) is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy-drama film directed by Edward H. Griffith based upon a comedy of manners of the same name by Philip Barry. The film stars Leslie Howard, Ann Harding, Myrna Loy, William Gargan, Ilka Chase, and Neil Hamilton. Howard, Gargan, and Chase also starred in the play when it opened on Broadway on 12 January 1932. In 1960, the film entered the public domain (in the USA) due to the claimant's failure to renew its copyright registration in the 28th year after publication.

Billy The Kid's Fighting Pals (1941)

Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals (also known as Trigger Men) is a 1941 American western directed by Sam Newfield for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC), and fifth in PRC's Billy the Kid film series.

Bayan ko: Kapit sa patalim (1984)

This Is My Country is a 1984 Filipino drama film that is directed by Lino Brocka. The film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. It was selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Sequence (2013)

Sequence is a 2013 short fantasy horror film written and directed by Carles Torrens, and starring Joe Hursley, Emma Fitzpatrick, and Ronnie Gene Blevins. The film premiered September 6, 2013, at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

10.0 Earthquake (2014)

10.0 Earthquake is a 2014 American disaster film.

Static (1986)

Static is an American comedy-drama film directed by Mark Romanek. The film stars Keith Gordon, Amanda Plummer, and Bob Gunton, and was released in 1986 by NFI Productions. It was shot in Page, Arizona and Lake Powell, Arizona. The film was written by the film's star Keith Gordon and director Mark Romanek, in his directorial debut, before he went on to direct numerous music videos for much his career. However, Romanek has since disowned the film, claiming that his subsequent film One Hour Photo (2002), as his feature film directorial debut.

Kiss of Fire (1955)

Kiss of Fire is a 1955 American Technicolor adventure film directed by Joseph M. Newman and starring Jack Palance and Barbara Rush.

Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998)

Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) is a science fiction television movie set in the Babylon 5 fictional universe. It was written by J. Michael Straczynski and directed by Michael Vejar.

Blues Busters (1950)

Blues Busters is a 1950 comedy film starring The Bowery Boys. The film was released on October 29, 1950 by Monogram Pictures and is the twentieth film in the series.

Autobiography of a Princess (1975)

Autobiography of a Princess is a 1975 film by Merchant Ivory Productions (directed by James Ivory, written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and produced by Ismail Merchant), starring James Mason and Madhur Jaffrey.

Bloody Sin (2011)

A photographer travels to an ancient castle in Italy only to discover that it was the site of grisly Nazi experiments, witch burnings, and the conjuring of occult forces. The evil memory of those deeds is imbued within its very stones.

The Eagle Fist (1981)

A vengeance-bent militia man enlists the aid of a renowned kung-fu trainer.

The Shanghai Story (1954)

The Shanghai Story is a 1954 American thriller film directed by Frank Lloyd starring Ruth Roman and Edmond O'Brien. It was based on a novel by Lester Yard.

Island of the Dead (2000)

Island of the Dead is a 2000 horror film written by Peter Koper and directed by Tim Southam. Malcolm McDowell stars with Talisa Soto and Bruce Ramsay.

The Education Of Charlie Banks (2007)

The Education of Charlie Banks is a 2007 drama film directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, produced by Straight Up Film's Marisa Polvino and starring Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Eva Amurri, Gloria Votsis, and Chris Marquette. It had its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival, where it won the Made in NY Narrative Award given to the best narrative film made in New York City. It is Durst's directorial debut.

The Border Legion (1940)

The Border Legion is a 1940 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Olive Cooper and Louis Stevens. It is based on the 1916 novel The Border Legion by Zane Grey. The film stars Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Carol Hughes, Joe Sawyer, Maude Eburne and Jay Novello. The film was released on December 5, 1940, by Republic Pictures. An alternative title is West of the Badlands.

Feed The Gods (2014)

Two brothers return to a small mountain town to find their long-lost parents, and discover the place has an appetite for tourists.

The Lucky Stiff (1949)

The Lucky Stiff is a 1949 American comedy crime film directed by Lewis R. Foster starring Dorothy Lamour, Brian Donlevy and Claire Trevor. The film is based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Craig Rice. The Lucky Stiff was produced by famous comedian Jack Benny. It is the only feature film Benny ever produced.

Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013)

Musician John Otway discusses how to survive in the music industry.

Alcatraz Island (1937)

Alcatraz Island is a 1937 American drama film directed by William C. McGann and written by Crane Wilbur. The film stars John Litel, Ann Sheridan, Mary Maguire, Gordon Oliver, Dick Purcell and Ben Welden. The film was released by Warner Bros. on November 6, 1937.

Friend of the Family (1964)

Patate is a 1962 French film starring Jean Marais.

Cartel War (2012)

Undercover cops break the law to bring down a cartel of drug dealers.

The Girl I Want (1990)

A brainy girl turns bimbo as a brawny guy turns brainy, as they try to attract each other.

For the Sake of the Song: The Story of Anderson Fair (2011)

A community of artists transforms a coffee house into a music institution.

The Demon Lover (1977)

The leader (Christmas Robbins) of a cult tries to get some respect with an ugly bull-horned demon.

The Love Test (1935)

The Love Test is a 1935 British romantic comedy film directed by Michael Powell and starring Judy Gunn, Louis Hayward, David Hutcheson, Googie Withers and Thorley Walters. It was made as a Quota quickie.

The Case of the Red Monkey (1955)

Little Red Monkey, released in the United States as Case of the Red Monkey, is a 1955 British crime film directed by Ken Hughes and starring Richard Conte, Rona Anderson and Russell Napier. Detectives from Scotland Yard investigate a series of murders of leading Nuclear scientist, and are intrigued by strange reports received about the crimes. The film was based on a popular BBC TV series of the same name, written by Eric Maschwitz and produced by Bill Lyon-Shaw, which ran for six 30-minute episodes in 1953. The film was made by Anglo-Amalgamated at Merton Park Studios. The film was an international hit, and along with Confession proved a breakthrough for Anglo-Amalgamated. After its success the company began making more expensive productions, often importing American stars to give them more international appeal.

The House Across the Street (1949)

The House Across the Street is a 1949 American comedy film directed by Richard L. Bare and written by Russell S. Hughes. The film stars Wayne Morris, Janis Paige, Bruce Bennett, Alan Hale, Sr., James Mitchell and Barbara Bates. The film was released by Warner Bros. on September 10, 1949.

St. Roz (2010)

A lit candle in a church magically allows women to lose weight.

A Matter of Justice (2008)

A man's daughter goes missing after a paroled child-killer moves back to the community.

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971)

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? is a 1971 British horror-thriller film directed by Curtis Harrington and starring Ralph Richardson, Shelley Winters and Mark Lester. Like What's the Matter with Helen? (both films were included in MGM Midnite Movies Double Feature, and Winters requested that Harrington direct the picture) and better-known films such as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte, it is one of the many films in the Grande Dame Guignol genre.

From the Edge of the City (1999)

From the Edge of the City (Greek: Από την άκρη της πόλης / Apo tin akri tis polis) is a 1998 Greek film directed by Constantinos Giannaris. It was Greece's official Best Foreign Language Film submission at the 72nd Academy Awards, but did not manage to receive a nomination.

The Thin Match Man (2009)

Simone (Marco Leonzi) experiences the most-unforgettable summer of his life when a beautiful girl named Lorenza (Greta Castagna) arrives.

Without You I'm Nothing (2008)

A father and son meet at a cabin to make a new start after an eight-year separation.

This Is Who I Am (2010)

Nick (Nino Cimino) and Carlo (Marco Arras), two smalltime hoods, hustle to make a living while trying to figure out their place in life.

The Cheat (1931)

The Cheat (1931) is an American Pre-Code drama film directed by George Abbott and starring Tallulah Bankhead and Harvey Stephens. The film is a remake of the 1915 silent film of the same name, directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

Hot Splash (1988)

A summer surfing competition turns dangerous when mobsters kidnap one of the fun-loving Florida teens.

C.A.T. Squad (1986)

C.A.T. Squad (also titled Stalking Danger) is a 1986 television film starring Joseph Cortese, Jack Youngblood, Steve James, Bradley Whitford, and Barry Corbin. It is directed by William Friedkin and written by Gerald Petievich, who had collaborated on To Live and Die in L.A. the previous year. The original score was composed by Ennio Morricone. The film follows the titular squad, an elite black ops unit, investigating a terrorist plot to sabotage a NATO defense project. It aired on NBC on July 27, 1986. It was followed by a sequel, C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf, in 1988.

The Red Sweater (1979)

This fact-based film takes place in Southern France circa 1974, where a little girl's murder puts nearby residents into a panic. Soon, young Frenchman Christian Ranucci (Serge Avedikian) is taken into custody amid the public outcry to find the killer. Ranucci is quickly tried and sentenced to death, but not without controversy and questions about his trial, which might have excluded exonerating evidence -- an oversize red sweater found on the crime scene that apparently didn't belong to Ranucci.

Bounty Hunters (2004)

Rival bounty hunters (Michael Dudikoff, Lisa Howard) join forces to catch a bail-jumper before mob assassins reach him.

The Fappening (2015)

A struggling filmmaker's wish for fame is fulfilled.

Akashathinte Niram (2012)

A burglar, in a bid to rob an old man, gets stranded on an island with a little boy, a beautiful girl, who has a hearing and speech impediment, and a man with a stutter. Marooned, he is now forced to adjust to the living conditions.

Child In The House (1956)

Child in the House is a 1956 British drama film directed by Cy Endfield and starring Phyllis Calvert, Eric Portman and Stanley Baker. A girl struggles to cope with her uncaring relatives. It was based on the novel A Child in the House by Janet McNeill.

Girl on the Run (1958)

Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer were the wisecracking, womanising private detective heroes of this Warner Bros. drama. Stu and Jeff worked out of an office located at 77 Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, right next door to a snazzy restaurant where Kookie worked as a valet. The finger-snapping, slang-talking Kookie occasionally helped Stu and Jeff with their cases, and eventually became a full-fledged member of the detective agency. Rex Randolph and J.R. Hale also joined the firm, and Suzanne was their leggy secretary.

American Tickler (1977)

A treasure hunt links parodies of Westerns, game shows, evangelists and horror films.

Lockdown (1990)

Lockdown is a film about a detective that is framed for a crime he didn't commit and is sent to prison. Directed by Frank Harris, the film starred Richard Lynch, Chris DeRose, Chuck Jeffreys, Elizabeth Kaitan and Joe Estevez.

Girl in the Woods (1958)

Girl in the Woods is a 1958 drama film directed by Tom Gries. It stars Forrest Tucker and Margaret Hayes.

Loss of Faith (1998)

A crime writer (John Ritter) investigates a baby's kidnapping and the subsequent murder of the child's father.

Perils of Pauline (1933)

The Perils of Pauline is a 1933 American Pre-Code film serial, and sound film remake, of the Pathé original. The 12-chapter "cliffhanger" was produced by Universal Studios. Evalyn Knapp, herself a graduate of Pathé silent short subjects, starred as the heroine, Pauline Hargraves. Historic newsreel footage of the 1930 flight of the Dornier Do X seaplane is featured in chapter eight. Each episode in the serial is approximately 20 minutes long. The first one to two minutes of each episode are taken up with a title sequence and an intertitle describing the action from the previous serial. This is followed by about three minutes of the previous serial's closing moments.

Children Make Terrible Pets (2011)

Lucy, a young bear, meets a little boy in the forest and brings him home.

Comin' Round the Mountain (1951)

Comin' Round The Mountain is a 1951 film starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello.

Vampire in Venice (1988)

Vampire in Venice (Original title: Nosferatu a Venezia), also known as Nosferatu in Venice and Prince of the Night, is a 1988 Italian horror film directed by Augusto Caminito and starring Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence and Barbara De Rossi. Kinski had previously played a vampire in Werner Herzog's Nosferatu the Vampyre. Donald Pleasence had previously played Dr. John Seward in Dracula, and Christopher Plummer later went on to play another vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, in the film Dracula 2000. The film proved unsuccessful at the Italian box-office and received limited release abroad.

Le silence des fusils (1996)

A French biologist (Jacques Perrin) investigates the deaths of two Montagnais Indian fishermen in 1984 Quebec.

Revenge of the Drunken Master (1984)

The Chinese mob cannot stop the unbelievable talents of a young upstart trained in the style of the Drunken Fist.

Running for Her Life (2016)

An amateur triathlete (Claire Forlani) falls under the spell of a controversial trainer (Michelle Nolden) who utilizes experimental hypnotherapy.

Woodfalls (2015)

Conflict ensues when a family moves to a rural town, and the locals consider them gypsies.

The Driver's Seat (1974)

Identikit is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. Based on the novella The Driver's Seat by Muriel Spark, it is a psychological drama starring Elizabeth Taylor and Ian Bannen, and featuring Andy Warhol.

Mockery (1927)

During the Russian Revolution, a mentally challenged peasant saves then obsesses over a beautiful countess.

The Nutcrackers (2010)

Six animals must rescue their friend from a group of troublemaking squirrels.

Springtime in the Rockies (1937)

Springtime in the Rockies is a 1937 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, and Polly Rowles. Written by Gilbert Wright and Betty Burbridge, the film is about a ranch owner who brings a flock of sheep into cattle country and faces the opposition of local ranchers with the help of her ranch foreman.

The Dictator's Guns (1965)

The Dictator's Guns (French: L'Arme à gauche) is a 1965 French and Italian crime film directed by Claude Sautet.

A Bullet for Joey (1955)

A Bullet for Joey is a 1955 film noir directed by Lewis Allen and starring Edward G. Robinson and George Raft. The picture involves a gangster who sneaks into Canada to kidnap a scientist for the communists. The supporting cast features Audrey Totter and Peter Van Eyck.

Trailer Park Jesus (2012)

A college student makes a bargain to get home with a sheet of acid when he becomes stranded in a trailer park in Mississippi.

My Heart Beats (2011)

A virginal teacher (Dong-Sook Ryu) reconnects with a former friend and acts in a porno movie.

Sword Of Gideon (1986)

Sword of Gideon is a 1986 Canadian television film about Mossad agents hunting down terrorists associated with the 1972 Munich massacre. It was first shown on the CTV Television Network in Canada as a four-hour miniseries and later on HBO in the United States. Directed by Michael Anderson and written by Chris Bryant, the film stars Steven Bauer and Michael York. The film is based on the book Vengeance by George Jonas, an account of the incident which has been criticized by some intelligence personnel as fictional, though because of its covert nature is difficult to prove or disprove. In some countries the book was titled Vengeance: Sword of Gideon, from which the movie title is drawn. The story was retold in the 2005 film Munich by Steven Spielberg.

Hurricane (1974)

Hurricane is a 1974 American TV film. It was an ABC Movie of the Week.

Hell Harbor (1930)

Hell Harbor is a 1930 American pre-Code drama film directed by Henry King and written by Fred De Gresac, Clarke Silvernail and Brewster Morse. The film stars Lupe Vélez, Jean Hersholt, John Holland, Gibson Gowland, Harry Allen and Al St. John. The film was released on March 15, 1930, by United Artists.

The Storytelling Show (2010)

A father tells stories so well that his children sign him up for a television competition.

The Yogis of Tibet (2002)

Tibetan monks discuss aspects of their philosophy and perform their ancient practices.

Terminal USA (1993)

Terminal USA (1993) is a controversial film by Jon Moritsugu that explores themes of family, drugs, violence and Asian American stereotypes. Its run time is 54 minutes and it is estimated to have had a budget of $365,000.

Pelo suelto (1991)

A girl aspires to become a famous singer and has the good luck to get to know a boy who can help her.

The Counterfeiters (1948)

The Counterfeiters is a 1948 American crime film directed by Sam Newfield and written by Fred Myton and Barbara Worth. The film stars John Sutton, Doris Merrick, Hugh Beaumont, Lon Chaney, Jr., George O'Hanlon and Robert Kent. The film was released on May 28, 1948, by 20th Century Fox.

Colorz Of Rage (1999)

Colorz of Rage is a 1999 debut feature film for Dale Resteghini. The independent urban drama features Debbie (Nicki Richards) and Tony Mespelli (Dale Resteghini) trying to make it in New York City despite great adversity. It also features hip-hop star Redman and R&B singer Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley.

The Extraordinary Seaman (1969)

The Extraordinary Seaman is a 1969 American comedy war film directed by John Frankenheimer and starring David Niven, Faye Dunaway, Alan Alda, Mickey Rooney, and Jack Carter. Apart from his participation in the documentaries That's Entertainment! (1974), and That's Entertainment! III (1994), the movie is notable for being the last film Mickey Rooney acted in which was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Cinematography is by Lionel Lindon.

The Nasty Rabbit (1964)

The Nasty Rabbit (also known as Spies a-Go-Go) is a 1964 American spy comedy directed by James Landis. The film was produced and co-written by Arch Hall Sr. who plays two roles in the film. The film stars Misha Terr and Hall's son Arch Jr and was shot in Techniscope in Wyoming.

The Passion (2010)

La passione is a 2010 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Mazzacurati. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

School Is Over (2010)

School Is Over (Italian: La scuola è finita) is a 2010 Italian drama film directed by Valerio Jalongo. It was screened in competition at the 2010 Rome Film Festival and nominated for a Golden Marc'Aurelio Award. It was also nominated for the Silver Ribbon Award for Best Score by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists in 2011.

Mulroney: The Opera (2011)

Mulroney: The Opera is a satirical Canadian film about former prime minister Brian Mulroney. The film, budgeted at $3.8 million (CAD), is directed by Larry Weinstein, who previously worked on nine operas with Dan Redican and Alexina Louie.

Mental (2012)

Mental is a 2012 Australian comedy film directed by PJ Hogan and starring Toni Collette, Rebecca Gibney, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber. It premiered on closing night at the 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival, and was released in cinemas on 4 October 2012.

Cheats (2002)

Cheats is a 2002 comedy about four friends that have been cheating their way through high school, and have to face new challenges to avoid getting caught before going to college. The lead roles are Trevor Fehrman, Matthew Lawrence, and Mary Tyler Moore. The original name of the movie was Cheaters but was thought to be confused with the movie Cheaters starring Jeff Daniels. The real Applebee refused to take part in the 18 minute DVD special feature documentary based on the actual Cheats, and as such his name had to be censored whenever used.

American Friends (1991)

American Friends is a 1991 British film starring Michael Palin. It was written by Palin and its director, Tristram Powell.

Babylon (2012)

Filmmakers document the construction, operation and dismantling of a massive refugee camp at a border checkpoint in Tunisia.

Children of the Green Dragon (2011)

Mate, a lonely and divorced real estate agent, is hired to sell a suburban storage building. Mate becomes friends with Wu, the guard for the facility, and a pizza delivery woman.

Prisoner of Her Past (2010)

Prisoner of Her Past is a 2010 documentary film, produced by Kartemquin Films, that follows the journey of Chicago Tribune music critic Howard Reich as he travels to Europe to discover why his elderly mother, Sonia Reich, believes people are trying to kill her. Inspired by conversations with young trauma survivors in post-Katrina New Orleans, Howard Reich begins to discover a secret that his mother, Sonia, had kept hidden for over 60 years. For most of her adult life, Sonia Reich was a well adjusted and self-sufficient woman, but now in her eighties, Sonia is suffering from late-onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In order to understand his mother's past, Howard Reich travels to Eastern Europe to discover that Sonia spent her adolescence fleeing the Nazis during World War II. Meeting some of Sonia's distant relatives and childhood friends, Howard begins to unravel what his mother has always refused to speak about. Having lost most of her family to the Holocaust, Sonia spent five years as a "jungle child", starving and constantly on the run. Now as Sonia tries to forget her past, Howard attempts to ease her pain and confront the horrors that haunted her. Prisoner of Her Past was directed by Gordon Quinn, a founder of Kartemquin Films. The film was produced by Joanna Rudnick and Chicago Tribune journalist, Howard Reich, with Associate Producer, Zak Piper. The film was a co-production of Kartemquin Films and the Chicago Tribune. Prisoner of Her Past was the February 2010 winner of the Accolade Competition's Best of Show Award.

Magic Temple (1996)

Magic Temple is a 1996 Filipino family-fantasy-adventure film directed by the acclaimed director Peque Gallaga and released by Star Cinema. It was written by Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes and Erik Matti. It is notable for winning all of the 14 nominations including the Best Film at the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective (1981)

An old-time British sleuth (Bernard Cribbins) with a red convertible plows his way through a stalled case of murder.

Where the Boys Are (1984)

Where the Boys Are '84 (onscreen title: Where the Boys Are) is a 1984 American comedy film and a remake of the 1960 teen sex comedy film Where the Boys Are, starring Lisa Hartman, Russell Todd, Lorna Luft, Wendy Schaal and Lynn-Holly Johnson. Directed by Hy Averback and produced by Allan Carr, it was the first film released by Tri-Star Pictures. The film's tagline is: When girls want a vacation filled with fun, sun and romance, they go to Fort Lauderdale ... Where all your dreams come true.

Fambul Tok (2011)

Fambul Tok is a 2011 documentary film about an organization that aims at reconciliation and forgiveness in communities that were affected by a long-running civil war in Sierra Leone. The film was directed by journalist Sara Terry and it premiered at the South by Southwest film festival. The title of the film is the organization's name, which translates to "family talk" in the Krio language. The film has received mixed reviews from critics. An epilogue to the film documented the community's reconciliation process with one of the major perpetrators of violence during the war.

The Pace That Thrills (1952)

The Pace That Thrills is a 1952 American action film directed by Leon Barsha and written by Robert Lee Johnson and DeVallon Scott. The film stars Bill Williams, Carla Balenda, Robert Armstrong, Frank McHugh and Michael St. Angel. The film was released on March 21, 1952, by RKO Pictures.

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991)

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown is a 1991 American science-fiction action horror comedy film, and the first sequel to the 1986 film Class of Nuke 'Em High. There are no characters carried over from the first film, possibly because of the sequel's production being in Los Angeles as opposed to the original's New York-based production.

The Parade (1984)

After seven years in prison, a man (Frederic Forrest) comes home and disrupts the lives of his mother, wife (Michael Learned) and daughter (Rosanna Arquette).

Hum To Mohabbat Karega (2000)

Hum Toh Mohabbat Karega is a 2000 Bollywood thriller-comedy film. It was the first time Karisma Kapoor and Bobby Deol were paired.This film is inspired by 1981 Hollywood film Eyewitness starring William Hurt and Sigourney Weaver. The rights to this film are owned by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment.