The Musician Killer (1976)

The Musician Killer (French: L'Assassin musicien) is a 1976 French drama film directed by Benoît Jacquot and starring Anna Karina.

The Eleventh Commandment (1924)

The Eleventh Commandment is a 1924 British crime film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Fay Compton, Stewart Rome and Lillian Hall-Davis. It is based on the play The Pillory by Brandon Fleming.

The Nest (2020)

The Nest is an upcoming thriller film written and directed by Sean Durkin.

The Greggs (2014)

The secluded group responsible for creating standardized tests is threatened by dissent within its ranks.

Theodore (2006)

Every day, 80-year-old Theodore sets off on his bicycle on a seven-kilometer journey to a bus stop in a Latvian village. He spends the rest of the day on a bench watching the world go by with several other men.

Consequences (2006)

Five friends who have known each other since childhood and always stuck together through thick and thin encounter an evil greater than any of them could ever have imagined.

Shem (2004)

Daniel (Ash Newman), a bored and arrogant London teen, lacks direction in his life. At his grandmother's (Hadassah Ungar Diamant) request, Daniel embarks on a quest for the grave of a close relative, who disappeared during the pogroms of World War II. During his odyssey, Daniel reconnects with his Jewish heritage.

Bridging The Gap (2013)

Members of the immensely popular Vienna Boys Choir perform and discuss what music and singing mean to them and others.

Deathsport (1978)

Deathsport is a 1978 science fiction B-movie produced by Roger Corman, directed by Allan Arkush and Nicholas Niciphor. The film stars David Carradine and Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings. It would also be one of Jennings' final movies before her death.

Days of Fury (1980)

Vincent Price narrates a historical survey of disaster and catastrophe.

Frame Up (1968)

Frame Up (Italian: Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling, also known as The Falling Man) is a 1968 Italian noir-crime film directed by Emilio Miraglia and starring Henry Silva, Beba Lončar and Keenan Wynn. It was shot in San Francisco. The US version is eight minutes shorter and is also drastically different from the European version, including a different editing and another musical score (provided by Marcel Lawler).

The Errand of Angels (2008)

The Errand of Angels is a 2008 American LDS cinema drama film directed and produced by Christian Vuissa who also wrote the screenplay. Starring Erin Chambers, Rachel Emmers and Bettina Schwarz, the film is based on the experiences of Heidi Johnson while working as a missionary in Austria for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Burnt House (2009)

A young couple seeking a fresh start following the death of their infant son find old secrets starting to resurface and the horrors of the past threatening to repeat themselves after relocating to a remote house in the country.

Patrolman P (2013)

Exposing corruption within the New York Police Department.

The Gay Intruders (1944)

Medal for the General is a 1944 British comedy film directed by Maurice Elvey. The screenplay by Elizabeth Baron is based on the novel of the same title by James Ronald.

Feedback (2002)

Three friends (Joe Tabbanella, Melissa Pursley, Jesse Harper) try to use a device that can manipulate time to alter their fates.

Going Out (2015)

Liz thinks she is going to see "RoboCop" with Rob, but things take an unexpected turn.

Line of Credit (2014)

Line of Credit is a 2014 Georgian comedy-drama film written and directed by Salomé Alexi. It was screened in the Horizons section at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

Utopia (1998)

Animals in the desert absorb water in different ways.

The Map Reader (2008)

A misfit New Zealand teenager (Jordan Selwyn) is confused and conflicted by his feelings for a cheery, young blindwoman and a friendly classmate.

Borders (2002)

Senegalese refugees make a desperate trek toward a hoped-for sanctuary in Spain.

Private Property (2005)

A woman living alone on an island must fight for her life.

Without Warrant (2013)

A detective and a rogue cop uncover a conspiracy while investigating a gang related crime.

The Magic Toyshop (1987)

An orphan (Caroline Milmoe) and her two siblings move into their lewd uncle's (Tom Bell) London toyshop full of life-size puppets.

Honey (1930)

Honey is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Wesley Ruggles and written by Alice Duer Miller, A.E. Thomas and Herman J. Mankiewicz. The film stars Nancy Carroll, Harry Green, Lillian Roth, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Stanley Smith, Mitzi Green and ZaSu Pitts. The film was released on March 29, 1930, by Paramount Pictures.

Extremely Used Cars: There Is No Hope (2015)

Chip Douglas, an alcoholic used-car salesman, decides to start torching cars to drum up business.

Twin Flames (1992)

Beatriz experiences aural hallucinations that can only be remedied through music and the love of a stranger.

The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes (1971)

The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes is a 1971 American experimental film by Stan Brakhage. Its title is based on the literal translation of the term autopsy. The film documented the highly graphic autopsy procedures used by forensic pathologists, such as the removal of organs and the embalming process.

Occupation in 26 Pictures (1978)

Occupation in 26 Pictures, also known as Occupation in 26 Tableaux, is a 1978 Yugoslavian war film directed by Lordan Zafranović. It was entered into the 1979 Cannes Film Festival. The film was selected as the Yugoslav entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 51st Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Walking to Linas (2012)

Artists Stasha and Ada embark on a pilgrimage and meet many people on their way to meet director Linas Phillips.

Meeting Dr. Sun (2014)

Lefty, one of the poorest high school students on Taipei, thinks of ways to earn more money. He decides to steal a statue from his school with his gang, and a battle of wits erupts with a rival gang with the same plan.

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Blood and Black Lace (Italian: Sei donne per l'assassino, lit. 'Six Women for the Murderer') is a 1964 giallo directed by Mario Bava. Bava co-wrote the screenplay with Giuseppe Barilla and Marcello Fondato. The film stars Cameron Mitchell and Eva Bartok. The story concerns the stalking and brutal murders of various scantily-clad fashion models, committed by a masked killer in a desperate attempt to obtain a scandal-revealing diary. The film is generally considered one of the earliest and most influential of all gialli films and served as a stylistic template for the "body count" slasher films of the 1980s. Tim Lucas has noted that the film has "gone on to inspire legions of contemporary filmmakers, from Dario Argento to Martin Scorsese to Quentin Tarantino." In 2004, one of its sequences was voted No. 85 in "The 100 Scariest Movie Moments" by the Bravo TV network.

A Woman of Mystery (1958)

A Woman of Mystery (1958) is a British crime film directed by Ernest Morris and starring Dermot Walsh, Hazel Court, and Ferdy Mayne. The film features an early performance from Michael Caine in an uncredited role.

The Accordion (2010)

After befriending a girl while living on an army base in East Germany, a Russian boy learns that he is returning home.

Beauty and the Bus (1933)

Two women win a new car in a movie theater raffle, but their good luck disappears when they drive the vehicle home.

Fugitive from a Prison Camp (1940)

Fugitive from a Prison Camp is a 1940 American thriller film directed by Lewis D. Collins and starring Jack Holt, Marian Marsh and Robert Barrat.

Night of the Bloody Transplant (1970)

Told not to perform a transplant, a doctor does one anyway with a heart acquired by his mad brother.

Battle Gear (1991)

An Air Force general (David Carradine) sends a squadron to rescue a military expert shot down in Southeast Asia.

The Archies in Jug Man (2003)

Archie (Andrew Rannells) and the gang encounter Jughead's (Chris Lundquist) Neanderthal ancestor.

Southwest (2013)

Southwest (Portuguese: Sudoeste) is a 2012 Brazilian drama film directed by Eduardo Nunes.

Madame Winger Makes a Film: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century (2001)

Madame Winger shows inexpensive ways to create films.

Truck Farm (2011)

The bed of a truck is turned into a mobile garden.

The Outraged (2012)

An African immigrant washes up on a Greek shore looking for a better life in Europe. She is not granted papers and winds up being bounced around hostile country after country.

Femme Fatale (1991)

Femme Fatale (English title: Fatal Woman) is a 1991 American drama film, directed by Andre R. Guttfreund.

Neulovimye mstiteli (1966)

The Elusive Avengers (Russian: Неуловимые мстители, translit. Neulovimye mstiteli) is a 1967 Soviet adventure film directed by Edmond Keosayan and made by Mosfilm. It is loosely based on the novel Little Red Devils by Pavel Blyakhin, already filmed in 1923 under its original name. The film is an example of Ostern, set in Russian Civil War era Ukraine. The film has spawned two sequels, The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (1968) and The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Once Again the Elusive Avengers (1971).

Perfect Profile (1989)

A computer program selects a female basketball star as the necessary component to lead a men's team to the championship.

Sacred Places (2009)

A chronicle of a poor but lively neighborhood in the capital of Burkina Faso.

Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero (2012)

Bishop Oscar Romero helps the poor and the disenfranchised struggling under the repressive Salvadoran government before being appointed archbishop in 1977.

False Trail (2011)

False Trail (Swedish: Jägarna 2, "The Hunters 2"), is a Swedish thriller film which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 2 September 2011, directed by Kjell Sundvall with Rolf Lassgård and Peter Stormare in the main roles. The film is the sequel the 1996 film The Hunters, it sneak-premiered on 17 August 2011 in Överkalix and in Norrland on 2 September 2011 and had its main all over Sweden premiere on 9 September 2011. Unlike the first film, where the title pointed to the villainous hunters, the title of the sequel hints towards the feud between Erik and Torsten, both with their own predatory nature.

Lunch Box (1992)

Construction work leads two goofy teenage guys (Brad J. Silverman, Jonathan Gorman) to angry mobsters and a Beverly Hills pool party.

A Good Man (2009)

A law professor witnesses a colleague, friend and mentor murdering his wife, creating a serious moral dilemma for the former man.

A Matter of Morals (1963)

A Matter of Morals is a 1961 American drama film directed by John Cromwell and written by John D. Hess. The film stars Maj-Britt Nilsson, Mogens Wieth, Eva Dahlbeck, Patrick O'Neal and Claes Thelander. The film was released on May 31, 1961, by United Artists.

Blackjack (1978)

Blackjack is a 1978 American crime drama film written and directed by John Evans.

The Honour of the House (1999)

The Honour of the House (Icelandic: Ungfrúin góða og húsið) is a 1999 Icelandic film directed by Guðný Halldórsdóttir. It was Iceland's official Best Foreign Language Film submission at the 72nd Academy Awards, but did not manage to receive a nomination.

Bar-Rac's Night Out (1937)

A playful raccoon encounters other forest animals during his search for food.

The Nervous Wreck (1926)

Henry causes problems when he arrives at a ranch and woos the owner's daughter.

The Youth Killer (1976)

After a young man has a psychic breakdown, his family disintegrates.

Outlaw's Highway (1934)

A lawman, his dog and his trusty white stallion fight a gang of outlaws.

Virsa (2010)

Virsa ; is an Indo-Pakistani Punjabi language film revolving around social and cultural values. The film has most cast-crew from India.

The Dolemite Explosion (2002)

Dolemite is back from Africa with an all-girl kung-fu army.

The Place Where the Last Man Died (2010)

A bitter military scientist triggers weapons of mass destruction around the planet, intent on wiping out all human life. As he emerges from his shelter, convinced he's the only survivor, he receives a mysterious signal.

Love & Drugs (2018)

Marc was just a young guy in love, but when the love of his life humiliated him he turned to a life of crime to earn respect. That was until the day she came back into his life. Now will she love the man that he became, or does he have to change who he is. Marc has the ultimate choice: Love or Drugs.

3 Peas in a Pod (2013)

Three college students studying in Australia go on a road trip before they graduate.

Blackwood Evil (2000)

Four paranormal investigators record their final hours as they succumb to demonic attacks.

Bertsolari (2011)

Basque singers compete in a traditional form of improvised verse.

Brothers (2014)

Filmmaker Aslaug Holm follows the everyday life of her two young sons.

Twiceland (2018)

The girl group embarks on a world tour.

DarkPlace (2007)

A child's fears begin to manifest in reality, setting loose a relentless evil.

Rupert the Runt (1940)

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook (2011)

Stille Nacht: Dramolet (1988)

Beg inokhodtsa (1969)

¡Bello, Bello, Bello! (2014)

White Mountains (1966)

Undercurrent (2010)

Undercurrent (Icelandic: Brim) is a 2010 Icelandic drama film, based on a play by the same name, and produced by the acclaimed theatre group Vesturport. The film won the Best Picture award at the 2011 Edda Awards in Iceland.

Bananaz (2008)

Bananaz is a 2008 British documentary film by Ceri Levy about Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's virtual alternative band Gorillaz.

The 2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films: Animation (2007)

The Victoria's Secret Swim Special (2016)

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel (2016)

New Left Note (1982)

Bad Manners: Don't Knock the Bald Heads (2005)

Alone in the Dark (2008)

Little Johnny Jones (1929)

Little Johnny Jones is a 1929 American black-and-white musical film released in the United States adapted from the musical play of the same name. The film was directed by Mervyn LeRoy, who had acted in the 1923 silent version, and main character Johnny Jones was played by Edward Buzzell. The film is best known for its two Broadway classic songs from the play, "Give My Regards to Broadway" and "The Yankee Doodle Boy".

Screen Snapshots (Series 12, No. 2) (1932)

The Bus (2013)

Twenty Years After (1944)

Medusa's Revenge (2012)

Boys Behind Bars (2013)

Dave Penn vs. Himself (2014)

Loki: Arnaldo Baptista (2009)

The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms (2015)

Death Row Dogs (2012)

Cute to Killer (2014)

Walking (2011)

Mozart's The Magic Flute (2001)

Ultimate Jordan (2001)

Jack and Jill (2003)

He Who Loves in a Glass House (1971)

He Who Loves in a Glass House (German: Wer im Glashaus liebt... der Graben) is a 1971 West German film directed by Michael Verhoeven. It was entered into the 21st Berlin International Film Festival.

One Way Boogie Woogie 2012 (2012)

The Good Omen (2009)