The Red Circle (1960)

Scotland Yard searches for a killer whose calling card is a peculiar crimson mark left on the bodies of his victims.

Broadway Hostess (1935)

Demands by her manager (Lyle Talbot) make it difficult for a successful nightclub singer (Winifred Shaw) to meet a man.

Men in Her Life (1931)

A bootlegger (Charles Bickford) goes to trial for the murder of a count (Victor Varconi) who was blackmailing an engaged woman (Lois Moran).

Ladies of the Big House (1931)

A woman (Sylvia Sidney) tries to save her husband (Gene Raymond) from the electric chair after both are sent to prison for a murder they didn't commit.

The Little Giant (1933)

A Chicago bootlegger (Edward G. Robinson) goes west after Prohibition and mixes with the horsy set.

The Red Lanterns (1963)

Five girls make a living in a Greek brothel until prostitution is banned by the government.

Eden of the East the Movie: The King of Eden (2009)

Based on the television series.

Sailor's Lady (1940)

A young girl tests the real intentions of her sailor-boy fiance by sneaking a borrowed infant aboard his ship.

Car of Dreams (1935)

The son (John Mills) of a factory owner falls in love with one of his father's (Mark Lester) workers.

Gilda Live (1980)

Comedian Gilda Radner does her Broadway show of "Saturday Night Live" characters, with Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci.

Bandit Ranger (1942)

A cowboy (Tim Holt) stops cattle thieves and saves a woman (Joan Barclay) in distress.

River of Grass (1994)

A bored housewife (Lisa Bowman) and her boozing lover (Larry Fessenden) almost go on the lam after she thinks she shot a man.

Dark Horse (2005)

A young man rejects romance and helps his friend get through his daily struggles.

Fast Work (1930)

A man (Charley Chase) mistakes an escaped mental patient (Dell Henderson) for the father of a woman (June Marlowe) he is interested in dating.

The Field Mouse (1941)

A lazy young field mouse and his feisty grandfather fight for survival when advancing farm machinery destroys their home and sends their family scattering.

Best Man in Grass Creek (2001)

As part of a business deal, a jilted groom (Grace Phillips) reluctantly agrees to serve as best man for someone (John Newcombe) he hardly knows.

The Oregon Trail (1936)

A cowboy who is bitter over his father's murder sets out after a gang of renegade outlaws.

Red Tears (2011)

Copious amounts of blood characterize two Tokyo detectives' hunt for a serial killer.

The First Assignment (2010)

After taking a teaching job in an Italian village, a young woman (Isabella Ragonese) finds romance with a local handyman (Francesco Chiarello).

Park Plaza 605 (1953)

A man wrongfully accused of murder sets out to trap a gang of smugglers.

Sands of the Desert (1960)

A sheik (Peter Arne) objects when a clerk (Charlie Drake) from a British travel agency tries to open a holiday resort in Saudi Arabia.

Partners of the Sunset (1948)

A cowboy sets out to prevent a young woman from murdering her husband.

The Path of Hope (1950)

After the shuttering of a local mine, villagers in a tiny Sicilian town are desperate for work. Widower Saro (Raf Vallone) decides to try his luck in France with his three children. He buys passage abroad from Ciccio (Saro Urz), a guide who is to accompany him, his family and several others on their trek. Along for the ride are Barbara (Elena Varzi), and her boyfriend, Vanni (Franco Navarra). While the group travels across Italy, perils, as well as new relationships, are unavoidable.

The Devil's Money (1953)

A textile factory worker is offered a chance to make money by planning a robbery.

Footrot Flats (1986)

A dog (Peter Rowley) guards his master (John Clarke) and their house from the evil inhabitants across the river.

The Perfect Clue (1935)

Investigators tackle a case that appears to offer rather dubious leads.

The Viking (1928)

A story loosely based on the novel "Leif the Lucky," which tells of Viking activity west of Greenland.

The Kiss (1929)

Irene (Greta Garbo) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband, Charles Guarry (Anders Randolf). She strays and falls for lawyer Andr Dubail (Conrad Nagel), but their secret relationship doesn't last. Irene then starts hanging around love-struck 18-year-old Pierre (Lew Ayres). Pierre kisses Irene farewell as he departs for school, but Charles walks in on the innocent embrace, leading to a scuffle. Charles is killed, Irene takes the blame and a murder trial full of twists ensues.

Good News (1930)

A shy coed tutors a college football star when bad grades threaten to make him ineligible to play in the big game.

Goldstein (1964)

The Hebrew prophet Elijah (Lou Gilbert) comes to Chicago from Lake Michigan in the guise of an elderly tramp.

Anna (1952)

The presence of two past lovers confuses a young woman (Silvana Mangano) about her vocation as a nun.

Guards of Shaolin (1984)

Monks must protect a priceless artifact from a band of deadly ninja.

Three Faces West (1940)

A Viennese doctor and his daughter join the Dakota farmers in their trek from the dust bowl to Oregon.

The Spirit of Salsa (2010)

New Yorkers assemble at the dance studio of Tomas Guerrero in Spanish Harlem to learn the art of salsa dancing.

Había una Vez una Estrella (1989)

A young man is forced to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die.

Sing and Swing (1964)

A record producer recovers a lost demo tape made by a post-office worker and three friends, then tries to locate the quartet.

El Rey de los Taxistas (1989)

A womanizer and a model for erotic photographs get married, each one unaware of what the other does.

A Woman for All Men (1975)

An elderly millionaire (Keenan Wynn) weds a young woman (Judith Brown) in Las Vegas and brings her home to meet his two sons.

Future Women (1969)

With the help of her well-trained army, a beautiful woman (Shirley Eaton) plans to take over the world.

Cause of Death (1991)

The brother of a slain DEA agent seeks revenge on a Colombian drug lord.

Los Náufragos II: Los Piratas (1986)

Survivors of a shipwreck find treasure on a deserted island.

The Green Jade Statuette (1977)

A band of criminals returns to a vice-filled village one year after their theft of a valuable family artifact, along with a talented fighter hired to recover the relic.

Flame Over Vietnam (1957)

During the French Indochina War, an arms smuggler comes to the aid of a Spanish nun and the orphans in her care when enemy forces prevent them from leaving the country.

Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu (1980)

A butcher agrees to marry a crazy princess with one arm and fights with the marauders who threaten their kingdom.

The Flesh Is Weak (1957)

An innocent young woman (Milly Vitale) from the country seeks a new life in London, but two unsavory brothers (John Derek, Martin Benson) lead her into a life of prostitution.

For the Love of Pete (1936)

Boxer Joe Palooka (Robert Norton) steps into the ring after a friend's dog gets kicked.

Sandy Gets Her Man (1940)

A young widow lets her baby be the deciding factor as to which eligible bachelor she should marry.

A Scandal in Paris (1946)

In 1805 Paris, petty criminal and lothario Eugene-Francois Vidocq (George Sanders) and his cellmate escape from prison. Pretending to be soldiers, they travel to Marseilles where attractive young singer Loretta (Carole Landis) and her jewels tempt them. Vidocq then meets a marquise and plots to steal her stash of jewels. With the help of the minister of police's daughter, Therese (Signe Hasso), Vidoqc finds himself unexpectedly replacing the police chief and reconsidering his ways.

Pueblito (1961)

An engineer from the capital helps a teacher to battle an evil chief who raises pigs.

Dangerous Moonlight (1941)

In the midst of World War II, Polish musician Stefan (Anton Walbrook) meets American journalist Carole (Sally Gray) as the Nazis are marching into Poland. Though both are forced to flee the Germans, they fall in love and, after leaving Eastern Europe, get married. Although marriage and a life as a musician bring Stefan joy, he is unable to forget his commitment to his country, and is compelled to return to the fighting, despite Carole's fears and concerns.

Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

A rich man (Dilip Kumar) suffers beatings from his brother-in-law to spare other family members.

Contacto Chicano (1980)

A detective and his voluptuous companion try to discover the international mafia diamond in California.

The Scavengers (1959)

A former smuggler (Vince Edwards) finds his missing wife (Carol Ohmart) in Hong Kong.

Gribiche (1926)

A boy (Jean Forest) from a working-class family has a change of fortune when a wealthy woman (Franoise Rosay) decides to adopt him.

The Single Standard (1929)

Arden Stuart (Greta Garbo) is a feminist ahead of her time, believing that a "single standard" should be applied to both sexes. Instead of marrying and settling down, she juggles numerous suitors. She moves from the lovelorn Tommy (Johnny Mack Brown) to a playboy prizefighter with artistic intentions, Packy (Nils Asther). Arden and Packy sail the South Seas together, but after a falling-out she returns home, marries Tommy and has a child. But are Arden's old ways really behind her?