Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)

Bunker Hill Bunny is a 1949 Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short, released in 1950 and starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam as a Hessian Mercenary in the American Revolution. It was directed by Friz Freleng (I. Freleng) and written by Tedd Pierce. Hawley Pratt and Paul Julian did the layout and backgrounds, while Arthur Davis, Ken Champin, Virgil Ross and Gerry Chiniquy headed the team of animators. Mel Blanc provided voice characterizations, and Carl Stalling created the musical score.

Diário de Uma Busca (2010)

La Sfida (1958)

La sfida ("the challenge") is a 1958 Italian film by Francesco Rosi. It stars José Suárez as a gang leader who challenges a local Camorra boss for supremacy. It won the Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. The film is based on the real-life story of Camorra boss Pasquale Simonetti, known as Pasquale 'e Nola, and his wife and former beauty queen Pupetta Maresca, played by Rosanna Schiaffino. It was produced by the Italian companies Cinecittà and Vides Cinematografica and the Spanish companies Lux Film and Suevia Films.

Two Colonels (1962)

I due colonnelli (internationally released as The Two Colonels) is a 1963 Italian comedy film directed by Steno. The character of Totò took inspiration from a similar character he played in Totò Diabolicus.

Riot or Revolution: Eureka Stockade 1854 (2006)

Zombies & Cigarettes (2009)

Al Murray: The Pub Landlord Live - My Gaff, My Rules (2003)

Cyrano et D'Artagnan (1964)

Cyrano and d'Artagnan (French: Cyrano et d'Artagnan) is a 1964 French adventure film directed by Abel Gance, starring José Ferrer and Jean-Pierre Cassel. It is set in 1642 and tells the story of how the poet and duelist Cyrano de Bergerac teams up with the musketeer d'Artagnan in order to stop a plot against king Louis XIII. The film draws from Edmond Rostand's play Cyrano de Bergerac and Alexandre Dumas' d'Artagnan Romances. Ferrer repeated his role from the 1950 film Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano and d'Artagnan had 651,213 admissions in France.

Return2Sender (2005)

The White Rose (1967)

Vaya par de gemelas (1983)

Macross 7: The Galaxy Is Calling Me! (1995)

The History of Hardcore (2002)

Jeux des reflets et de la vitesse (1925)

Bill Douglas: Intent on Getting the Image (2006)

Derborence (1985)

Derborence is a 1985 French-Swiss drama film directed by Francis Reusser, based on Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz's 1934 novel of the same name. It was entered into the 1985 Cannes Film Festival.

Hessed (2005)

Surface Tension (1968)

CatCam (2012)

Einstein Revealed (1996)

The Victor (1921)

Laibach: Pobeda pod suncem (1988)

The Woman with Two Heads (1977)

La tía Alejandra (1980)

La Tía Alejandra (Aunt Alejandra) is a Mexican horror film of 1979, starring Isabela Corona.

From the Sea to the Land Beyond (2012)

So Funny It Hurt: Buster Keaton & MGM (2004)

Tightrope Tricks (1933)

Pisito de solteras (1974)

The Suburbanite (1904)

The Suburbanite is a 1904 American short comedy silent film directed by Wallace McCutcheion and starring John Troiano. The film was produced and distributed by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company. Prints exist in the Library of Congress film archive and in the Museum of Modern Art film archive.

John Leguizamo: Spic-O-Rama (1993)

Lotte in Weimar (1975)

Lotte in Weimar is a 1975 East German drama film directed by Egon Günther and produced by DEFA. It was entered into the 1975 Cannes Film Festival. It is based on the 1939 novel, Lotte in Weimar: The Beloved Returns by Nobel Prize–winning German novelist Thomas Mann.

Jethro: Rule Britannia (2001)

Leg ihn um! - Ein Familienfilm (2013)

Prinzessin Turandot (1934)

Princess Turandot (German:Prinzessin Turandot) is a 1934 German comedy film directed by Gerhard Lamprecht and starring Käthe von Nagy and Willy Fritsch. A separate French-language version Turandot, Princess of China was also released. The script, by Thea von Harbou, includes elements of Puccini's opera Turandot and Friedrich Schiller's adaptation of Carlo Gozzi's 1762 play Turandot. The film sets were designed by the art directors Robert Herlth and Walter Röhrig. The music was by Franz Doelle with song lyrics by Bruno Balz and C. Amberg (including the opening Turandot, bezaubernde Turandot - 'enchanting Turandot'), and the sound engineer was Dr. Fritz Seidel.

Backroads to Vegas (1999)

A Sight of Light (1943)

Traces of Light (Spanish:Huella de luz) is a 1943 Spanish comedy film directed by Rafael Gil on his directing debut. It is based on a novel by Wenceslao Fernández Flórez.

Christina Aguilera Feat. Demi Lovato: Fall in Line (2018)

Strange Place for an Encounter (1988)

A Strange Place to Meet (French: Drôle d'endroit pour une rencontre; also titled Strange Place for an Encounter) is a 1988 French drama film directed by François Dupeyron, and starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu.

The Cuckoo (1948)

Street Art: The Ephemeral Rebellion (2010)

Downtime (1985)

El ultimo perro (1956)

El Último perro is a 1956 Argentine film directed by Lucas Demare. It was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

Zywot Mateusza (1968)

Matthew's Days (Polish: Żywot Mateusza) is a 1968 Polish drama film directed by Witold Leszczyński. It was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France. The film was also selected as the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 41st Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee. The film is based on Tarjei Vesaas' novel The Birds.

A Fan (1968)

Strict ang parents ko (1997)

Ninì Tirabusciò, la donna che inventò la mossa (1970)

Ninì Tirabusciò: la donna che inventò la mossa (Ninì Tirabusciò: the woman who invented "the move") is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Marcello Fondato. It was entered into the 21st Berlin International Film Festival.

Disappearing Oasis, Last Oasis (1983)

Gong zhu yu qi xiao xia (1962)

Pigen og vandpytten (1958)

Pigen og vandpytten is a 1958 Danish family film directed by Bent Christensen and starring Lily Broberg.

The Margin (1967)

Algo de Bom (2010)

Il cielo in una stanza (1999)

Il cielo in una stanza (The sky in a room) is a 1999 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Vanzina.

Elektronnaya babushka (1985)

Fröken Chic (1959)

Fröken Chic (English: Miss Chic) is a 1959 Swedish comedy film, directed by Hasse Ekman.

Father, Mother, My Wife and I (1955)

Papa, maman, ma femme et moi French: Papa, Mama, My Woman and Me, is a French comedy film from 1955, directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois, written by Marcel Aymé, starring Robert Lamoureux and Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles: "Papa, Mama, My Wife and Me" (UK), "Papa, Mama, My Woman and Me" (International English title), "Papà, mammà, mia moglie ed io" (Italy), "Papa, Mama, meine Frau und ich" (West Germany).

Campus Romeos (1927)

Freemasonry Revealed: Secret History of Freemasons (2007)

The Monk And The Monkey (2010)

Nemuri Kyôshirô: Joyôken (1964)

The sleepy-eyed ronin once again finds himself in the crosshairs of multiple ruthless adversaries, including a sadistic, drug-addled princess and vicious smugglers!

A View From Below (2008)

The Old Grifter (2011)

Rikoshet (1997)

The Replacement Child (2007)

Alter Ego: A Worldwide Documentary About Graffiti Writing (2009)

Wisdom Teeth (2010)

Coda: Thirty Years Later (2007)

Scary True Stories: Ten Haunting Tales from the Japanese Underground (1991)

Les sauf-conduits (1991)

00 - Zero Zero 3D (2008)

Babička je ráda (1978)

My Name Is Bach (2004)

Mein Name ist Bach is a 2003 Swiss film directed by Dominique de Rivaz. It was Switzerland's submission to the 77th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Whiz Kids (2001)

Chonda Pierce: Stayin' Alive... Laughing! (2007)

Teacher's Pest (1939)

Nuit d'orage (2003)

Taro Urashima (1931)

On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez (1987)

On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez ("Let's calm down and drink fresh in Saint-Tropez") (1987) is the last movie made by French film-maker Max Pécas. It is also the last one of his "Saint-Tropez" trilogy.

Tom Thumb (1909)

Kinjirareta Technique (1966)

The World According to RZA (2004)

Alfred & Anna (2012)

Woody (2013)

U.F.O. Abduction (1989)

UFO Abduction is a 1989 found footage thriller film.

His Mother Marveled (1963)

Goodbye to the Normals (2006)

Maharajah of the Road (2012)

Permille (2010)

White Slippers (1924)

White Slippers is a 1924 British silent adventure film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Matheson Lang, Joan Lockton and Gordon Hopkirk. It was based on a novel by Charles Edholm. It is set in Mexico and is known by the alternative title The Port of Lost Souls.

The Callers (2012)

Fly, Kite Fly (2015)

By Your Side (2011)

L'Italia s'è rotta (1976)

L'Italia s'è rotta ("Italy is broken") is a 1976 Italian comedy film directed by Steno.

When Mousehood Was in Flower (1953)

Hypnotic Hick (1953)

Hypnotic Hick is the 50th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on September 26, 1953, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International. It was Universal Pictures' first animated project released in 3D.

Eine Stunde Glück (1931)

One Hour of Happiness (German: Eine Stunde Glück) is a 1931 German drama film directed by William Dieterle and starring Dieterle, Evelyn Holt and Harald Paulsen. It was released by the German branch of Universal Pictures.

Dossiê Jango (2013)

Jimmy Carr: Laughing and Joking (2013)

Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev (1960)

Pian delle stelle (1946)

Pour résister à la tuberculose (1918)