Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas (2009)

Experience why America has fallen in love with Terry Fator's irresistible combination of humor and music and his hilarious cast of characters!

A Song for Christmas (2017)

A pop star becomes stranded in a small town in the dead of winter and finds refuge at a family's beleaguered dairy farm.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell (2002)

Will Ferrell may look like the guy next door but there's nothing ordinary about his comic creations. From 1995 to 2002 he dominated "Saturday Night Live" with characters as different as Craig the Cheerleader and President George W. Bush. See the best of Celebrity Jeopardy, Bobbi & Marti Culp, Morning Latte and Robert Goulet - along with plenty of yelling, near nudity and more cowbells.

WWE: Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come (2013)

Trace the rise of Triple H from his early days to becoming a key executive in WWE. This 3-hour documentary is packed with new interviews and career spanning footage.

Scales: A Mermaids Tale (2017)

Siren Phillips has lived her life thinking she’s an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. On the eve of her twelfth birthday, however, she learns that she is far from ordinary. Destined to turn into a mermaid at the age of twelve, Siren must struggle with her new reality, saying goodbye to her mother and friends while she transitions into the water. To make matters worse, a group of hunters are after her, trying to catch her. She soon becomes friends with Adam Wilts, a new boy at school, who she turns to for help. He agrees to help her but finds himself caught in the middle, when it’s his own father who is after Siren. When Siren’s mother is taken, the town must rally behind Siren and help her make a peaceful transition to the water, before the hunters can find out where she is.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jimmy Fallon (2005)

The Best Of Jimmy Fallon is loaded with his most memorable moments and sketches on the show and includes Jimmy with Mick Jagger, Jarret's Room, Sully and Denise, Jeopardy with Jimmy impersonating Adam Sandler, Impressions, Montage and Weekend Update Montage. Celebrity guests include Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson, Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller and Ian McKellen.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd (2005)

SNL original cast member Dan Aykroyd, along with the other Not Ready for Primetime Players, ignited a comedy revolution in the 1970's with a mix of rebellious behavior and groundbreaking material that instantly turned them into "The Beatles of Comedy". See what started it all with the Best of Dan Aykroyd's amazing comedic performances as one of the Coneheads, Fred Garvin, Irwin Mainway, or selling hilarious products like the Bassomatic. And watch Dan's unbelievable ability to act like President Carter, Tom Snyder or just a "wild and crazy guy".

Barnacle Bill (1941)

Barnacle Bill is a 1941 feature film starring Wallace Beery. The screen comedy was directed by Richard Thorpe. Barnacle Bill was the second of seven MGM films pairing Beery and character actress Marjorie Main.

Black Sabbath: The End of the End (2017)

The End of The End chronicles the final tour from the band who forged the sound of metal - Black Sabbath. On 4th February, 2017, the band took to the stage in Birmingham, the city where it all began, to play the 81 st and final gig of The End tour - bringing down the curtain on a career that spanned almost half a century. The sold out show marked the culmination of a tour that had seen them play to well over a million fans in arenas across the globe. Since their beginnings in 1968, they created a sound that would form the basis of heavy metal, going on to influence bands all over the world – an influence which is still felt to this day. The End of The End is the story of that final, emotionally-charged concert. Fans are taken into the heart of the action, up close and personal with the band on stage as they perform genre-defining hits, from Iron Man to Paranoid to War Pigs, amongst others. Sabbath also took the opportunity to spend some time in the studio, delivering a unique performance of some of their favourite songs not played on the tour. This film gives fans an intimate glimpse into the band’s relationships and their banter with each other, with both individual and group recollections from Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. The band’s loyal following spans generations and this is the opportunity for fans, young and old, to come together and see the boys from Birmingham doing what they do best, almost 50 years after they started. This is the final word from the greatest metal band of all time.

Trail Angels (2009)

'Trail Angels' is an inspiring portrait of unsung heroes who have made it their quest to help the seasonal thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail, a pilgrimage of five million footsteps. Mala, Baltimore Jack, Miss Janet, and Trail Angel Mary are working class Americans who have embraced The Golden Rule in spite of the sacrifices it often requires. For those willing to go the distance, a community based on kindness and simplicity emerges from the backwoods of America.

Sex & the Single Mom (2003)

Sex & the Single Mom is a 2003 Lifetime made for television drama film directed by Don McBrearty and starring Gail O'Grady, Grant Show, and Danielle Panabaker.

I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart (2011)

The true story of one boy's journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. At the age of 22, and after spending 5 years in prison, John is able to forgive his parents and find the peace he needs to fulfill his dream of helping other victims of abuse.

Whisper Leigh (2008)

You feel like you're a girl, but in the mirror and to everyone else's eyes you're a boy. You go along with it, just to not make waves, but then during puberty you develop breasts. Eventually, you marry as a man and even father children. Until one day, you decide that enough is enough. 61 year old Leigh Smythe has always been "in between" male and female. Leigh lived as a man for over 58 years, but always felt like there was a woman trapped inside. Although she yearns to live 24/7 as a female, currently, she must bounce back and forth between being a woman and a man. She lives her social life as a transgender activist and aspiring drag performer (competing against contestants less than half her age); and his work life as a man delivering newspapers (the only job he can find). Watch as she/he speaks candidly of her/his inner struggles of living with dual gender identities. Vertna Bradley's "Whisper Leigh" questions the notions of the strong and hard socially constructed and widely accepted definitions and characteristics of what it means to be male or female as it reveals the slippage of identity that can occur in defining gender.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley (2003)

He could be big and loud and clumsy, shy and quiet and graceful, and hilariously funny all the same time. Chris Farley was an unstoppable force of nature at Saturday Night Live in the 90's, and you'll see it all here, including the best of Motivational Speaker Matt Foley, The Chris Farley Show, the slightly overweight Chippendales dancer and many other unique and endearing characters.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell - Volume 2 (2004)

In all of Saturday Night Live history, one of the greatest of the greats is Will Ferrell, and this is the ultimate collection for the Ferrell fan. You'll get Janet Reno's Dance Party, The Lovers, James Lipton's "Inside the Actor's Studio", the classic Wake Up and Smile, the legendary Bill Brasky, and many more.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Christopher Walken (2004)

The sun is set. The stars shine in the sky. The night air is tinged with anticipation. And it is time to meet...Christopher Walken. One of the most versatile and gifted performers ever to host Saturday Night Live, Christopher Walken proved time and time again to be in a class all his own. So go ahead and grab your glass of fine champagne The Best of Christopher Walken has all the greatest Continentals, all the trivial tales of Ed Glosser and all the prescriptions you'll ever need to cure your cowbell crazed fever.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey (1998)

From 1986 to 1993, Dana Carvey dominated the stage at Saturday Night Live with dead-on impressions and some of the most popular characters in SNL history. See the best of the Church Lady, Hans and Franz, George Bush, Ross Perot, Massive Headwound Harry, Wayne's World and many more.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi (2005)

During his time at SNL, original cast member John Belushi created some of the most memorable characters in television history. One of the most brilliant comedic performers of all time, Belushi's rebellious presence and intensity changed the face of comedy forever. From classic original characters like the Blues Brothers. King Bee and Samurai Warrior to incomparable impressions of Joe Cocker, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and more, you can experience the best of Belushi for years to come.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Amy Poehler (2009)

During her seven and-a-half seasons on SNL, Amy Poehler quickly emerged as a a star showcasing her wide range of comedic talents each week through her celebrity impressions, quirky characters as well as serving as the co-host of Weekend Update alongside Tina Fey and later Seth Meyers. Millions watched as Amy also became an integral part of SNL's 2008 presidential election shows by brilliantly portraying Hillary Clinton. See many of Amy's original characters like the co-host of Bronx Beat Betty Caruso, one-legged skank and reality-show contestant Amber, and Appalachian Emergency Room regular Netty Beaudance. Also featured are Amy's hilarious impressions of Sharon Osbourne, Michael Jackson, Kelly Ripa, child star Dakota Fanning, Paula Abdul, First Daughter Jenna Bush, Sharon Stone, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Nancy Grace, Christopher Walken, Project Runway's Christian Siriano, Madonna, and more!

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Gilda Radner (2005)

Gilda Radner, one of SNL's original cast members is considered to be one of the most gifted comediennes of all time. Radner's sweet and loveable appeal quickly turned her into one of America's favorite women. See all of her fantastic performances as some of the funniest characters ever seen on television, including Emily Litella, Roseanne Roseannadanna, Candy Slice, Baba Wawa and the nerdy Lisa Loopner.

A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz (1999)

On September 12, 1998, a group of top makeup artists gathered in Studio City, CA, to pay tribute to Jack Dawn and his team from the seminal 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz. In addition to appearances by makeup stalwart Rick Baker and feature film director Ron Underwood, the celebration was enhanced with an impromptu performance by "lollipop guild" Munchkin Jerry Maren, who was only 18 when he acted in the original Oz. Howard Smit, who was a Munchkin and Winkie Guard makeup artist on the film, spoke eloquently about Charlie Schram, a key makeup artist on Dawn's team, responsible for many makeups on the film, including the Cowardly Lion. Undoubtedly, the biggest treat of the tribute was the recreation of seven characters from the film, realized in stunning detail by a "dream team" of artists led by makeup department head Bill Corso. In fact, Corso's friend and voice-over actor Jess Harnell initiated the tribute with his enthusiasm for a local stage performance as the Cowardly Lion earlier in the summer of '98. Corso had created his costume and makeup for the stage performance, further enhanced for the tribute. Additionally, Corso oversaw the new fabrication of makeups for the Scarecrow, played by Ken DeShan, the Tin Man, Bob Stilwell, and Dorothy, Jeanne Castagnaro, with their makeup applied by Kenny Myers, Kevin Haney, and Deborah Patino, respectively. Matthew Mungle donated prosthetics for the Wicked Witch, Denise Moses, applied by Ve Neill, and for the Flying Monkey, Joe Grif...

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution (2008)

A documentary film on the influential band Kraftwerk and their contribution to the development of electronic music.

The Clash: Revolution Rock (2008)

The Clash’s Revolution Rock is a hard-hitting collection of rare and unreleased live performances from The Only Band That Matters. Award-winning filmmaker Don Letts constructs an unforgettable account of England’s greatest punk rock revolutionaries.

Revolution of Everyday Life (2010)

A tale of love, lust, and radical politics in the city. Lizzy, a young woman from Eastern Europe, arrives in NYC to become an actress and finds herself working at a Russian grocery store. Soon, she meets Taja, a free minded ultra radical art performer, who wants to spread the seeds of freedom, love and anti consumerist society on the streets of NYC. Before long, Lizzy finds herself on a wild ride of desire and revolution.

Trailer Park Boys (1999)

From producer Ivan Reitman comes "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" -- a comedy full of petty thieves, alcohol and strippers. When the raunchy residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, end up in prison, they hatch a plan to pull off the "Big Dirty."

Sex Ain't Love (2014)

Zeke learns about his heart without having sex.

What We Can't Have (2014)

Three brothers try to navigate their various romantic relationships, while trying to come to terms with the problems in their familial relationships.

Dynasty (1976)

Dynasty is a 1976 American made-for-television drama film directed by Lee Philips. It stars Harrison Ford, Sarah Miles and Stacy Keach. The film was made during the period before Star Wars in which Ford's career was gaining momentum after his roles in American Graffiti and The Conversation.

Prince William & Kate: The Royal Romance (2011)

You are cordially invited to join Prince William and Kate Middleton, showing for the first time on DVD, the beautiful couple's official engagement photo call and interview. Go behind-the-scenes and witness rare and previously unseen footage of the royal pair's journey together - from the first time they met, to now as they look forward to the biggest day of their lives. Featuring highlights of the engagement interview, full coverage of the Clarence House photo call and a never-before-seen film of Kate Middleton at the Prince's Passing Out Parade, this fly-on-the-wall film unveils the inside lives of royalty and presents the biggest national event in decades. The wedding date is confirmed... FRIDAY 29TH APRIL 2011.

Michael Bolton Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2010)

Join Michael Bolton for an unforgettable concert at London's famous Royal Albert Hall as he delivers hit after hit in his trademark soulful style in front of a packed audience. With his inimitable voice, charismatic stage presence and superb songwriting Michael Bolton holds the audience in the palm of his hand as he performs classics such as "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?", "Time, Love And Tenderness", "Can I Touch You There" and "How Can We Be Lovers" alongside his unique interpretations of "Fly Me To The Moon", "Summertime", "That's Life" and "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" plus his own rendition of "Murder My Heart", the hit he co-wrote with Lady Gaga. Simply a wonderful night.

U2: An Unforgettable Journey (2003)

From their humble beginnings in a Dublin classroom to becoming the most influential band on the planet, U2 is without doubt the most important rock act of the past twenty years. These four friends remained together against the odds, constantly reinventing the music that has inspired millions of fans around the world. Now we go behind the scenes to discover what it took for these everyday Irish lads to reach such stunning heights. Using interviews with the band and those who've known them along the way, this documentary film gives you and uncensored look at a truly extraordinary band.

Odd Couple (1979)

Odd Couple is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts comedy film directed by Lau Kar Wing, who also stars, alongside Sammo Hung. It was the first film to be released by Gar Bo Motion Picture Company, an independent production company set up by Hung, Lau and producer Karl Maka. The fight scenes are mainly weapon-based, with particular emphasis on the contrast between the dao (sword) and qiang (spear).

I Married An Angel (1942)

I Married an Angel is a 1942 American motion picture based on the 1938 musical comedy of the same name by Rodgers and Hart. The film was directed by W. S. Van Dyke and starred Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, who were then a popular onscreen couple. Supporting cast members included Edward Everett Horton, Binnie Barnes, Reginald Owen, Douglass Dumbrille, Mona Maris, and Odette Myrtil.

Bob the Builder: Bob's Top Team (2007)

Bob the Builder is hard at work finishing his workshop, building a new school and a visitor center. When Bob must build different houses for everyone, he realizes his Can-Do Crew really can do anything because they are BOB'S TOP TEAM!

Major League Baseball: All Century Team (2000)

One hundred years in the making, the 'Major League Baseball All-Century Team' was an all-time roster chosen from the more than 15,000 men who played Major League Baseball in the 20th Century.

Greek Psycho Cannibal (2009)

Sam, a sex hungry director, gets bitten by a cannibal and suddenly discovers a newly found joy in eating human meat and having sex with dead bodies! The first Greek cannibalistic horror comedy which features necrophilia. A cult classic for fans of trashy horror comedies.

Thirty Proof Coil (2011)

Trapped and chained down in a dark barn, a woman plans her escape from death. But the plot takes a sinister turn when she slowly loses her mind.

All's Well That Ends Well (2012)

All's Well That Ends Well centers on the tale of Helena's quest to marry the man she loves, the rather unimpressed Bertram, who initially refuses he due to her lack of social standing. Aided by fellow conspirator Diana, Helena devises a fail-safe scheme to ensnare her man. With lavish staging and costumes, the production is a triumph that, according to The Independant, 'leaves teh audience reeling with happiness by the end.'

All That Remains (2011)

Four strangers take to the road on opposite sides the Pacific Ocean, each at a transformative moment in their lives. When they meet by chance, their understanding of family, friendship, and love change them forever.

Between Men (1935)

Between Men is a 1935 American Western film directed by Robert N. Bradbury who also provided the original story. Produced by A.W. Hackel's Supreme Picetures, it stars Johnny Mack Brown in his second film for the studio.

Between Two Worlds (1991)

Created for a generation awakening in social and spiritual consciousness, Between 2 Worlds explores the Mayan concept of time and how an artificial count of days and hours negatively influences the mind, body, soul and, above all, our planet Earth. According to the Mayan prophecies, humanity has always stood between 2 worlds. The old world of the Gregorian calendar has led humanity to a world of mechanical consumption and has created within us a detrimental desire for power and wealth. The new world of the Mayan calendar can lead humanity to a world of peace, respect, love, unity and harmony with nature. Our task, according to this prophecy, is to balance these two worlds before the end of the Mayan cycle in the year 2012. José Jaramillo and other Mayan specialists, such as Lloydine Arguelles, John Mayor Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman as well as Mayan Elder Aumrak, bring forth a message of awareness as they analyze what this prophecy means to mankind.

Between the Tides (1958)

In December of 2006, researchers from Jadavpur University in Calcutta reported that the first inhabited island has been submerged as a result of rising sea levels and global warming. 10,000 people once inhabited the island of Lohachara in the Bay of Bengal. They have recently become landless refugees. Reports indicate that residents have fled to the larger island of Sagar, which is also eroding into the Ganges estuary. Researchers at Jadavpur said that at least 70,000 people in the Sundarban atoll will become eco-refugees within several years. In today's economically connected world, it is imperative to understand how the swiftly changing world is shaping the way in which we live and interact. By presenting the case study of the Sundarbans in a format easily accessible to all ages and backgrounds, the film producers are bringing to light a contemporary story in need of attention. The documentary film uses education to promote practical awareness of a potentially devastating affect of climate change. While the film is made accessible to a broader audience with an entertainment value, it will also be used to indirectly persuade policy makers to make sound decisions on climate change issues. The project also aspires to give the audience the opportunity to confront the idea of how decisions made in one corner of the globe directly affect people living in another.

Paradise Lost (1999)

A doctor struggles to stop a rain forest from being bulldozed for a tourist attraction in Central America.

Dracula, Lord of the Damned (2011)

"Dracula, Lord of the Damned", was originally shot entirely on the cinematograph by it's rightful originator, Aloysius Monahan Wildebeast Trout, in 1901. Although feature length films were still a generation away, Trout, driven by a strange obsessive mania, conceived a film based on Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' years before the technology existed to make any kind of film run more than a few seconds. The fact that there was no way to feasibly exhibit such a film at the time did not deter him, and he in fact proposed the construction of a mutoscope the size of a ferris wheel, which would require a team of horses to revolve in order that a single viewer could enjoy the entire three and a half hour epic as a gigantic flip-book. Needless to say, despite the elaborate nature of Trout's designs for the machine, it proved impossible to construct, and in fact several men were injured in the attempt. After squandering a small fortune that had been left to him by his immediate antecedents, Trout was left with a warehouse full of mutoscope cards each bearing a single frame of his epic, and a small cartload of wax cylinder recordings (bearing the recorded soundtrack which was to have been played on the gramophone as the viewer enjoyed the film), and no access whatever to the copyrighted novel upon which his masterpiece was based. Trout died a broken man, giving apocalyptic sermons on street corners to attract passersby, then telling them filthy jokes for beer money. Then in 2005, the keys to Aloysius Monahan Wildebeast Trout's warehouse came into the possession of his descendent, Theodore Normal Moron Trout. Having been brain-damaged in a nail-gun fight at birth, the younger Trout was even more possessed of an obsessive mania for perseverating on monotonous repetitive tasks, and quickly set to work scanning every single mutoscope card into his home computer, one by one by one.

Chicks Dig Gay Guys (2014)

Two pickup artists get into trouble through the lies they tell.

America Stripped (2010)

August of 2007, director David Palmer set off on a journey with avant-garde photographer Greg Friedler to capture his shooting of the fourth and final book in his critically acclaimed "Naked" series - for the first time in color, in the only city in the world that is synonymous with the term "strip": Las Vegas. Starting from scratch with no confirmed subjects nor a location to shoot at, Friedler and Palmer embarked on a multi-dimensional and highly emotional 30 day rollercoaster that eventually brought together 173 naked human beings of every shape, size, and walk of life into a single white room with a red curtain to open themselves up to Friedler, Palmer and eventually the world. STRIPPED is a no holds barred behind the curtain exploration which follows Friedler's own personal search into the underbelly of Las Vegas to capture its wide array, and at times bizarre, denizens who when stripped of clothing and society's judgments in front of his lens discover an even playing field of beauty, humanity and ultimately self love.

Disneynature: Wings of Life (2011)

Narrated by Meryl Streep, this intimate and unprecedented look at butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, bats and flowers is a celebration of life, as a third of the world's food supply depends on these incredible—and increasingly threatened—creatures. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, Wings of Life utilizes riveting high-speed, closer-than-close filmmaking techniques to showcase in spectacular detail these unsung heroes of our planet.

World Supersport Championship Review 2011 (2012)

The 2011 FIM Supersport World Championship Official Review is packed with spectacular action from all 12 races of the amazing title battle, with all the vital passes and crashes from a season which saw 5 winners, including 3 first-time victors.

Keith Richards: Under Review (2007)

He's the baddest of them all, the man with at least 9 lives and the most Rock N' Roll performer since the dawn of time, and we love him for it.

The Sanctuary (2009)

The Poisoned Knife clan breaks into the royal palace of Thailand to steal treasure and no one escapes with their lives.

The Benders (2014)

An ordinary housewife discovers that reality is actually a computer simulation.

The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

The Wings of Eagles is a 1957 American Metrocolor film starring John Wayne, Dan Dailey and Maureen O'Hara, based on the life of Frank "Spig" Wead and the history of U.S. Naval aviation from its inception through World War II. The film is a tribute to Wead (who died ten years earlier, in 1947, at the age of 52) from his friend, director John Ford, and was based on Wead's "We Plaster the Japs", published in a 1944 issue of American Magazine. John Wayne plays naval aviator-turned-screenwriter Wead, who wrote the story or screenplay for such films as Hell Divers with Wallace Beery and Clark Gable, Ceiling Zero with James Cagney, and the Oscar-nominated World War II drama They Were Expendable in which Wayne co-starred with Robert Montgomery. The supporting cast features Ward Bond, Ken Curtis, Edmund Lowe and Kenneth Tobey. This film was the third of five in which Wayne and O'Hara appeared together; others were Rio Grande (1950), The Quiet Man (1952), McLintock! (1963) and Big Jake (1971).

Bloody Wings (2014)

A Thriller/Romance/Comedy - A mysterious man is sent to protect a woman against her sister's attempts to have her killed. In the process, the man and woman fall in love.

Believe (2009)

A grieving man undertakes a desperate journey after the death of his wife.

Believe (2007)

Believe is a 2007 mockumentary/comedy about the world of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This is the first movie by director Loki Mulholland, who is also credited for the screenplay. Believe was produced by Russ Kendall and Micah Merrill of Kaleidoscope Pictures

The Initiation Of Alice In Wonderland: The Looking Glass Of Lewis Carroll (2010)

Strange lands, peculiar animated beings and altered perceptions created to entertain and confuse. White Rabbits, a Mad Queen, a baby transforming into a pig and conundrums by the score - what on earth does it all mean? Lewis Carroll was the enigmatic man who created a magical and surreal reality populated by characters mined from the depths of his imagination. Were they simple tales of fantasy to entertain children or something considerably more profound? Everyone knows that Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter in the Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, but few know of the amazing man who first imagined the world of Alice in Wonderland. In this film we explore the wonderful world of Lewis Carroll and for the first time delve deep into the mind of the man to discover the hidden mysteries and meanings behind his incredible creations. Prepare for a journey through the looking glass and to enter a realm of fantastic adventure and mystery.

Green Day: Awesome As F**K (2011)

Awesome as Fuck is a live album by American punk-rock band Green Day, released on March 22, 2011 by Reprise Records. The album is composed of tracks recorded during Green Day's 2009–10 21st Century Breakdown World Tour in support of their eighth studio album 21st Century Breakdown (2009). It includes a DVD of a concert recorded at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. It is also available in Blu-ray.

What's the Name of That Song (2004)

Come one, come all for Sesame Street's 35th anniversary musical gathering! Is there one song the whole world can sing together? Find out when Super Grover embarks on an outrageous mission. There's musical mayhem when Oscar the Grouch gets a song stuck in Big Bird's head and our yellow-feathered friend begins his own search for someone to help him name that tune.

Steve Martin's Best Show Ever (1981)

Steve Martin's fourth NBC special was in the spirit of his previous association with Saturday Night Live. It was broadcast live from Studio 8H, produced by Lorne Michaels and featured some original cast members of the show. With special appearances by Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Gregory Hines, Laraine Newman, Lynn Redgrave, Lauren Hutton, Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer.

Steve Martin: A Wild and Crazy Guy (1978)

Steve Martin's first network special for NBC offers part concert footage (shot at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles) and part sketch comedy. Sketches include: Martin as "Turtle Boy," rodeo-riding a giant turtle; Martin hosting a variety show on which Johnny Cash discusses his research in astronomy; and Martin ten years later as a drunken bum.

Bill Engvall: 15º Off Cool (2007)

Bill Engvall is just one of the guys...and one of America's top-selling comedians. He has sold more than two million comedy albums and was part of the hugely successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which generated three hit movies, multi-platinum-selling soundtracks, DVDs, and a television show. Bill is the host of CMT's Country Fried Home Videos and the author of Just A Guy: Notes From A Blue Collar Life. He also stars in the feature film Delta Farce. 15° Off Cool was recorded live at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX and features all-new material. He may be 15° Off Cool, but he's still hilarious. So kick back and enjoy an evening with Bill Engvall.

Bill Cosby: Far From Finished (2013)

Bill Cosby is "Far From Finished." In his first comedy special in thirty years, he leaves the audience asking once again, "How did he get inside our house?" Whether he's talking about friendship, first love, marriage or raising children, the result is people laughing so hard their faces hurt, their sides are splitting and they can't breathe. This extended concert event is a must see for your whole family.

Bill Engvall: Here's Your Sign Live (2004)

The blue collar comedian, Bill Engvall is simply hilarious in this solo stand up comedy tour by the same name as his catch phrase- here's your sign. With his provocative redneck style, and his southern accent twang, he will have you rolling on the floor when he talks about marriage, kids, common sense, everyday mistakes, and even viagra.

Bill's Gun Shop (2001)

A bounty hunter (Victor Rivers) recruits a gun enthusiast (Scott Cooper) to help him nab two bail jumpers.

Reckless (1935)

Reckless is a 1935 American musical film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Jean Harlow, William Powell and Franchot Tone. David O. Selznick wrote the story, using the pseudonym Oliver Jeffries, basing it loosely based on the scandal of the 1931 marriage between torch singer Libby Holman and tobacco heir Zachary Smith Reynolds and his death by a gunshot wound to the head.

The Dragon Gate (1994)

Enter The Dragon Gate and prepare for pulse-pounding martial arts adventure! When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a samurai warrior, willingly thrusts himself into an alternate dimension to save her. Are you ready to open the gate?

Incubus: The Morning View Sessions (2002)

The Morning View Sessions, filmed on the day Incubus’ fourth album was released and broadcast on over 100 radio stations around the world, features powerful live versions of the hits Nice to Know You, Wish You Were Here, Warning and Circles.

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War (1993)

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War is a 1993 HBO documentary film about a group of white power skinheads involved in the neo-Nazi movement in the Southern state of Alabama. The film featured the white supremacist Bill Riccio, the then leader of the Aryan Youth Front. Other Klan organizations were also featured.

Soldier Child (1998)

Since 1990, the people of Northern Uganda have watched in horror as tens of thousands of children have been kidnapped from their homes, marched to Sudan, and then trained as child soldiers in a rebel army. Acholi rebel-leader and religious fanatic Joseph Kony abducts Acholi children indiscriminately, brainwashes them, and then forces them to commit indescribable atrocities against their own families and friends.

That Tender Touch (1969)

That Tender Touch focuses on the twisted break up of lesbian lovers Marsha and Terri who share a contented life together before dissatisfaction invades their Southern California wood-paneled apartment and Terri runs off to have a normal suburban married life with Ken.

Like.Share.Follow. (2017)

Like.Share.Follow. is a 2017 American psychological horror film written and directed by Glenn Gers. It stars Keiynan Lonsdale and Ema Horvath. The film had its world premiere at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival on October 18, 2017. It was released on October 31, 2017 by Cinemax.

Spielberg (2017)

Spielberg is a documentary film directed by Susan Lacy, and is centered around the career of director Steven Spielberg. It premiered on HBO on October 7, 2017.

Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

Miranda leaves Seattle with a suitcase of presents to join her long lost family in Carlton Heath to experience the traditions she missed as a child. She is warmly welcomed by the Whitcomb family and when Ian makes the perfect proposal and picks out a cottage where they can live, it seems that all her dreams are about to come true. Stars Erin Krakow, Niall Matter, Wendie Malick.

Silly Fool, But Not Too Much (1972)

Tonta, tonta, pero no tanto (English: Foolish, Foolish, But Not A Lot) is a 1972 Mexican comedy film directed by Fernando Cortés and starring María Elena Velasco as La India María.

Der Ritter (2014)

In 2009, four aspiring filmmakers set out into the woods of southwestern Ontario. They never returned. Join director Ronnie, sound guy Devon and actors Alex and Mike as they are tormented by the infamous Slender Man. Special Features: -Trailer -'Behind The Scenes' Featurette

The Death Collector (1976)

The Death Collector (also known as The Family Enforcer) is a 1976 low-budget crime film directed by Ralph De Vito and starring Joseph Cortese, Joe Pesci and Frank Vincent. Also sometimes entitled Family Enforcer, it was Ralph De Vito's first and last effort as a director and Joe Pesci's first billed appearance in a movie. Pesci and Vincent's performances in the film were met with high critical acclaim. Actor Robert De Niro saw the film and recommended them to director Martin Scorsese for Raging Bull, which was the start of De Niro's numerous collaborations with Pesci and Vincent.

Xypna, Vasili! (1969)

Based on the play by Dimitris Psathas.

Real (2011)

All of our lives we’ve been told that life isn’t fair, yet no one has ever bothered to tell us why. Is life merely a culmination of our own failures, compounded one after another, or are things truly beyond our control? Is there a God? If so, is He truly out there, looking on us lovingly, or does He despise us and laugh as we stumble around in the darkness of our own humanity? The lives of four individuals unravel as they face a world of consequences both thrust upon them and as a product of their choices. Either way, reality is the result.

An Animal Called Man (1972)

A rogue enters a sharp-shooting contest and beats the local gunman. The next thing he knows is that the gun man is after him.

The Darkening (2012)

A young man returns to his hometown to rid himself of the nightmares that have plagued him since he witnessed his mother's murder. As soon as they move in, a stranger begins killing townspeople and the man must prove he is not the killer.

Spyware (2009)

A spy goes into a jungle to retrieve secret codes.

Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island (2012)

Architects and historians discuss the region's best postwar architects and designers.

Xiong xie (1981)

Gangsters pursue a troublesome man.

Gobeklitepe: The World's First Temple (2010)

Established facts and discoveries debunk myths about the pyramids.

White of Winter (2003)

A troubled woman tracks down her former high-school sweetheart and convinces him to return to Montana with her and search for a child they may have had.

In fraganti (2009)

Six odd couples encounter a kidnapper at a motel.

Over There, 1914-18 (1963)

14-18 (also known as Over There, 1914-18) is a 1963 French documentary film about World War I, directed by Jean Aurel. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The London Perambulator (2009)

Cultural commentators explore the importance of the city's fringe.

Start with Us (2011)

A generation of young Africans are determined to be the first to be free of AIDS.

Pizzangrillo (2011)

A 65-year-old grandfather contemplates suicide.

Give and Take, and Take (2003)

Two men (Tom Bird, John Enthoven) land in trouble when they agree to take a job involving drugs.

Fräulein Else (1974)

A woman (Elisabeth Bergner) tries to help her father (Albert Bassermann) after the stock market crashes.

Matchmaking Mamma (1929)

A woman (Daphne Pollard) tries to find a husband for her daughter.

Teresa the Thief (1973)

Teresa the Thief is a 1973 commedia all'italiana film directed by Carlo Di Palma. It is based on the novel Memorie di una ladra written by Dacia Maraini in 1972.

Street Playerz (2009)

An East Los Angeles gang-banger makes the mistake of killing a respected gangster.

Little Lise (1930)

Little Lise (French: La petite Lise) is a 1930 French drama film directed by Jean Grémillon and starring Nadia Sibirskaïa. The film's sets were designed by Guy de Gastyne.

ABCs of Death 2 (2014)

ABCs of Death 2 is a 2014 American anthology horror comedy film produced by Ant Timpson and Tim League. It contains 26 different shorts, each by different directors spanning various countries. It is a sequel to the 2012 film The ABCs of Death. The film received a much more positive response than its predecessor. A second sequel, ABCs of Death 2.5 is released in late 2016.

Confession (1999)

A reporter digs up some serious skeletons in the closet of a deceased man whose biography he's preparing.

Born for Glory (1935)

Forever England redirects here - the phrase is also a quotation from Rupert Brooke's poem "The Soldier". Brown on Resolution (US title - Born for Glory; UK re-issue title - Forever England) is a 1935 film adaptation of the CS Forester novel Brown on Resolution. The plot is centred on the illegitimate son of a British naval officer singlehandedly bringing about the downfall of a German cruiser during World War I. The title role is played by John Mills, his first lead role, and it is also notable for being the first film to use actual Royal Navy ships. The novel was also later adapted as Sailor of the King (also titled Single-Handed in the US, and sometimes - though rarely - Brown on Resolution), in 1953. The 1935 version retains the novel's original World War I setting, but in the 1953 remake, the setting is realistically updated to the Second World War, as the Germans resumed commerce raiding with surface warships in 1939.

Time Served (1999)

Time Served is a 1999 R-rated American prison film directed by Glen Pitre and starring Catherine Oxenberg, Jeff Fahey, Louise Fletcher, James Handy, and Bo Hopkins.